Gone Swimmin’

26 Jun

Okay, here’s another one of those things when you see something and it triggers a memory.  Not two minutes ago, I was standing outside and saw a guy put a pretty big hunk of pipe into a rollback dumpster; Linda commented that it was a shame our friendly neighborhood junk collectors weren’t here – they’d probably be fighting over that pipe.  I looked to the sky – it looks like it’s gonna rain – and it reminded me of summer days when I, along with the rest of the gang, used to prowl the ‘hood looking for empty soda bottles so we could return them for their deposit… so we could go swimming.

There were three pools that were independently owned before the city eventually took them over:  Price’s Run, Kruse, and Camby Park.  At the time, going to Camby meant putting yourself at risk – you had to walk through white neighborhoods and racial tensions were still quite high after the 1968 riots that occurred when Dr. King was assassinated so the choices were Price’s or Kruse and, depending on the day of the week, it would either cost you a dime to get in or a quarter.  Once we scrounged up enough bottles between us to go to our pool of choice, it was off for an afternoon of swimming, diving, and getting so waterlogged we’d all look like prunes.

And, oh, yeah, to perhaps have a chance to have some sex!  Now, you might think that such a thing would be hard to do, you know, with lifeguards stationed all around the pool and other pool employees patrolling the pool deck because on a hot summer’s day, a public pool was one of the most chaotic places to be.  I know adults who fantasize about getting a blowjob in a pool and, um, I’ve had that happened quite a bit and before I ever became an adult.  Sometimes it had to be negotiated but there were times when someone would swim up to me (or anyone, really) underwater, yank their trunks down and start sucking dick; it was usually best to be along the sides of the pool and, of course, not in the deep end so that if you were the one being sucked, you could brace yourself and the person doing the sucking could easily grab the wall if they needed to when they came up for air.

A lot of us learned the art of swimming with a girl and having our cocks buried deep inside of them; we didn’t have to be science whizzes to figure out the science of light refraction and water and that things above the surface could look rather normal – just a guy and his girl swimming together… but beneath the surface?  Ya man!  I know I used to laugh to myself whenever I thought about people being worried about a lot of urination taking place in the pool but, nah, somebody’s pee wasn’t the only stuff lurking in the water!

As the memory ran through my mind, I smiled at some of the images, like there was this one kid who I believed only came to the pool so he could suck dick and be fucked in the ass.  I don’t even know if anyone knew what his name was, where he lived, shit like that; what we did know was that if you saw this kinda fat kid swimming toward you and smiling like he stole something, you had a chance to get your shit off if you were interested in such things.  I remembered that he swam up to me as I was kicked back against the side and just people watching and simply asked, “Is it okay?”

It wasn’t like I was looking for him or even looking to have sex with anyone and it wasn’t like I didn’t know him by reputation or even seeing him doing his thing around the pool but, yeah, okay, I figured why the hell not so I told him, “Yeah, it’s okay!”  The kid smiled hungrily, took a really deep breath… and sucked the living daylights out of me – yeah, he was really that good.  After he sucked out everything I owned, he didn’t swim off to find someone else who was willing; he just kinda hung out next to me, grinning like an idiot and talking about this and that when he asked, “Can I get some of that?”

It wasn’t as if I hadn’t given my share of blow jobs or eaten more than my share of pussy underwater and I would have been happy to return the favor if I hadn’t already known that he wasn’t fond of that and his question had everything to do with me fucking him.  It didn’t take me long to get hard again and more so since he was pressing his ass up against my crotch and when I was hard enough, out came my dick, down went his trunks and, oh, yeah, very easily into his ass.

Unless you knew how to look or was almost right next to us, what you saw was two guys close to each other and talking to each other and even pretending to swim; were you to swim by underwater, you’d see what the real deal was and, yeah, it was possible to wind up with an audience; that all by itself was an illicit thrill right along with know that if the pool staff caught you, you were not only get tossed from the pool but everybody would know your business as they escorted you out.  I know quite a few guys and gals who got permanently banned from the various pools for public fucking and, like I said, knowing what could happen if you got caught was such an adrenaline rush.

So I’m happily fucking this guy and it was one of those rare moments when I actually felt that fucking a guy in the ass was better than fucking some girls’ pussies and, as such, it didn’t take me long to make a delivery in the rear – and while trying to keep the visible parts of me looking as if I wasn’t busting a nut; trust me, that took a nice bit of acting to pull that off successfully.  We disengaged, thanked each other, and he swam off as if nothing had ever happened.  For me, it was off to the shower room and a quick but thorough soapy cleaning down there – and in water so cold I thought they had the showers connected to an ice machine – then it was back in the pool to see what else might happen.

