A Moment in Time

12 Jan

All of the searching has been completed – he has been selected.  All of the questions have been asked, important information exchanged and when and where has been determined… and has arrived; he’s been with me for only mere minutes now and I can see the anticipation in his body and in his eyes even though he’s doing his best to remain cool and detached.  The only thing remaining, as we shed our clothing, are all the doubts that have been present from the very beginning.

I don’t really know him but I know what he wants; I even know why he wants it just as I know he has his doubts about my ability to give him what he wants, the thing that drove him to contact me in the first place; I have my doubts, too, and mostly around whether or not he can give me what I want.  We’re looking at each other, sizing each other up in more ways than one and I stifle a laugh to see his eyes flicking up and down in an attempt to look at me and not what I have between my legs.

I forego any such pretense – I’m deliberately looking at his cock and balls and not so much the rest of him because I know, just as he does, that our looks aren’t all that important, no, not for this.  It’s not as if we haven’t taken each other’s looks into account because we have… but we both know that attraction, so very important in other kinds of sex and a must for most people, isn’t all that important because the things that attracted us are need and desire; we know that if we counted on attraction to get what we wanted, being able to get what we want would be even more difficult to obtain.

He knows like I know:  Looks don’t mean shit.. but willingness and desire means everything in this.

Even though we’ve both done this a countless number of times, we’re both nervous; it shows because we’re both naked and still making small talk when there’s really nothing left to say that has any semblance of being intelligent.  I know that once I start feeding on his body, he’ll start talking to me again but most of it won’t be all that understandable because he won’t be able to speak complete sentences… and that makes me smile inwardly, a smile that threatens to show on my face as I lower my head and allow my tongue to flick across the nipple that’s closest to me.

I can feel his body react to my teasing touch – he even moans for a moment because I know that a man’s nipples can be just as sensitive as a woman’s, just like I know most women ignore a man’s nipples… but I’m not going to.  He tastes… good; a little salty, a hint of whatever he used to clean up with.  As expected, his nipples are quite erect and I’ve decided to take further liberties with his body, easing myself up toward his neck and throat and planting a tentative kiss there just to see how he’s going to react before I begin licking and sucking on his neck and throat – gently, of course because I don’t want to leave a mark on him even though he might not really care right now.

My hand has been busy feeling the rest of his body, my fingers absorbing information about the shape of his flesh, whether he’s normal-cool or his temperature is rising because of what I’ve been doing; I want to feel his belly flutter as I run my fingers across his navel, giving him that teasing touch that makes him want me to touch his cock, which I’ve been deliberately ignoring because he wants me to get right to the heart of the matter and, to be honest, so do I… but since that’s what he expects, that’s not what I’m going to do, no, not yet.

It’s hard to deal with the growing feeling of impatience coursing through me as I shift my attention from him to myself; I’ve allotted a portion of my awareness to him, of course, just so I know how he’s reacting to what I’m doing and a part of me smiles as I kiss my way down to his navel because I know that by the time I get there, I will completely own him – he will be mine to do with as I please.

I know that a part of him is aware of my ownership of his body and pleasure; he’s got a hand on my head, trying to urge me to get to his boner faster than I want to go; his hips are thrusting upward in the hopes of meeting my mouth soon… but the navel is such an erogenous zone and, like a guy’s nipples, is far too often ignored.  I know that his cock, now so deliciously hard, is just scant inches away from me; I only have to move my head those scant inches to be able to capture his knob with my mouth and let my tongue get its first taste of that crystal clear liquid that’s oozing from him… and I move because there’s a limit to my patience and didn’t agree to be here with him just so I could play games.

The head of his cock feels good as my tongue samples him.  I know that he’s jerked himself off before he got to me because I can taste that he did.  I don’t hold that against him because I know why he did but, at the same time, it kinda pisses me off because it’s just going to take longer for me to get his spunk flowing… and I’m going to make him pay for making me wait for it.

My ownership of him is complete, as indicated by the way he’s moaning and fucking against the warm wetness of my mouth; he’s got his hands on my head firmly but gently as I work my tongue over him, savoring the growing masculine scent of him before taking all of his cock into my mouth.  I’m moaning because it feels so good to eat all of a man’s erection, to have my nose buried in his pubic hair; he’s moaning because I’ve taken him deep and his reaction says that this is something he really loves, to be dick-deep in someone’s throat.

I linger there for long moments because I want to… and because I can.  It’s a matter of control, really; me controlling his desire in this fashion while I control my natural instinct to breathe normally as I slowly supply my  body’s need for air by breathing in and out through flaring nostrils.  He moans and tells me how good it feels, fucking a little harder against my face, testing me to see what he can get away with doing this and how much I can take; he thrusts and holds it and I know he’s trying to choke me, to make me gag and panic and come up for air so he can hear me gasping like a fish out of water.

But I’ve learned this lesson well, honed over many years of sucking cocks and even sucking cocks much bigger and thicker than his – I’m so beyond that stupid size thing anyway.  I let him think he has the upper hand for a moment or two longer before I withdraw so I can swallow the mixture of his pre-cum and my saliva that’s collected in my mouth… then take him deep again.  Once… twice… a third time and that gets him fucking my face with a purpose.

