What the…?

16 Feb

If you haven’t heard about this, click the link and read the story; it kinda confirms that there are segments of our country that are circling the drain.  So… you’re a fifth grader, someone’s being rude to you and your friends… and the way you come up to deal with this is to attempt murder on that person and anyone who tried to stop you?

To those of you who have children in school, this should scare the piss out of you…


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17 responses to “What the…?

  1. travellinginternationally

    16 February 2013 at 12:11

    Many years ago, I taught in an out of class behavioral programs for disruptive and violent children. We all live with a Norman Rockwell belief that all children, especially under 10, are perfect, do not lie, and are not violent. It is easy to clutch on to that Rockwell-like image but when you work in programs that target violent children you realize these are the children no one talks about and schools try to hide the topic from the public. During my teaching experience, some of the children’s background regarding the reason for being sent would totally shock anyone. So when I read articles like that I am not shocked and ask what type of background do they come from?


    • Pyx

      16 February 2013 at 15:56

      I do not believe for a moment, that parents, or people in general have a Normal Rockwell ideal of children – even when they do not work with them – anyone who has been around kids knows, some kids are just different – including violent kids.

      I met a kid that was extremely violent at 3 .. and it wasnt anything his mother did, I was her friend, but there was nothing anyone could do till he did something extreme: at 3 he hit his baby sister in the head with a golf club before then, he was just ‘bad’ we all have stories like this… growing up, when we were kids, we knew other kids were different.

      I think an important fact here is: one kid got a knife, the other one got a gun, regardless of how or who, when someone decides they are going to go out and KILL someone, they will find a way. There are people in the world, regardless of gender or age that do harm, it has always happened and always will … now they just have more tools to do harm with.

      I do however agree, the horrible sad comment to all of this is: I too am not surprised when I read these stories.


  2. Pyx

    16 February 2013 at 12:11

    Those of you that have children in school this should encourage you to talk to your kids – this pissing me off or making me angry is only going to result in more knee jerk reactions. Our answer is always for more security, we resolve things on an international scale with violence – so why do we expect kids would feel resolving their problems with people are any different than what adults do? (their little under developed brains do not process on the same level as adults)

    I don’t know, for some reason I am going to choose to see a bright light in this story, kudos to the young lady who went and told an adult! That is what we should be teaching our kids (what 10 year old has 80 bucks to buy off another kids silence?!) What are parents telling their kids about bullies? I know around here you can’t say anything to another parent about their kids because the adults are always ‘how dare you’ or its someone else’s fault.

    I still hold fast and strong to ‘it takes a village’ so good girl, I hope her parents/teachers tell her just that.


    • kdaddy23

      16 February 2013 at 13:00

      Putting more security in place isn’t really the answer unless metal detectors and those new scanners seen in airports are going to be part of a school’s structure – then parents will be raising hell about their kids’ privacy being violated even though they got caught trying to smuggle a Glock into the building.

      Travelling’s right: Not all children are as sweet and innocent as society would like them to be and environmental issues are usually at the root when kids go bad and in a bad way, which also brings into question of how much attention the parents of these boys were paying attention.

      That the plot was discovered and ended before anything happened is definitely a good thing… but will something like this happen again – and then how does our society deal with this method of retribution?


      • Pyx

        16 February 2013 at 16:11

        Of course he is right, not all people are sweet an innocent, including kids – but no one is going around with the idea that they are either. We do not see these offensive screening measures at hospitals, libraries, Walmart, where any given crime can take place … people are now going to have to sit back and think ‘wow does all this show of force, weapons, and safety technology dependence have consequences for our kids’

        I am not saying I dont want kids to be safe, I do, but I also want parents to actually start working together on this instead of demanding more cameras be used: a camera does not prevent crime, it will give us a detailed review of what took place. We keep trusting ‘things’ to protect us instead of our biological instincts but you know how I feel about all this..

        if someone out there wants to harm another person they will find a way but when we are going to stop supplying them with the means to harm larger numbers of people – I am not afraid of getting shot when I leave my house, I havent harmed anyone who wants to kill me? I am afraid of the guy with bad aim..

        its topic that has so many veins and fingers that no one thing can be discussed without taking into account a million other variables.. but im glad bloggers keep posting about it, at least we can have some civil back and forth with each other.


