Occupational Hazards

11 Mar

For a while, I had been following a blog in the UK that was advocating more rights for sex workers along with more and better protection by decriminalizing prostitution and turning it into a legitimate, rights-filled industry.

This article – – covering sex workers here at home in the US – says to me that such an initiative here at home might be in order, giving sex workers rights and protection from abuse and harassment by the police and their habit of profiling any woman suspected of being a prostitute, even a transgendered woman who was just going out to get some tacos.

The article’s a good read and I’m gonna see if I can find the book it referenced but, in the meantime, how say you, my friends?  Would decriminalization and legitimizing the sex worker trade not only be a good way for those interested to make some money in an economy that is bereft of good-paying jobs as well as cut down the global and illegal sex trafficking we hear so much about?  Is our stance against prostitution merely a moral one?

Leave some words for me to ponder!


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14 responses to “Occupational Hazards

  1. Sassy Sarah

    12 March 2014 at 01:07

    I am all for prostitution being legalized. It is one of the oldest professions, it will never go away, and it would allow massage therapist to be massage therapist. I spent a lot of money on my education. If I wanted to do something I learned back in high school I would not have went to college:P
    If it was legal there will be less spending of diseases, because they would have to be checked every so many months. Just like porn stars have to do.
    it will also help open up communication about sex, because it will be out there. This leading to real education, about sex, feeling, the use of sex, different kind of sex.
    Maybe I would stop getting emails asking if I do work on the prostate:B


    • kdaddy23

      12 March 2014 at 01:23

      You really get emails asking that? I understand that a lot of things would have to change at the federal and local government levels and it would take time to put everything in place. If a woman wants to do this for a living and doesn’t have to worry about pimps, being snatched off the street and shipped off to who knows where, and doesn’t have to be hassled by the cops, then why not? At the local level, I’m sure state governments can find a way to tax them but if this is legitimized and can be run as businesses, then both men and women can work doing something they love to do. They can be bonded or some other sort of certification or license; hell, they’d be able to afford routine health checks – they could even form unions.

      It can be done… but would our morals get in the way of what could be a multi-billion-dollar industry? Sure, some folks are sex workers because they love the sex but a lot of them are out there risking themselves because they need the money. It’s legal in Reno, NV, and has been for years and could be a model other states could use to set up the rules and stuff.


  2. Pyx

    12 March 2014 at 11:19

    well you know how I feel about it – I think it should be a tax paying job like anything else.
    I would like to see woman have the right to call a police officer (remember Obama’s advance team?)
    and equally as important it would make things safer for the John’s as well – they too would have rights and protection.


  3. totsymae1011

    12 March 2014 at 19:14

    Just ’cause it’s the oldest profession around doesn’t mean it should be legalized. It’s demoralizing and conforms to the waywardness of the world. Our bodies are the ultimate temples and like our house, we just shouldn’t let anybody in and worst yet, sell it.


    • kdaddy23

      12 March 2014 at 19:39

      Hi Totsy! Yep, that’s pretty much what everyone says about this subject. So how do the people who dare to do this for a living get their right to be protected like you and me, who ain’t into this line of work?

      Do we just say, “Too bad – get a real job!”? We can decriminalize and legalize marijuana… but not this? Is this right and just? Or does it further demoralize in that we – society – are saying that because they choose to do this to survive (in most cases), they are unworthy, that by their very immoral behavior they are just mere criminals?

      Kinda makes one think about how truly wayward our society is… if one bothers to think about it, that is.


      • totsymae1011

        12 March 2014 at 19:51

        They just have to keeping daring, I suppose. As far as protection, well, illegal professions don’t have that privilege. No, they don’t have to get a real job. In my book, that is their job, no matter the legality issue. It’s simply a risk and the life they choose, like a drug dealer.


