The First “Real” MFM

18 Jul

Now I’m all hot and sweaty from exercising and that’s after a refreshing shower.  Again, my thoughts are all over the place and latched onto what I’d have to call my first “real” MFM threesome.  It’s not that I discounted anything done when I was younger – with the crowd I hung out with, finding yourself with another guy and a girl and some sex happening didn’t happen all the time – but it happened.  I have tried to figure out why my mind put up a partition to separate my, ah, younger activities from my older ones and more so when I know the only difference was age and experience, stuff like that.

Anyway, I’m hanging out with an acquaintance and his wife and they were some really cool people as far as I was concerned.  We’re sitting around their place, talking about this or that when they dropped a bomb onto me:  “How would you like to have sex with us?”

They were both a good-looking couple and, yeah, I thought his wife was plenty hot.  Their question stunned me; my shocked brain was trying to figure this one out even as it reminded me that I had known them for a number of years and while I considered us close, it never dawned on me that they thought we were even closer than I could imagine.

While I fumbled around for an answer to their question, they just sat and waited on me to say something; I could tell by their demeanor that this was something serious, that they were into playing just as me and the [then] wife was… but this would be the first time she wasn’t a part of the deal.  I can’t honestly say what else I was thinking but I got over my shock and surprise long enough to say what had to be the lamest thing I’ve ever said:  “Well, okay, if you want to…”

Duh… of course they wanted to – why else would they have asked?

Without further ado, they led me to their bedroom, which now took on a different meaning than any other time I’d been in there – it was as if I’d never been there before.  We started getting undressed and I could not only sense their excitement but my own growing excitement – I had stopped thinking and just let my feelings take charge.  They got onto the bed and invited me to lie between them, which I did; she leaned across me to kiss her hubby, her ample breasts swinging across as well – the breast closest to me actually hit me in the face and I automatically reached to cup them, feeling that her nipples were quite hard.

She then kissed me, tentatively at first and then with meaning; her lips were sweet and soft but her tongue was quite aggressive as her husband reached over me to fondle her breasts right along with me.  Then it got interesting; she reached down to fondle my boner… and he did, too!  What?  I didn’t know that he…

The thought drifted off somewhere as he put his head on my chest and started playing with my left nipple; his wife took the right one and I thought, “Oh, my god… I’m being seduced!”  She was pumping my cock slowly while he fondled my balls and even probed my back door lightly with a finger and, well, I was pretty much completely under their spell at this point.

“Slide down some more,” his wife whispered to me.  I slid down until she told me to stop – then she sat on my face, giving me that first look and taste of her pussy.  I moaned and she did as she slowly fucked herself against my mouth and tongue; when it came to eating pussy, I was always in heaven and I was doing my level best to show her my appreciation, quickly losing myself in her wet heat.

I didn’t stay lost, though; while I was eating her out, her husband was on the move as well and the yelp that came out of my mouth was muffled by her muff when I realized he was now sucking my dick.  I looked up and could see that she had turned her head to watch her man blow me; it was quite a rush to hear her egging him on, telling him to suck me like his life depended on it and all the while humping and grinding against my face until she came.

Then they switched places; she went down on me as if she was starving while her hubby offered me his cock to suck; I really had to concentrate on not getting distracted – I was getting the living daylights sucked out of me on one end and having my mouth swabbed out by a nice-sized cock on the other.  I could feel the pressure building inside me; if this kept up much longer, I was going to lose it.

Maybe they both could sense that or maybe by some unspoken consent, they felt it was time to move on to the next thing.  She stopped sucking me and straddled me, sinking down on my dick like she owned it; I was able to give his cock a few more licks and suck before he took it away and moved behind his wife.

“Both of you… hold still a moment,” I heard him say; the next thing I knew, I could feel his cock alongside mine as he stuffed his cock into her cunt – and with me deeply in her already!  That sensation alone almost made me cum and (at that time) this was some unheard of shit!  We moved slowly, both of us impaling her cunt and it was both quite awkward and very stimulating and enough for me to utter stupidly, “I can feel him against me!”

The both laughed and, really, I couldn’t blame them – it really was a dumb thing to say.  Her husband pulled out and I knew that he was fucking her in the ass because now I could feel his cock on the other side of that thin membrane.  I felt as if I had shamed myself because I just lost it; I was gasping like a fish out of water, she was telling me to give it all to her and then I could feel her husband releasing his load into her backside.

I was, for lack of a better word, trashed.  They took up positions on either side of me again and they both put their heads on my chest as best they could as the three of us cuddled together and basked in the afterglow to end all afterglows.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven, that things couldn’t get any better than what I’d just experienced.

And I was wrong.  It didn’t take them long to get started on me again, both of them taking turns sucking me into hardness again while I alternated between sucking him and eating her.  When all the oral pleasure stopped this time, I was just flat-out dumbfounded as his wife turned to sit on my face so she could face him… while he took a seat on my cock.  They had me right where they wanted me, using me for their pleasure while heaping untold pleasures onto me.  My world only consisted of her pussy on my mouth and my cock in his ass; I could dimly hear her talking to him, cursing at him, and other things my overwhelmed mind couldn’t grasp.  As an aside, while I don’t have like a really huge donkey dick or anything like that, I’m not exactly small either – I was impressed that he sat down on my dick and didn’t use any lube.

Later, I’d find myself wondering if his ass felt better than his wife’s cunt – the jury decided to stay out on this one.  Anyway…

My face was lathered with her juices and I could feel the places where her movements on my face were beginning to chafe me; south of my navel, her hubby rode me and I could tell by just motion alone that she was jerking him off.  That whole ‘second wind’ thing went right out the window for me – I was scary close to sensory overload as my release built up and it had that weird feeling of being painful while feeling good at the same time.

I don’t know if they heard me curse when I gave in to my release – it’s hard to talk with a mouthful of pussy.  I think I heard him saying something about he could feel me cumming – hard to hear things with a woman’s thighs clasped around your head.  What I did know was that I close to hyperventilation and passing out as I struggled to breathe while my orgasm was kicking the shit out of me; I remember literally shoving her off of my face so I could get some air and, yes, I did apologize for that later.

It took a while before I could finally get my arms and legs to move enough so I could join them in the bathroom to clean up.  After we got dressed, I graciously declined their offer to go out to dinner; I mean, this was during that time when there was no one home but me so it wasn’t like I had to rush home or anything like that – but I did need the time alone so I could assimilate what had just happened to me.

They were happy; they had told me that for the longest time, they wanted to fuck me but wasn’t sure how to approach me about it or how I’d react.  He knew that I was bisexual – that came out one day when we were talking about gay guys – and because he accepted that without giving me any shit about it, I totally and completely missed the fact that he never mentioned that he was bisexual, too – but that explains why he knew he could suck my dick and not get punched in the face.

Again, another one of those hallmark moments, an event that made all prior events pale in comparison…

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