I can feel his cock trembling in my mouth, a slight shiver that’s hidden behind the pulsing of his heart, that life-giving rhythm being transmitted down the length of his body and into his erection and, yeah, in my hungry, persistent mouth.  I narrow my focus, noting the times he grows a little soft before becoming rock-hard again – this is his body speaking to me, telling me its growing need for release.  My hands, which have alternated between stroking his cock and fondling his balls, are telling me things, too; I can feel his sack beginning to snuggle up against his body, making me aware that it won’t be too much longer until his balls are a hard knot against his crotch and in my hand.  His body is preparing for his release and I’m about to help him accomplish this a little faster than he may be planning by letting some saliva generously coat my thumb, making it easier for me to insert it into his ass.

Yes, he didn’t see that one coming; yes, we agreed that we weren’t going to fuck each other but I never agreed to not wreaking a little havoc with his prostate, did I?  My thumb goes into him easily and I just hold it there, feeling those powerful muscles clamping down on my digit even as he’s now doing a strange dance:  Trying to fuck my mouth and screw himself on my thumb at the same time.

The part of me that’s been paying close attention to him now notes that his breathing, which was quite heavy at one point, is coming in a rush; he’s breathing fast enough to run the risk of hyperventilation; I can feel that his heart is thudding in his chest and here comes the moment I’ve really been waiting for:  I can feel his dick getting a little longer and thicker in my mouth because he’s gonna cum; I’ve shoved him unwillingly past the point of no return and as much as we’d both like it if he didn’t cum, there’s nothing that’s going to stop it from happening now.

I can feel him spurting now, his body locked by that paralysis that hits us at times as he gives up his sperm to me.  I can’t really taste it because I’ve positioned his very swollen and sensitive knob at a certain point in my mouth that will allow me to catch his spunk without gagging but also allowing me to bypass the taste of it; the way he pre-cum tasted early on dictated how I was going to accept his sperm; I want to swallow it all but, nah, I’m not all that hyped to taste it full-on.

I can feel his ass muscles clamping down on my thumb and it’s a little painful… but that’s nothing compared to what he’s feeling; it’s quite the experience to be busting a nut while your bung hole is plugged with something that really shouldn’t be there.  His body is shuddering and jerking strongly because while he might have bought himself a few minutes on his release time by jerking off, he really just set himself up to have a seriously intense release for that second go-round.

I back off a little, just so that I’m not really coming in direct contact with his knob but keeping it in my mouth so I can taste his sperm as I milk the last dregs of it from him.  I’m happy and not so much; I wish that he could had held off a lot longer but I’m also glad that he couldn’t.  I want to keep sucking his dick even though it’s softening in my mouth… and I’m seriously thinking about doing just that because I can suck him again and not bother his oversensitive knob, working him slowly but with a definite purpose until he gets hard again – then all bets would be off.

But I choose not to do this; while I was taking his sperm from him, he had been urging me with his voice and his hands to let him suck me and as much as I would have loved to feel his mouth on me, I made my intentions very clear by refusing to accommodate him.  So I let him go and lay a few parting kisses on his nuts and dick before lying back to compose myself because despite what people may think, it’s hard work to suck a man off and I’m delightfully fatigued.  At this point, I kinda don’t care if he returns the favor – I got from him what I wanted and now that I’ve had a few seconds to recover from the stresses on my own body, I’m once again thinking about taking him again and, yeah, if he keeps lying there, he’s going to experience my lust and hunger again.

But he does move and I’m just a little too tired to manage a smile at the look he’s giving me, which is probably my second best moment in doing this.  He’s momentarily sated; he might even be surprised because he got a little more than he bargained for, as his nipples, neck, and ears can attest to.  He certainly didn’t expect my thumb to be a fleshy butt plug, did he?

And all he can say as he looks down at me is, “Damn…”

He’s settling in to suck my dick now, another reward for what I think is a job well done… and I hope he has as much fun sucking me as I did him.  And, yeah, even as he bends to the task, I’m tugging at him to swing that dick up and over my face so I can suck him again…


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6 responses to “A Moment in Time

  1. Pyx

    13 January 2014 at 12:26

    Wow that was pretty much my first guy/guy erotica and ummm hot-t-t-t


  2. astraltravler

    13 January 2014 at 12:58

    Dear K.D.,
    Aaahhh I Loved what you expressed. Your (male) point of view. I must admit your methodical and detailing of events Aroused Me to my Core! I would Love to read a lot more of your trysts.
    Your Friend,
    Anastasia 😄


  3. Lesbian Brooklynite

    14 January 2014 at 16:10

    I loved this! You know I love me some Gay erotica/porn/man sex! lol


    • kdaddy23

      14 January 2014 at 16:44

      And I love that you loved it, LB! Thank you for reading it!


  4. lifeofalovergirl

    14 January 2014 at 23:03

    Wow!!! My reaction was pretty much the same as Pyx…that was HOT!!


    • kdaddy23

      14 January 2014 at 23:09

      That’s the kind of stuff that goes on in my mind when I get to suck dick, not just something I made up. People who don’t suck dick (or eat pussy) just don’t understand how horribly erotic it can be to do it…



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