Life in Cali

19 Nov

Do y’all remember my gay roommate from my Air Force days in California?  I was thinking about him yesterday, not like I “missed” him or anything like that, but how he used to make me insane with his behavior and how I would “regret” (a) letting him know that I was bisexual and (b) having sex with him at all.  In particular, I was thinking about one Saturday morning…

We had gotten up, went across the street for breakfast – the one thing I liked about living on-base – and came back to our room.  I was in the middle of trying to decide what, if anything, I wanted to do when I heard, from the other side of the room, “Let me suck your dick…”

Because I had my back to him at the time, he couldn’t see the look on my face or see me roll my eyes heavenward as I silently mouthed, “Again?”  See, it had kinda been a bit of a hellish week and not because of my duties; no, we’d been having sex in some form every day that week and sometimes 3x a day.  I woke up Monday to him sucking my dick and, well, it was all off and running after that.  We had sucked each other off Friday morning before we reported to our respective posts and even though we didn’t hang out with each other Friday night, we had even more sex before calling it a night… and he was really starting to get on my nerves.

Don’t get me wrong; sex with him was damned good; he gave excellent head and fucking him was rather nice, too… but he just had this way of wanting my dick when I didn’t feel like being bothered – like when I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do for the weekend that didn’t include having sex with him.  In my mind, no, I didn’t want to let him suck my dick but my body betrayed and then overruled me.  Even though I had that eye-rolling moment, my dick was already starting to get hard just thinking about his amazing mouth; my body told my brain, “You do whatever  you wanna do – I’m gonna get sucked!”

So I said, “Okay…” – and before I could turn to face him, he pretty much tackled me onto my bunk, did some kind of magic trick to get my pants down, and then fell on my dick with a purpose.  My mind was saying, “Okay, this is getting ridiculous…” but my traitorous body made me sigh as he sucked me deep into his mouth; despite the resistance taking place in my mind, my body automatically relaxed and gave in to the now-familiar feelings it enjoyed whenever he put his mouth on me – I started fucking into his sweet mouth without thinking about it, my hands cradling his head to gently hold him in place – yeah, like he was really going to stop what he was doing or needed any encouragement to stay where he was.

It wasn’t that I didn’t think it was glorious that he always wanted to suck me off; I mean, guys just dream of having someone around who’d suck them and without having to ask or beg for them to do it… but my roommate had convinced me that there really was such a thing as having your dick sucked too much.  From the first time we went at each other, holy shit, not a day went by without him, at the very least, giving me a blowjob… or two… or three.  At first, damn, it was nirvana but after a month of being his roommate, well, shit!  Yet, here I was, lying halfway off my bunk and thrusting into his mouth, my mind in a very peculiar place:  I loved having him doing this just as much as I wished he’d just leave me the hell alone for a day or so.  Even as he brought me close to release – he gave me a “break” by paying attention to my nuts and sliding a finger into my ass – the part of my mind that wasn’t happy about this knew that because it was Saturday, he wasn’t going to just settle for sucking me off.

I’m getting really close, fucking into his mouth the way he told me he loved it – about as hard and as fast as I could manage depending on positioning – and my mind was already foreseeing what would happen after he got me off:  I’d cum and he’d gulp it all down until I had nothing left; my lust would be firmly in control and I’d reverse our positions and give him a blowjob in return and I’d rejoice in it because (a) I loved to suck dick and (b) I did love sucking him, from the way he felt in my mouth right to the way he tasted.  He’d give up his cum and then he’ll get right back to sucking me into hardness so I could fuck him… and even as I was now shooting my load into his mouth, I wasn’t really looking forward to it… but I also knew that the “vision” I had would play out almost exactly as I saw it and just like it had so many times.

And it did, too, and I wasn’t all that pleased to be proven right again… but, damn, once things were put into motion, it was just too fucking difficult to stop them.  I ate his dick hungrily (and as usual); because I knew all too well what he liked, I had two fingers in his butt at the same time… and I was disliking it and liking it all at the same time.  I dunno… I guess that the masochist in me liked the way he reacted to whatever I did and no matter how I did it; he’d always wind up begging for mercy and I wouldn’t be of a mind to show him any as I’d coerce him into giving up his seed.  He’d cum, shuddering, shaking, and moaning and the “evil” side of me would be howling in sheer delight as I drank all he had to offer (and it was a lot, too).

“You bastard,” he said once he remembered how to speak, his face an interesting shade of red as he glared at me.

“My parents were married when I was born,” I replied, licking my lips and somehow managing to get to my feet, standing before him (on wobbly legs) and waiting with a degree of impatience for the final act to begin… and, still, being a little pissed about the whole thing and more so because there was just something about him that just made me forget about the fact that I didn’t want to be bothered having sex with him at that moment… and I’d do it anyway.  I hissed as his mouth covered me again; I was still quite sensitive from the first time but he was good at not causing me too much discomfort.  I stood there, looking down at him as he worked on reviving my dick and, not for the first time with him, wondered just how and why I managed to get myself in this situation.  It was good… but it really was getting on my nerves; as I look back at that day, I realized how much I didn’t understand about this kind of sex, like, it was very possible that some men just lived to do this and, being the kind of gay man he was, he loved being the “girl” in all of this.  Today, I get it; that day?  Eh, not so much but I was learning.

