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Oh, No…


I saw this and it just confirmed my feeling that this ACA thing would, eventually, fuck the people in the ass who can really benefit from it or the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  The really fucked up thing is that I suspect that if the whole healthcare thing didn’t come up during this president’s administration, it would still have to be addressed in any new administration because, fuck it, this is an issue for all Americans and not just the ones who can afford it… ain’t it?

Fifteen million Americans are going to be assed-out because of what the Supreme Court decreed; that’s 14,999,999 too many and it is a fucking mistake to give the various states a way to opt-out of seeing that the citizens who can’t afford this are fucking covered and not left at the mercy of someone else’s kindness… because it is quite plausible that in order to save themselves some money, states are willing to let these people get sick and die and then call it a calculated, acceptable risk.

The needs of the greedy outweigh the needs of the needy.  It fucking, straight up sucks.  Let me tell you what I was thinking…

The surgery to repair my aortic aneurysms (both of them, it turns out) cost in excess of $64,000.  Medicare picked up damned near all of this cost except about $500 – I can live with that.  But, what crossed my mind was wondering just how good of a job the doctor would have done if I didn’t have any insurance?  His Oath would have compelled him to save my life… but, shit, how many times have you heard the horror stories about how people who have zero insurance never seem to get the kind of care that the paying customers get?

And now the Supreme Court has put 15,000,000 Americans at the risk of not receiving the correct and proper care… because Medicaid, the state-run deal, was, in the original ACA, supposed to pick up the folks who couldn’t afford to buy credits (or whatever the fuck they’re calling them).

What further fucks me up is that President Obama’s gonna get blamed for this when, in fact, the Supreme Court made this stipulation.  What fucks me up even more is that Romney is going to have to use executive privilege to repeal the ACA as amended (because he thinks it sucks because a Democrat tossed it out there)… but then he’s gonna have to come up with a plan of his own should he become president… and then the Supreme Court will do something else that’ll fuck poor people dead in their unhealthy asses because there’s nothing saying that Republicans have a better idea other than, maybe their version of, “Fuck the poor!” and the Democrats, sworn enemy of Republicans, will do what they feel they’re born to do and that’s challenge anything that a Republican will put on the table.

Either way, the poor will be fucked so a “national healthcare” act is really anything but because if all Americans are not going to be covered under some segment of the plan, what fucking good is it?  It’s more of the same shit that has, ultimately, become our undoing; if you ain’t got it like that, it sucks to be you – we stopped giving a fuck about each other as citizens so, yeah, if you can afford to buy into this revised ACA, good for you; if you can’t, well, don’t get sick any time soon.

I tend to agree with a point or two in the article:  The states will have to pay for the care of those who can’t afford it anyway… so why not let Medicaid do what it’s supposed to be doing as part of the ACA?

This is a dumb decision by the Court.  Yes, they needed to look at the issue – that’s what they’re there for… but is their decision really the best for all Americans?  This blogger doesn’t think so; the needs of the many have been served and to hell with the needs of the few.

Or the one.

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9 thoughts on “Oh, No…

  1. The President is the right one to blame. He has already given out over 3,000 exemptions for this one size fits all boondoggle. He did all kinds of illegal deals including back room deals with big Pharma and Big insurance, violated the Sunshine Laws in the process, violated his campaign promises to be transparent and televise the health care negotiations on C Span (which I supported him for) He then threw all that out the window and met in secret closed door sessions and locked out the Republicans and REFUSED TO COMPROMISE with them by not including the very real and very viable solutions such as cross state competition which always brings the price down due to competition and Torte Reform which the Trial Lawyers Assn nixed. The Trial Lawyers Assn OWNS the democratic party as they are the single biggest contributor. I could go on here but I am not likely to change your mind


    Posted by marriagecoach1 | 29 June 2012, 08:40
    • What part of my saying that the Supreme Court did the thing I’m bitching about didn’t you get? Obama had the provision in there; the justices removed it and now 15,000,000 Americans are severely impacted.

      Did you even read the article? Jeez…


      Posted by kdaddy23 | 29 June 2012, 12:59
      • Yea I read the article. Do you disagree with the Supreme on the matter of law? They said that you can’t penalize states for money already funded. The federal government is getting way too big. There are also christian policies that are much cheaper. If someone is really sick, all they have to do is to show up at the Emergency room door, they won’t be turned away for lack of insurance and they will be treated, hospitalized and even have major surgery done and never pay for it. It is that old boogie man in the room the fear mongering and scare mongering that we keep increasing the federal government as has Europe and the European countries are now bankrupt.

        Did you read and understand just how corrupt Obama is? Do you not agree with MLK’s assessment that you do not judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character? Obama has told more lies than any other president in history and broken more promises, many of which would not have cost him anything and would have increased his popularity


        Posted by marriagecoach1 | 29 June 2012, 18:32
      • I disagree with the consequence of that action more than anything else – the law is what they say it is or should be and they are the final word and authority to that end; I fundamentally disagree with anything that favors the haves and leaves the have-nots in the pits of despair and it’s not entirely their fault that they’re there.

