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Damn you, Trips On Rocks – I still have this topic swirling around in my head, seeking out those moments in my life that gay sex and straight sex came together, literally and figuratively!

Okay, so when it comes to group sex – three or more warm, willing bodies involved – the most ideal situation is for everyone that’s gonna be joining in is bisexual and it’s one fantastic free-for-all where everyone is fair game.  I thought about the two or three orgies I participated in where I sometimes found myself dealing with a man and a woman at the same time although in those remembered moments, I couldn’t say whether or not the involvement with the guy was intentional – he was bi but probably hiding – or whether or not it was one of those ‘heat of the moment’ things.

In that setting, damn, there was so much sex taking place, so many people involved with each other almost at the same time!  I look at the orgies in particular and think about how many times during each one that I was doing something with a woman… and had a guy in my ass or in my mouth and, surprisingly (not really), he wasn’t actually invited – he just strolled up and helped himself to me, not that I protested a whole lot; the mindset at the time was kinda ‘informal’, for lack of a better word:  If you were there and something could be done, it got done and if some apologies were called for later, well, they happened later.

I thought about the times when I’d been in a MFM or even a foursome and have gotten surprised by having a guy start indulging himself with me; I searched my memory as hard as I could trying to think of such moments where I knew the guy was bi before the fact and, honestly, I can only think of one such moment – the first time my fiancee saw me suck dick – both people in the other couple were bisexual.  Absent prior knowledge, it’s pretty shocking to have a woman riding me cowboy-style and there’s a guy licking her clit at the same time… but he’s licking my dick, too, and not because he couldn’t avoid it.

Or to be lying on my belly, eating away at a nice, hot pussy… then feel someone either eating my ass out or feel that familiar feeling of a hard dick poking at my back door… and you didn’t expect it but, being bisexual, it wasn’t a cause for alarm.  I’ve been in foursomes and have been busy eating pussy or maybe taking a small break from the heated action and have had guys just roll over and start sucking my dick – memories of my very first foursome come to mind – and, again, it was totally unexpected… but not unwelcomed.

In any of those situations, I figured that if homeboy took it upon himself to get a piece of me, that made him fair game and, at the least, he was going to get his dick sucked or have my hand working his prick over.  I do recall a threesome where I was eating the guy’s wife out and he whispered in my ear, “Can I suck your dick?  I’ve always wanted to try it…”  I’ve been in four- or moresomes and have had a guy just grab my head and shove his dick into my mouth as a woman was sitting on his face and while I wouldn’t resist, I’ve always wondered whether he knew I was bi and wouldn’t object to blowing him or he needed to have his dick sucked while having some pussy and I just had the misfortune to be within his reach.

But, in any of that, we’re talking about exceptions and even spur-of-the-moment behavior (at best).  I’ve gotten into group sex settings with other men and have had them state that there wasn’t going to be anything happening between me and him… and it actually went that way because prior experiences taught me that a guy could put that condition out on the table… but once things got hot and heavy, they often changed the rules.

As I got more into swinging with my [then] wife, I don’t recall us ever getting with a couple and specifying that one or both of them be bisexual; we were just happy to be fucking other people and in whatever way that eventually took shape.  In the here and now, trying to find a couple who are truly bisexual – and they’re not faking at being bi just to have sex – is one of the hardest things to do.

Unity… I can’t really and honestly say that in this setting, it’s expected or it’s a given because my experiences with, ah, mixed company never had this aspect included before the fact – it just happened and, at least, I wasn’t complaining about being ‘victimized’ by some horny-assed dude while trying to eat or fuck a woman.  Ha, I suppose that if it is something you specifically want or expect, it’s not gonna happen… but if you’re into it and it’s not even on your mind, it could happen.

Of course, the only time the guy-on-guy stuff was a given was the times the participants were all male – but that’s different.

Being in a mixed company free-for-all – and knowing it was going to be like that from the very beginning – seems to be a rarity (at least in my own experiences).  If anything, these experiences taught me that shit does happen and in the heat of the moment, too – and not just between guys.  The earlier experiences with this also taught me something about sex that I’ve heard a lot of people deny:  Your body doesn’t give a damn who’s giving it pleasure – but your mind does – and in those experiences, it was mind over matter:  If they didn’t mind, it didn’t matter.  Can we call it unexpected unity?  I dunno because, honestly, while I know there’s sex with a woman and sex with a man – which is obviously different – I’ve always just thought about it as being sex with any… extra stuff happening as gravy on the potatoes..

I dunno… do people think that if you’re bisexual, you always get into these free-for-all situations?  If you have bisexuals in a relationship, is the expectation now one of, okay, baby I am/you are bi so let’s see where we can take this?  Sure, I’d say that having one or more bisexuals in a relationship can open the doors for more sex to take place… but should it be a given that any sex that jumps off has to be in an unified mode?  I know couples who have one or more bisexuals and for the ones that have opened that door, it’s every man/woman for themselves – the thought of group sex (in that sense) may have come up but it’s probably rejected because it’s one thing to know that, say, your woman loves pussy as much as she loves dick… but watching her having sex with another woman might not go over well even though this is perceived as every man’s dream situation.

He might want to watch her… but she may be more inclined to do her thing without him being nowhere around when it happens; hey, we might have something in common, boo, but I still like my privacy when I’m getting busy.  Likewise, if he’s gonna be doing whatever he does with another guy, his bisexual partner might not be all that interested in watching or participating and incorrectly assumes that if she’s bisexual right along with him, she’s going to find man-on-man action sexually exciting… and that’s probably not the case.  Again, women deal with this differently; she knows he’s doing it and that’s all she wants to know.

I’ve experienced this… unity and there’s something nice about it, being able to indulge in all of your sexual pleasures right alongside your partner and knowing that he/she is experiencing that extra jolt of this special pleasure.  And, something that I think is important, that if your partner has joined you in this, it’s no longer just about you and your desires in this:  It becomes an “us” thing, something that the two of you can share and beyond the sex that can be had; it deepens the commonality that you already have with each other.

What do you think, Pyx?


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2 responses to “Unified

  1. Pyx

    20 November 2013 at 17:05

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I asked and now I am receiving…

    Sorry I just read the first little bit of the intro to this blog and it would appear that i have a couple more to catch up on which is great, I look forward to reading them but I wanted you to know I am already grateful!

    Trips On Rocks


    • kdaddy23

      20 November 2013 at 19:29

      Yep, you got some reading to do… and I might not be done writing about it… and all because you asked…



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