  4. Sassy Sarah

    12 March 2014 at 22:33

    It is demoralizing. I believe very few who do it enjoy it. I also believe that if we legalized it, it would force us to communicate with other, our children about sex.
    I believe our bodies are the ultimate temples and we should not let just anyone in. I try to instill this in my daughter. The thing is I make an effort to teach her this. Not all parents do.
    The human touch is as magical as it is detrimental. Teaching our children this is important. Legalizing prostitution does force us all to look at it and talk about it.
    Also I am sick of having to pay the extra taxes because now I have to prove I am a ‘real’ massage therapist. Doesn’t matter that my education cost over 40 grand. Or that sex is the farthest thing from my mind when I am working on a client.
    Where prostitution is legal there are less rapes, less spread of disease, and less violence towards women. This alone is reason to discuss legalizing it.

    I have gotten emails, two to be exact asking if I did any prostate work. I would rather they just ask me if I gave a happy ending. Lets be real, that is what they are looking for. I say no and they move on.


    • kdaddy23

      13 March 2014 at 15:50

      Sassy, you and Totsy make very compelling arguments against the legalization of prostitution and, honestly, I wouldn’t expect to see it happen any time soon. Sassy, I can imagine that as a legitimate and trained therapist, you catch all kinds of hell and people probably assume that you’re doing stuff other than providing massages – I think that would piss me off as well, knowing that I’m doing something legal and legit but everyone assuming that I’m really a prostitute disguised as a massage therapist.

      I can see how it would be demoralizing if someone was forced/coerced to do this but if this isn’t the case, would it still be demoralizing… or is this the view people would automatically take while overlooking the fact that the person wanted to do this for the sex, the money, or both? Like the girls that work at the world-famous Chicken Ranch in Reno; they’re there because they want to be there, they’re college-educated (or working on that) and other than what their occupation is, fine, upstanding people. Are they being demoralized? Oppressed? Obviously, since it is legal there, they’re not being persecuted by the law so considering all of this and other things, do you believe it’s still a terrible way to make a living?

      It seems to me that the difference between the women working at the Ranch and those women who work in, ah, less attractive locations is legalization. Where it’s legal, it’s all good but the problems are where it remains a misdemeanor crime – which one makes more sense? Do either of you think that people would be able to look at this objectively and more so when so many men and women don’t have jobs or cannot find a job that pays enough money for them to be able to support themselves and rise above the poverty line? Would this make sense economically?

      This inquiring mind wants to know…


      • Sassy Sarah

        17 March 2014 at 00:26

        If I could not feed my child I would do it in a second. The problem is when you involve sex, emotions change, overwhelm, and sometimes control the person. It will never go away. and like I said before there really is more benefits to legalizing it than not. As far as the demoralizing, that is on the person.
        If you are emotionally stable and understand your reasons, (not anyone else reasons) for doing this kind of work, go for it. With making it legal, this would happen more than not.
        Economically this makes sense. If I were young and single, putting myself through school, I could see doing this line of work if it was legal and safe.
        But when I was young and single, I was not at all emotionally stable and this kind of work would of gave me more baggage to deal with.
        Will people ever be able to look at prostitution objectively? I would have to say No.
        They will enjoy the benefits, (economy better, not fighting for one’s job, can feel safe in ones own home, ect…) But you will always have a handful of people who will trash the profession. Well I say “fuck them”.
        I would not want my daughter doing it. I would except it, as long as she understood why she was doing it, along with the emotional roller coaster ride it will be and to take the ride, instead of shutting down.

        One of the greatest things I have learned in life is, ‘it is not my business to know what people think of me’. I know i am a good person, if someone does not like me, oh well it is their loss not mine. If you judge me before you know me, I don’t want you in my life. And I say thank you! Because you saved me the work of figuring you out.

        People who bash other people are not happy people. If you are truly happy you do not bash others.

        Just my two thoughts for the day!!


      • kdaddy23

        17 March 2014 at 00:29

        Your thoughts are very much appreciated!


  5. Sassy Sarah

    17 March 2014 at 01:04

    Thank you!! Wish I could spell, I would have a lot more to say. LOL


    • kdaddy23

      17 March 2014 at 01:05

      I don’t take off point for spelling, Sassy – say what you gotta say, okay?



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