A Few of My Favorite Things

26 Apr

Watching the DVR recording of “The Ultimate Fighter” and, I dunno, my head got all into the gutter… like that’s all that unusual, huh?  Anyway, with some blogs written earlier roaming around in my head – and perhaps for the benefit of any newbie bi guys (or curious dudes) who might be reading this, I quickly thought about the things I like the most about getting naked with another guy.

There’s the physical intimacy, you know, eating him with my eyes even before he undresses and letting the lusty feelings come to the surface; I’m not into needing some guy with a perfect body to turn me on; he would have already done that with his personality and mindset so if his body is as hard as brick or he’s carrying a few extra pounds, it doesn’t mean a whole lot.  As he strips – and I’m shedding my clothes – I’m just basking in the moment and even ‘analysing’ his body to get an idea where all his buttons are so I can push them repeatedly.  Of course, there’s that first look at his cock and noting whether he’s flaccid, semi-erect, or sporting full wood; then there’s the rush that comes from knowing that he’s pretty much giving me the once over at the same time.

I actually like the pregnant pause, that moment in time where there’s nothing to say but neither of us are sure about who’s gonna get the ball rolling.  It gives me a feeling of… impatience, which isn’t the right word but I can feel the anticipation and even a bit of anxiety as we wait for someone to make the first move.  I know that a lot of times, I’m gonna make that first move because at some point during the pregnant pause, I’m just gonna say, “Oh, fuck this!” and make a move on the guy even though I’m not really sure what that move is going to be until I actually do it.  I might embrace him, nuzzle his neck and ears; I might go straight for his nipples or, at the moment of first contact, I might start at the top and work my way down.  He might think that I’m teasing him and maybe I am but I know that I’m very anxious to get my mouth on his cock so this bit of foreplay puts the brakes on the anxiety.


I like, in that opening moment, being able to enforce my will upon him, not so much in a “I’m the dominant one and you’re not” kind of way but to use that moment to let him know that I not only like his body but I’m about to do my best to eat him alive.  I want to make him moan when I suck on his neck and ears and when I attack his nipples, working my way down and doing a pit stop at his navel.  I’ll have his cock and/or balls in my hand and the ravening beast inside me definitely likes the feel of his hardness; that whole size thing isn’t even a consideration for me – having a big dick means nothing… but having a smaller one doesn’t mean anything either… but what does matter is that he’s hard, I’m getting him all heated up, and as soon as I finish fucking around with his upper body, I’m going to do the one thing that, over these many years, I love more than anything else.

I’m gonna suck that dick.  Just like when I’m eating pussy, I don’t really have a “plan” in mind; I’ve learned to just let my feelings dictate my actions.  I like hearing him moan the moment I make contact with his cock head; he might curse, or even start talking to me – I really try not to pay attention to that because, well, it’s distracting, ya know?  My favorite thing is that battle of wills that is now taking place; he’s doing everything he can to keep from busting a nut – he might have even jerked off before we met so he can last longer and I am determined to make him cum despite his efforts to the contrary.

He’s fucking my mouth, cursing, maybe even talking to me, encouraging me to suck him, telling me how good it feels, or maybe even giving some instructions like harder, faster, slower… and maybe I’m of a mind to accommodate him in this… and maybe not.  I just get lost in the moment; I’m totally focused on that hard dick that’s in my mouth and the feel of his balls in my hand and, no, they’re not going to go unattended either and, hmm, while I’m down there – and if he’s cool with it – I just might slip a finger into his ass to give him a little more incentive to spill his seed for me.  Another of my favorite moments is when I get him to that point where he just has to suck my dick while I’m doing him; he’s trying to get at my boner and, hmm, maybe I want to feel how he’s gonna suck me or maybe I just want to take his ass apart and steal his cum first – I never really know and I like that I don’t know, if that makes sense.  I’ll take all of his cock into my mouth, not because I want to show him that I can do it but because it’s a rush and a half to make a dude’s dick disappear like that – I love it when I go deep and hear him say, “Damn…”

I like knowing when he’s close; I like knowing when I’ve gotten him right to the edge of the point of no return.  Maybe I’ll hold him there for a moment and just tease him or maybe I won’t shove him over into the abyss because, hey, sucking dick is hard work and even I need to take a breather for a few seconds.  By now, I’ve run out of patience and I want to feel his sperm jetting into my mouth; a favorite thing is feeling those tell-tale quivers flowing along his hardness, feeling his nuts drawing closer to his body – and a body that he’s pretty much lost control over as he thrusts into my mouth… and then that moment when I know that he’s ready to give me what I want – I know he’s gonna cum now and I get ready to do whatever I’m gonna do with it.

Maybe I’ll swallow it or maybe I’ll just let him shoot into my mouth and then let it slide out or maybe I’ll stop sucking him and use my hand to make him cum just so I can see his shit flowing out of him.  Again, I never know what I’m going to do until I actually do it but I will say that in the majority of times, I’m swallowing his goo because I not only like the taste but I’ve worked damned hard for this and I want my reward.

