One Summer Day…

06 Apr

I went outside after breakfast with no real plan in place; it was a beautiful morning and one filled with promise and perhaps even adventure.  I hadn’t been outside for a good fifteen minutes when one of the neighborhood girls came up to me and asked, “Is it true that you lick the kitty?”

“Uh-huh,” I answered, feeling a jolt of excitement stab into me; her family had just moved into the hood before school let out and she was someone I hadn’t had sex with and, honestly, didn’t know very well.

“I don’t believe you,” she said, hands on her rather non-existent hips.  “Can you prove it?”

“Yeah, I can prove it,” I said without any real expression on my face even though I could feel my body tingling with anticipation.

“I think you’re scared to lick the kitty,” she declared.

The implied dare was tossed down like a gauntlet and I “picked it up” and said, “Come with me and I’ll prove I’m not scared!”

I turned and headed toward the closest clubhouse – we had several of them spread over the hood – and I could hear her footsteps behind me; I was also glad that she was behind me because she couldn’t see the predatory smile I had on my face.  We got to the clubhouse – really an abandoned apartment building – and I led her to the room that had several mattresses we had put there.  Once inside the room, I just looked at her and said, “You ready for me to prove it?”

She answered my question by pulling her sundress over her head and showing me what she wore nothing under it, giving me a good look at her body; my dick lurched in my underwear to see that her breasts were developing and my mouth actually started to water as she went over to one of the sheet-covered mattresses and flopped down of it, spreading her legs wide and looking at me as if to say, “Come and get it!”

I almost hurt myself diving between her outspread legs, fastening my mouth to her kitty and letting my tongue explore her; it didn’t take long before she was thrashing around so much that I had to fight to hold her in place while I ate her.  Her pussy tasted fresh and sweet and I lost myself in stabbing my tongue into her and sucking on her clitty; her body went as stiff as a board and she moaned really loud before she relaxed, her body shivering like she was cold.

“Come on and put it in me,” she said even as she gasped for air – I couldn’t get out of my clothes fast enough and when I finally got free of them, I laid on top of her and covered one of her nipples with my mouth, making her gasp again as she used one hand to guide me to her opening; I flexed my hips forward and slid right into her, noting how wet she was as well as the fact that she wasn’t a virgin, not that I cared about that at that moment.

I fucked her until I exploded inside of her, our eyes locked together as I did so, giving me the chance to see her smiling broadly.  We lay there joined for a moment longer before I pulled out and went in search of my clothes.  As we got redressed, I asked her, “Well?  Did I prove it?”

Her smile gave more of an answer than any words she could have said.  As we left the clubhouse, we walked hand in hand until we got around the corner; she let go of my hand and kissed me on the cheek before skipping her way back to where she lived and I took a seat on the wall of the building I lived in, my mind still swirling around after having sex with her and I remember thinking that the day couldn’t get any better.

I was so lost in thought that I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a girl’s voice say, “Hey!”  I gathered my wits and looked at who was speaking to me and saw that it was the sister of the girl I had just had sex with not ten minutes ago.

“What?” I asked as she stared at me.

“My sister told me you can lick the kitty really good,” she said, her eyes boring into me so hard it made me a little nervous.

“So?” I asked, wondering for a moment if I was getting ready to rumble with a girl.

“So I don’t believe her,” she said, her hands on her hips – and she did have hips – much as her sister had.

“What, I gotta prove it to you, too?” I asked, finally catching on to where this was going.

“Yeah,” she answered and with a grin that just oozed lust.

“Come on, then,” I said, hopping off the wall and going around the corner and hearing her hurrying to catch up with me.  We walked to the clubhouse in silence and while I had no ideal what was going on in her head, my thoughts were doing a dance because I was about to get me some more pussy.  A couple of minutes later, we arrived in the same room that I had fucked her sister in.

I didn’t have to ask her anything; she moved to a mattress and shed her sundress to stand before me clad only in bra and panties; my dick got hard so fast it made me dizzy as I watched her get rid of her underclothes before she lay down and opened her legs and giving me a damned good look at her pussy, which had a light covering of pubic hair.  I got rid of my clothes and climbed between her legs and giving her fuzzy mound a kiss before using my tongue to probe between her already gaping pussy lips.

