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Signs of the Time?

I was preparing myself a “snack” of ramen noodles, one of my favorite foods.  I flipped the package over to confirm the microwave cooking instructions… and they were not only there in English, they were there in Spanish, too.  I thought, “This is funny, putting Spanish instructions on an Oriental food product…”  But, wait – there’s more!

Yesterday morning, as I was slathering up my face and head so I could shave them baby-bottom smooth, I saw, again, the instructions on the can on shaving cream… in English… and in French.  Four years of high school French, combined with rarely making use of my grasp of the language aside, I even noticed that when I looked at the can, I wasn’t reading the English – but it’s just kinda strange to find French on a product made and used in the US.  Okay, so, I think the French is there because Gillette is a company based in France… but come on; other than parts of Canada that still speak French and maybe some folks who may have immigrated here, I don’t think there are many people who can read that label.

Even when I go to the store and I’m peeking at labels, I see so many familiar products now that include instructions in Spanish, clearly a nod to the growing Hispanic population (legal or otherwise) in this country.  Any more, it really, seriously, makes me wish I had taken Spanish in high school instead of a language I’ve actually only used like two or three times since high school…

About kdaddy23

Not really sure what to say; there's a lot about me that can be said but the basic thing is that I'm just a guy with a lot of things on my mind that I need to get said. I have to add that if you're not old enough to deal with adult issues or you find them offensive, you might want to stay out of my head...


6 thoughts on “Signs of the Time?

  1. We’re in the Tower of Babel. I was in Taiwan and there were instructions for a little hot plate I bought in all kindsa languages. I guess it all depends on where the product’s imported from.

    Posted by totsymae1011 | 22 July 2012, 09:59
  2. Yes although I took Spanish class I have noticed more products I find in my neighborhood have Spanish labels or instructions. Btw I live in littld Puerto Rico.

    Posted by sunnydelyte21 | 23 July 2012, 06:39
    • I just found it interesting that languages like French and Spanish are showing up on American-made products… like ramen noodles. I was in a Japanese version of Radio Shack and while I wouldn’t say the place existed with Americans in mind, there was all kinds of stuff in the store, made in Japan… but labeled in English.

      It still makes me fervently wish I had taken Spanish…

      Posted by kdaddy23 | 23 July 2012, 14:52
  3. Way many moons ago when I went to canada, everything was in French and English throughout the store. Some stores here have signs, like CVS in Spanish and English too.

    Posted by MysteryCoach | 25 July 2012, 05:50
    • Canada makes sense since they speak both English and French in some parts. You just don’t expect to pick up ramen noodles and find Spanish instructions…

      Posted by kdaddy23 | 25 July 2012, 22:43
      • LOL I actually would have never read the package really and if I had I probably would’ve been like, “Oh that’s changed now too?” … I hear you though :)

        Posted by MysteryCoach | 25 July 2012, 22:49

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