Why Do We Care?

12 Sep

I just saw an ad on TV announcing that it’s LBGT Month and in this ad, certain celebs were mentioned; in that instance, I asked myself, “Why do we care that Jody Foster isn’t straight?”  Indeed, I have yet to figure out why we even need to know this at all.  Don’t get me wrong; if Jody, a fine actress, isn’t straight, good for and more power to her and Ru Paul, well, I have wondered about him/her for quite some time.

Why couldn’t this ad feature regular LBGT people?  I get it that the message says that, hey, you’re not alone in this and here are some celebrities who are just like you!  Except, um, they’re celebs… and we aren’t so their lives, even in this are perhaps a bit different than us ‘unfamous’ folks.

Yeah, I know that’s not a real word.  It just seems to me that if there’s a big outreach movement for all those LBGT folks who know their closet like the backs of their hands, wouldn’t seeing people who are “just like me” be a better enticement?  I really do think that our fascinating with celebrities plays into this, like, if Jody is bisexual, then it must be okay for us to be this way.

My question is do we really need celebrity statuses to ‘help’ us define who and what we are in this?


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10 responses to “Why Do We Care?

  1. marriagecoach1

    12 September 2012 at 18:39

    Why do they see the need to continually flaunt their sexuality in my face, I am frankly not interested


    • kdaddy23

      12 September 2012 at 19:21

      Figured you wouldn’t be, not that this surprises anyone who knows you. I just fail to understand the celebrity ‘connection’; that there are LBGT folks all over the place is a given so dropping famous names is, to me, a difference that makes no difference… which is what spawned this quick writing. As to the flaunting, well, blame it on the First Amendment if you wanna blame something when straight sensibilities get offended. And, really, if you can get on your soapbox and preach the gospel of being straight, you should expect others to get on their soapbox and preach the gospel of not being straight.

      This is still the United States of America, after all.


  2. marriagecoach1

    12 September 2012 at 22:48

    Hey Rob
    I am not preaching any gospel, I don’t care if they are gay I just don’t want them flaunting it in my face. Just like I HATE rap music blared out of a 500 watt amp through a 3 block radius


  3. Brittany

    14 September 2012 at 23:53

    Totally jumping in here and not trying to heat up the debate between you two…BUT…there’s a difference between flaunting your sexuality for the hell of it, and speaking out against hate crimes, bullying, discrimination by using the platform of your celebrity. Flaunting anything, just for the hell of it, is always annoying but their intentions are good in this situation. Just offering perspective. 🙂

    And AMEN on the loud music! It doesn’t matter to me what kind of music it is, but I really don’t care what you’re listening to, people. To hear some rumble from outside the car, I get. I get pumped when my jam comes on but I’m doing no public service by forcing everyone around me to stop their conversations because they can’t speak over my obnoxious, albeit cool, “system”. *stepping off soapbox*


    • kdaddy23

      15 September 2012 at 00:14

      Welcome, Brittany, and thank you for your comments! It’s not really a debate; this is just John telling me something he knows that I already know and, well, if he hadn’t said what he said, I would have asked for his ID. Wait until you REALLY see us debating something!

      Perhaps you have some insight on my question of why this commercial came on the tube and highlighting celebrities? I get that they’re people, too, but as a dyed-in-the-wool bisexual, telling me that some celebrity is bisexual makes me wonder why I would want or need to know that. If they are, good for them… but unless I might get a shot at sleeping with one of them, dropping their names does nothing to instill any further pride in my sexuality because I was damned proud of being a bisexual before any damned celebrities came out of whatever closet they were in.

      Leave it to John to add a non sequitur to the conversation with the music thing which, you might have noticed, had absolutely nothing to do with what I was talking about. But since he mentioned it, yeah, it’s annoying… and some of it isn’t what I’d call music to begin with.


  4. marriagecoach1

    15 September 2012 at 02:53

    You are such a bright guy, I fail to understand how you don’t see the correlation between the two. It is simply flaunting behavior and totally ignoring the rights of others. The common thread is Anti-social personality disorder or Sociopathic Personality disorder. The common theme is totally ignoring the rights of others, having a grandiose sense of their own importance.


