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News From the DL

As I set up to bring you the latest news from the DL (straight people, you may leave the room now), I realized that I just added the most tags for a single post that I can remember… and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  So, let’s get to it!

My iPod has an app that’ll connect me with the site you’ve heard me mention in these particular blogs; the app recently had an update and it seemed to me that the moment I applied said update, the little notifier was letting me know that I had messages… lots of messages.  Now, I’m kinda anal about those notifications in that when I see one of those white on red numbers, I just gotta get rid of it so my home page looks nice for the same reason why I don’t have icons plastered all over my computer’s desktop – it just gets on my nerves to have all that clutter.

Anyway, I sign in to see what insanity has decided to visit me and, yep, Jeez, I know guys can be rather single-minded when it comes to pursuing any chance to get a nut… but damn!  In all fairness, some of the messages that kept pouring in were just guys either “smiling” at me or telling me how good I look or just saying hello – I don’t mind those and will admit to being a bit flattered at the compliments.  The rest of them…

I had seven messages from faceless dudes telling me how much they’d love to fuck me – whether they read my profile or not is anyone’s guess but I did ask one fool if he had – and he said he did.  I then asked him that, if you read it, what part of “I don’t do anal” didn’t you understand?  Of course, he vanished after that and I doubt that I’ll hear from him again.

I had another seven messages from – again – faceless dudes wanting to know if we could hook up right now… like I was really going to do that.  I’m reading these messages and hurting my eyes rolling them so much; I did respond to these, saying that I’m not looking to hook up – ’cause I’m not.  Of the seven, five responded by saying a variation of, “Okay, well, we can hook up later if you want to…” – um, did you not understand the words that came off my fingers about that?  I can only assume that you do read the English language.

Now, you’ve probably read my rants and raves about this a few times and are probably wondering (or not) why I remain a member of this site if it tends to push my buttons so much – and here’s the answer to that one… because I’ve wondered about it myself.  I keep my profile active just to see who’s gonna respond to it and what, if anything, they might say and while I do kinda bitch and moan about some of the asinine things I see, I do find it rather fascinating to see just how hard some guys push to get this kind of sex from other guys.

Some want it bad enough to either not read a profile or just ignore it, maybe stupidly assuming that just because they want to do something the other guy might not want to, um, he might change his mind and do what the requestor’s asking for.  That would be like me going to a restaurant, finding out they have liver on the menu (and I hate liver) and ordering a steak… but they bring me liver anyway… so picture me ripping someone a new one and not in a very nice way.

One of my “favorite” messages – or series of messages as it turned out – was from – again – a faceless person who took it upon himself to tell me how good I looked per my profile pic (it’s a clean pic by the way) and that in one message, he had a hard-on viewing my picture and, in the next, how it made him want to “jerk my thing,” as he put it.  It’s one of those what the fuck moments as I try to figure out what the hell this guy is thinking about.  I did respond to his last message – the devil in me couldn’t resist saying something – and I told him, “That’s nice!  Are you having fun doing that?”

He hasn’t answered, which is a bit of a shame… because I kinda wanted to know if he was, in fact, having fun beating his meat.  Ah, but I know that he only said this to (a) create a picture in my mind and (b) get me to hook up with him… just because his dick is hard… and a dick I can’t even see because, duh, he doesn’t have any pictures on his profile at all.

I often think that some of these guys think that anyone who’s on this site – or similar sites if they exist – are so hard up for dick that they will take anything that comes along and your personal preferences don’t mean a whole lot to them.  Hah, one dude unlocked his private picture for me and, yep, I looked at it and I’d have to say that it was a nice picture of his cock; however, his next message after I paid him the obligatory compliment was, “Now picture it in your ass!”

Uh-huh, yep, I can sure as hell not see that happening; the dick was nice but wasn’t that nice, thank you very much.  And despite my being nice and telling him that I don’t do that, he had the audacity to say, “I know this will make you change your mind so when can we hook up?”

How about the 15th of March 2135?  That soon enough for you?  Okay, I do get that when you’re trying to get laid in this manner, one must be confident about their desire, ability and, yeah, their equipment… but what makes them think that there are guys who don’t have other things that matters to them?

See, guys are stupid (like y’all didn’t know that already?); they do figure that if they show you their dick or even their ass, well, that’s all the incentive you need to get naked with them and, yeah, I’m sure you can see the same thing on straight sites that allow such pictures.  Again, shit, I do not have a problem looking at a picture of a dick, erect or otherwise and if for no other reason than I can and do appreciate the beauty in another man’s junk and, um, I like looking at dicks just as much as I like looking at pussy.

