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Pass the Cream

On the swinging website, a member asked, “What is a cream pie?”  Well, the OP got lightly toasted with flame for asking a question the detractors figured she should have known.  I’d think that if you were to hear this word in a conversation, your first thought might be the one of Boston fame – then your thoughts would go immediately to the gutter… provided you knew the other reference.

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The OP, after scraping the burned bits off of himself, came back and admitted that she didn’t know that a cream pie was result of a man making a deposit into a woman’s vault… and that some folks get off having one for dessert.  Funny thing about the swingers on our site:  The more “disgusting” a topic is, the more people want to put their two cents worth in.  So, there were a lot of responses, the majority favoring cream pies as an after-sex snack, with an expected few turning their noses up in absolute disgust – then I came along and asked was whether or not it’s the cream they enjoy the most or the coochie they’re cleaning up that floats their boats…

You should know me by now:  I don’t ask questions just because I can.  As expected, one of my site friends immediately posted that he loves both – but I knew that already – while someone I actually didn’t expect to “vote” for both chimed in.  The question I’m really going to ask, after a few more responses, is why is that there are men who simply love eating another man’s (or his own) sperm out of a woman’s coochie… but a lot of them will balk at getting that cream straight from the source?

Personally, I think it’s funny – and it’ll be funny to see their responses when I pop that question, although you might also remember that I don’t ask them questions that I don’t already know the answer to – I just like fucking with them from time to time.

Okay, so for some women, when it comes to oral sex with a guy, ah, getting that “reward” at the end is not one of their favorite parts of the act and we know, to sum it up in one phrase, it’s an acquired taste.  Likewise, I know of men who love to give men head but have the same reaction as women do when homeboy cracks his nuts open.  Bear with me while I hash this one out…

Normally, once homey makes a deposit in the female du jour, it’s game over at that point.  He’s not going back down on her at this point because he’s made quite a mess of her stuff and, of course, his spunk is probably about to invoke the cream pie effect and, oh, if sperm is an acquired taste, an overheated coochie is an acquired smell.  At some point, girlfriend is going to hop up and hit the bathroom so she can get that mess out of her, which is actually a healthy thing to do – but that’s not the point here.  After paying her water bill, which will get the goo out, she freshens up and it’s either back to the action or on to something else for the couple.

Now we bring in the subjects of this blog – the cream pie lovers.  For them, the fun’s not over after the deposit’s been made – it’s just beginning and now it’s round two of the oral sex with her and with cream filling.  Really, it is quite a rush to do that; the first time I ever did it was sheerly on impulse.  I wanted to go back down on her and I thought – and stupidly so – that I could avoid the mess I had made – and I couldn’t and to be honest, I found the experience interesting, although she didn’t think so since she was now quite overstimulated and sensitive down there.  Later, I rationalized to myself that if I liked it straight from the source, well, having a taste of it after the fact was kinda interesting although one quickly finds out that body chemistry comes into play big time and can make doing this a lot more than an acquired taste.

But I’m bisexual and a lover of oral sex with men; my logic suggested that if I can deal with a guy’s spunk straight from the tap, dealing with my own flowing out of her shouldn’t be a problem.  And, for some bisexual men, well, they feel the same way I do and what can be fun is to dump that load into your woman – then watch the look on her face when you go back down on her.

What has me scratching my head – but not really – is why there are straight guys who love cream pies… but they can barely stand to see another man’s cock?  The question becomes, “If you’ll eat another man’s sperm out of a woman, does that make you bisexual?  Isn’t going down on her after another man’s been in her like sucking dick by proxy?”  Oh, lawd, ask a straight, cream pie loving dude that question and get ready for an explosion!

This isn’t the first time the topic of cream pies has come up on the site; if I remember correctly, the last time it did, someone asked the questions I mention above – and the straight cream pie lovers had a major hissy fit defending their straightness.  What had me laughing was their insistence that their primary focus was on the pussy and not what was oozing out of it and under the pretense of giving the woman extra pleasure and stimulation.

Really?  I mean, seriously?  Okay, okay, so even if, say, the other guy didn’t make that much of a deposit to make the cream pie (or girlfriend’s box magically absorbed it), you’re putting your mouth in a place where either your own cock or the cock of some other guy has been… and you don’t think there isn’t an element of bisexuality involved?  Some say there is, some say there isn’t and my own opinion about this is kinda fuzzy; I can kinda see where it is… but can see why it wouldn’t be.

But there must be some truth to this because I’ve heard cream pie lovers – and regardless of sexuality – swear to all that’s holy that they love the taste of a woman after they or another man has been in them and has left their calling card.  Hmm…

One site member said that it’s like forbidden fruit and that makes sense; like I mentioned earlier, the norm is to make that deposit and that’s that; there’s no going back to reclaim the spilt milk, as it were.  And, as y’all should know, there’s nothing more exciting sexually than doing something you’ve been told shouldn’t be done or something no one else would ever dream of doing.  For some, it’s a rather addictive thing to do; mention “cream pie” to someone who’s deeply into it and watch them do an imitation of Pavlov’s dog and start salivating.  I even know that some submissive men get hooked because their dom will take a load, look at the sub and say, “Now, clean it up – and don’t miss a drop!”

And for male submissives, yeah, I can see that; for bi guys, I can see that, too… but straight guys who aren’t subs?  I’d really like to have such a man explain his thinking about this just so I’d know for sure why this is such a turn on for them – but you couldn’t get them to suck cock even if you stuck a gun in their ear and was squeezing the trigger…

See, I’m not 100% sure that, in this case, the man’s sexuality can be questioned because, after all, he’s eating pussy, right?  Nothing unusual about that and, indeed, one member of the site did say that for him, it’s more about eating his lady and cleaning her up… but that would also highly suggest that he has acquired the taste for sperm, too.  Could this be a way for straight men who love cream pies to indulge in that taste for sperm… but keep their sexuality intact by not getting it straight from the source?  Or is it something that can be taken just at face value in that it’s just something that’s naughty and fun and there’s nothing more than that?

Of course, enjoying a cream pie isn’t just for men – there are women who enjoy them as well but, in a very weird kinda way, a woman who’d enjoy such a treat, well, that kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?  To me, it makes more sense than a straight guy enjoying one.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this with y’all and will leave this topic for you to ponder and come to your own conclusions about this phenomenal thing to do.

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2 thoughts on “Pass the Cream

  1. great great BLOG post. I like your point of view, and I enjoy your commentaries on bi-sexuality.


    Posted by wordguy1980 | 29 August 2011, 17:51

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