If You’ve Ever Wondered…

14 Oct

I was reading/commenting on this blog – – and it’s a pretty good writing… but it had me thinking about why some guys will turn to other men for a blowjob.  The referenced blog gives some ‘tips’ on (a) how to entice your lady into giving you head and (b) what you can do if you fail to entice her – and this is a good thing.

But, ladies, without any offense meant to any woman reading this, if you’ve ever wondered why a guy will take the risk to himself and his relationship and check out a willing dude for this, just think about it for a moment.  Okay, as I’ve said a lot of times in the past, people who don’t suck dick don’t understand a few things about doing it and just because you’ve been sucked x-amount of times doesn’t make you an expert on sucking.  I’ve also suggested that for those individuals who think my opinion on this is way off base, you should give it a try to experience it for yourself – then maybe you’ll understand some of the reasons why your woman won’t suck your dick, let alone suck you off.

If she was doing it and now she isn’t, before you go running to the computer to access Craigslist or some other site for someone to do this for you, you might want to schedule some time to talk to her about why this ain’t happening and, preferably, trying to keep your frustration from becoming too apparent when you talk to her… if she’ll even want to talk to you about it, that is.  As it was pointed out on the blog I provided, you can’t make her do it; you can’t threaten her, can’t and shouldn’t give her ultimatums about this and if you believe in the sanctity of your relationship, you shouldn’t cheat on her.

I know what you’re thinking right about now and it’s probably the same thing you’ve thought about if your woman isn’t polishing your dome any longer:  “If I can’t do any of that shit you just mentioned, what am I supposed to do other than ask her a question she might not even answer?”  You might even know the answer to the question already because it’s not that hard to figure out:  There’s nothing you can do if she doesn’t want to do this for you – all you can do is find out why.

You can try to understand her position on this and, if you can understand it, you’ve probably just earned some cool points… but that may not get you that blowjob you’ve been missing.  I’ve mentioned at times that as a guy who sucks dick, I can easily think of a lot of reasons why I wouldn’t want to blow someone – and please keep in mind that I love to suck dick; that, all by itself, should get you to thinking and more so if/when you have that conversation with your woman and she says something to the order of, “Baby, I love sucking your dick – but…”

If you are having that conversation, I’d advise you to listen closely and carefully to whatever it is she’s telling you about why she’s not so keen about doing it.  I’d advise that you refrain from saying to her, “Well, all you have to do is (add your list of things here)!”  Which, of course, is easy for you to say since you’re not the one with the dick in their mouth, huh?

At the high level of thought, there’s a big problem about to happen.  Ladies, if you were sucking your man’s dick and you’ve stopped doing it, you just might be opening the door for him to go elsewhere to have it done, right?  And, guys, you just might be thinking about doing just that and, keep in mind that for the purposes of this part of the program, thinking and doing are not the same thing… but if you are thinking about stepping to the side for this, you’re gonna be found guilty even if you don’t do it.  So my somewhat rhetorical question here is simple:  If you’re not going to suck his dick and he goes and gets someone else to do it, why are you going to be very unhappy with him?

It’s because of a simple premise that is part of that being in a relationship thing:  If she won’t do it, you are expected, required, and demanded to do absolutely nothing about it and do without that particular pleasure.  Indeed, I’ve even heard it said that if she won’t do this for you, dump her and find someone who will… which really doesn’t work well if you happen to truly love her, huh?  To do anything other than going without getting sucked off and you’re now guilty of cheating, right?  Then the argument gets circular because, of course, if she was sucking your dick, you wouldn’t have to get someone else to do it… but because you did, she’s not going to be doing a lot of things for you at this point.

You see where this winds up going, right?  Even if you decide that cheating on her isn’t worth the hassle, neither is doing that ‘revenge’ thing, you know, where you stop doing things that you’d normally do and all because she won’t suck your dick when you want/need it sucked.  And, ladies, if you’ve noticed that he’s stopped doing stuff, well, there might be a reason for it and you probably know exactly what that reason is.

Ah, man… this can be so fugly!

So I started writing this back on 02 October… and I’m just now getting back to it on 14 October because, frankly, I kinda forgot that I had started it – you can blame Borderlands 2 and Candy Crush.  But what I was thinking, as I re-read the first part of this, is that I’ve given a lot of guys blow jobs and have given them their first experience and – sorry again, ladies – because either they couldn’t get their lady to suck them at all or, if she was doing it, she just wouldn’t get him off like that.