Still, I wonder what makes these guys think that, okay, we’ve shown each other our dicks… and that now means that there has to be a live viewing?  For all the budding bi guys out there, yeah, there is such a thing as requiring something that has more substance, like, oh, giving a shit about the other guy’s preferences, for instance?  Showing off your junk is fine… but what ultimately matters is how we might go about negotiating the deal after flashing each other and, sadly, a great many guys utterly fail at this point and don’t seem to get it.

Like the one message I got that simply said, “Hi – I’m horny!”  Okay, thanks for sharing that… and?  I didn’t deign to respond to this one (or the other five just like it); a few seconds later, shit, that white on red number appeared again and, double shit, okay, let me find out what this is all about!  Damned thing just won’t leave me alone today!  So, I look and it’s the same guy from before – but this time he’s asking, “Are you there?  Wassup?”

Wassup, indeed?  All of this says some pretty sorry shit about guys looking to get busy with other guys.  The one nice online conversation – read that as an exchange of internal emails – had been my agreeing with another guy that the majority of the dudes looking to get laid on this site are not only full of shit, they’re full of themselves, and total assholes and even more so when they don’t have the guts to show their faces, dicks, or even asses, for that matter.

I do get that for guys doing this, well, no, we often don’t want to waste time or words trying to get the hookup; indeed, a lot of men get into this because there’s usually less ‘muss and fuss’ trying to get into a guy’s pants than there is trying to get into a woman’s panties.  Sometimes, it really is as simple as, “Do you want to?  Yes? Okay, when and where?  Oh, your place in twenty minutes?  Cool – I’ll be there!”  Still – and maybe it’s just me (but I doubt it) but one needs to say something with bit more substance than, say, “I’m horny!”

Yeah, fella, ain’t we all?  One should be a bit more, ah, tactful than most of these guys tend to be; so what if you have an erection?  Do I even care that you want to do something with me I’m not of a mind to do?  Do the words “Oral Only” mean anything to you?  Shit, motherfucker, can you even read?  And what the fuck makes you think I’m ‘that kind of guy’ and as desperate as you appear to be bothering me with this kiddie shit?

To wrap this edition up for now, see, this is why I maintain that when you’re into this kind of sex, it’s not all that hard to understand why women react to our advances in the way they do.  It’s not about the size of your dick or whatever you might want to do with it; it is, however, about what you say and how you go about saying it that’ll either get you laid… or get you laughed at or, even worse, summarily ignored.  You have to know that if you can’t get a guy who wants to have sex with another guy to have sex with you, your shit – indeed, your entire game – is totally and completely fucked up.

And I don’t have a problem telling people just how fucked up your game is…

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Not really sure what to say; there's a lot about me that can be said but the basic thing is that I'm just a guy with a lot of things on my mind that I need to get said. I have to add that if you're not old enough to deal with adult issues or you find them offensive, you might want to stay out of my head...


11 thoughts on “News From the DL

  1. LMAO…..was one of the messages from casecrum, he’s gay? Sorry I had to throw that out there. :)


    Posted by rantingrebel | 14 July 2012, 20:34
    • Unless he lives where or near where I live, I doubt it… but, see, now you’re gonna make me go looking for him!


      Posted by kdaddy23 | 14 July 2012, 21:18
      • Well if you find him, stall him until I get there!!!


        Posted by rantingrebel | 14 July 2012, 21:21
      • I did look… and there’s no one by that name listed… by that name. He could be using some other handle; I’ve often seen the same guy listed with multiple names… like that really works?


        Posted by kdaddy23 | 14 July 2012, 21:24
      • Well, do you live in the southern US?


        Posted by rantingrebel | 14 July 2012, 21:25
      • Nope – I live in Delaware. Now, I did realize that I had my filters set to only show dudes from Delaware – but I changed them for a moment and looked for the name you dropped and, nope, didn’t see them by that name… but as I said, if he’s a member of this site, he might be there under a different handle.


        Posted by kdaddy23 | 15 July 2012, 00:12
  2. It can be the same way on a straight site, depends on the one you go to. LOL you are too funny… I hear you though that’s a lot of stupidity at one shot.