He’s caught in the throes of his release… and I’m right there with him and, um, I’ve been known to have to fight off the urge to giggle as he shudders and shakes through his release – why this moment can appear to be funny to me is unknown.  He’s getting soft but I still have him in my mouth and deciding whether I want to stop sucking him… or keep on going until he gets hard again so he can cum for me again – again, that’s one of those things I can’t ever predict; it depends on a lot of things and, importantly, how much steam I’ve taken out of him and other things I don’t have words for.

We get to the part where he’s sucking me now and now the battle has been reversed; he’s trying to make me cum and I’m trying to not only resist this but I’m also kinda fighting with myself to not get all rough and shit with him.  For me, it’s a delicious internal battle because a part of me wants to just lie back and watch him suck my dick… and another part of me wants to ravage his mouth, to gag him with my length and just mindlessly have my way with him.  I’ll place my hands gently on his head; I’ll moan, curse, call on a deity for some help I know ain’t ever gonna show up; I’ll fuck his mouth with the same urgency he’s sucking me with; hell, I might even tell him how good it feels or encourage him to suck my dick good and to suck it like he means it, like he loves sucking dick as much as I do.

I know he’s gonna make me cum and, in the back of my mind, I know one of the favorite things I love about sucking a guy’s dick – and having mine sucked – is that you want to last as long as you can… but if you don’t, it’s not that big of a deal, you know, I’m not gonna bust the guy’s ass for making me “cum too soon” because, duh, the whole purpose of getting your dick sucked is so you can revel in the feelings so you can bust that nut for him, giving him the reward for the effort he’s put into this; it’s like a show of appreciation for the fact that we’re even doing this in the first place.

Finally, there’s that favorite moment when all the sucking is done and we’re trying to recover our wits, normalize our breathing and heart rates, and smiling at each other like idiots.  He might say – when he can find his voice – that what just happened was off the hook; he might even relate some moments where I might have surprised him, like when I sucked down all of his dick and just held it there or when I inserted a finger into his ass.  If time allows, he might even tell me that going for round two is a good idea – and I’m okay with that because just like there’s no such thing as eating too much pussy, there’s no such thing as sucking too much cock and more so if I determine that I did, in fact, have one hell of a time sucking him.

And I usually do.  But, if he doesn’t or can’t go for round two, that’s okay and, hell, yeah, if he can’t ready himself for another sucking, that’s because I trashed his ass – and if he jerked off before we met, well, perhaps he shouldn’t have done that, huh?  It’s all a bit of an ego trip and I’ve long since stopped denying that it is even though I know that it’s not really about ego – at least not for me, anyway.  But, damn, when you are working your magic on his body, feeling and hearing him respond to whatever’s being done, the fact that in this moment – and in the moments where I have his dick in my mouth, I own his ass… even if he believes that he’s the one running the show.  Ah… what a rush!

While fucking and being fucked is quite intimate I’ve learned that, for me, this isn’t as powerfully intimate than sucking his cock until he loses it; those of you who don’t suck dick might not understand this but if you love to eat pussy, well, it’s pretty much the same intense intimacy.  The cool thing about being bisexual and performing oral sex on a man or a woman is that while the equipment might be different, the intent is the same; the passion is the same; the hunger for the tastes and scents of sex are the same (or close enough for government work).

These are a few of my favorite things.  Any guy can fuck another guy in the ass and while I’m not gonna say that it’s not intimate or not satisfying, sucking a man’s dick is – and can be – so fucking intimate and satisfying and in ways that mere fucking can’t come close to – and this is coming from a guy who knows what it’s like to be fucked.  But just like eating pussy, you have to love it in order to really get the full impact.  I know some guys suck cock by rote – they’re doing it because they’re expected to and while they don’t have a problem sucking dick, eh, you can tell that they’re not in love with doing it.  But, then again, that’s not really the point, not really why this is one of my favorite things:  It’s the fact that it was done – period.  He could have said no and brushed me off and I could have done the same to him.  It’s not about whose dick is bigger or who can last the longest or affixing ‘blame’ if someone cums too soon – you really do leave your ego at the front door because it’s all about my favorite thing to do with a man.


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2 responses to “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. disconcerted72

    26 April 2014 at 15:18

    You certainly have a way with words…lol…and simply stating it like it is!


    • kdaddy23

      26 April 2014 at 15:28

      Thanks… but is there any other way to state it? I gotta ask ya: Can you feel the love in my words, the passion I feel when I get to do my magic trick and make a hard dick soft?

      Do the words resonate with something inside of you?

      We both know that if we wanna read all of the bad shit about being bi, all we have to do is pay attention to the news… but I do have the nerve to talk about that which is not only good but makes me want to run out and give the first guy I see a mind-blowing blow job and just because it’s such a fucking hot thing to do!

      Holla at your boy and share more of your thoughts if you care to!



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