This Is For Fred

10 Aug

Fred, who commented on my “I’ll Do Anything…” blog, mentioned going to his local steam baths back in the day and checking out the action there and while we didn’t have steam baths here where I live, we had plenty of adult book stores and X-rated movies houses where action could be found… even if you weren’t looking for any.

HIV/AIDS hadn’t made the scene yet and I had heard, like a lot of men had, that if you went to certain book stores and the ones that had the rooms where you fed the thing quarters and could look at X-rated film clips or even a live woman getting all nasty with herself… and curious me just had to check it out once I was legally able to go into such places, that is.  I remember the first time I was in one of those book store booths and dropping in quarters to see what was some pretty lousy porn clips – and the next thing I knew, there’s a hard dick sticking out of a hole I didn’t see when I went in there and, stupidly, I had no idea why it was poking through a hole in the wall… at first, anyway.

I heard a voice, muffled by the wall say, “If you want to suck it, go for it!” and I thought, why not?  I grabbed the cock and pumped it a couple of times, looking for that tell-tale ooze that would indicate the clap was present and since what came out of it was crystal clear, I started sucking on it.  In my head, something was telling me that this was nuts and I was obviously crazy to be happily sucking on a dick and I couldn’t see its owner but, um, well, I wasn’t paying attention to any of that because I was finding out that the rumors I had been hearing were true.

The mystery guy shot his load – his timing was either good or bad depending how you look at it because I had just taken him out of my mouth to wet my lips and got a face full of spunk.  Okay, no problem since there were boxes of tissues in the booth.  Then I heard the disembodied voice say, “Stick your dick in the hole!”  Okay, that got me thinking; I could do that and there’s no fucking telling what would happen – for all I knew, he could have had a knife and was ready to cut my dick off!  But, damn, that curiosity of mine got the better of me and I stuck in my cock through the whole… and, holy shit, whoever was on the other side just went to fucking town on my dick!

By the time I was 21, shit, I had had my dick sucked so many times and by so many people it wasn’t funny… but this was nothing like I’d ever experienced before; it was all I could do not to explode in that first couple of minutes and I think the only thing that saved me the embarrassment of cumming too quickly was the crazy thought that the guy on the other side of the wall was sucking me like he was trying to suck my whole body through that small-assed hole!  But cum I did and the guy on the other side didn’t miss a drop.  I pulled out of the hole and heard a muffled, “Thanks – I love black cock!”

I was flustered and so much that I thought about the half-roll of quarters I had and whether or not I was gonna go back to feeding the machine when, on my left, another cock poked through yet another hole I didn’t know was there and I thought, “Oh, shit…” and decided that it was time for me to get the hell out of there even though a part of me didn’t like having to leave that erection unattended.

Jump ahead about, oh, three weeks.  I took a trip down to the only X-rated theater left in town, kinda giddy that I was finally old enough to go in and check out things.  The moment I walked into the darkness of the theater, whew, the scent of sex slammed into me and a lot of what I was smelling wasn’t what I’d call pleasant – but I was determined to see the advertised flick that was on the marquee and my nose quickly got around to editing out the smell before I even made it to a seat.  I sit down and scope out the few people who were there and a moment later, the movie started.  I was so intent on watching the movie that I never noticed the guy who took the seat to my right and then when I did notice him, I wasn’t really paying attention to him; the action on the screen, combined with the action going on in the front rows had my attention big time…

Right up until I heard him say, “Can I suck your dick?”  I didn’t know this guy from a can of paint, as the saying goes.  He was older than me – I guessed in his 30s – and he wasn’t all bummy looking, not like some of the people I’d seen entering the theater and because I wasn’t getting a bad vibe from him – but despite my brain telling me to say no to him – I said, “Sure, if you want to…”  He wanted to and I experienced that really weird thrill of being blown while watching porn… well, watching it up to the point when he was sucking my dick so good I couldn’t pay attention to the screen.  Not only was this stranger sucking my cock but he was jerking himself off at the same time.

This dude was eating my cock and balls like he was starving for dick or as if his very life depended on it.  I was doing all I could to stay as quiet as possible so as to not attract any unwanted attention but this guy made it difficult for me to do that.  I kinda remember opening my eyes and, shit, there was someone sitting in front of me and, double shit, his attention wasn’t on the action on the screen!  I didn’t feel threatened – just surprised.  The watcher didn’t try to come over the seat or anything but he was seriously egging the guy sucking me to really get into it.  Now, I was used to having sex with other people watching… but this was somehow different.  It was a little scary – we all heard about the predators that practically lived in the X-rated theaters and how they like to rape people so we should never think about going inside one.

