The Shower

31 Jan

He came to me for sex and not for the first time.  I remember the first time I sucked him, relishing in the joy of doing someone for their very first time and how easily he gave up his sperm to me and while he had the option of making this a one-time event, as he grew soft in my mouth, I knew he would come back for more… and he did.

He would reach out to me for more and I’d be silently amused, basking in his excitement of the newest all of this was to him as it would flow off of him in waves and it was always a delight for me to see him hard and ready before the fact, to see the lust in his eyes, to feel the heat of desire radiating from him.  We had settled into a routine:  I would suck him until his cum would boil from him, using every little dirty trick I’d ever learned in order to enhance his pleasure and mine.  Then after every drop had been drained from him, he would offer me his ass in lieu of his leeriness about sucking my dick.  And I would take him, the push into his bottom now a great deal easier than it had been since we first struck this bargain; we would both moan with delight as my hardness stretched him so that more of my prick would be inside of him and I would fuck him until my own release rained down upon the both of us.

And we’d bask in the results of our efforts and then part ways until the next time, a time that I knew deep within me would be sooner rather than later.

And here we were again.  I could feel his need just as easily as I could see it in his face but instead of getting right to the heart of the matter, he smiled and asked, “Can we take a shower together?”

“Sure,” I replied, biting my bottom lip a little to keep from smiling or telling him that I had just gotten out of the shower before he arrived – but if that’s what he wanted to do, getting wet again wasn’t that big of a deal.  I led him to the bathroom, where we both stripped down; I set the temperature of the water, checked with him to see if it was okay for him – it was – and I climbed into the shower and he followed, sliding the shower door closed behind him.

I have always liked showering with someone because it gives you a chance to explore their body in ways that having sex doesn’t quite cover and I enjoyed lathering him up and making sure that not one part of his body went untouched and, yes, that included sliding a soapy finger into his ass and listening to his delighted gasp as he pushed back onto my invading digit and making me smile; for a guy who had never had sex with another man before and had never had his ass touched in any way, he had taken to it with a gusto I had only seen in myself when I was a lot younger.  I gave his ass a good finger fucking, doing it nice and slow before removing it; I had him turn to face me and dropped to my knees to give his boner a few good sucks, a tease, a promise of what was to come.

“Your turn,” he said to me after he had rinsed himself off; I handed him the body wash and exchanged places with him, letting the hot water flow over me and willing myself to stillness as I awaited his touch.  It was tentative at first because it’s one thing to wash your own body but something else to have your hands on another man’s body like this… but he was having fun with it, doing as I did to him and taking some extra time washing my erection and balls before having me turn so he could wash my back.

His hands felt good on me and my mind was already thinking ahead to putting my mouth on him again when my thoughts were disrupted by the feel of his finger pushing into my ass; we both gasped a little as his finger sunk into my bottom as far as it could go.  Except for my yearly DRE to check my prostate, it had been quite a while since I’d had my ass fingered and I had to admit that it felt good, my body shuddering every time the tip of his finger made contact with my prostate.

“Can I fuck you?” he whispered into my ear even as I felt his erection sliding up and down the crack of my ass.

“Go for it,” I whispered back, even as my mind reminded me that being fucked wasn’t exactly my idea of fun these days… but it also acknowledged that this guy was different and that being fucked by him would be a good thing and, honestly, I was surprised by my reaction even as I leaned forward and placed my hands against the front wall of the shower.  Was I surprised that he even asked?  Yeah, I was; until the moment he uttered those words, he had never shown an interest in wanting to fuck me.

As he spread my cheeks, I searched my mind for some resistance to this and, yeah, it was there… but it was being overridden because I knew that I wanted him inside me.  I felt his knob pressing against my hole and my whole body just automatically relaxed; ha, it seems that being fucked in the ass is like riding a bike – once you learn, you never forget how to do it.

He pushed… and between the soapiness left behind by his finger and his very soapy cock, his knob slipped into me easily, filling me with the sensation of being penetrated, the slight pain and discomfort reminding me why I no longer liked being fucked… but didn’t explain why he was now gently fucking his knob into me, nor did it explain why I wanted him to push more of his dick into me; it didn’t explain why I was pushing back against him, easing more of his dick into me until his knob cleared the restricting muscle.

“Damn, you’re so tight…” he said, still fucking into me slowly and gently.  “I’m not gonna last long…”

“That’s okay,” I heard myself saying, enjoying the feel of his cock in me.  I wanted him to fuck me, wanted him to push all of that dick into me but before I could find my voice to tell him what I wanted, I felt his cock grow harder and bigger and I knew what that meant.

“Oh, shit…” he cursed; I felt his body stiffen – then I felt his sperm jetting into me, a feeling I had forgotten could feel so good and heady and I was strangely glad that I had broken my vow of anal celibacy with him.

“We have to hurry – the water’s getting cold,” I said as he pulled out of me, leaving me feeling a little sore; we quickly rewashed and I took a little extra time washing my ass so I could feel his sperm leaking out of me, another feeling I had not felt in a number of years.  We got out of the shower, the water now quite chilly, and dried off.  We gathered up our discarded clothing and went into my bedroom and climbed into the bed.