He got me hard again and let my dick go with his usual reluctance so he could say, “Put it in me!”  I waited for him to get into position – this time, he wanted to be on his knees on my bunk, his ass lifted as high as he could manage so I could take him while standing; I took a moment to debate on whether or not I wanted to apply some lube and decided not to, not out of any meanness (well, kind of) but because I learned that I could get my dick in his ass easily and without any lube.  I got my knob in place and pushed… and we both gasped as I slid into him and, yeah, easier than getting into some of the pussy I’ve fucked.  As I started fucking into him, I once more found myself staring at the contrast of our bodies and how fascinating it was to see my darkness moving in and out of his lightness (and I say this despite the fact that he was tanned).  I knew I didn’t want to be bothered with sex… but, man, did I just love having sex with him.

I’m thrusting into him, my movements being fueled by lust and a bit of my anger at him and myself and he’s got his face buried in my pillow to stifle his joyful noise because, of course, it wouldn’t do either of us any good if we were to get caught in the act by the officer that managed our dorm quad.  Even though the military had very strict rules about anything that looked like homosexuality, I’m sure they knew what could be going on – and it kinda explained why one of the mottos we lived by was, “It’s only illegal if you get caught…”  I knew, as I pounded my dick into his ass, that part of the allure of fucking him was doing it and knowing that there was some danger involved and, incidentally, it was a danger we shared with some of the other guys in the dorm.

His ass feels good around my dick and I found myself reluctantly admitting this; he’s fucking back at me, telling me how good it feels to have me inside him again; he’s alternating between moaning and… giggling as I reach around and start yanking on his dick until he’s good and hard again.  I think for a moment about having him inside of me but I don’t feel like having that debate with him.  Oh, sure, I can get him to fuck me but I’d have to threaten him with some violence before he’ll put that dick in my ass.  Today, I know he was a bottom, someone more suited to the female role and more inclined to being done like this than to return the favor.  I know that my sense of fairness in this was still running strong; I just didn’t think it was right for me to fuck him and not let him fuck me… but that’s the way it was.  I didn’t like it and, as I said, I could get him to do it if I really wanted to… but I really didn’t want to.  I was in the moment… but not really; I was happy about the second-wind thing, that it would take me a little longer to cum… and kinda wishing that it wouldn’t because, as you might recall, I really hadn’t planned or wanted to have sex with him again in the first place.

“Cream me…,” he whispered.  “I wanna feel it go in me!”

I knew that because he went to great lengths telling me all about it one day.  I’m not really close to doing as he asked – but he’s squirting cum all over my sheets and while it puts a reminder in place that I’m gonna have to change the bed and wash those sheets, I feel a sense of accomplishment hearing those huge spurts of cum splattering all over the place.  It’s as hot as hell in the room – and despite the air conditioning; my nose hasn’t quite edited out the strong musky scent of sex and it’s thick and cloying, that odd mixture of sour and sweet as I continue to bury my bone in his butt.

“Please… do it now…” he begs breathlessly, grinding his ass against my intrusion.  It’s not as if I’m not trying – my legs are barely holding me up and if I wasn’t holding on to his hips, I probably would have collapsed to the floor!  I can feel that burning sensation in my lower back because I’ve stressed the shit out of my back muscles; it feels good but it’s also distracting me enough to prolong my release into him.  I clear my mind as best I can and just focus on the sight of my dick stuffed into his ass and – pow! – I cum and it feels oh, so, good and bad at the same time, like somebody dropped something heavy onto me.  My legs feel boneless and they don’t want to keep holding me up… and I wound up sitting on my ass on the floor!  He helped me to my feet and, yeah, we were both laughing about what just happened.

“Damn, that was good,” he said, giving me a hug before helping me strip my bed and remake it.  We wrapped up in our towels and made our way to the shower room and noticing the knowing looks a couple of the guys there gave us because they knew there was only one reason why we’d be showering after having already showered when we first got up before breakfast.  But in modern terms, it’s like “Fight Club” and the first rule is you don’t talk about it even though you know what the deal is and I thought it was kinda funny to have to act like nothing happened around a few guys who knew exactly what had happened, not just because they caught on to us but because they knew like we did.

“You’re awfully quiet,” he says to me as we made our way back to our room.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said as I stepped into the room.  Yeah, I kinda lied to him because I couldn’t think of a way to nicely tell him that we really didn’t have to do this every damned day… and then I couldn’t think of how I was going to explain my going along with it – better not to say something and more so when I already know how easy it is to hurt his feelings.  He shrugged, patted me on the ass, and went to his side of the room, presumably, to get dressed.  I was in my closet, pulling out some stuff when I heard this:

“Let me suck your dick…”

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