It was some heady shit, my friends – and I mean that literally and figuratively.  The first guy’s sucking the shit out of me and choking his chicken; he busted his nut (it was a rather spectacular release) but that didn’t stop him from sucking me; the observer was cheering him on and all that crazy shit and, well, I lost it; my release was so strong that I thought I was gonna pass out.  The guy sucking me didn’t let go of my dick until it was totally soft; he looked at me, smiled like he just stole something and said, “Thank you!” – then he turned to face the guy who had been watching and asked, “You want to be next?”

The guy in the next row actually climbed over the row and sat on the back of the seat in front of the guy who just expertly blew my brains out and, surprise, surprise, he had his dick out already – imagine that, huh?  I was spent and drained and a captive audience and, besides, watching this guy suck dick was much more interesting that watching whatever the fuck was happening on the screen.  Frankly, I was impressed and even somewhat taken aback by the sheer boldness of what was taking place next to me and I wondered if either of them were worried that the people who ran the place might come in, see what they were doing, and raise all kinds of hell or, gasp, even call the police!  Little did I know that the owners did know what was going on and unless there was some trouble, they turned a blind eye to it all  – another lesson learned.

The guy next to me finally finished the dude sitting on the seat back; pleasantries were exchanged between them and the guy turned to me and asked, “You ready to go again?”  I most certainly was not and I told him nicely that, no, thanks, but I gotta go.  I got outside and thought that I got much more than what the price of that ticket cost me.  It kinda unnerved me as I made my way home; why is it that we think about what could have gone wrong after we’ve already done it?  On the one hand, I fulfilled my “quest” to go see an X-rated film in the theater; I got the added bonus of getting my dick sucked and even got to watch other guy get serviced; on the other hand, my mind filled up with all the shit that could have gone wrong, like either of those men ganging up on me and trying to force me to do something with them.  They would have gotten fucked up had they tried but that wasn’t the point, was it?  Despite my ability to defend myself, they could have overpowered me and, shit, raped my mouth and ass!  What the fuck was I thinking about?  Why didn’t I leave the moment the guy asked if he could suck me?

Ah, fuck, maybe you know how it is, Fred (and anyone else reading this).  All after the fact, I know I should have left… which didn’t change the fact that I didn’t leave.  What both of these experiences did was convince me not to hang out in book stores or X-rated theaters and more so since the cops started to raid these places on a regular basis.


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4 responses to “This Is For Fred

  1. Fred

    11 August 2014 at 11:07

    Lol. See? You did do a lot more than I did.

    If my memory is serving me right, I’ve been to two adult bookstores and one xxx theater earlier in my life. I didn’t do, or see, much of anything in any of them. Oh, ok. I jacked off in one.

    First time was a xxx adult bookstore in the main drag of town where I still live. I’d just moved here and was barely 18, if even that. I’d seen the store before as it was quite obvious. One day when I was by myself I stopped and went inside. I was nervous as hell. Heck, I was scared to death.

    There were only two people inside. The guy who worked there just sat looking disinterested, and some guy in his 20s or 30s browsing the books and magazines. I don’t know if there were any booths to watch movies. I was too scared to even think about that. I walked around and ended up next to the other customer. He seemed pretty relaxed picking up magazines and browsing through them. I picked up one, looked at a few pages and then scurried outside.

    That was back in ’73 and xxx stores were nowhere near as accepted as they are now. Still, I’m not sure why I was so scared in that place. The other two guys didn’t seem to care, but it was on a main street. What if someone saw me or my car there? I never went back to that one and it was shut down by the city fathers a few years later. They didn’t want that kind of place on the main street through town.

    My first adult theater trip was a little after that. I was traveling by bus and stopped in San Francisco with a long holdover so decided to walk around and see what San Francisco was about for the first time as an adult- 18 years old. Not far from the bus station I found a xxx theater so I figured that was my chance.