I immediately crawled between his legs, cupping his balls in my hand and took his cock into my mouth, inwardly wincing at the overly soapy taste of his dick but quickly ignoring it as I took my time working him into full hardness again.  I loved the way he was fucking into my mouth and I shifted my position so I could get my hands under his ass, helping him thrust deeper and faster… and so I could also slip a finger into him, knowing full well that it was going to bring him before he wanted to… but this part wasn’t about him – it was about my very deep need to suck him off, to feel his cum spilling into my mouth so I could swallow it like the nectar it was.

Between his fucking my mouth and my finger probing into his bottom, he exploded again, his body jerking and twitching as he spilled into my mouth; had I not had a mouth full of spitting cock, I would have smiled at the thought of him filling another orifice of mine.  I kept my mouth on him, slowly milking every last drop from him until there was nothing left and he was once again soft and limp.

“Fuck me,” he managed to say, his voice dry and husky.  “Please fuck me…”

I got up long enough to get the bottle of lube then set to the task of applying a generous amount to my erection before sliding a very goopy finger into his ass, working the lube into him for some good long seconds before getting into position between his legs, which he had already spread and lifted.  I guided my cock knob to his hole, my eyes fixed onto his as I pushed against him, feeling the resistance for just a moment before he relaxed and the lubricant did its job, allowing me to slide into him with one long stroke until our bodies were fully mated.  I remained still within him so that he could take that moment to adjust but also so that we both could enjoy the moment.

“I never thought that I would like being fucked,” he said to me, his voice soft and low.  “Your dick feels so good in me… and I don’t know why I never did this before we started doing it.”

“Everything happens when it’s supposed to,” I said, flexing my hips and beginning to fuck into him.  I wanted this to last a good long time… but I knew it wasn’t going to; he was too tight and being inside him felt too good… and it didn’t bother me any more than it bothered him because we both understood that not everything will happen the way we want it to.

“Will you suck me again?” he asked as I continued to fuck into him slowly.

“If that’s what you want,” I said, my voice sounding distracted because I was focusing on not losing it for as long as I could… and I was failing because he was now fucking back against me, his hands on my ass and pushing me harder against him.

“It’s what I want…” he said, his eyes closing and his face going through a curious set of movements, showing his discomfort one moment, then showing his pleasure the next.  His body was so hot against mine as I gave up any pretense of holding back; I fucked into his ass with short, hard strokes until the pressure within me peaked… then broke; my cock swelled thickly trapped in his ass and it felt as if I were pumping gallons of sperm into his ass.

“God… that feels… so fucking good…” he said, grinding against me as I gave in to my release until I was left spent and gasping for air.

I eased myself out of him and before I moved so I could suck his cock again, I had a moment to smile with satisfaction to see my sperm oozing out of his bottom.  I then turned to the matter at hand – or the matter that was now in my hand and I was once again amazed at his ability to recover so quickly as I lowered my head and sucked him into my mouth.

It had taken a while to make him cum again but I am nothing if not persistent; he wasn’t going to leave that bed until I drained his balls one last time.  As he pumped his third load into my mouth, man, I was tired; my body was aching and protesting something fierce… but I knew I’d have time to work out the kinks later.

We got dressed and went downstairs; it was time for him to go and I knew he didn’t really want to leave… and I didn’t really want him to go.  We spent a couple of rather embarrassing moments thanking each other for the experience we shared before he smiled at me and said, “See you tomorrow?”

“I’ll be here,” I said, smiling back at him – and my mind was already looking forward to having sex with him again…


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7 responses to “The Shower

  1. deepexplorations

    3 February 2014 at 14:38

    Great description…makes me want to get some! And it really makes me wish I had a regular partner with who I could have unprotected sex so i could get the whole experience!


    • kdaddy23

      4 February 2014 at 12:07

      It’s been my thought that a goal for bi guys is to be able to find that one guy they can really get to know and trust so that they can explore the possibilities with each other without any concerns. This guy, for me, was such a delight to be with; he was a joy to suck off and he surprised me with being willing to be fucked, in lieu of him not thinking he could suck dick… but eventually he decided to give it a try! He handled it rather nicely and while he would suck me, he always wanted me to finish in his ass – and I didn’t feel the need to question him about it.


      • deepexplorations

        8 February 2014 at 18:41

        Sounds fun and delicious! And certainly, how can you argue with a man (or anyone) who wants you to cum in their ass? lol

        It really seems quite lovely on a bunch of different levels to find that guy with whom you can really explore. I haven’t found him yet, but I’ll keep looking. If you’d asked me years ago if I’d have been able to do even half the things I’ve done sexually, I would have laughed out loud, so I imagine that where there is a will, there is a way, and I just haven’t found “him” yet.


      • kdaddy23

        8 February 2014 at 18:49

        Such guys are rare, that’s for sure! And would you have really laughed out loud?


      • deepexplorations

        8 February 2014 at 19:00

        No, I wouldn’t have laughed out loud, I would have cum in his ass, and maybe grunted out loud! 🙂

        Those guys do seem rare, but I’m out there, and there must be other guys like me…


  2. lifeofalovergirl

    5 February 2014 at 14:03

    Your stories are always so hot. 😉


    • kdaddy23

      5 February 2014 at 14:11

      It was a hot and unexpected moment! I’m glad you enjoyed it!



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