Enjoy the Show

28 Jun

I’ve sat on what I’m about to say for a couple of days now and I just can’t contain myself any longer!  Two days ago, my baby and I went to the doctor’s office and, upon our arrival, there was this young thing sitting in the waiting room, her cell glued to her ear.

As I took a seat across from where she was sitting – and keep in mind that she’s sitting in my field of vision – I was treated to a very interesting view of her coochie, thanks to (1) the really short pants she was wearing and (2) the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties!

The third thing I observed was that she was also clean-shaven down there…

Okay, a couple of things and the first is something I will never apologize for:  If you show it to me, I’m going to look at it!  The next thing is that I am still enough of a gentleman to try not to stare at such an interesting sight but, in this case, well, it just wasn’t possible to not look.

The young thing with the rather nice muff was totally oblivious to the fact that she’s sitting there with her legs up and spread… and there’s a man sitting across from her.  My baby gets done at the receptionist’s desk and, as it happens, takes a seat directly across from the girl… so you know my baby got flashed big time, right?  We look at each other and I know she’s thinking what I’m thinking – those thoughts were confirmed a bit later because politeness mandates that you not talk about such things while the subject of your conversation is within earshot of you.

I guess the girl realized that she was being a bit too, um, comfortable; it’s like her awareness came back, she realized that she was showing us her pussy, and put her legs down and closed them… for all of about fifteen seconds before she turned her attention back to her phone call and, yowsah, up and open came the legs again, and the flashing continued.

So I was thinking (as I was enjoying the show) that, okay, some women really have no body modesty, which is either a good or bad thing depending on the situation.  The thought also entered my head that she might have been doing it deliberately; some women do get off on being a bit of an exhibitionist – but I almost immediately ruled that one out.  I eventually decided that she was so focused on her conversation that her mind and body kinda disconnected for those few minutes and she was just making herself more comfortable as she talked… and, honestly, I didn’t mind one bit that she was comfortable.

Like I said, there’s no shame in my game at all; you show it, I’m looking at it – but I will be tactful about it and not make any comment that might prove embarrassing to one and all.  Was I worried about my baby snatching my eyes out because of this?  Nope – she knew a couple of things, like, there was no way I could not see the girl’s pussy from where I’m sitting, I am a man – we LOVE looking at pussies – and I’m not dead.

See, if I had acted as if I hadn’t seen it – and she asked me later if I did – and I said that I didn’t notice it – she would have hammered me for lying to her because, obviously, how could I have not seen it?

We both did feel that given the nature of the very short pants she was wearing, she should have, at the least, put on a thong; one of my rhetorical questions after the fact is why put on a bra but not wear panties with those pants?  Decorum and “standard” modesty rules kinda mandate that if you’re wearing shorts (and especially short-shorts) you should put some drawz on because, well, some people might get offended or you just might wind up with some unwanted attention.

My baby and I were laughing as we left the doctor’s office because when they took her blood pressure with one of those wrist cuffs, the girl who did it didn’t put in on my baby’s small wrist properly so it said her BP was 170/100 – we both knew that was wrong.  We cracked up because I said, “Well, maybe your pressure was up because you got flashed by that girl… maybe it’s a good thing she didn’t take my blood pressure, huh?”

So we got to see the show and got a good laugh or two out of it.  It also spoke to the dynamics of our relationship as well because even though she knew I was looking, she didn’t bitch me out for it and I know quite a few women who would have read me the riot act and right on the spot and where EVERYBODY could hear it (including the show’s producer, director, and star).

I had commented to her that, yeah, I thought it was a rather nice coochie, all things considered; not only did my  baby agree but there were no recriminations forthcoming because of my truthful comment because what’s really obvious in this is that, yeah, I can look at another woman’s pussy and it doesn’t mean anything other than I saw it and it definitely didn’t have anything to do with our relationship.