        How dare you lecture me on what King said; Obama is as corrupt as any other man who has sat in the big chair because he’s a politician and I’m not particularly fond of them because while they’re at their best when they make people suffer instead of prosper. You must think I’m an Obama-lover because he’s a Black man and nothing else about him makes a difference and you grossly misunderstand me on that one.

        What I do know is I don’t like what the Supreme Court ruled on this one particular thing, not because it offends the current sitting president or any other political bullshit you or anyone else cares to bring up; 15,000,000 people deemed ineligible under ACA isn’t just a fucking numbers game – they are 15,000,000 human and American lives that will be horribly affected.

        Trust me, if anyone other than Obama is sitting in that chair and the decision was made by the Court, I would say the same fucking thing because these are peoples’ lives we’re talking about and not some asshole political agenda.

        You’re okay with that? Can’t look past the political ravings and see the humanity affected? Law notwithstanding, is allowing this to happen right? Moral? ACA doesn’t affect me – I don’t have to worry about it but I’m still offended by what it could mean for those who can’t get with the program. Just because it’s law doesn’t make it right.


        Posted by kdaddy23 | 29 June 2012, 21:34
      • Okay I will back off the Obama bashing even though he is far more corrupt than past presidents. People can get care all they have to do is to show up at the emergency room We are headed to a European style socialism that has proven a huge failure and they are going down in flames in bankruptcy


        Posted by marriagecoach1 | 30 June 2012, 20:44
      • Also you can’t get covered under workman’s comp if you refuse a drug test or flunk a drug test, how about we just cover everyone and bankrupt our country like the Europeans have.


        Posted by marriagecoach1 | 30 June 2012, 20:54
      • A few things. If I remember correctly, about the time Canada was touting their national healthcare policies, we looked at their model and mucked around to see if we could make it work for us – and we found that we couldn’t. Then again, more people were working then; employers weren’t balking at getting their people good plans, and the economy, on the whole, wasn’t bad. That we turned around and tried to implement such a costly thing in a time where the economy is for shit was, in my opinion, a dumb thing to do. Back then, the government said, “We can’t afford to do this!” – and they were right. Are some of those 15,000,000 illegal aliens? Could be, although, if they’re not legal aliens, why count them? If you include them, maybe that number swells to 17,000,000 or more – but, fuck them if they’re illegal; we need to take care of our own first.

        Next, the economic collapse in Europe. When the EU was formed and they decided on a unified currency, I personally thought they were screwed and that this probably wasn’t a good idea for countries with such varying and, in some cases, shaky economies. However, if they were going to play on the global stage with everyone else, coming up with the euro was probably their best bet so that everyone in the EU had money that was the same value, such as our dollar, the Japanese yen, etc. So I’m really not all that surprised that there are countries in the EU that are damn near bankrupt even if I’m not totally sure of why it’s really failing except maybe for some countries, trying to be on the same global footing as the “big boys” just didn’t happen the way the EU thought it would; taking disparate countries and trying to tie them all together under one currency just didn’t seem to work; like, the UK did much better with their currency as pounds Sterling than they are doing with the euro so this is a case of the grand experiment proving to be a major failure.

        Oddly enough, the ACA isn’t what’s driving American cities to file for bankruptcy (although that’s probably not going to help things). When American corporations decided that outsourcing jobs was better for their bottom line, that pretty much set the stage for a lot of what’s happening today. Businesses close down, plants being moved out of country, whole business segments being turned over to other interests who, in fact, have no interest in the outsourcing companies’ bottom line except when it’s time for them to get paid, the check better not bounce. Now the government is trying to reverse that mad rush to outsource because in order for us to have jobs, we need employers to work for and, of course, places to do said work.

        Tack on that outlandish bullshit the financial assholes were doing and, hmm, any wonder why we’re looking under the cushions for loose change? The only reason why Apple, for instance, is thinking about moving all of their shit back home from China is that they’ve been catching flak from the Chinese government over their workers being made to work so hard they’re committing suicide; but, like other companies, they got lured by cheap labor and, as many tried to warn them about, they’re now getting bit in the ass big time for it.


        Posted by kdaddy23 | 30 June 2012, 22:11
  2. Hey Rob, I am willing to bet if you dug a little deeper you would find those people not covered are the illegal aliens in this country.


    Posted by marriagecoach1 | 30 June 2012, 20:52
  3. Wow, I didn’t know about that provision and the impact it would have on Medicaid recipients. And here I was thinking the passing of this law was a good thing. But nothing that negatively affects that many people can be good. Sigh. Thank you for this post!


    Posted by Ariela | 3 July 2012, 08:50

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