Decisions, Decisions

23 Nov

Sexuallycurious, a new commenter, said in his comments to “How We Do It,” “In my somewhat vast set of experiences with men I can relate to all of your experiences. Some are interested only about themselves cumming, while others absolutely have to have both guys cum. For me, it depends upon my mood and what type of guy I’m with…

And he’s right on the money about his mood and whatever’s going on with the other guy and while it might be easy to assume that both guys are gonna be on the same page with each other, nah, not really and not all of the time.

I’ve admitted that there was a period of time after I was introduced to the pleasures a cock could deliver that I’d just have sex with a guy because it was there to do.  Negotiating?  We don’t need to do no stinkin’ negotiating!  It was ‘merely’ about fucking and sucking each other until neither of us could get hard again – and then tomorrow was a whole new day.  But, at some point, it became important for me to think about what I might want to do in this and then give some thought about the other guy’s motivations.

And that’s where things got interesting.  I learned that there were some times when I didn’t want to suck dick or be fucked and there were times when I’ve been talking to the guy about what we like to do that I’d realize that I did want to have sex – just not with him because maybe he wanted to do something that I didn’t feel like doing.  And as I got older and even more experienced, I found that trying to match my mood with what a guy might have to offer wasn’t as simple as it appeared to be.  Check this shit out…

Some women say that men overthink sex, that we should just go with the flow and not spend a lot of distracting time thinking about what we’re doing.  And, yeah, I tend to agree with that even though I know that we’re capable of having mindless sex, you know, just letting the lizard part of our brain take total control and let the primal beast inside of us rule the day… but that’s not all the time.

As I’ve allowed, I know that when I’m getting laid, there are all kinds of things running around in my head and since I’m talking about sex with guys right now, let me give you a peek at some of the things I’m thinking about – and regardless to whether I want to think about them.

Right from the beginning, my mind is working on whether I’m horny or not and how horny I am, and whether I like this guy enough to have sex with him.  I’m thinking about whatever we’ve been talking about – what we’ve done in the past and what we want to do in the here and now; I’m thinking about the fact that although we’ve agreed to have oral sex with each other, things are going to be different because I’m thinking about how I want to go about sucking him – do I want to kiss and suck on his ears, neck, and nipples and then work my way down to his cock or do I want to skip all of that and go straight for his bone?  I’m even thinking about the fact that at this moment – and despite what he may have told me – I don’t know what’s on his mind about sucking me or how he’s gonna do it.

It’s like being in the moment and playing it by ear… and not really.  Once the ball gets rolling, it’s thinking about how I’m feeling, trying to suss out how he’s feeling and, um, it’s like being in what I can only define as an optional moment because I’m letting my feelings dictate my actions from one moment to the next and, yeah, I am very much aware that this is going on – my mind is into the decision tree process big time.  Which one of us got things started will dictate how other things will take place – it’s still very much based on how I’m feeling but, at the same time, my brain is processing a shitload of information that will determine my responses and stuff.

If he started on me first, what will he do or try to do?  Will he try to kiss me even though I said I don’t like kissing men?  Will he go for my neck, ears, and nipples (and do I want him to) or will he just go right after my dick?  Will he suck my balls?  Try to put a finger in my butt?  Would he try to eat my ass?  And, yeah, all of this is going through my mind while I’m getting into whatever he’s doing.

Is the way he’s sucking me feeling good?  What can he do to make it feel better?  Will he try to deep-throat me?  Is he going too fast or too slow?  And, whenever he gets done whatever he’s doing, what am I going to do to him based on how he’s made me feel which has added itself to my being horny in the first place?  Am I anxious to get at him right now?  Fondle his cock and balls?  Wait for him to come up for air and get into a 69… or just make the move right now?

Oh, y’all just don’t have any idea of how much data is being processed in such a short period of time or how that information is going to dictate what I do or won’t do, keeping in mind that at the high level of thought, we just agreed to suck each other off.