When I got back in, one girl swam over and said, “I know what you were doing to him!” and, of course, I just looked at her like I had no idea what she was talking about, right up until she said, “If you don’t do it to me, I’m gonna tell the lifeguard about it!”  I remembered this and I had to laugh even though I didn’t think it was funny at the time; I mean, she could have come up with a better way to ask me if I wanted to fuck her without doing it like that, right?  But it worked; I got my dick out and she jumped into my arms; I slid her suit bottom to the side, she used a free hand to guide me into her… and now it’s time to take a walk through the pool.

It was about as bold and brazen as it could get, knowing that you’re passing a shitload of people who are enjoying their time at the pool while you’re dick deep in some girl’s coochie.  Again, above water, it’s just a guy with his girl and it’s just a PDA, holding on to each other, talking, kissing, whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ear (like, your dick feels good in me or your pussy feels really good) while below the waterline, a form of Tantric intercourse was taking place as we allowed our movement through the water – and the fluid dynamics taking place with other bodies in the pool – do all the work until I busted a nut in her which, for this particular experience was kinda painful for me; when she felt me cumming in her, she bit down on my shoulder to keep from crying out as she came and I wound up biting my lip really hard because I didn’t want to yell out and then attract some very unwanted attention.

Sometimes when I was at the pool, I’d spend quite a bit of time getting fucked; it was as if the moment I got into the pool, a sign lit up saying, “If you wanna fuck someone in the ass, here he is!”  Once, six guys creamed my ass nicely and I hadn’t been in the pool for more than an hour; the first guy who did me told five of his friends and, well, it was what it was.  What was funny was that one of the lifeguards noticed these guys crowding around me and thought I was about to get my ass kicked – that happened a lot and I know too many kids who wound up getting drowned and the perpetrators getting locked up for it.  The lifeguard asked, “What’s going on here?” and, of course, we all said, “Nothing!  We’re just talking and stuff!” – even the guy who had his dick in my ass and was in the middle of cumming in me… and the lifeguard just nodded and when back to his perch; he never looked in our direction again.  I got my dick sucked, got to fuck a couple of the guys and, very much sated, got out of the pool and called it a day…

And, yeah, sometimes I went to the pool and actually swam!  My favorite place was the diving area and participating in the diving contests that invariably came up and, yeah, you just knew there was a lot of testosterone in the air – and in the water – as we tried to do the best dives and to not get clowned if we couldn’t do a particular dive or if you tried it, fucked it up, and belly-flopped.  One hot Saturday afternoon – it was blistering! – a bunch of us were in the diving area and there was some betting going on and I usually tried to stay out of it; some of the guys making the bets were known gang members and if you couldn’t pay up, well, you can guess what would happen.  But, this day, I got drawn in the betting and, actually, I did rather well in not losing any bets; I had an “advantage” the other kids didn’t, like being a member of the local Y and having swim instructors who taught me how to do the various dives being betted upon.

There was a huge pot of money waiting for the guy who could successfully do a two-and-a-half off the high dive and, man, there were many very loud and painful belly flops!  You’d hear that unmistakable sound of a belly flop from the high dive, followed by an equally loud, “Ooooh!” as we all cringed and/or laughed at the failure.  I honestly don’t know how I got caught up in this; I mean, I had won all of my bets (they paid off, by the way) and I was content to just hang on the rail and watch these fools try it, like the one guy who failed to complete the dive but wound up losing his trunks and he didn’t know they were gone until he climbed out – yeah, that was hilarious as was the one guy who somehow wound up hitting the water flat on his back.  Anyway, one dude said, “I bet he could do it!” pointing to me and I thought, “Aw, shit…”

And, yes, I eventually caved to the peer pressure; I was going to try a dive that I’d never tried before and one that I’d seen damn near everyone fail to complete and if I joined that number, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to live it down and I was pissed with myself for setting myself up to be publicly humiliated.  I wasn’t thinking about the growing pot that the person who did the dive right would get when I was second in line for the high dive’s ladder; what I was thinking about was the guy behind me who leaned forward and said, “I bet you don’t make it.”

I was already pissed and I just said, “Make it easy on yourself, man…” – uh-huh, I should have said that I wasn’t gonna bet on that but in for a penny…

He said, “You fuck it up, you come over to my crib and suck my dick.”

My reply was, “And if I make it?”