“Oh, damn,” she said, humping her pussy up against my mouth as I ate her; she tasted just as good and sweet as her sister did… but it was a passing thought as I paid more attention to doing my best to eat her pussy right off her body.  She showed that she was more experienced than her sister by reaching down and using her hands to hold my head in place, screwing her pussy into my face even as I ate her, my  face getting smeared by the combination of my saliva and the juices oozing from her.

I felt her body shudder several time, her clit pulsing in my mouth, something I thought was weird and cool at the time; I wouldn’t realize that this was her cumming for a few more years.  I continued to eat her until I heard her say, “Let’s do it together – do you know how?”

I showed that I did by scrambling atop her and lowering my boner to her waiting mouth – and she showed me that she had sucked dick before, sucking on me furiously as I sucked her pussy.  I don’t know how long we did this to each other before she let me fall out of her mouth and breathlessly said, “Hurry up and put it in me!”

Again I scrambled to get between her leg and as I tried to find her hole, she pulled my head down and kissed me, making my head spin even more than it already was.  I felt my dick plunge into her… and she said, “That’s my ass – but don’t take it out because I don’t want to get pregnant…”  That was fine with me; I was so ramped up that it didn’t matter what hole I was in as long as I was inside of her and I will freely admit that I didn’t last very long being in that other hole; not only was she really tight but she was fucking back at me so hard that if I hadn’t busted my nut, she would have thrown me off of her!

We lay together gasping for long moments before she said, “Okay, I gotta go…” so I rolled off of her and spent a few seconds trying to make my head stop spinning.  We finally got up and got dressed and headed out of the clubhouse.  We didn’t hold hands and she didn’t give me a parting kiss – but she did say that she’d see me later as she headed home and I reclaimed my seat on the wall.

I was pleasantly tired and still excited over my good fortune; not only did I get laid twice but I got to eat and screw sisters – and one of them sucked my dick!  Seriously, how could the day get any better now?  I sat on the wall for a while, watching people come and go on the street, occasionally talking to someone I knew and spent some time listening to the adults talking as they sat on another part of the wall, drinking beer and whiskey.  I went upstairs to get some water and to go to the bathroom before coming back downstairs to hang out on the wall and wonder where all of my friends were this day.

I was back on the wall for maybe an hour and, man, was I bored out of my skull!  I decided to get up and walk around the hood, just to see if anyone was around and to just have something to do; I eventually ran into the brother of one of my friends and even though he was four years older than I was, we got along pretty good.  I stopped and we talked for a few minutes before he asked, “Hey, do you want to do it with me?”

I was surprised – his brother was one of the guys I’d mess around with but I had no idea that this guy liked doing the same thing… but that didn’t stop me from replying, “Yeah, if you want to…”

“Let’s go to that place you go with my brother,” he said, letting me know that he knew a few things about our little “gang.”  We got up off the steps we were sitting on and walked around the corner and halfway up the block to yet another of our clubhouses/abandoned apartment building.  It was obvious to me that he had been in here before because he went right to the room with the mattress, pulling down his pants as he waited for me to catch up and giving me a good look at his dick.  It was nice, too, long rather than fat; he was bigger than I was but I knew I had seen grownup dicks that made his look tiny by comparison.

I slipped out of my shorts and underwear and he asked, “How old are you?”

“Eleven,” I answered, my eyes fixed on his growing erection.

“Damn, you got a big dick for somebody that’s eleven,” he said, smiling at me; I just shrugged with a sheepish look on my face as we lay down on the mattress to suck each other’s dick.  As we got started on each other, I’m pretty sure I surprised him with how good I could suck dick because it didn’t take him long to start fucking my mouth with a purpose; his own skills at sucking dick were good but his little brother was much better.  We lay on the old mattress sucking each other until I felt his dick swell in my mouth, followed by the first spurts of his cum even as he tried to warn me, not that I would have stopped what I was doing because I had long since  learned that making a guy shoot his stuff in my mouth was the second best thing to eating pussy.  A moment later, I cut loose my own load – I had time to warn him – and he just slurped my shit down like he had been doing it for a long time – and maybe he had, as far as I knew but when you’re busting a nut, you’re not really of a mind to care a whole lot about the details.

