Do Whatcha Gotta Do…?

17 May

One of my Facebook friends provided the thoughts for this particular blog.  She was watching Dr. Phil, the topic centered on couples in financial trouble, and, well, this guy lets his wife date “sugar daddies” and even takes her to meet with them; my FBF sees this as a disaster waiting to happen…

But is it really?  Okay, from a certain perspective, you could say that she’s prostituting herself and he’s pimping her, one of those necessary evils that even I think is a measure of last resort; hell, if you’re a man and the chips are down and some, ah, questionable shit has to be done, then you go do whatever and don’t involve your woman at all because you just shouldn’t ever let your woman whore herself and you “sit back” and count da money.

One could say that in these troubled financial times – and despite what those idiots in Washington, DC, are saying, times are very hard for a lot of people – that one has to do what one has to do and, well, if it’s deemed unsavory and detrimental to the relationship, shit, well, damn… maybe it is a matter of last resort for a couple finding themselves in the lurch like that… but if they don’t get to scraping the bottom of the barrel, what might happen to their relationship could be mild compared to the very hard fall they could take.

The financial troubles some folks have experienced has been responsible for a lot of murder-suicides; entire families wiped out because backs were against the walls and they couldn’t figure out a way to make ends meet; this, of course, is the worst-case situation and it’s all too real.  Some folks turn into drug dealers, that highly profitable but highly dangerous line of work where you can get filthy rich in a short period of time… and get dead even faster if you cross someone the wrong way or wind up in jail ’cause you sold, say, a pound of weed to an undercover cop.

If you’re thinking that shit couldn’t possibly get that bad for a woman to prostitute herself and her man is a willing “partner” in this endeavor, guess again; I personally do not know anyone who hasn’t sat down with their partner and had a conversation about this particular thing and in every situation I personally know about, the woman says she’ll do it if she has to… and her man says, “Like hell you will!  I’ll go do something illegal before I let you do that!”

But if this is what it comes to – and ya can’t say that it doesn’t because, um, Dr. Phil had them on his show (I guess – I don’t watch the clown) – how would you look at this situation, readers?  Would you be more worried about the state of your relationship… or your continued survival?

If you’ve never been that deep in this kind of shit, you probably couldn’t imagine making the decision to do such a thing – and, God willing, you never will be because you know people who could help you through whatever troubles have been dumped on your doorstep.  Sure, there are people out there living above their means and by this I mean that before the economy went tits-up, it was all good… but now, with layoffs, greater competition for whatever jobs are available, etc., making ends meet – and trying to maintain the lifestyle you’re accustomed to – is now problematic.

Savings, if you have them, begin to dwindle; things you didn’t count on, like, say, the transmission deciding to cannibalize itself and dump its guts all over the road – while you were out trying to get a new (or another) job – happens – oh, having your ass against the wall like this will make anyone a believer in Murphy’s Law!

What might be weird about this particular situation is dissolving the relationship before the ship sinks might not be the answer, especially if there are children to be cared for – and, no, I don’t if this was the case on Dr. Phil’s show… because I don’t watch the clown.  Even if this was done, what does it solve?  If anything, it just creates bigger issues and now ya gotta handle whatever needs to be handled all by yourself.

Could you agree to let your partner prostitute themselves for the greater good?  Does the shit that could go wrong in this pale in comparison to what’ll happen if someone doesn’t do it?

How say ye?


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10 responses to “Do Whatcha Gotta Do…?

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  2. marriagecoach1

    17 May 2012 at 23:05

    Oh hell no, I know that you are surprised by my answer right?


    • kdaddy23

      17 May 2012 at 23:12

      Horribly surprised, John; shocked right down to my slippers…


  3. A Bi-Submissive's Journey in the Vanilla World

    18 May 2012 at 05:13

    I feel like my husband and I are roomates right now (been heading that way for a year), between his full-time job & internship for grad school we barely talk. If my kids’ were going to be out on the street and hungry, I’d do what I had to do to make sure they were taken care of, that’s what moms do..


    • kdaddy23

      18 May 2012 at 12:18

      Welcome to my blog! We see this as a measure of last resort… but not the first thing on the list of things to do when the money gets horribly funny. I know times change but is it possible that things going on today have – or could – change a couple’s position on this so that it’s not a last-resort kind of thing but just another way to improve cash flow?


      • A Bi-Submissive's Journey in the Vanilla World

        18 May 2012 at 14:02

        Yes, if they are both dodgy to begin with….but, if they’re poly and both of them are fine with it, and perhaps she likes the person anyway….does it qualify as being pimped out, or could her other partner just wants to make sure she’s taken care of? Btw, I would only do it in a worst case scenario ;).


      • kdaddy23

        18 May 2012 at 14:15

        Well, yeah – the devil is now in the details, isn’t it? Since I didn’t see the show, I don’t know if the couple were already in an open or poly relationship and instead of indulging in casual sex, it’s now sex with a purpose… but maybe that doesn’t imply he’s pimping her; she’s choosing men and he’s just going along with the whole deal, maybe scoping out “sugar mammas” as well.

        I simply don’t know anyone who’d do this and it’s not a worst-case situation. I’m not saying such a thing isn’t possible but I am wondering what kind of man would allow his woman to do this and even if the relationship is open like that.


      • A Bi-Submissive's Journey in the Vanilla World

        18 May 2012 at 14:25

        Lol, damn those details ;)! It was probably an easy decision to go along with pimping themselves out for the good doctor’s ratings, as well.


      • kdaddy23

        18 May 2012 at 14:49

        Oh, I’m sure it had people glued to their screens! What’s “bothersome” is that this kinda goes along with things I’ve been reading about legalizing prostitution and an article I read some time ago that suggested that prostitution (for women) is and can be a profitable way to make a living despite the inherent dangers. However, it seems to me that most women would pass on this particular job because it offends their sense of self-respect.


      • A Bi-Submissive's Journey in the Vanilla World

        18 May 2012 at 15:09

        I completely agree with you, as do most of the women I know.



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