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01 May

I saw this story a few seconds ago and asked myself, “What parent buys their five-year-old kid a real gun?”  Then I asked myself, “I wonder what the NRA might have to say about this one?”

The next thing I wondered was about how that boy is going to feel when he gets older knowing that he had a sister… but he killed her?  That goes along with any trauma the little guy might be experiencing now, too.  Okay, I know we have this thing of teaching our children how to shoot at young ages – even I learned how to shoot before I was a teenager (but I wasn’t five, either) and one of the first things I learned was to never, ever point even an unloaded and safe weapon at anyone or have your finger on the trigger.  So the question is at what age should any child be responsible enough to handle such a weapon and if they’re not old enough to be able to perform the safety checks necessary to handle it, should they even have it?

More questions:  Should the mother have been more responsible by (1) making sure the weapon was clear and safe and (2) not having it where the kid could get his hands on it?  How did it happen that there was a round chambered in the first place?

My heart does go out to this family… but this is something that shouldn’t have happened.  Little boys and toy guns go together like ice cream and cake and, oddly, any of us who had a toy gun easily learned to point and shoot thanks to games like “Army” and “Cowboys and Indians” and, of course, television.  So it’s not all that difficult to figure out how something like this could happen but instead of vocalizing, “Bang!” and telling your ‘victim’ to lie down and play dead, sadly, it’s happened for real.

This story becomes more pointed in that this is like the third time over the last couple of weeks where I’ve read that a child got his hands on a loaded weapon and accidentally shot another child so at what point do we draw the line at the minimum age for safe and responsible gun handling?  When these tragedies happen, should the parents be held responsible even though the shooting is ruled accidental?

Then the NRA is pitching a bitch against Congress’s attempts to enact tougher gun control laws?  Hmm, I wonder why Congress is doing that?


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2 responses to “In the News

  1. lifeofalovergirl

    1 May 2013 at 11:54

    That’s horrible and anyone with common sense should know not to have a gun lying around where a 5 and 2 year old are playing without adult supervision. Nevertheless there are people that are so gun happy that they don’t take this into consideration. I’ve read a similar story about a kid shooting his 2 year old sister in the chest with an air gun and killing her and that scared me a little more because my children played with air guns shooting one another and the neighborhood kids and you don’t think of those as being actually dangerous.\

    Now, I have never been a big gun fan but I married into a family that was. My former father in law has a gun in every room of the house. Some are hidden away and others are just sitting there leaning up against the wall or something. So family dinners and visits I always had to be vigilant. The guns are LOADED but he keeps them on “safety” so he thinks this is okay.

    So there would be zillions of kids running around (they have like 16 grandkids, close in age) and all these guns and it worried me a lot. I had to teach my children at an early age to be careful with guns but still they are KIDS. One time, one of the cousins picked up a gun and pointed it at his sister and because I was always on guard I was able to prevent any damage. Of course I made a big deal of it and the in laws think I am a bleeding liberal. EYEROLL.

    I am even more worried now that I’m not able to go over there with them if my ex takes them there because he mostly doesn’t pay any attention to the kids and spends time debating with the adults. I guess in that way it’s kind of good that they aren’t super involved grandparents and don’t ask to see the kids very often.

    He has knives lying around too because we slept at their house once when my ex was preaching at his church and they were out of town and there was a huge knife under the pillow in their bed. He seems to think they need all this for protection even though they live way out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by Amish folks.

    Anyhow, my father in law and my ex and their uncles on that side have bought the kids guns and taught them to shoot (before my divorce) but they were maybe 9 before getting a gun. Still, the one time that my oldest pointed an unloaded BB gun at me and made a half assed threat ALL the guns were taken away (other than air soft guns which they play with the neighbors with).

    My kids cousins house was filled with guns too and they had small children but would keep a loaded gun under the bed in their bedroom. They thought I was being paranoid to say I didn’t think that was a good idea with all our kids running around and they were the type to buy a BB gun for a 5 year old’s birthday. Kinda makes me glad we’ve been distanced from that family.

    I’m not a big fan of gun control, simply because criminals don’t follow laws and will obtain the guns they want anyway. It makes sense that people should be able to protect themselves from those people. Still, I wish people would be more responsible gun owners and many of them really aren’t.


    • kdaddy23

      1 May 2013 at 12:18

      I can’t imagine why an adult would think that having a loaded gun with the safety on is an okay thing to do; one of the first things I learned about guns was to always make sure the safety was on – but never trust it – which is why you make damned sure it’s empty before handling it.

      Like the woman who shot her husband the other day? He was teaching her to shoot and showing her how to clear a weapon and all that. While he was doing something else, she picked up a gun to practice clearing it; pulled the slide back and let it go… and shot her husband. Again, two things: Why was it loaded to begin with and, two, why didn’t she remember to never point a gun at someone even when it’s supposedly empty? Did he not tell her that?



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