Another Moment in Time

17 Jan

We’ve been together most of the morning, looking for our friends and trying to come up with something productive to do on this hot summer day.  It’s been a lazy sort of day, the heat and humidity covering everything like a hot, sticky blanket and creating a stillness that just adds to our boredom.

We’ve gone to one of the many abandoned apartment buildings we’ve claimed as our clubhouses, mostly to escape the heat of the day, mostly because there’s really nowhere else to go.  We sit and talk about a lot of nothing for long minutes until there’s nothing left to say – all that does is make that sense of being bored more oppressive.

“Do you want to do it?”

The question is asked even as it popped into my head, speaking to the unexplainable urge to do… something that will chase the boredom away and while I really had no thoughts in my head about doing it, it does seem like a great idea and more so since there’s nothing else to do.

“Okay,” I reply, getting up from where I’ve been sitting on the old bed that’s been in this room for God only knows how long and one that a lot of us have used for sex before.  I slip out of my clothes, feeling the heat and humidity dancing on my exposed skin, my dick already hard in anticipation of what’s to come.  I watch my friend get undressed with a quiet sense of familiarity because I’ve seen him naked so many times.  My eyes drift down to his erection and I absently lick my lips and I can’t wait to put my mouth on him again.

We settle in on the old, creaky bed and immediately go after each other’s cock – his mouth feels good on me just as he’s feeling good in my mouth.  We’re both kinda in a hurry to make each other cum, not out of some sense of urgency but because we want to get this part of our coupling out of the way so we can do what we really want to do.

He fills my mouth with his spunk just moments before I do the same to him; it feels so good to cum, to feel my prick twitching and jerking in his mouth right along with feeling his dick doing this very same thing in mine.  It’s refreshing; it cuts into the boredom that was consuming us rather nicely… but this is just an appetizer and the main course is just a few minutes away.

“That was nice,” he says to me, looking at me with slightly hooded eyes.  “Your stuff tastes good!”

“So does yours,” I say to him as I fondle his balls gently.  He reaches for my balls, imitating my gentle massaging, an act that quickly rekindles the desire for more sex until I’m good and hard again.

“Come on… put it in me,” he says, turning onto his stomach, spreading his legs and raising his ass upward.

“Okay,” I said, my voice sounding kinda weird as I apply copious amounts of saliva to my dick.  I get into position above him, fitting the head of my dick against his back door… and I push against it.  The head of my dick goes in him easily – it’s one of the things I like about fucking him – and we both gasp as I go into him right up to the hilt in one smooth movement.

“Do it to me…” he whispers, his eyes closed and a slight smile on his face.

I don’t say anything in reply – there’s nothing to say.  I start moving in and out of him and, damn, this feels so good and so very bad all at the same time.  The old bed is rocking and creaking, adding its sounds to the sounds of our increased breathing, the sounds of our moans, and even the squishy sound of my cock plunging in and out of his ass.  My friend is fucking back against me and I note – and not for the first time – that doing it to him is better than doing it to some of the girls I’ve done it do.

I cover his body with mine as I continue to fuck into him, my strokes getting faster by the second and I can feel my release building and, fuck, this is so nasty but it’s so good… we shouldn’t be doing this… but I can’t stop, not yet, but, oh, damn, I’m gonna shoot…

Shooting cum still feels pretty fucking weird to me even though I’ve been doing it for a while now – I was the first among us who could shoot the baby-making stuff.  My body is shuddering and quaking; my dick is pulsing strongly trapped inside my friend’s bunghole and I feel like I’m going to pass out any second now; the feelings are too intense, too sinful and, yes, too shameful for my mind to cope with… but I remain conscious even though my mind is whirling with things I can’t quite understand.

I pull out of him slowly, not because I’m being gentle but because I haven’t quite gotten control of my body yet and I can’t move any quicker.  The head comes out and a moment later, a flood of sperm begins to ooze out of him and all I can think is the same thing I always think when I see this:  Damn…

“You put a lot of it in me,” my friend said, his voice dreamy, his smile lighting up the room.  “It’s my turn now, okay?”

“Okay,” I say, a little miffed with my monosyllabic responses.  I’m still coming down from my release but now there’s a part of my brain that’s getting excited about feeling his dick in my ass again.  I roll over onto my belly and do what he did, spreading my legs a little and raising my ass up for him; I can hear him behind me, spitting into his hand and slathering his boner with slippery spit and now the anticipating is really doing a number on me, knowing that in a moment or two, I’m going to feel his cock knob pressing against my hole and I try to relax as much as I can because even though his dick isn’t as big as mine, I know this is not going to feel good… at first.

He settles in above me and guides his dick between my ass cheeks; I can feel him slipping and sliding all over the place so I reach back and, with my hand, guide him to where we both want him to be.  He pushes… and I can feel my hole being spread open by him, plunging into the ring of muscle that’s designed to keep things in and, fuck, I just want to throw up in the moment that his knob pushes past the resisting muscles – why does this have to feel this way?  But he’s in me now and that moment of nausea has passed to be replaced with a feeling that even to this day is hard to describe.

He covers my taller body with his slightly shorter one and starts to fuck me slowly and now it feels the way it should feel, something just beyond good with just that hint of… wrongness.  I like his dick in me; it always feels so good when he fucks me and I let go of my conscious thoughts and just relax to enjoy the feeling of being fucked, my body moving on its own accord and in time with his slow, gentle thrusts.

“I like doing it to you,” he whispers in my ear, the warmth of his breath adding to the pleasure.