We separated, both of us breathing heavily from our respective releases but I somehow knew that we weren’t done with each other yet.  We sat there talking about nothing – other than giving each other compliments on dick size and how good our spunk tasted to each other – when he asked, “Do you wanna fuck?”

“Yeah!” I said and perhaps a little too eagerly because he laughed a little at my response.  I turned from my side to my stomach and lifted my butt up; I felt him on top of me and then I head he spitting on his hand; I felt him stick a spit-covered finger into my butt that felt good – then I felt the knob of his dick pressing against my hole, which seemed to open up easily to admit him.  I winced at his entry but it wasn’t as bothersome as having an adult dick in my ass but as he began to fuck me, the discomfort went away and I just gave myself to the feeling of being fucked; he might not have been that good at sucking dick but he was good at fucking a guy in the butt and it even made me wonder if he had been practicing on his brother – and I wouldn’t have been surprised if he said he had.

All I really cared about was feeling his cock in my butt and how great this day turned out to be.  I moaned happily as minutes later, he spilled his sperm into me, grunting, groaning, and cursing as he did so and as he pounded his dick into my butt until it finally went soft and he pulled out of me.  He rolled off of me and onto his back and said, “Come on – your turn to fuck me!”

That my dick was hard and ready after he got off of me didn’t surprise me a whole lot – that youthful advantage – and I lubed us both up with generous amounts of saliva before crawling between his legs and pushing my dick into his butt; I even grinned a little to hear him yelp, “Ow!” as I pushed past his restricting muscle and started to use what little strength I had left to fuck him, which took longer for me to do but he didn’t seem to mind that I was literally on my last leg; that he was egging me on to fuck his ass did give me some encouragement but, man, was I tired!  It seemed like it took forever for me to cum and the strong sensations made me feel worse than I did when I got hit by a car a couple of years earlier – and that really hurt!

He was happy and I was beyond satisfied; all I wanted to do, as we dressed and left the building, was to go home and take a nap – and that’s exactly what I did; I managed to convince my father, who was watching us as Mom worked, that I had tired myself out by running around and playing.  I don’t know if he really believed me and I was so worn out that I really didn’t care if he did or not as I climbed up to my top bunk and closed my eyes, my last conscious thought was that I hoped tomorrow would be as much fun as today was.

I slept until dinner time…


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11 responses to “One Summer Day…

  1. astraltravler

    7 April 2014 at 15:02

    Holy Shit Daddy I Need to go Rub One Out… That was the most arousing adventures I have read today. I Loved It!
    I make no bones about the fact that I’m the most Perverted Woman I know, I only wished I met another Woman that has the same interest as I do. They say be careful what you wish for and I’m Wishing….


    • kdaddy23

      7 April 2014 at 16:31

      To say I had an interesting childhood would be a gross understatement…


      • astraltravler

        7 April 2014 at 16:36

        Indeed it would. I do hope that you did not endure any abuse, as for your early sexual experience. I apologise for my immediate reaction.


      • kdaddy23

        7 April 2014 at 16:51

        Why apologize? I actually liked it! And it’s only abused if the “victim” believes it is although the law, such as it is, says otherwise – but keep in mind that the laws we observe today didn’t exist back in the day; that, all by itself, is an interesting topic of discussion.

        I hope you did take some time to rub one or two out; if you had written it, I would have done it without a second thought!


      • astraltravler

        7 April 2014 at 17:00

        I agree the laws were much different then.
        Yes and it was Wonderful, as I had visions of your story.


      • kdaddy23

        7 April 2014 at 17:54

        See? That’s what I’m talking about!


      • astraltravler

        7 April 2014 at 18:31

        Dear KD,
        I think You would be fun to play with. We both like the same things 😎


      • kdaddy23

        7 April 2014 at 18:33

        I think I’d be a lot of fun to play with!


      • astraltravler

        7 April 2014 at 18:34

        Here’s my e-mail


      • kdaddy23

        7 April 2014 at 18:36

        And here’s mine –


      • astraltravler

        7 April 2014 at 18:50




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