The Good Stuff

18 Aug

Lovergirl wrote a blog a few days ago – – and within the comments, the question came up about what makes pussy good, as in you hear a man telling you, “Damn, this is some good pussy!”

So when Cecelia, one of the commenters, asked what makes pussy good, ya know I had to put my two cents into it because, as a guy, I not only know what it means to other guys but I know what it means to me.  This is what I said in response to her question:

“Cecelia, it’s tightness, the overall feel of it when you’re inside her, taste, smell, appearance and, most importantly, how she reacts once you’re in her and doing your best to give her the business. Some guys base goodness on how strong being inside her feels to him when he cums – if it’s an unusually strong orgasm for him, yeah, that’s some good pussy; I know a couple of guys who base goodness on how quickly he cums once he’s inside her, like it feels so damned good that he either loses control or has a very hard time (no pun) maintaining it. Some guys base it upon her willingness to be put into several positions, like if she’s riding him, how well does she work when she’s up there, i.e., she’s trying to break his cock off with her gyrations and, as far as positioning goes, the pussy is considered good if you twist her into a pretzel and she not only doesn’t object but might even ask, “Is that all you got?”

If you can do her with all the tricks in your bag and she’s asking for more, that’s some good pussy because a lot of women just will not let a man do everything he knows how to do to make her cum. If she resists, complains, acts like she’d rather be doing laundry or anything other than having sex, that’s not good pussy.

And sometimes it’s all of the above. I think one of the important things, at least for me, is how the overall experience makes me feel being with her and a lot of guys I know have echoed this particular sentiment and it can include all the stuff I mentioned or it may not – a lot of what a guy thinks a good pussy is can be quite intangible – no words to describe what he’s feeling.”

When I was growing up, I would always hear guys saying how this girl could fuck and this girl couldn’t, that certain girls had good pussy while others were either so-so or just didn’t have it and, sure, you can’t keep from getting the questions forming in your head and more so since, back then, a lot of us were fucking the same girls.  It created a lot of puzzlement for me because I may have fucked the girl in question and I’m wasn’t necessarily in agreement with their assessment of her stuff being good or bad because my experience with her was different.

I figured there are a lot of things that goes into this assessment, a lot of them don’t really have words or adjectives one could assign and then have them make sense.  But a lot of it depends on her thoughts and feelings about sex, whether she’s uninhibited (or not so much), reserved, cautious, and a lot of other things I could mention – attitude about sex plays into this big time.  On the other side of things, the determination of whether a pussy is good or not depends on how the guy having a go at it is feeling, both physically and emotionally – it’s kinda like judging his reactions to how she’s reacting to what’s going on.

Women who just kinda lie there and (a) expect the man to do all of the work or (b) has mastered the trick of imitating a dead body have been seen as not having good pussy as far as he’s concerned; however, the woman whose participation in the sex has him wondering how he managed to wind up in bed with a succubus, well, that’s some good pussy, hands down.

While some of this accolade is really about her pussy – your cock fits inside of her as if it was specifically and ‘custom-made’ to be inside her – the differences between good and bad pussy still depend on a lot of things, that total interaction between man and woman, making that connection with each other during the moment, what either of them does from beginning to end that makes the experience wholly satisfying.

See, it’s getting difficult to explain this because a guy could be literally talking about the woman’s pussy… or he could be talking about the whole experience with her and he could just as easily be talking about whatever skills or talents she bring to the bed with her.  He could be trying to put into words how he felt emotionally while having sex with her and the only way it comes out of his mouth is to say that the pussy’s good.

I have heard a lot of women say that they know they have some good pussy… and I don’t think it’s because of all the guys who are trying to get some of it… but it also stands to reason that if you have to get in line to get some of that stuff, hmm, it just might be as good as advertised.  It’s more likely because they know that when they climb into bed with the guy of their choosing, they’re going to do things that are just going to blow his mind… and greatly encourage him to blow his load as well and, no, these women do not play fair either!  Yeah, it’s what they do and how they do it and the more they’re into whatever’s going on, the more she reacts and, well, you can see the cycle of it at work.  This isn’t to say that women who are aggressive and assertive in bed can lay claim to having good pussy; the woman who is passive and even submissive in bed can also be said to have good pussy.

Confused?  If you are, I can’t blame you for it because it is confusing.  I know what good pussy means to me… and it’s probably not the same thing that other men feel about what’s good and what isn’t.  One of the hard questions to answer is when a woman looks at you and asks, “Do you think I have good pussy?”  Yes, ladies, some guys will lie about whether you do or not because we tend to think that it would be less… stressful than telling you, “No, baby, not really…”  Which, if you did tell her that, you’ll have a lot more explaining to do and that whole discussion isn’t going to be pretty… but I’m not really talking about the trouble you can get yourself into trying to answer this question – it’s trying to answer it because you know that if you tell her that you think she has some good shit, the next question’s gonna be, “Okay… why do you think that?”

You can try to answer it – and I think a lot of us really do try to put it into words… and, ultimately, we either fail to answer the question in a way she finds satisfactory or we look like babbling idiots because we’re trying to describe something for which there are really few words that’ll convey those things that are inside our head about her stuff.  All these things start running through your head and it’s not like you don’t know what makes her kitty good to and for you and you often wind up summarizing all the intangibles by stupidly saying, “It just is, baby…”

Some of what determines whether pussy is good depends on the man’s ability to get past her barriers and make her open up during sex… and not really.  I say this because there are women who, for whatever reason, keep themselves in reserve until he proves that he can pick her locks and turn her into a wild, wanton thing or she’s only going to be as good as you’re good to her – giving as good as she gets.  Sometimes, women don’t depend on how good he is; she’s determined to get hers at his expense or she’s of a mind to go out of her way to make the sex good for him.