  3. marriagecoach1

    17 February 2013 at 10:36

    Hey Rob
    I will bet you dollars to donuts that these kids came from a single parent family. The negative stats for which are STAGGERING. I did a bible study in a jail 3 years ago and out of the thirty guys there, all but one came from a single parent family. Kids need a full time dad in the house to sit on them and keep them in line.

    Note too the reference to a semi automatic handgun. This was an editorial response trying to engender the assualt rifle ban with that dreaded word semi automatic. The 1911 is a copy of the government issued 45 cal handgun used by the military. I doubt if the kid knew how to use it, to take it off of safety etc. The kick on this gun is furious and I doubt that he would be able to fire it effectively, but you never know.

    With all the bullshit about eliminating assault rifles, I went to the FBI crime stats table 20. Guess what, being killed by a rifle of any kind is the least likely way to die in our country, averaging about 300 deaths per year while cars kill about 32,000 a year. Even knives, clubs fists and feat are responsible for many thousands of deaths per year according to FBI crime stats but all the libtards are screaming to eliminate assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Even shotguns outnumber rifles of any kind for deaths (there are so few that they don’t even bother to break out assault rifles) so why don’t we outlaw shotguns?. We have manufactured and sold MILLIONS of assault rifles in our country. We will destroy a whole lot of jobs if they succeed in banning them and it will not a make a dent in the murder rate.

    Classic KNEE JERK liberalism.


    • kdaddy23

      17 February 2013 at 13:14

      I saw the mention of the 1911 and know it’s a .45 with one hell of a kick. The thing is – and it’s a sentiment that’s been heard time and time again – that in my day, we used our hands to settle such things or even a brick if we didn’t think we could fight the person; in the most extreme situation, a knife was in the mix and, in the most violent case of bullying that I know of, the tormentor beat up the kid pretty badly – that kid went home, got a gun, came back and blew his tormentor away and, trust me, his tormentor was someone that only a gun would stop – even the cops were afraid of this dude.

      But in the face of the rash of shootings here of late – and especially the most recent one that gained such national attention – knees are jerking all over the place. Given that this type of violence is escalating, what, if anything, is our society supposed to do about it? If you can’t screen out every possible person who could get their hands on some type of firearm (and it can’t be done as far as I know), then the ‘next best thing’ is to deal with the weapons themselves… except the NRA and other Second Amendment stalwarts maintain that it’s weapons in the wrong hands that’s the problem… except how do you know that someone with a modified AR-15 is a law-abiding citizen or not? They might have been when they bought the weapon… but shit happens, doesn’t it? People change; like that movie theater shooting – the mother legally bought the guns, taught the son how to shoot… and, later, he uses Mom’s guns to massacre people.

      How would gun law advocates deal with this? You know me; I really don’t give a fuck about the political bullshit flying around: This is a problem and one those same politician need to address because it’s their fucking jobs to address it regardless of their affiliation or which way they’re leaning.


  4. marriagecoach1

    18 February 2013 at 11:15

    Again banning assault rifles will do NOTHING to decrease mass shootings. Handguns are the most common form of death by gun. You are way more likely to drown than to die of a rifle. We have over 3,300 drownings a year, why not ban swimming? The statistics state it all, a little over 300 people a year die by a rifle of any kind, you are more likely to die from a bee sting than a rifle. It is all about political theatre rather than actual substance. Go to the FBI crime stats and see it for yourself. BTW, California has the absolute most severe gun restrictions in the nation and they LEAD THE WHOLE FUCKING COUNTRY IN GUN DEATHS by a wide margin. Chicago has almost as much gun regulation and they follow as the second most likely place to die from guns. So much for regulation. It is a societal problem with women gettting pregnant and not having a dad for the kids or couples divorcing and our kids are the victims. Criminals don’t follow laws, that is why they are criminals and they will ALWAYS GET GUNS AND USE THEM. I say make it an automatic life sentence for a criminal using a gun in a crime and that will slow down gun deaths. I personally own a pump shotgun loaded with double ought buckshot in a magnum 31/2 inch shell. Each shell contains 18 32 cal equivalent slugs and will literally cut a man in half at close range with just one shot and I would have no problem defending myself or my family with it.


