Again and Again

23 Mar

Top Searches got me again, y’all – this time it was, “shit happen gay sex” – which is actually one that makes sense because, uh-huh, it does happen.

In most of the cases I’m aware of, alcohol’s usually involved although there are situations where a guy can be in the right (or wrong) place at the right (or wrong) time and, um, shit happens.  Sometimes, all it takes for a guy to be really and seriously horny and there’s no woman in their life and pulling their pud – again – isn’t really much of an option.  Depending on a few other things that might be going on in the guy’s head, it could make him a good candidate for joining the “Shit Happens Club.”

I’ve seen, first hand, guys getting pretty fucked up on their intoxicant of choice; those that are CNS depressants, like MD 20-20 (anyone remember that?) have the tendency to lower inhibitions and I think a lot of guys tend to get quite horny – or hornier than usual – when their gates of inhibition go down; a great opportunity for shit to happen.

I’ve seen guys get ‘taken advantage of’ when they’re tore up from the floor up – and have themselves a rip-roaring good time… until they sober up; to me, that’s when the real “fun” begins because unless they’re like some dudes who suffer temporary memory loss when all juiced up, they’re gonna remember what happened last night.  Not only do they now have to deal with what happened, they wind up working through how something like that could have happened because, um, normally, having sex with another dude is absolutely not on their list of things to do.

It’s not that shit happens or, sometimes, why it happened; no, the biggest thing, I feel, is dealing with it after it’s happened.  I know some guys have chosen to completely suppress the whole thing and act as if it never happened – this protects the ego more than anything else because it’s bad enough that you did it… but you did it and liked it.  Some guys don’t suppress the memories of the event; they own up to their actions (but blame it on the booze) and now some might even begin to wonder if there was some unknown, latent desire hiding out within them that drinking a half-case of beer and chasing it with shot after shot of Jagermeister brought out… and sometimes that’s precisely the case… but not always.

Being bisexual, it seems that I’ve been more of a victim of shit happening than most, I’ll say, straight guys and then guys you’d never suspect of making an indecent proposal, as it were.  I’ve had guys get toasted and loaded to the gills and either proposition me out the of blue or, in one case, the guy just came over to where I was sitting and helped himself – and after saying, “Excuse me for a moment…”  In those situations, you really don’t have much of a chance to ask what they’re doing (kind of a dumb question) or why – you just kinda go with the flow and it’s something I’ve always found interesting and even more so when most of the guys I’ve had this happen with didn’t know I was bisexual.

It’s one thing to have a guy ask to have sex with you, which allows for some discourse of some kind; it’s something else to just get caught up in a moment and having something happens.  Having said that…

I know guys who are swingers that have had shit happen and they gone into total denial about why it did.  Well, when you get four (or more) naked and horny people together in a confined space like a king or queen bed and there’s lots of contact, movement, etc., that a shit happens moment can occur – and in the heat of that moment – is quite possible.  I mean, there’s nothing like having your face between a woman’s legs and going for what you know… then feeling a hand or a mouth (or both) on your junk… which is in keeping with what’s going on… but then you realize that the mouth doing a number on your woody doesn’t belong to either of the other women present.

Uh-oh.  I’ve seen and heard of guys freaking out in that moment of realization – some situations have gotten violent; I’ve also seen guys just go with it and have a discussion about it later, just as I’ve seen guys go with it and have absolutely nothing to say about it.  I’ve told guys that just because it’s never happened to you doesn’t mean that it can’t happen, although those guys insist that (1) it never could and (2) tell of the major hissy fit they’d have if it did.

And, yeah, if you’re wondering, I’ve seen this one happen between straight guys more than guys known to be bisexual and, as I’ve said, I’ve had it happen to me more times than I care to think about.

The thing about any of this is that having a shit happens moment isn’t necessarily a bad thing because there are certain situations and conditions we can enter into that can and will bypass our normal course of thinking.  I’ve been hanging out with a group of guys, having a few drinks and talking the usual shit guys talk about; I’ve seen one guy mention how horny he’s become – then every dude in the room suddenly becomes horny; I’ve seen one dude pull out his cock and start massaging it and, provided there aren’t any prudes in the room, one thing leads to another and – voila – shit has happened.

Followed by, “Uh, well, ya know, um, I normally wouldn’t do something like this… but you know how it is, right?”  Yeah, I do… I just find it highly interesting when other guys get into that moment when, as they say, they normally wouldn’t.

The biggest thing is justification.  I’ve heard just about everything, from “I always wanted to try that” to “Shit, when I get horny, anything’ll work, ya know?” to “I have no fucking idea why I just did that…”  I’ve actually sat and watched guys, after their shit happens moment, working on justifying why they just did whatever they did and the funniest thing happens:  They accept that it did, in fact, just happen… then they shrug it off like it was of no consequence… but are often quick to say, “This is just between us, right?”

Of course it is.  I’ve seen it happen with little motivation other than a dare; I’ve seen it happen in moments when men are emotionally labile – like, the woman they loved dearly just broke up with them, something that makes us rather vulnerable and, yep, susceptible to a shit happens moment.

So, this Top Search is actually a good one because even if you don’t think you’d ever be in one of those moments, at the very least, you know that they can happen because Mr. Murphy, he of Murphy’s Law fame, doesn’t give a shit about your ego, how masculine you are, or if you have a woman – none of that shit; if everything lines up just right, shit can happen to you; whatever happens after that is up to you.


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7 responses to “Again and Again

  1. Hedone

    25 March 2013 at 20:45

    I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when “shit happens”.

    Two guys having sex is so sexy. I love bisexual men.


  2. lifeofalovergirl

    26 March 2013 at 09:58

    Really makes me wonder just how prevalent this “shit that happens” is, lol. Like if every guy I know has secretly done stuff with another man at some point or what. I mean, it happens a lot with females and men supposedly have a higher propensity to fuck around, so…logically it would make sense.

    The Professor did tell me once that a man started sucking his dick during a threesome with the wife. He said he had to ask him to stop and tell him he’s not into that, once he realized who it was. I don’t know if that’s the full story or not, lol, that’s just what he told me….


    • kdaddy23

      26 March 2013 at 12:32

      I wouldn’t dare try to quantify the frequency of shit happening – I just know that it can and does. Now the thing you mentioned? I’ve heard (and seen) that one happen a few times and here’s the funny part: As long as the other guy was getting his dick sucked and he didn’t know who was doing it, it was all good… until seeing that it’s another guy giving some good head; THEN it makes a difference.

      But I’d say that the Prof had a “shit happens” moment; being in the heat of the moment can make that happen and it’s really not that difficult to figure out. When straight guys have done that to me – and, again, not knowing that I was bi – I’ve heard ‘explanations’ ranging from, “It was there!” to “I wanted to know what it was like” to “I really don’t know, man – you ain’t pissed are you?”

      Unlike some guys, I’m not likely to complain about such a thing happening… but that’s not the point. While I never complained or wanted to start a fight, I was wondering just what the hell caused that to happen… ’cause I’m just curious like that.

      Now, shit happening shouldn’t be confused with someone taking the plunge for the first time – and because they wanted to – or experimentation; statistics reveal that lots of people give it a try at least once.


  3. Lafemmeroar

    27 March 2013 at 01:26

    Whoever thought that when “shit happens” … it can turn orgasmic 🙂 Damn I’ve missed your blog!


    • kdaddy23

      27 March 2013 at 01:28

      Um, sometimes the people that shit happens to tends to find that out…



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