Sometimes, a lot of what determines how good pussy is depends, from a guy’s point of view, on whether or not she’s fuckable or not – this isn’t an easy determination to make either.  There are just some women that you innately know – and without understanding why you know – is a joy to fuck and before you even do it to her; something about her screams, “Fuck me… if you dare!” while with other women, you can sense indifference, hesitation, reservation and, yeah, even reluctance and fear.  Of course, what usually determines this is her experiences to date, how she feels about you, how she views sex – the list can be rather long and varied because this, in my opinion, isn’t as objective as you may think – it’s almost purely subjective and can be prejudiced by one’s past experiences.

What, did you really think the answer to the question was gonna be easy?  It’s really a lot more complicated when you start factoring in stuff, up to and including things like the differences between casual sex and relationship sex.  Over the years, I’ve heard what a lot of men have said about this – a few women, too – and if I’ve discerned anything about my observations, it’s that they’re not consistent because everyone has their own idea of what makes pussy good.  I’ve heard guys say that what makes it good is about the whole act from beginning to end while I’ve heard some guys say it’s all about how it feels when he slides into her, from the initial moment of penetration to full insertion.  I’ve heard guys say that tightness makes it good, that wetness makes it good, or that both things make it good; guys determine goodness solely on how submissive she is in bed or how aggressive she may be.

I’ve heard guys base this on what she does and what she doesn’t do and, to that end, there are times I think guys will make this determination based on whatever expectations they have in their heads before the fact; if the sex meets or exceeds those expectations, then that’s some good shit.  But, if the sex fails to meet said expectations, well, maybe the pussy ain’t that good.  You could argue that if you thought her shit wasn’t all that, um, it could be because you didn’t give her enough incentive to go all out with you and, yep, the reverse is just as true – but this is part of an even bigger thing about interaction with and between men and women during sex.

My mind is kinda numb trying to write about this because maybe it’s just me or it’s an overall guy thing, but any pussy that you can get is seen as being good; just how good now depends on what happens once you hit the sack…


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6 responses to “The Good Stuff

  1. lifeofalovergirl

    18 August 2013 at 14:47

    LOL…so, basically, it is a matter of chemistry and whether or not two people “match up” in the bedroom. That’s really how I think I’d define “good dick” too. Ive had friends who were sleeping with the same guys have a completely different opinion as well. That’s interesting what you said about “opening up” to you as well. The best sex I’ve ever had, with that Married Man, the very first time he was like “I am surprised how much you opened up to me”. We had just met, off of Craigslist and had sex like 5 min later. He kept saying it was really good for him too. I thought it was all about his skill but it may have had to do even more with the way we fit together and the chemistry than that.


    • kdaddy23

      18 August 2013 at 15:30

      Chemistry has a lot to do with it… and not really; chemistry is a lot more complicated than what it appears to be because you can have great sex with someone with a good pussy… and without chemistry. Matching up plays into it… and not really. You never really know whether you match up with a person until you actually have sex with them and then see how everything fits… or not, which is why a lot of people say that when it comes to sex, talk is cheap and a lot of people wind up writing checks with their mouths that their bodies can’t cash. It’s quite subjective and dependent upon an individual’s criteria for what is good and what isn’t and even when it’s good and when it’s not. There’s nothing ‘basic’ about this as far as I know; goodness is not only different from one woman to the next but from one moment to the next with the same womanand I really can’t explain this without sounding like a moron.


  2. Pyx

    18 August 2013 at 17:32

    There are just some women that you innately know – and without understanding why you know – is a joy to fuck and before you even do it to her; something about her screams, “Fuck me… if you dare!”

    I think those words were in my husband’s wedding vows.
    No they weren’t but he’s said that to me before but as for explanations I think you did a fine job, now I wish more guys would write a good pussy entry. I do love to watch you guys try to explain it…


    • kdaddy23

      18 August 2013 at 18:36

      Hiya, Pyx – welcome to this particular conversation and, yep, I have plenty of coffee on hand! When we try to explain it – and I’m talking about those brave souls who’d even attempt to – we’ll either look fucking brilliant… or we’ll look so stupid that sending us back to the third grade might be in order. Maybe there are guys who don’t think of pussy in terms of good and bad and because they’ve never had a reason to, like, no woman has ever asked him that question so he’d never have to think about answering it? That’s probably very unlikely, though – I think that at some point, a woman’s gonna ask a man this question and/or face some heavy questioning if he says to her that she has good pussy and she either wants to know why it’s good – and because she never thought of herself in such terms – or she does know and now it’s all about fucking with him because it’s fun to watch him fumbling and stumbling over his words.

      I know I gave it a lot of thought because I was asked and, at the time, I didn’t have an answer – not even an answer that didn’t make sense so all I could say was, “Um, er, yeah, you’re pussy’s really good!”

      Brilliant… just brilliant, right?


      • Pyx

        19 August 2013 at 17:38

        HA! That is brilliant. Man, I can not even begin to think of an answer either, I mean there is the pussy then there is the whole pussy package that makes it all doable, good or great. I am going to be a complete asshat and say that when a guy is told he has a ‘great cock’ he probably isn’t much looking for explanation either but imagine it goes to helping grow an extra inch.

        I never much read too deep into good pussy or what it means when guys say it to me, but I certainly feel as though I have good cock around and they do deserve such accolades. I am going to take the time to remind them more often.



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