What Is It Like?

24 Jun

G said, in reply to my comment on her blog,, “I tasted pussy on his lips after he went down on a girl, and I have to say that it didn’t taste like me and it was a turn-off. So having the flavor actually brought me farther from wanting it.”

It prompted this blog and G has my thanks in this.  One of the questions I have had a lot of bi-curious people ask me is, “What is it like to eat pussy/suck dick?”  When it comes to oral sex, we’ve all heard that it’s an acquired taste and, make no mistake, it really is.  The very first time you go down on someone, there’s a moment of total revulsion and I’ve never figured out where it comes from except there’s something in your head that’s telling you, “Oh, fuck no!  You ain’t supposed to put your mouth on that!”  Some react badly and wind up tossing their cookies but most people (that I know anyway) manage to get past this ‘yellow alert’ and become proficient at it.

It’s not only an acquired taste, but scent plays into this as well; another person’s taste and scent isn’t just about what soap or body wash that they use – it’s their body chemistry and there are a lot of things that can affect and impact our sense of taste and smell, like what we eat and drink, medications we might be taking, stuff like that.

Obviously, G knows what her pussy tastes like on her hubby’s lips (and what she smells like on him) – but stuff like pussy juice not only reacts in interesting ways when exposed to air, it’s even more interesting when it combines with another person’s body chemistry and, yeah, this is another acquired taste and scent and one that takes some doing to get used to – it’s usually the reason why some women don’t suck dick after a man’s been inside them or why some men don’t go right back to eating that pussy after he’s nutted in her – it can be pretty gruesome, to be honest.

A newbie asked me, “If I suck your dick and you cum in my mouth, what will it taste like?”  In a way, it was a difficult question to answer because I know what my sperm tastes like – to me – but how it’s gonna taste to him?  Shit, I don’t know!  I did tell him that it would probably taste like whatever I’ve been eating and drinking prior to us doing something because I had learned that if I drank or ate something sweet, my gunk will have a sweetness to it; drink something bitter, well, you get the idea.

A newbie girl asked me what pussy tastes like, again, a difficult question to answer because it’s not about what it tastes and smells like to me, it’s how it’ll taste to them, given that you’re pretty much gonna taste like whatever’s in your system; the only thing I could do was fumble my way through an iffy answer and then tell her, “You’d have to find out for yourself.”

Curiously, for me in either situation, my nose always wants to get stopped up so after a few, I can’t smell anything!  And since I know that my nose and tongue are kinda connected, after that same few, my sense of taste changes once my nose gets stuffy – think about having a head cold and how things either have no taste or tastes differently.

And, really, in both newbie bisexual situations, there’s plenty of shit to be found that’s of a “how-to” nature… but there’s really nothing like finding out for yourself.  I know you can wrack your brain preparing yourself for that first time and pretty much make yourself a nervous wreck.  To the question of, “What’s the best way to do it?” my answer is, “Don’t hesitate or think about it – just do it.”  For that very first time, I’ve learned from other first-timers that if you think about it, chances are good you’re gonna chicken out or, as my mom likes to say, “If you study long, you study wrong…”

I’ve had guys who were just damn near paranoid about going down on me, their lips hovering right above my knob; I’ve watched them and have seen the moment where they’re fighting any revulsion they may be feeling and say to themselves, “Fuck it…” and they do it.  Might be a bit of gagging at first but I talk to them at this point, telling them to relax and breathe through their nose – you find out immediately that being sucked is not the same thing as doing the sucking yourself – you have to learn how to do this, so I also tell first-time guys that they shouldn’t worry themselves about being good that first time (although some dudes aren’t so gracious or caring).  Don’t expect to be good at doing something you’ve never done before and, hopefully, the person you’re doing it with/to will understand that it’s your first time and, thus, not expect you to be a ‘professional’ at this.

The only way someone’s very first time is going to be a bad experience is if Murphy intercedes with his usual mood-killing shit.  Ideally, your first time is going to be with someone who knows it’s your first time and has the patience to help you get into it; the person who assumes that you know what and how to do it is, in my opinion, the wrong person to have your first time with.