    I felt embarrassed buying a ticket from the pretty girl at the ticket booth, then went inside and started watching the movies. They ran non- stop through the day. The movies weren’t much of a turn on. After a few minutes I turned to see what other kind of guys did this sort of thing. The only guy I could really see was some homely looking guy with all kinds of zits all over his face. He seemed mesmerized by movie. I decided I wasn’t some homely looking guy like him so shouldn’t be in that theater in that kind of company. I got up and left, again feeling embarrassed as the girl in the ticket booth smiled at me as I left.

    Last one I remember was some xxx bookstore in the Seattle area. I was in my 20s by then. I stopped by, got some quarters and went into a booth. I don’t recall any glory holes. I watched some grainy hetero porn clips, got excited and jacked off into the ashtray. Yep, smoking was allowed in many places back then. After I jacked off, I left the booth and went back to the street.

    No action in any of those adventures and the nervousness is still with me at times, although not as bad. We have had at least a couple of sex stores in town over the years where sex toys and such are sold. I still feel nervous going into those places, even though they’re fairly “high class”. Not sleazy at all. I guess it’s just the way I am.


    • kdaddy23

      11 August 2014 at 11:32

      Fred, we must be about the same age – I was also in San Francisco when I was 18 and, yep, I checked out the stuff in the area – I have a really funny story about that.

      See, the two incidents that happened so closely together caused me to wonder, for the first time, if I were some kind of magnet that attracted people who wanted to have sex with me. I looked back to the really crazy days, which hadn’t been that long ago at the time, and I could see that a lot of times I wound up having sex with men/boys, they came to me more than I sought them out, as if I had a sign on me that said, “Wanna fuck? Ask me!” I began to think about the concept of being in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time and there was a time I felt cursed; I couldn’t go too many places without some guy hitting on me and, ultimately, getting into my tighty-whities.

      Now, I didn’t think it was a bad thing; after all, along with the pussy I was getting, I was getting more than my fair share of dick, too… right up to the point where I felt I was a part of some conspiracy or something: I didn’t have to go look for dick because it always – and somehow – always found me.

      By the time I turned 18, I was ‘coming to my senses’ and really being more careful about what men I allowed to get next to me; I learned to say no to many advances thrown my way and only saying yes to those men I felt were… honorable, if that makes sense because I was running into too many men who wanted to treat me like a piece of ass or, worse, treat me like I was their bitch and I wasn’t having any of that.


      • Fred

        11 August 2014 at 12:24

        Along that same line I’d meant to comment on the glory hole thing. I’ve never seen one, much less used one (from either side). There is supposedly at least one at an adult bookstore at a town north of mine that I see mentioned in the Craigslist M4M ads. I don’t know that I’d do one of them for a couple reasons:

        First, as you mentioned earlier, how do you know the guy on the other side is on the up and up. What if he wants to cut your dick off or something? That’s enough to get me not to stick my dick in one. Aside from that, it seems like an awfully uncomfortable way of getting sucked off.

        Second, pretty much like the first, who is the guy on the other side? What if he has some disease, or what if he’s just a gross person you wouldn’t have anything to do with otherwise? A homo guy that had a fair amount of experience with glory holes told me a story once.

        He was working the glory holes at a highway rest stop some distance north of our town. He sat in a toilet stall for some time until some guy came in and stuck his dick in the hole. The biggest and thickest he’d ever had. When he came, the guy spurted by the bucket load. One of the hottest blowjobs he ever gave.

        They were finished so both left their respective stalls at the same time. That’s the first time he saw the guy whose cock he was sucking. “Ugliest guy I’d ever seen”, he told me. We both laughed at the story, but that would so gross me out. No glory holes for me.


      • kdaddy23

        11 August 2014 at 13:48

        Well, I learned that the main attraction to glory holes is anonymity; there were/are a lot of men who want to make use of them but can’t afford to have their faces seen which makes sense but, yeah, it doesn’t mean that someone could use that same anonymity to do some nefarious shit.

        I’ve also found it interesting that the dudes with the biggest, fattest dicks and the biggest, thickest loads were usually the kind of guy you’d never want to be seen with in public – just ugly for no damned reason.

        And if they were that ugly – and appearance is such an important factor to a guy – then having some fugly motherfucker on the other side of a wall and you can’t see him actually works and, really, unless you’re the kind of bisexual who can like men in the same way they’d like women, the only thing that really matters is the guy’s cock and whether it’s healthy or not.

        I know that, today, I’d never partake of any glory hole I might find – it’s just too fucking risky these days.



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