DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell)

27 Aug

Okay, so I decided to try doing a blog on my iPad so if it looks fucked up, blame Apple.

Life for me when I was in USAF basic training was a real eye- opener, culture shock on a level I hadn’t experienced, me and 41 other strangers thrown together to learn the uniformity required in service to our country. One of the things I learned is that you can take a teen away from his home, but some aspects of it continue to follow him.

We were in Day 10 of our training, no longer “rainbows” but not even close to being USAF airmen. I was in the latrine, looking at a scrape I’d gotten when a door whacked me, when one of the guys came in and, man, was he frazzled. At first, I kinda ignored him; a lot of us, myself included, were still having a hard time adjusting to military life… but I couldn’t ignore him because he was standing behind me, just waiting for me to notice him.

I asked him what was wrong and he looked nervous and I thought that if I sneezed, he’d probably shit himself – that’s how wound up he was. At first he didn’t answer so I was about to go back to examining my face when he said, “I need to suck your cock!”

Now, one of the things they made clear to us was there was zero tolerance about having sex during basic training and they reminded us that if any of us were found to be gay, we’d get kicked out so his announcement surprised me.

“Why do you need to?” I asked; I ain’t gonna lie – the thought of having my dick sucked sounded damn good and better than choking the chicken.

“I just gotta,” he said, licking his lips. “I need to suck some cock or I’m not gonna make it out of basic!”

“Why me?” I asked; I was keeping my bisexuality under my hat big time.

“Because you’re easier to get along with than the other guys,” he replied taking a step toward me.

To me, it seemed like I blinked, still processing what he said… and the next thing I knew, he was on his knees and, magically, had my dick in his mouth. Blood rushed to my groin so fast I got lightheaded and I had to lean against the sink… and my fellow flight member kept right on sucking me and with a hunger I wouldn’t identify with until I was much older.

“Jesus!” I managed to say, keeping my voice down because all I needed was to have the dorm guard decide to investigate a loud noise. The guy was doing a number on me, taking me deep, sucking my nuts and even fingering my ass, making it hard for me to keep an eye on the latrine’s door.

He gave my dick a couple of really deep sucks and said, “Now you gotta fuck me!”

My common sense left ten seconds after he started blowing me but I had enough sense left to know that fucking hi out in the open was pushing things too far. But…

“In the stall…,” I said, nodding to the stall directly behind him. As he scrambled into the stall, I took a moment to pump a lot of the liquid soap from the dispenser, rubbing all over my dick as I joined him I the stall and used the remaining soap to lube his hole as he somehow knelt on the toilet seat.

“Put it in… hurry!” he whispered; I spread his cheeks and put my knob against his hole… and gently pushed into him. But I guess I wasn’t getting it in fast enough for him because he pushed back hard against me; I felt my dick rip through his sphincter like it wasn’t there… and then I heard the door to the latrine open!

“Everything okay in here?” the dorm guard asked.

“Just fine!” I replied as the other guy moved himself on my dick, which hadn’t gone soft.

“Okay, but hurry it up – lights out in five minutes!” The dorm guard announced and, yeah, I was sure he knew what the deal was. The door closed and I got to fucking the guy’s ass with a purpose because I knew our TI would be in to check on us.

His ass felt good; I was getting a great visual of the darkness of my dick plowing into the whiteness of his backside but the one time I needed to hurry up and cum, I didn’t feel that ‘pressure’ building up inside of me. I started to pull out but I didn’t want to stop fucking him… but just the thought of the TI showing up early and busting us scared me – and I exploded I his ass.

He moaned, I think I was speaking in tongues as my dick pulsed strongly in his ass… but time was up; even as I pulled out, I could hear our TI asking where the hell we were. We burst out of the stall like we were shot out of a cannon, hung a left, and got out of our shorts and T-shirts, turning the water on so fast I think i scalded myself.