What other “advice” can I offer?  Let’s kinda recap:  Set your fears aside, turn your brain off, and let your desire to do this – and your lust – lead the way; if you think you’re not gonna like it or otherwise be turned off, well, what do you think is gonna happen?  That kind of thinking just defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?  If you’re doing this to make someone else happy – a spouse or girl/boyfriend, whatever – you might want to rethink doing this; while I understand this thing, it’s not something I recommend as a main reason for taking the plunge:  Do it because you want and need to do it and if your partner’s a happy camper, all well and good.  If you need a little something to, ah, loosen you up, hey, go for it – but don’t overdo it – ya might not remember that it happened if you do.  Keep in mind that your very first time might be a situation that you didn’t plan on happening, like, you get caught up in a moment – don’t be afraid of it; even if they know this is your first time, act like it ain’t and just do the best you can.

If you can, pick the person you want to have your first experience with, someone who’s gonna be patient and willing to show you the ropes so that your experiences going forward are as good as you can make them.  It’s not gonna feel right at first – that “what the fuck am I doing?” moment – just say, “Fuck it!” and do what you gotta do; oddly, this works.  Of course, health and safety are important so do whatever you gotta do in that regard.

Learn to acquire the taste – and don’t tell yourself that you can’t do something that millions of other people are able to do.

And, finally, most of all, have fun – there’s no point in doing any of this if you’re not gonna have fun doing it.


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9 responses to “What Is It Like?

  1. G

    24 June 2013 at 15:47

    More thoughts later, but thank you for this.


    • kdaddy23

      24 June 2013 at 16:10

      I’m not sure why you’re thanking me but you’re welcome, G. This is one of the reasons why I write about this, to let people know that if they want to do this, they can. It’s often not an easy thing to do but I always hope to convey that, as the old joke goes, it’s mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing I try to get across to the curious people is that if you’re not going to lustily involve themselves in that first time, maybe they shouldn’t do it – you have to have the desire and, importantly, have no qualms about doing something that can be pleasurable to you and the person on the other end.

      Like, I don’t suck cock simply because I can – I do it because I love doing it; it fulfills and feeds me just as much as eating pussy does and I’m not gonna let my fears (not that I have any) get in the way of my pleasure.

      And neither should anyone else, in my opinion because, of course, whatever you do or don’t do in this is up to you. But, if you wanna know what it’s like, ask.


  2. Lafemmeroar

    24 June 2013 at 16:15

    Your posts are always fascinating! But I’m glad I read this after I had lunch …


    • kdaddy23

      24 June 2013 at 17:03

      Glad you did, too – and it’s good to see you here again!


      • Lafemmeroar

        24 June 2013 at 17:09

        Oh yes. I’m back and you know I’ll always visit your blog 🙂


  3. polysingleish

    25 June 2013 at 13:20

    Vegetarians and vegans tend to taste sweeter! I dated a guy once who was a heavy meat eater- his cum was so acidic it was just grosse. Diet makes a huge difference!


    • kdaddy23

      25 June 2013 at 14:52

      I can’t say that I remember ever tasting a vegetarian or vegan… but, hey, if the stuff doesn’t taste nice, spitting is allowed!


      • polysingleish

        25 June 2013 at 14:59

        I used to hate going down on guys until I started seeing guys who were mostly (or totally) vegetarian and didn’t smoke pot. It’s soooo good. And as for the ladies- wow, I don’t think I’d want to go down again on a woman who ate meat. I recommend trying, for comparison 😉


      • kdaddy23

        25 June 2013 at 15:07

        I’ve gone down on men and women who didn’t exactly taste ‘good’, which is really just a reminder why it’s said that this is an acquired taste and unless the person is someone whose diet you can control, I found there’s no point in bitching about it tasting bad. With guys, you can spit or not even let him cum in your mouth; with women, well, unless she’s a squirter, there ain’t much you can do about the way she tastes… although I found that giving her coochie a discrete wipe with your hand can get her tasting more like you than her – at least until saliva gets mixed in and changes the chemistry.

        Sure, there are some tricks to taking a man’s cum without it hitting the parts of your tongue that ain’t gonna like it and if you can do them, go for it but, if not, you don’t have to gulp it down; he might be disappointed but this ain’t about him – he ain’t tasting it, I am!



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