It’s kinda sad to have heard these men talk about this because, like a lot of men, yeah, I’ve been in that boat before; one guy asked me if we had the same reason for turning to men for this and I had to tell him that, no, I’ve kinda always been like this and that, literally, I was sucking dick before I ate pussy.  I’ve heard them tell tales of women who have demanded that they go down on them or else and then, after giving in to their demand, wind up getting left out of that particular pleasure; I’ve heard them tell tales of how she’s gone down on him, got it feeling all wonderful and everything and just before he gets to the point of no return, she stops.

I’m not knocking women who have issues with this because, ladies, I do understand a whole lot of them… but if you’ve ever wondered why there’s some guy like me sucking your man’s dick on a regular basis, it’s because of a couple of things I’ve noticed in my experiences and learning about the experiences of others.  One, I’ve never met a guy who sucks cock that didn’t do it and, two, most of the guys I’ve been with who do suck dick finish what they started; whether they swallow or not isn’t really relevant; yep, I have run into a few guys who suck dick but ain’t cool about that finishing part.

Now, you might think that I’ve reached the part of this monologue where I tell you some tips and tricks to getting him off like that and you’re not gonna lose your mind over it… and you’d be wrong because if your man can’t get you to do it and you’re not of a mind to do it, nothing I’m gonna say is going to entice you to do it so no list of do’s and don’t’s will change your mind about it.

All I’m saying is that if you’ve ever wondered why someone else, male or female, is doing this for your man – and especially if the idea of this happening just totally pisses you off – well, now you know; what you do about it is all on you and according to your beliefs and stuff like that.  See, I’ve heard women ask why shit like this happens to them – just like I’ve heard guys ask this question when they don’t eat pussy so don’t think I’m just picking on the girls – and it’s really simple:  If not you, then who?  If you’re being cheated on, this might be up there on the list of reasons why that happened.

To the guys and gals who don’t give head, let me tell you something that if you don’t know this, you’re gonna find out just how true it is:  You can’t demand that they do you but you’re not willing to give as good as you get and expect things to be okay – they won’t be and it’ll suck to be you when you find out the depth of their displeasure with this behavior.

I guess I’ve said all I had to say about this other than a word of caution to the guys as well:  If you don’t eat pussy, learn… or someone else will be eating your woman for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a late-night snack.  To those guys who just give the kitty a few token licks? I feel sorry for ya – I really do because sometimes, a good fuck ain’t what the doctor ordered for her… but eating her like you’ve been starving is and “lick, lick, stick” isn’t going to endear you to her and if you don’t believe me, ask her; I’ve gotten a lot of pussy over the years because homey didn’t believe in eating that pussy and if I have, so will other people and, uh-huh, some of them just might be women, too…


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12 responses to “If You’ve Ever Wondered…

  1. G

    14 October 2013 at 23:35

    This is hot! Haha! I would like you to give me a lesson using my husband. 🙂


    • kdaddy23

      14 October 2013 at 23:49

      I don’t mind if he won’t…


      • G

        14 October 2013 at 23:52

        I think he would be happy to accommodate.


      • kdaddy23

        14 October 2013 at 23:53

        Well, that’s certainly a good thing to know!


  2. lifeofalovergirl

    15 October 2013 at 00:16

    See, I have never really been able to comprehend the refusal to give oral sex from either party. I mean, it’s not going to hurt you at all. It’s not like anal or something where you could possibly feel violated or in pain. I personally have no qualms about oral sex, with male or females. Now swallowing, I only like to do with certain men. I have to be pretty into them to go there. However, I kind of have figured out how to “fake it” if I don’t actually want to and this seems to work fine.

    There HAVE been times when I sucked a guy partially and didn’t finish him off though. A lot of them, because if we haven’t had sex yet then I am afraid if I make him cum we won’t get to!! So for me if I am going to suck him off I’d rather it be either after we have been having sex and he cum that way or maybe after we are finished with round one. The exception being with guys that I know can go over an over in a short amount of time but some just cant. Or if we’ve been together a long time and I’m just doing it just because.

    I was amazed that the new guy I met the other day, the Referee, said I am only the second person in his life to finish him off with my mouth. That was after we were having sex and he pulled out and I didn’t even swallow but he may have thought I did. It’s surprising that someone in the swinger community would say that but I’ve already come across a few!!


