Even More Summer Heat

16 Jul

Myself and the usual suspects had been playing basketball in the hot sun for most of the day, winning more than we lost – but that really wasn’t the point.  A few of the fellas came across the street to my house, to cool off and chug a lot of ice cold beer – a foresight we had taken care of before going off to play.

There’s something to be said sitting around a bunch of guys with their shirts off and wearing shorts; the testosterone was flowing thickly as we sat in my living room and rehashing the best – and worst – plays made on the court; I got huge props when they stole the ball from us and the guy went whizzing past me for what he thought was an uncontested layup… only to have me make it back in time to reject his shot in superstar fashion.

We all laughed at the look on the guy’s face when he said to me, “Where the fuck did you come from?”

The first twelve pack went quickly and even I had a couple even though I’m not fond of beer – well, not like I was when I was in the Air Force.  We were well into the second twelve pack when one guy started rubbing his crotch and said, to no one in particular, “Damn, I wish I could get my dick sucked!”  A lot of us rolled our eyes and started giving him the business ’cause it seemed like that out of all of us present, he was the only one always wishing for a blow job and, it seemed, not ever being able to get one.

Someone mentioned that a local gay guy might be available – he usually hung around the courts so he could oggle all the man flesh racing up and down the court – and some of us laughed… but this guy didn’t.  He said, opening another beer, “Yeah, well, if he was here, I’d let him suck my dick.”

It was surprising, given how he’d rant and rave about gay dudes and their sexual behaviors.  I didn’t think much of it – he wasn’t my type of guy for that – so I went upstairs to pay my water bill after inhaling a couple of beers.  I guess I was only in there for a couple of minutes; I washed my hands, checked my face for any sign of a black eye from where I got nailed by an elbow, and the moment I came out, I knew something was ‘wrong’ – I could feel it as well as the obvious fact that I didn’t hear anyone talking.  For a moment, I thought they had decided to suddenly leave… but as I descended the steps, the sounds coming out of my living room told me that no one had left.

I tried to not be shocked at the sight of the guys I had been playing ball with giving each other blow jobs; in fact, I was strangely pissed that I was the odd man out!  I didn’t ask the obvious stupid question – I didn’t get a chance to; the one guy who was wishing for a blow job stopped sucking the dick he had in his mouth, smiled stupidly – and drunkenly, I might add – and asked, “I’ll bet you’re wondering what all this is about, huh?”

“I can see what it is,” I said dryly.

“Well, you know how it is, bro,” he said with a shrug before going back to what he was doing.

These were six guys I’d been playing ball with long enough that I thought I knew them fairly well… but I obviously didn’t know this about them!  One guy patted me on the ass to get my attention and I turned to look at him so he could ask me if I had any Vaseline in the house and if I did, could I go get it for him?

So I went and got it, then found a place to sit so I could watch what was going to happen next even as I was trying to figure out what started the orgy in the first place.  Two guys had already busted their nut; one recipient swallowed, the other had found a tissue to deal with what he had received; the jar of Vaseline, which had been kind of full when I brought it down, very quickly needed replacing as three asses – then three very hard cocks – got greased up.

One guy said, “Just go easy, man – I can handle your shit if you take it easy.”

I almost giggled.

Seconds later, the room was filled with some light curses and that unmistakable squishy sound when Vaseline is used as a lube for sex; back and ass muscles flexed powerfully as the fucking began, slowly at first, but with a purpose not even two minutes in.  All I could do was sit there with my cock hard and watched, still pissed at being left out and even more pissed that I hadn’t been invited – and in my own house, at that!

One guy stopped long enough and, as if he read my mind, said, “We would have invited you but, uh, you went to the bathroom and we didn’t think you’d be down for this…”

I couldn’t even find my voice long enough to tell him that, hell, yeah, I was down for it!  Three nuts got busted into three asses – and now it was time for the fucked to become the fuckers – that took care of the rest of the Vaseline.  One guy was on his knees, ready to be taken doggy-style, and facing in my direction; he looked as if he had something to say so I said, “What?”

“Um, well, uh, if it’s okay with you, I want to, uh, um, suck your shit off while I get fucked – that’s if you don’t have a problem with it,” he said as the guy behind him kept busy with his dollop of Vaseline.  “It won’t mean you’re gay or anything if that bothers you.”

I stood up long enough to shuck my shorts and underwear, looking at him and saying, “Chances are I’ve been doing this longer than any of you have…” I sat down and let him get set between my legs; I glanced at the guy behind him and when I blink, he drove his cock home.  The guy being fucked before me gasped for a moment, looked up at me and said, “That shit feels good…” then proceeded to suck me off while pretty much getting hammered from behind.

By the time it was all said and done, the sun had long since gone down; before my sense of smell shut down, the whole place was rank with the smell of hot male bodies, making me glad that the old lady and kids weren’t coming home for a couple more months.  There were beer cans all over the place – and some of the ones that still had beer in them had gotten knocked over in the chaos.  Someone got dressed long enough to make a run to the liquor store for more beer and something stronger – but only after a promise was made that nothing was gonna happen until he got back.  That gave me a chance to ask just what the hell had brought all of this on.

The best answer I got was, “Well, you know, bro, sometimes shit just happens…” and, “You know how it is when you’ve had too much to drink, right?”

I’d been at parties where some major sex wound up jumping off… but this was a first for me; this came out the clear blue.  And, despite me letting them know that I was down for all of it, they were all treating me as if this was my first time!  All but one guy gave me head – that one passed out not too long after the fresh batch of drinks arrived and were opened.  None of them would let me fuck or be fucked even though I really did do my best to convince them that it wasn’t going to be my first time doing either thing; I was a little offended… but I realized there was no point in it; they thought they were doing me a favor or being nice to me about it so I let them suck me and watched them fucking and sucking each other.

By 2AM, all six of them were passed out in various places in my living room and still naked.  I moved around them carefully, collecting empties and emptying ashtrays as quietly as I could before heading upstairs to the solitude of my bedroom and just marveling at what had taken place while trying to get my head around just why it happened.

By the time I got up later that morning, I found my living room totally cleaned – someone even washed the dishes!  They left me a note telling me to meet them on the court at 9AM and when I got there, it was as if the day before never happened.  Not that I was gonna bring it up, mind you, but I was quite surprised than none of the other six did.

Maybe this was just one of those times when the summer heat and lots of ice-cold beer combined to just make shit happen…


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2 responses to “Even More Summer Heat

  1. lifeofalovergirl

    18 July 2013 at 13:53

    I always find your gay sex stories fascinating….and kinda hot! LOL I guess it’s sort of how a lot of men feel about watching lesbians play with each other. In any case, it makes me wonder, about guys I have known, and what they are up to in their spare time too!


    • kdaddy23

      18 July 2013 at 15:03

      You’re too kind, Lovergirl – thank you! And, yeah, watching two women having fun with each other is, at least in my opinion, the most sexiest and sensual thing I’ve ever seen!



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