“I like when you do it to me,” I reply – and I mean it, too, because of all the guys I have sex with, I like this one the most even though I’m not sure why other than he’s never in a hurry when he’s doing it to me and, yeah, the fact that his dick feels so good in my ass might have something to do with it.

My mind is wandering all over the place even though I can tell that it’s focused on the exact place where our bodies are joined; damn, this is so wrong… but it’s too good to be wrong.  I do a trick I learned last week and clamp my ass muscles down on his dick, momentarily trapping it within me… and it makes him groan loudly.  I squeeze again because it feels good to do it… and I like the sounds coming from him as he continues to fuck his dick into me as best he can against my constricting muscles.

“Oh, God, I’m gonna shoot…” he moans in my ear; I can feel his dick twitching in me and it’s getting a little bigger.

“Shoot it in me,” I whisper back to him, relaxing my grip on his dick so he can pound it into my body.  His dick swells… and I feel the first spurt of his semen shooting into me… and I just don’t have the words to describe how fucking good it feels.  Spurt after spurt shoots into me; my friend is blabbering incoherently as his body succumbs to the orgasmic onslaught, his dick stabbing into me, jarring my body as he continues to empty himself into me until, finally, he collapses onto me, gasping for air and shivering as if it were freezing cold in the hot, muggy room.

After a minute or two, he rolls off of me, his cock popping out of my ass and I can feel his spunk starting to seep out of me.  I feel good… but I also feel strangely empty now that he’s no longer inside of me.  We lie on the bed next to each other and I can feel his hand absently rubbing my butt, one finger moving up and down the crack of my ass… and it gives birth to yet another erection on my part.

“You ready to do it again?” I ask, peering at him.

“I’m ready if you are,” he says, treating me to another of his bright smiles as he remains on his back, opening his legs and lifting them high.

I waste little time getting into position; I’ve been sucked and fucked and I’m still horny and eager to get my dick back into him again.  He uses his hand to guide me to his hole and I push, sinking into him even easier than before and we both moan as the full length of me disappears into his rectum and he wraps his legs around my waist and hips.

“Fuck me,” he whispers as his eyes lock onto mine; his words spark something within me and I begin thrusting into him, never taking my eyes from his.

“Harder…” he says, his eyes bright with excitement and lust and I do as he asks, slamming my dick into his sloppy backside with a little more force.  My body begins to protest; I’ve not given it enough time to recover from all its been through so far… but that’s the advantage of being young and persistently horny.

“Faster… please…” he says to me, his eyes closing and his face going slack as he’s now very much into my fucking him.  My lower back protests a lot more as I pick up the pace within him, pushing the limits of my own endurance and all I can hope for is that I don’t get a cramp in my back like the last time we fucked like this.

“Oh, it feels so good… so good…,” he moans as my thrusts rock his body as well as the bed, making it creak and groan even as the ancient headboard begins to bump up against the wall.  Perspiration is raining down on him as it drips from my face, the room and the moment providing so much heat that my body automatically responds to cool me down… but there’s only one thing that will put out the fires within me.

I can feel my face contorting into a fierce grimace; I want to cum… I have to cum… his ass feels so good and having his body clinging to mine feels so much better. I’m only now realizing that maybe we shouldn’t have done this again so soon without taking a longer break… but it’s too late now; I can feel the pressure of what I know will be my last release building inside of me and it’s kinda scary because even before it happens, I know it’s going to make anything I’ve already felt feel pitiful and tame.

“Cream me… shoot your stuff in me…” he moans and the damnedest thing happens; I go from not quite being ready to cum to feeling as if I’ve been body-slammed; my dick swells thickly in his ass and the extra blood flowing into my prong makes me light-headed.

“Oh, shit…” I curse as I start to flood his ass with sperm again… and this doesn’t feel good… but it does feel good; it feels so good my toes are curling and, shit, I’m getting a cramp in my back and ass!  But there’s nothing I can do about that, not until I’ve finished injecting him with my seed.  I’m feeling good and feeling bad all at the same time because I’ve been watching him the whole time I’ve been fucking him, watching his face transform through the gamut of whatever he’s been feeling.  Right now, he’s smiling at me – and I think I’m smiling back but my nervous system is too trashed for me to be sure about that.

I pull out of him and roll over onto my back, gasping for air and sweating as if someone poured a bucket of water on me.  I’m spent and sated – I couldn’t do this again right now even if I wanted to… and I still want to.  I manage to prop myself up on one elbow, look into my friend’s face and ask, “You want to do it to me again?”  I’m tired and achy… but I do want to feel his cock in my ass again; I like being fucked and I really do like being fucked by him.

He frowns for a moment.. then says, “Not right now… but maybe after I go home and get something to eat…”

“Okay,” I said, his words making my stomach growl.  “Come get me when you’re done eating?”

“I will,” he promises as we both get off the old bed and look for our clothes.

As we leave this particular clubhouse, he turns and says to me, “That was so good – I really like doing it with you!”

“I really like doing it to you, too,” I say, echoing his sentiment.  “Don’t forget to come get me when you’re done eating, okay?”

He didn’t forget…


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2 responses to “Another Moment in Time

  1. Pyx

    17 January 2014 at 19:36

    Mother of Mary – as a girl that enjoys anal, I love that feeling of two competing sensations and emotions…. once again this was hot hot hot Kdaddy.


    • kdaddy23

      17 January 2014 at 19:42

      I’m glad you found this to your liking; a shame you can’t see me blushing…



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