It was one of those chance things.  The girl did what she did, we saw what we saw, and that was that.  We got a few laughs out of it and it was my though to blog about it when we got home… but I thought that it really wasn’t that big of a deal… but, shit, I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t write about the show… so I have.


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7 responses to “Enjoy the Show

  1. marriagecoach1

    28 June 2012 at 11:59

    Personally, I would have rather seen panties. Was the girl an exhibitionist, absolutely, women have a feel for what kind of clothes that they are wearing and what is exposed. I am with you Rob, if she is going to show it, I am going to oblige her and view it and admire it but with some finesse instead of staring and drooling.


    • kdaddy23

      28 June 2012 at 12:34

      Exactly; there’s no need to see such a thing then act like an idiot! I don’t think her flashing was deliberate – she just wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing while on the phone. She got off the phone, went to see a doctor, came back, and sat down properly – without flashing anyone and, yeah, I was watching her to see if it happened again. Not as much because I wanted to see her pussy again – I wanted to determine whether her doing it was, in fact, deliberate or unconscious.

      Most women I know wouldn’t have been dressed as she was and not wear panties because, duh, at some point, you might be sitting down or bending over and flashing the goodies to the world and it would make them uncomfortable and quite self-conscious.


  2. MysteryCoach

    29 June 2012 at 08:25

    I’m thinking the same thing, it was completely accidental. LOL 🙂 That’s a very nice relationship you and your wife have it reminds me of someone I went out with many moons ago and we would talk about what have you back and forth as well. It wasn’t a big deal… It was very nice and there was none of that nonsense I don’t care for where it’s intentional to see what kind of rise it would get out of you. We eventually broke up due to his ex fiance reappearing after disappearing. Nothing we can do about unfinished business…


    • kdaddy23

      29 June 2012 at 13:01

      Hi, Mystery! Yeah, we figure what’s the point in us arguing about something like that? That people do is a sign of insecurity and immaturity, I think…


      • MysteryCoach

        30 June 2012 at 04:43

        Hi! 🙂 I could not agree with you more. As a matter of fact after I thought about it yesterday? I used to be massively cool about things. I remember, this one person I went out with, his brother owned a strip club and he’d go down there come back and he’d be all like, it doesn’t bother you I’m down there? I was like and what are you doing while your down there? He was like nothing, so … in his case, yaaa right (but I digress) I look at it this way, if a wo/man doesn’t know how to act or respect me when they’re out of my site, I don’t want them and the reality is too, no one has that kind of control over another person. If they’re going to do it, for whatever reason… they’re going to do it. It’s just that simple… I mean really simple. We’d prefer that they did not 🙂


      • kdaddy23

        30 June 2012 at 12:33

        You bring up an interesting point, i.e., preferring a guy to not do something or, “How dare you act like a guy when you’re with me!” I know a lot of men who would act like emasculated wusses if they had been in my situation because their woman would have castrated them for holding their head up and letting their eyes drift in that direction. He would have gotten subjected to shit like, “What, you think her pussy is better than mine?” and the shit would have hit several fans. So, rather than have to go through that, men will be a good slave and look at their feet and act as if that girl wasn’t even in the room and, if his woman had asked, “Did you see that slut showing her shit like that?” his reply would have been, “No, I didn’t see anything…” – an obvious lie that might get him in trouble as well.

        Guys can get pretty shitty about this, too, like his woman isn’t allowed to look in the direction of another man… like she’s blind or totally dead inside. It’s a stupid way to behave and, well, me and my baby choose not to behave like that – there’s no point to it other than starting a fight – and who feels like doing that?


  3. Ariela

    3 July 2012 at 08:46

    First of all, this story is HILARIOUS, and that girl is ridiculous. Second, your woman’s a better woman than I. Because while the rational part of me totally understands why you would stare and has no issue with it, I think the insecure, irrational part of me would’ve been mad about it if Angel had been staring. However, I would not have castrated him, I would’ve just tried to calm myself down because I understand I’m being an idiot 🙂



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