    • kdaddy23

      15 September 2012 at 03:24

      Isn’t that something pretty much everyone is guilty of? Methinks that anytime you do or say something to get people to pay attention to whatever you’re trying to get them to pay attention to, at some point, you are ignoring the rights of others by exercising your right tout your own agenda and shout it to the highest mountain. Okay, it offends you – I get it; you have the right to be offended because, as I pointed out after your first comment, this is still the United States of America.

      But I’m thinking you probably don’t give a flying fuck when it’s you doing the flaunting and, thus, ignoring the right of others and simply because you have the right to flaunt whatever it is you care to flaunt. If you offend someone when you flaunt your shit, oh, well, it sucks to be them, huh? They can kiss your ass if they don’t like it (or maybe a sentiment less crude)?

      I’m just saying. Funny how upset we get when our sensibilities are offended… but when we’re the ones doing the offending, we get indignant and stand by our right to do and/or say whatever the fuck we want to say, huh? I would ask you if the word ‘tolerance’ is even in your vocabulary – but I know you’ll just say that you have the right to be intolerant of whatever you want… which’ll only make my point, by the way.

      And if they’re playing the music too loud, be a responsible citizen and call the cops – I’m sure there are noise ordinances in effect where you live.

      Personality disorders? I’m probably gonna hate myself for asking this, but how does that figure into the topic of my writing? Enlighten me, Mr. Wizard.

      Hey, Brittany – if you’re still reading, NOW the debate is about to begin!


      • Brittany

        15 September 2012 at 13:02

        Definitely still here, just had to make some popcorn for the show. 😉 I love how you overanalyze these things. Gets your brain juices pumping. I totally see what you’re both saying. I absolutely can’t stand when celebrities publicly back politicians. It just annoys me. They are only known because they are good at being fake (actors, that is) and political figures aren’t exactly known for being the most honest group of people… I’d have a lot more respect for them minding their own business (literally) and sticking to what they’re good at. Slightly different rant, but I’m totally agreeing with what you’re saying about how you don’t really care about a celebrity’s sexuality (or opinions) and don’t relate to them because, well, they’re celebrities and we are not.


  5. marriagecoach1

    15 September 2012 at 07:37

    Hey Rob
    I work real hard not to flaunt my stuff. I do care what others think and don’t want to be offending them. We all have rights and I am trying to get people to respect each other’s rights. Sort of the whole reason for my blog and my book. The personality disorders are just examples of the very broken people that we have in the world.

    Let me see if I can give you an example of all of this to illustrate my point. Remember Carrie Prejean the Miss America contestant who was asked what she felt about gay marriage? Her answer: “I am not trying to offend anyone but the way I was raised and the way that I believe is that marriage is between a man and a woman”.

    Perez Hilton the rabidly in your face gay judge gave her a ZERO and cost her the crown. Oh no but that was not enough; He went on a public rant calling her all kinds of vile names and making a complete ass of himself and that was fine because after all we need to be politically correct. Just think if the shoe had been on the other foot and she had called him a prissy bitchy fudge packing fag. It would have been world war III.

    Another example is the racism in the black community. Blacks routinely call whites honkies and crackers which are racial epethets that are just as offensive to whites as if a white called a black a nigger. It is this entitled mentality that offends me. I can do and say anything I want but you can’t and if you do, I will beat your ass. I can go on and on here like the atheists demanding that Christians not practice the christian holidays publicly.

    I am sort of like Rodney King here with the question, why can’t we all just get along?

    Debate on my friend


    • Brittany

      15 September 2012 at 13:08

      Have to agree with you here about Carrie Prejean vs Perez Hilton. I was secretly, or not so secretly, hoping someone would would blow up his car in the parking lot. For someone preaching tolerance, he was the perfect example of inolerance and she was absolutely a victim. She wasn’t in anyones face, she wasn’t pushing her beliefs on anyone, she didnt have alterior motives…she was asked a question, gave her honest answer (quite respectfully, I might add) and was torn apart for it. Two wrongs don’t make you right, Mr. Hilton



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