If he fingered me, I’m going to finger him right back… but do I give him one finger or two?  Do you think he’s clean enough to rim him?  Do I even want to do that?  Is he fucking my mouth too hard or taking it too easy?  If he liked the way I took him deep, should I do it again or should I tease him a little – then do it?  Is all of this making me – or him – feel so good that our agreement might fall apart?  If he tries to fuck me, will I let him?  At this point is that a good idea or a bad one?  What if he wants me to fuck him?  Will he ask me to do that or will he just take what he wants and if he does, how am I going to react?

And through all of this, we’ve maybe been sucking on each other for just a mere two minutes…

We’re not even close to getting to the end… but another part of my mind is still debating on whether or not I want to swallow his cum or let it slide out of my mouth… or do I want to finish him off by hand?  When I cum, will he swallow, spit, or finish me off by hand?  Even though there are other things going on – all the sensory input my body is receiving – this particular thing is up in the air, which kinda contradicts my ‘normal’ thought that if I’m sucking his dick, I’m going to swallow his seed since I acquired that taste a long time ago.  But, it’s about being in the moment and the moment has yet to get to that point in time that will decide – in less time it takes to blink – what I’m doing to do one way or the other… and then I may not do what I decided to do in that slice of time.

It’s about anticipating things… a whole lot of things.  It’s not really about expecting him to suck me until I cum and then swallow it because while ya might think that this is a given, it really isn’t.  It’s still about that really odd situation of the unknown taking place but it’s not really an unknown, if that makes sense to you.  It’s knowing what he’s doing but not knowing how, when, or why he’s going to do a certain thing and, you betcha, that applies to me as well.  This whole thing can get really, really deep; am I feeling the way I wanted to feel? Is he going to urge me to cum?  Am I even going to cum?  Is he overstimulating me?  Understimulating me?  Doing too much?  Not enough?  Should I tell him to put a finger into me?  Do I want to feel more than his finger against my asshole?  If he tries to push the head into me, will I allow it?  Do I want him to?  If he does, will I object?  Ask for more to be put into me?

And the crazy thing is that while all of the sucking is going on, I have no idea how this is going to turn out, which is really the fun of having sex.  I realized, after analysing all of the times I’d have sex with anyone, that my mind is continuously going through an “if, then, else” process, working with variables that are constantly changing and in a time factor that’s measured in nanoseconds… maybe even picoseconds.  And, believe it or not, my education in computer science is the thing that helped me understand what was going on in my head… when, supposedly, there shouldn’t be anything going on in my head.

And, sometimes, I’ve already run all of the above stuff through my head before I’ve even decided on what my mood is and figured out what kind of guy he is and whether or not I want to be bothered based on my mood.  No, my friends, followers and readers, this really isn’t as simple as agreeing to something, getting naked, and then doing it; there are maybe a billion things going on in my head; when it’s sex with a woman, the numbers go up to maybe a trillion things being processed because making love to a woman is very different than making love to a man because the decision tree is different even though the acts themselves aren’t all that different.

If it’s a girl, then it’s this tree; if a guy, then it’s that tree.  If it happens to be both, uh-oh, well, okay, we’ll work on that as we go along – good think I had one experience with someone with both girl and guy parts, huh?

On the surface, you just do it, revel in all the sensations and, at some point – and hopefully – bust a nut and have a finishing orgasm huge enough to totally shut down your brain – that quivering mass of flesh thing.  And while your body is automatically – maybe even instinctively – reacting to the stimuli being applied (bombarded is the word I was really thinking about) – your mind really doesn’t totally shut itself off – at least mine doesn’t, anyway.

Just wanted to share this thought I had with y’all…


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3 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. sexuallycurious

    24 November 2013 at 19:53

    It’s a conundrum, how much to think or plan prior to or while getting laid. For me, I find that if I can get into a state of flow with the person I’m having sex with then any thinking is less neurotic and more like fun consideration.


    • kdaddy23

      25 November 2013 at 00:57

      Well, I never really plan or really think – but I know what’s going on in my head even when my attention is focused elsewhere – it’s really amazing!



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