Yeah, you guessed it – he said that he would suck my dick if I won and the good (or bad) part about this is that I knew he wasn’t one of the many guys in the deep end area who was down like that – but I knew he had a betting problem and had already lost whatever money he had brought with him.  Now, I’m not gonna tell y’all that the prospect of getting some dick gave me great motivation – that would be a lie but, yeah, it was on my mind as I climbed the ladder and began to do as I was taught:  See yourself doing the dive step by step then just do it.  Whether he actually knew I was down like that never crossed my mind but I knew it was the kind of bet designed to add extra humiliation to the assumed failure; if you welched on the bet, everybody would find out that you did and what the bet was – not a good thing, let me tell ya.  As I focused, I could hear all the catcalls below me, questioning my parentage, my manhood, whether I was really male and not female, and insinuating that I lacked intestinal fortitude and other such things like not having testicles.  I stood there as long as I could – they weren’t gonna wait too much longer for me to get my ass busted… but I also knew that three other guys had pulled off the two-and-a-half on this very board so, yeah, it was doable.  I took that first step…

Okay, here’s the end of the story.  I won the $150 that was in the pot and, later that day, the guy who bet I couldn’t do it not only sucked my dick but he did it twice – seems like everyone was wrong about him after all.  Now, back to the dive:

I took my first step and, looking back at that moment now, I was doing all kinds of physics in my head without realizing I was doing it (not bad for someone who wasn’t even in high school yet), as I used a measured stride to the end of the board; I leapt upward as high as I could manage and somehow shifted my mass downward onto the end of the board in the right place – and now I’m airborne and immediately into to the somersaults; in my head, um, I kinda panicked because after the first one, my brain kinda lost track of what I was doing – yeah, I was in mid-dive and just blanked out and, honestly, I barely remember a little voice in my head saying, “NOW!” and the next thing I knew, I was in the water and  touching the bottom of the fourteen-foot diving area with my hands.

I hung out down there for a moment to get my bearings then surfaced to a cheering crowd – I was now only the fourth guy to have done a two-and-a-half off of this pool’s high dive… and I wasn’t even aware that I had done it.  And I admit that it was nice to have my fifteen minutes of fame as I tried to act as if doing the dive was no big deal – that macho thing, you understand – and I remember thinking that they actually had no fucking idea how scared I was or that I had forgotten what I was doing or, yeah, that I was still kinda shaking over the whole thing.  I even had a couple of girls “fighting” over me to see who was gonna do the “walk and fuck” thing that was being offered; all I’m gonna say about that was the pussy was good and leave it at that.

By the way, I never attempted to do that dive again.  But, ah, man, those were the days!


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8 responses to “Gone Swimmin’

  1. deepexplorations

    26 June 2014 at 16:15

    Holy shit! Where was that pool? Or was this all a fantasy?


    • kdaddy23

      26 June 2014 at 16:27

      Not even fantasy, my friend; at one point, my family moved from the side of town I grew up on to a place right across the street from the pool. Now, I haven’t lived in my birth city for like 25 years now but as far as I know, the pool’s still there and in operation. The city took over the three pools I mentioned – but closed down (then tore down) Kruse because it was a dangerous place to swim because people were always throwing broken glass into the pool.


  2. rougedmount

    26 June 2014 at 22:36

    oh my goodness


    • kdaddy23

      26 June 2014 at 22:39

      What? My summers didn’t get boring until I grew up!


      • rougedmount

        26 June 2014 at 22:41

        giggle..the disparity between our worlds amazes me at wonder i can pull of the good little girl with sincerity…grin ..apparently i was one.


      • kdaddy23

        26 June 2014 at 22:45

        I prefer the word “diversity” to “disparity.” We had our share of good girls and boys, too, you know… I just wasn’t one of them. Well, I was, but, eh, not in all things.


      • rougedmount

        26 June 2014 at 23:00

        because i looked like Jessica Rabbit as a kid, it was always assumed I was one of the ‘bad girls’..grin.. i had the reputation but none of the experience. it gave me unlimited freedom to find my own place in the world..I never knew your world existed…lol..or i may have joined in…


      • kdaddy23

        26 June 2014 at 23:13

        A sheep in a wolf’s clothing, dear Rouged? A lot of people find it hard to believe that my world existed; I mean, who does these things and practically gets away with them? I did… and a lot of people I know did because if nothing else, we were all products of our environments and it taught me something: If you believed that such things couldn’t happen, you needed a wake-up call; there’s such a big difference between this and “shouldn’t happen.” Our morality says it shouldn’t… and that sure as hell doesn’t mean that it doesn’t and it was something I eventually learned crossed all “class” and “color” boundaries… but proper people not only didn’t want to talk about such things but would also act as if it were impossible – just a case of mass denial, that’s all.

        Have you ever seen the movie, “Hellraiser,” where “Pinhead” tells the movie’s heroine, “We have such sights to show you!?” I’m pretty sure we would have had many sights to show you, Jessica – um, I mean, Rouged.



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