    Posted by MysteryCoach | 16 July 2012, 06:51
    • Mystery, it’s a stupidity I can’t get my head around… but maybe it’s just me and I’m too “old fashioned” about this – so it makes what guys throw out there look juvenile and uncouth? So when I think about why this is – and with the hope I can make some sense of this behavior – well, it gives me a headache. I don’t behave like that and I’ve talked to guys on this same site who don’t so it appears we’re the minority. Waving your dick around (or literally showing your ass) just doesn’t work! If it doesn’t work for women, it sure as hell ain’t gonna work for a group of people who have just as much testosterone as the wavers do (and bigger dicks, in some cases)!

      Now, what’s even funnier, in my opinion, is that these same ignorant motherfuckers are complaining about there not being any “real” men on the site and how they ain’t got time to play games and, oh, yeah, they don’t want any “femme punk bitches” – one guy’s profile actually said that. It ‘saddens’ me that the majority of these men are Black… or young white and Hispanic dudes trying to live the thug life (and failing, apparently).

      It’s something that makes bi and gay guys – who really just wanna make friends and get their cookies crumbled if they can – look really bad. While I understand the necessity for being on the DL for guys who aren’t out, well, dudes like the ones I’m talking about has given this way to be discreet a couple of black eyes and a bloody nose.


      Posted by kdaddy23 | 16 July 2012, 23:48
      • Be old fashioned and they are uncouth and juvenile, make no mistake about that. I’ll stay in the 1960’s thank you very much as to what I think on these matters when it comes to just what we’re putting out there to be snatched up. I think there a many people who are confused about what self respect is all about. I view it, as you know, as who I’m involved with gets all those privileges which goes to being old fashioned… I fully intend to kill that poor guy when I find him :) oh… off topic. ANYWAY…

        You don’t talk like that and that’s because you value yourself. So, that’s a good thing and for them to be disrespectful like that shows a lot about their character in my humble opinion. I don’t care what someone is into, good for them ya know? But … disrespect included? No. That’s not cool.

        Ask them to define real men, see what happens. LOL :) Who are they thinking about? 007? hahaha! (sorry, that just struck me as funny) Maybe some guy from WWE? … they have no idea what they’re talking about, I assure you because many people just don’t put that much thought into it. And that is the truth, they go around spewing all kind of shit and it means nothing in the end. It just shows they have no … clue.

        I know a person who used to be on the DL and now they’re not, definitely better for them because that had to be difficult. I guess it’s like any other thing, you do your thing and ignore the ones who have rocks for brains. :)


        Posted by MysteryCoach | 17 July 2012, 08:06
      • See, hon, you’re thinking like a girl when you mention valuing one’s self because when it comes to sex, women worry more about self-value than men do – so I’m not saying that there aren’t guys on the DL who lack value in that sense. Add in that you can talk big time shit in this even if you have the values of a celibate priest – but you can usually tell when a guy is trash-talking.

        For a lot of these men, value has nothing to do with it; chemistry doesn’t have anything to do with it; attraction has nothing to do with it. It is about availability and being able to impose your will on the other guy so that he’ll do what you want him to do while not giving away the farm yourself; the maximum results for the minimal effort. Equality in act or deed means nothing; there is no such thing as playing fair when two guys want to get naked with each other; it is “my way or the highway,” take it or leave it and if you leave it, fuck you, you fake motherfuckers; step up and be a real man.

        I’ve asked some on occasion to define to me what a real man is. I would also note that anyone who has mentioned this to me has been way younger than my youngest child… so what do they know about being a man when they’re only 19 or 20 and then talking shit to someone who was having sex with men before maybe their daddies were born? The older dudes are no better in this; they feel that if you don’t respect how they wanna roll – read that as you forget whatever you had in mind and go with their plan – then you need to grow up. They feel privileged and entitled so when they’re talking to me – and chances are I’ve been doing this before they ever got started despite being older than I am – I just roll my eyes and laugh at them because I know they don’t get it.

        For the record, real men are unpretentious about this; they don’t push their agendas onto anyone else, are willing to compromise and negotiate for what they want and they actually give a shit about how the other guy feels about stuff. They’re not going to be somebody’s bitch but they’re not going to lord over another guy and act as if he’s doing his ‘victim’ a favor by getting naked with him.

        This is what the majority of these guys don’t understand. Yes, it is just sex and the more NSA, the better. But men in this tend to strip away everything of value in this and focus on their primal needs and fuck being tactful and all that other good and respectful stuff.


        Posted by kdaddy23 | 17 July 2012, 23:03
  3. I think I like the guys at the bottom the best :)


    Posted by MysteryCoach | 18 July 2012, 06:07

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