  5. marriagecoach1

    18 February 2013 at 11:19

    BTW Obutthole had all the bolts and firing pins removed from those evil assualt rifles carried by the Marines in the march for his inauguration. Shows you how much respect that he has for the military. This has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE and I hate Obuttholes policies which has nothing to do with his race but his politics.


    • kdaddy23

      19 February 2013 at 12:25

      Well, duh, of course the whole gun-banning thing is political fodder because it’s so out of control that even if some president tried to convince Congress to enact a ban on guns it would never work, Second Amendment notwithstanding. Any moves made would be token only so they can say, “See? We’re trying to do something!” when, in fact, they’ve done nothing at all.


  6. marriagecoach1

    20 February 2013 at 15:10

    I will give Obama credit for one thing. Business has tripled for gun manufacturers and clip and ammo manufacturers. It is good for jobs in this country. The AR-15 has gone from approximately $1,000 retail to over $3,000 retail and clips have tripled in price as well. Your comment is so TYPICAL of libs all show and feelings and no solid substance. There was a woman interviewed on Fox who lost her parents in the Luby’s cafeteria shooting back in the nineties in Texas where they had banned concealed carry permits. Like the dutiful law abiding citizen she was she left her pistol in the car where it was worthless to her. She could have shot the guy from a concealed place in that restaurant but he killed dozens of people instead including her parents. Way to go Libtards


  7. marriagecoach1

    20 February 2013 at 15:13

    BTW the police can’t protect you against this kind of maniac, but just clean up the mess after he is done. There are a whole lot of non law abiding citizens who are now carrying concealed weapons for self defense


  8. marriagecoach1

    20 February 2013 at 15:14

    It is sad that our government forces citizens to break the overreaching law to protect themselves


  9. marriagecoach1

    20 February 2013 at 15:19

    Also by the way, the gun violence is not really escalating, this is a figment of the libtard media imagination. The Luby’s massacre was back in the nineties. The school shooter from the tower was back in the eighties and Manson and his band of lunatics was back in the seventies. They used knives to carve up their victims who were just as dead


  10. marriagecoach1

    20 February 2013 at 15:20

    Also your story was based upon a kid planning to kill another with a knife and the handgun was designed to keep anyone else from interfering.


    • kdaddy23

      21 February 2013 at 12:25

      Yeah; the whole thing was about kids plotting to murder other kids and the fact that they brought a knife and a gun to the party just made the story even more appalling. While the political bullshit is as thick and as deep as always on the matter of gun control, this is more about parents not paying attention to what might be going on with their children – did the parents not see the signs? What about the fact that the kid with the 1911 was able to easily get his hands on it – who should be held accountable for that?


  11. marriagecoach1

    21 February 2013 at 12:51

    Again, kids living in a single parent family. I believe that he stole it from his brother’s room but where was the mom. Welfare has decimated the black community. Before the Great Society Program instiuted by Johnson, the rate of married families in the black communities was about 90%, now thanks to welfare it is about 37%. Also in the white communities shacking up and easy split ups contribute to single parent families and it is the kids suffering the most and are the most adversely affected by it. Giving the mother the credit that she was probably at work when the kids went on the rampage. My buddy and myself in high school used to screw our girlfriends in the girl’s house because the parents were both at work after school and we had the house to ourselves, so it is not an easy fix, but parents need to do a better job and take being a parent more seriously.



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