Our TI burst into the shower room – maybe he thought he was going to catch us in the act or something – but all he saw was the two of us on opposite sides… talking. That didn’t stop him from busting our asses about taking a shower so late… but he didn’t punish either of us with push-ups or the dreaded 341 form. Since he “had it in for me” he did mention that my name would be high on the list for KP duty before he told us to hurry the fuck up and hit the sack.

We both breathed a sigh of relief and I wondered if the sergeant even noticed that neither of us had a towel. But we hustled out of the shower and got dried off at our respective bunks.

The next day, during a rare break in the action, the guy I had fucked the night before came over to me and said, “Thanks, man; you have no idea how much I needed that!”

“I do have an idea,” I said to him. “I think we have more in common than you might think!”

I’m not gonna say that what happened that night started a trend but it seemed like to me that a lot of guys – guys who were quite straight – were keen to take advantage of all that dick living in our dorm. The TIs stopped checking up on us at night and there was a lot of fucking and cock sucking going on damn near every night.

I often wondered if they – the TIs – knew what was going when they left us for the day. I thought they did, to be honest, but wasn’t going to say or do anything unless we were stupid enough to get caught, which none of us did.


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4 responses to “DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell)

  1. maeleestories

    28 August 2014 at 11:57

    That was hot! Whew! How awesome you guys were able to find opportunities to freaky…I love hearing about this stuff.


    • kdaddy23

      28 August 2014 at 12:28

      We were lucky that it turned out ok. We heard that two guys in our sister flight – they were in the dorm right across the hall from us – got busted by their TIs on the downstroke; they got arrested, thrown in the stockade, and got dishonorable discharges. Our instructors told us about this and reminded us of the penalties for having sex while in basic – but I still think they knew what some of us were doing when they weren’t around.

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  2. Fred

    29 August 2014 at 17:26

    I never got an inkling of anything like that when I was in Army basic training, but maybe I wasn’t in the loop? Some of the guys got laid by hookers in town, but that’s all I was ever aware of.

    We did have a “company queer”, though. The rumor started as soon as we arrived at our training company that a certain guy was queer and was giving blow jobs to other guys at the reception center in return for them shining his boots for him (in hindsight that’s seems unlikely and probably wasn’t true).

    And he was a cutie! There was one other guy that reminded us of all that for weeks. He ragged on the cute guy whenever he got a chance, calling him queer or whatever. He wouldn’t quit. I’d actually just left a live in homosexual situation prior to basic training, so in the back of my mind it was a bit awkward. Although I considered myself super straight at the time, or wanted to think I was, I never took part in picking on cutie (and not that many did, aside from laughing a bit).

    But one night some weeks into the cycle the situation took a strange turn. We had the weekend off. The tall, red headed guy that picked on cutie all the time came back to the barracks drunk late one night. He goes into the squad bay, hops into cutie’s bed and tries to make out with him. Cutie, of course, throws him out of bed with a vengeance. Everyone else in the room sees what happens and by morning, it’s all over the company.

    The drill sergeant even made reference to it the next morning at formation. Not specifically. Just saying something like “SOME OF US had waaay to much to drink last night…”. You should have seen the look on the guy’s face. I actually felt sorry for him, although I suppose some would think he deserved it. He never picked on cutie again.

    I did think he was a cute kid, but was in hetero mode at the time. Years later, as I began to accept the homosexual side of myself, I regretted there wasn’t some way I could have jumped cutie’s bones. He was a doll.


  3. Fred

    29 August 2014 at 17:34

    Oh, and more to one of the points you brought up about getting in trouble for homo stuff in the military:

    I recall being at some company presentation in an auditorium. The drill sergeants were going through a bunch of stuff with us, the details of which escape me. Cutie wasn’t there at the time but most of us were. At least one guy brought up, and a few others echoed, his question, about homos in the military. The made reference to cutie asking why he was still in the company.

    I remember the drill sergeant saying one thing or another and then assuring us that when graduation time came, cutie wouldn’t be there with us. If memory serves me correct, cutie most certainly did graduate with us. Maybe just because he hadn’t done anything. All the things that were said about him amounted to rumor. Nobody could really say they saw him do anything queer.



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