More About My Erotica

25 Sep

Just finished eating and now I have fuel to rant and rave some more!  So, I was thinking that I’ll go back and read something I’ve written… and I think it sucks; I see errors I somehow didn’t catch, mixed up character names, stuff like that and I roll my eyes and say, “Man, you know better than that…”

Is it easy to write erotica?  Nope, not even because there’s a lot of stuff you need an awareness of and one thing in particular that’s not so easy to nail down:  People.  It’s not enough to know that people have sex or that we can be sordid in our having.  Psychology, physiology, situational awareness, character development and, oh, yeah, having some filthy bones in your body helps, along with a vivid imagination and a way with words.

It’s about being vulgar without being vulgar because while sex is vulgar, our sensibilities like it when it appears to be less than that.  Or, sometimes, the vulgarity is intentional, designed to shock, to awe and surprise and, yes, to excite.  And, no, it’s not about what excites me; for instance, I was going to write a story about a guy with a water sport fetish.  I know about it, can even accurately depict how he could have gotten that way… and the whole idea of pissing on someone and calling it fun just didn’t sit well with me… but it would have for someone reading it and was into it – but the whole idea disgusted me to the point where I couldn’t write it.

Because the more disgusting you can make the sex – and realistically so – the better.  We won’t admit it but some of us like being sexually disgusted in the sense that it all goes against the moral standards, reveals weaknesses where there aren’t supposed to be any, and how supposedly impeccable logic and common sense can go right out the window when a dick gets hard or a pussy gets wet and they need attention… any attention… and if it comes from forbidden sources, yeah, that’s the ticket!

If I do it right, it’s like watching a bad accident; you don’t wanna look ’cause it might be horrible… but you look anyway and, yep, it’s bad and you look away… then look back again.  Queasy people, you can go to your Facebook page now…

Is it deplorable for, say, a father to bone his teen-aged – or even fully grown daughter?  Yep, sure is… and while the thought disgusts, it also entices because you know you’re reading fiction… and then again, you know you’re not.  Do kids fuck around with each other?  You betcha they do but depending on how old they are, eh, they ain’t hurting no one so they get a pass… until the sister tricks her brother into knocking her up or that condom breaks or, hell, they were just being stupid; it disgusts… and it excites, too.

Think sheep and cows are for materials and food?  Ha, we know better than that, don’t we?  I’ve found that dogs and horses are favorites of those who write in the bestiality genre because it’s a betrayal; two of mankind’s most domesticated animals serving a purpose they weren’t meant to serve?  Disgusting?  Hell yeah… but exciting.

The thing that thrills about this isn’t the normal stuff – it’s the wicked stuff, the stuff we know we shouldn’t be doing but it’s being done just as it’s always been done – gets kinda lonely watching the flock miles from home and civilization and your only companion is, say, your brother and a flock of sheep, huh?  What the hell; nobody’s gonna find out…

Me, I have the audacity to write about stuff like this… and sometimes, straight people give me the best ideas without suspecting that they’ve done so.  My blogging buddy John rails against women starving men when it comes to sex… and it gives me an idea, a naughty one that might begin with a thought:  What would happen if a wife did X, causing hubby to do K… and then what kind of shit would both of them have to ultimately face about themselves and their relationship?

Can anyone do this?  Maybe not; I’ve been doing it for years now and even I find it hard to write stuff because, in a lot of ways, it’s all been written about before – because it’s all been done before – so the trick is to figure out a way to do what’s always been done but with any kinds of reasonable twist my fertile and, yes, filthy mind can conjure up.  Sometimes I succeed… and sometimes I wind up closing the document and leaving the work unfinished.

Not easy figuring out how to put A into B and in a way that hasn’t been hashed over for centuries.  Some writers like to make their characters do things that are humanly impossible while others don’t give their characters enough credit for being human at all.  You can read the words but the trick is to set the reader’s mind up so that the words have a meaning they can feel as well as they can see – and I’ve been told I have a knack for doing that because when “Tony” is about to stick it to his sister, “Edna,” well, you really want to be all up inside their heads while they’re about to do a really bad thing.

Why are they doing this?  What are they thinking and feeling?  Do they even know what they’re doing?  In one story I wrote, I had the kids seduce the parents – this is old hat, by the way.  Someone wrote me and said, “Kids aren’t smart enough to convince an adult to do something heinous like that!”