    • kdaddy23

      15 October 2013 at 00:46

      I don’t know why either and more so since the lack of oral sex is a problem area in relationships. Even in a non-relationship situation, there have only been three times in my life when I didn’t go down on a woman; twice was because they didn’t believe in it and once because I knew that girl had a sick pussy. Otherwise, if she takes her clothes off for me, that pussy is getting eaten. I can’t remember if I ever refused to suck a guy…which probably means I’ve never refused to do it other than turning the guy down before the fact. Otherwise, if we’ve agreed to do this, I’m sucking that dick and I’m not stopping until he cums… and it’s not entirely for his benefit. Yeah, sounds selfish but it is what it is!

      I’ve had women not want to finish me because they felt that if they did, I wouldn’t have anything left for them and, okay, I get that because that refraction thing – the time it takes a man to recover once he cums – can be a killer; some of us recover quickly, some of us won’t recover until the next day.

      When I wrote this, I was really thinking about all those men and women who have reason to ask, “Why did he/she cheat on me?” or “Why was he letting some dude suck his dick?” And I know, because I suck dick, that it can be rather labor intensive; I know that the taste is a lot more acquired than people make it out to be; and unless you’re into such things, having a guy shoving dick down your throat like he’s trying to climb into your mouth isn’t fun at all. To that end, I know some women won’t suck dick because the dude doesn’t know how to be sucked – had a woman tell me this one a long time ago.

      I get that single women would only want to let him cum in her mouth if she’s feeling the guy like that. But, as I said, if you’ve ever wondered why your man is on the DL with some dude or cheating on you with the girl from work, well, there are a lot of reasons but one of the top reasons is that she’s either not sucking his dick for some reason and, if she does, she refuses to get him off like that. Men and women will cheat because of that lack of oral sex so the question, again, is simple: If you’re not gonna do this for your man/woman and they get it from someone else, why are you gonna get pissed with them?

      It’s not to put pressure on women to do something they don’t want to do; it is a reminder that if they don’t want to do it, don’t be surprised if there are problems afterward, the same as it can be when a guy either won’t go down on her or take the time to eat her until she passes out. If she winds up turning to a guy or a gal who loves eating pussy, well, is it her fault… or is it his? Most people would say it is her fault for cheating on him (or his for cheating on her), right? So if I recommend anything, it’s to sit down and talk about the whole damned thing, even if you have to talk about it again; that’s got to be better than (a) cheating and (b) breaking up and more so if the rest of the relationship is pretty damned good.


      • lifeofalovergirl

        15 October 2013 at 00:57

        Oh yeah I agree. The other reason I think some women stop giving head is because their man won’t go down on them. A surprising number of men are really selfish about this and want to receive all the time but never give back. So, well, if she’s not sucking his dick then the first thing he should look at is whether or not he is going down on HER.

        My ex husband was totally weird about this and against oral sex. Well, not at first. When we were dating I swallowed his cum one time and it said it made him feel guilty. Maybe because I choked a bit? IDK. But eventually he was saying he didn’t think oral sex was Biblical since it didn’t result in babies or some crap like that. He thought any woman who wanted a man to go down on her was secretly a lesbian and was bothered by me ever asking. Now close to the divorce he did it once or twice and claimed to like it (and let me give him head again, which he also enjoyed) but we spent almost 13 years with no oral and 3 minute sex sessions. Booooo!

        I kind of secretly hope the Producer’s new woman either sucks at giving head or barely does it. Then he’ll feel like a dumbass for ditching me
        because I know he thought I did a good job!


      • kdaddy23

        15 October 2013 at 01:06

        Yeah, a lot of it is “If you won’t do me, I ain’t gonna do you!” I’m not saying that there aren’t valid/legitimate reasons for not giving head – there are some. But if you don’t have a reason for not doing it, why not do it?


  3. Panty Parade

    15 October 2013 at 13:07

    I’ve heard from many, many men that women could learn a thing or two when it comes to giving head. I don’t doubt that! I’d love to pick up some tips while being in the same room with two dudes sucking each other off. That would be so fucking hot! Thanks for the response to this topic, KDaddy!


    • kdaddy23

      15 October 2013 at 13:45

      Thank you for reading this, PP!



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