Oh, no?  Is that what you think?  Keep in mind that the person commenting had to have read the whole story to come to that conclusion and if you don’t believe this is so, um, you mind telling me why you read it… even though I already know the answer?  I know it’s because the taboo itself isn’t enough if you read, “Tony wanted to have sex with Edna.”  I write in a way that you’ll find out soon enough and the reason might disgust you… and excite you and even more so if you don’t believe it can really happen.

Again – and I’m not crowing or bragging – but a lot of people have written to me and asked, “Did this really happen?”  I figure that if I got them wondering about this, I got it right!  Of course, I’ll never tell – just adds to the mystique of the guy who has the nerve to write about the shit we won’t admit happens in homes all across this great country of ours.  Incest, homosexuality, pedophilia, bisexuality.  And, no, I don’t mean pedophilia as in motherfuckers stalking unsuspecting prey so don’t even go there.  I just don’t write about these hot-button taboos – I try to bring them to life and, yeah, if they sound a bit improbable, well, I’m the artist and I’m allowed some liberties… if what I’ve written is, in fact, improbable.

I’ve had people write to me and suggest that I should be incarcerated or otherwise institutionalized; I’ve had people threaten to find me and whip my ass because they were so totally disgusted with what I wrote… after they read all of it, of course – hmm.

Because I think I know what thrills people into masturbating the most and it’s not the stuff they’ve done as a matter of course – it’s that stuff they’d never do because we’re told to never do it.  Boy meets girl, they fall in love and have sex and, yes, the romance is nice and this is the way it’s supposed to be… unless the girl is his cousin or his sister or even his aunt or mother.

A guy’s got a thing for other men… no biggie here – unless the guy he has a thing for is his brother, uncle, father or his closest male friend and maybe he was “coerced” and maybe some goofy kid logic put 1 + 1 together and got four and, oops, that’s how many people are in his family!

It’s sometimes about love more than lust and the type of love that is often expressed… but forbidden to pursue.  “Little Johnny” doesn’t wind up doing his little sister doggy-style just because he’s a horny, depraved little son-of-a-bitch; they’re screwing because they love each other… and they’re not supposed to love like that.

Disgusting?  Well, what do you think?  And if you’re reading something I wrote and thinking how totally disgusting the whole thing is… and your underwear are suddenly a little on the small side, um, did I get it right for ya?  Did I create for you that bad accident you just can’t stop looking at?

I like to write in the first person, something I heard was kind of a no-no.  I can write in the narrative or observer style… that can be fun but, to me, it’s just words and you don’t get a sense of what the characters are really thinking about.  Yeah, sometimes, I will have my fingers on the keyboard and think, “If this were me, what would I do?” – because I think everyone who writes in any genre puts a little of themselves into the mix – it’s just easier.  I try not to write about anyone I know – that might cause problems but, hey, I can take a situation I might know of, twist the shit out of it – do the “any resemblance thing” as a caveat and, yeah, that’ll work!

I recently came across a book on how to write about sex in stories and it’s on my list of stuff to read because if there’s a “right” way to do it, well, I wanna find out about it – not too old not to learn something in this.  I know the stuff I write could be a lot better in form and function but, if nothing else, it’s fun to write it and if anyone likes reading it, so much the better and I hope you have plenty of towels or tissues or whatever you use to clean up afterward…


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3 responses to “More About My Erotica

  1. marriagecoach1

    25 September 2011 at 20:31

    Oh just give me straight hetero sucking and fucking and doing it in the ass and I am happy.
    Not interested in 3 ways but would love to do it with another couple in the same room while both get to watch with the light on. Now that is my version of erotica and beats porno any day.


    • kdaddy23

      25 September 2011 at 20:41

      Yeah, I know where your head is and, yup, I can and have written stuff that would make even you happy. That’s too easy – but if I were to take, say, a character who feels as you do and throw them into the biggest, nastiest, orgy I can think of – and then make them think it was their idea all along, well, that sells books, my friend. I could corrupt the most religiously pious; turn the most chaste and biggest prude on the planet into a wanton, slavering, sex machine – and make it all make sense to them, too.

      I can take that which you personally find exciting… and turn it into a car wreck you can’t look away from… because it’s all possible and all doable even if you don’t believe it is or even like it like that. And you might even like reading it… because you’re not supposed to like it… because it’s not what you would do… but you could if ya wanted to – and you know why you wouldn’t.


  2. marriagecoach1

    26 September 2011 at 10:26

    Nah I am too old and set in my ways and I know what I like and don’t.
    But then if you feel up for the challenge go ahead and make my day.




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