Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Swallowing

02 Dec

Big time topic, huh?  It’s the dreaded “acquired taste” that a lot of people who suck cock don’t want to deal with or only deal with on special occasions (maybe) and in the world of bisexual men, it’s assumed – and I have no idea why – that we all suck cock and we all swallow.  It’s not entirely true because, just like some women, some bi guys aren’t fond of doing either thing.  I will add at this point that a lot of guys turn to the bi side just because another guy will not only suck his dick but will allow cum in his mouth and, yep, because they have a woman who won’t suck them off.

There are quite a few techniques for dealing with cum and fellatio etiquette allows for the performer to spit it out but I know I’ve only run into maybe two or three guys who didn’t want cum in their mouth at all.  I don’t make any bones about my liking to swallow but for the newbie bi guys out there, nah, you don’t have to if you don’t want to because acquiring the taste isn’t all that easy.

A lot of this isn’t solely about the taste, which can depend on what the guy’s been putting into his body; things like food, alcohol, and medications can make a guy’s spunk taste pretty shitty.  One of the things I found that goes into swallowing is the consistency of a guy’s spunk as well as quantity and this, too, can vary and depends on a lot of things, like, how much water he drinks.

I’ve learned, over the years, that if a guy isn’t going to fuck you or is just down for a blowjob, they’re usually expecting you to let them cream your tonsils – whether you swallow it or spit it out doesn’t matter although a lot of guys are impressed if you do gulp it down.  Of course, this is provided that you feel it’s safe to do so and giving a guy a blowjob with a condom is allowable… even if the guy you’re blowing ain’t gonna be too happy about that – it just is what it is.

I know that when I’ve negotiated with guys for some action, this almost always comes up (no pun intended) – it just seems to be very important to know if the guy who might be sucking your dick swallows or not.  Guys have asked if I swallow – and I tell them that I do – and they think that is so cool while I’ve had other say to me that if I didn’t swallow – and that’s before asking me what the deal is – then we didn’t have anything else to say to each other.  I’ve run across guys who want to dump a load of cum in my mouth… but have emphatically stated that while they’d suck my dick, they prefer not to get creamed.

Growing up, I just got used to having sperm shot into my mouth, either by “agreement” or that ‘dirty’ trick guys pull on women:  “Really – I’m not gonna cum in your mouth!  Trust me!”  Etiquette says that if you haven’t agreed to this before the fact, let the guy sucking you know that you’re gonna cum so he can stop… but I also know that you can be nowhere near the point of no return and then find yourself on the other side of it and, nope, you just don’t have a chance to issue the warning.  I don’t know about other guys but early in the game, I just expected to get creamed and, as such, was kinda ‘made’ to acquire the taste; when I got older and a guy actually asked me if I swallowed or not, I was surprised – doesn’t everyone swallow ’cause they’re supposed to?

Apparently not but, yeah, guys who swallow or take the cum in their mouth and, ah, discretely spit it out, are ‘preferred’ over guys who won’t allow sperm in their mouth at all.  I would suppose that whether you swallow (or spit) or not depends on where your head is about sucking dick in the first place – it’s a little hard to put it into words but I’m trying.  Sucking a guy off can be quite the ego trip and more so if he thinks what you’re doing is solely about him; he thinks he’s using you for his pleasure but you’re the one in control of whether or not he gets off and when you get him off, that load of cum is “payment” or your reward for a job well done… not to mention that it feels good to suck dick in the first place.  But then you have some guys who suck dick only because it’s expected of them; it’s an obligation, a chore, or something to be done in exchange for something else.  You run into this type of guy and he’s not likely to get you off like this because, in his mind, it’s already enough that he has to suck you in order to get what he wants – dealing with spilt spunk in his mouth would only serve to sour the whole experience for him.

Yeah, it’s the difference between loving to do it, just liking it, or  doing it by rote.  I’ve learned, in these more modern times, that some guys will tell you that they don’t swallow or you can’t cum in their mouth because of HIV/AIDS… but they’re willing to suck your dick unprotected just the same; anyone who has sucked dick can tell you about seminal fluid, otherwise known as pre-cum and, well, do I need to say more?  Uh, hello!?  I’d rather a guy tell me that he can’t stand to taste cum or he’d been traumatized against it than for him to tell me some bullshit like that and more so when he’s not insisting on using condoms for this.

Even if you’ve acquired the taste, that doesn’t mean you have to swallow; I’ve gotten guys to the point of no return and have taken them out of my mouth and finished them off manually, not because I didn’t like the way they taste but because, er, I kinda like watching a dick explode from time to time.  Yeah, I’ve had the misfortune of having some nasty-tasting loads flowing into my mouth and, nope, ain’t swallowing any of that so I’ll just open my mouth and let it all fall back onto him (and then hope I can rinse the taste out of my mouth).  And I know it’s probably me but I’d rather the guy shoot it in my mouth than to spray it in my face as an alternative – guess which thing would make me want to hurt a motherfucker?

Let’s face it; a guy can get his woman to suck his cock and she might even happily do so… but he’d better put that sperm anywhere other than in her mouth.  Some women have been traumatized via this route they just won’t do it for love or money.  So, yeah, when they run into a guy who will not only blow them but finish them off nicely?  Booyah!  But then I guess if one guy sucked them off, all guys who suck their dick should do it and swallow and it’s just not always like that.  Like I said back in the beginning of this, there are trick, tips, and techniques one can employ to help deal with the taste and it’s not the purpose of this writing to get all into that.  Not all men who suck cock – and this includes gay men – are fond of having a mouthful of sperm so it does pay to find out before the dicks come out whether or not (a) this is an expectation and (b) if anyone’s even into swallowing.  I know guys that would let you fuck them in the ass before they let you cum in their mouth and, like it or not, there are reasons for it and even absent some of the more obvious ones, it’s really about respecting the other guy’s right to decide if he wants to swallow sperm or not and if he doesn’t, you should respect that.


Okay, this is a day after I started writing this and I’ve had some more thoughts about this.  I understand that there are some folks out there who really buy into the stereotypes associated with bisexual men when it comes to sex and watching gay porn or hearing about the exploits of gay men can put it into someone’s head that all men who have sex with men do all of the same things all of the time.  Thanks to this perception, I kinda can’t blame folks from thinking that if Guy A sucks Guy B’s dick, he’s going to make him cum and then slurp it all down – and then you tack on a perception about men period:  We always want to be sucked off and, uh-huh, you are expected and required to swallow every drop.  I once again point out that perception is often more damaging than the truth.

I got to thinking about a double standard that can prod some men to seek out a guy for a complete blowjob, that being, a woman being unwilling to do this for her man but will give him all holy hell if he doesn’t eat her to completion and, as such, keep his mouth and face basted with her juices and, you betcha, he’s gonna lose this argument in the majority of times; you just ain’t gonna throw the obvious and logical counter to her argument and expect her to say, “Yeah, baby, you’re right – I should start sucking you off more often!”  Still, she just might say that… but I hope he’s not holding his breath waiting for her to do it.  Now, some guys will just start waving the white flag on this one and stop trying to change her mind about it and life goes on.  Some guys will seek out another woman who has no qualms about sucking him off but there’s no guarantee that this will be easy to accomplish.  Ah, but it’s said that if you get another guy to do it, yeah, buddy, he’s gonna suck you off every freakin’ time because that’s what they do!

I’ve heard guys say that going this route for oral sex makes sense because – and this will sound familiar – men know what other men want when it comes to this, which assumes that all guys want to be sucked off and that all guys who suck cock are gonna swallow.  I’ve heard guys relate that they’ve gotten sucked by another dude and they did get off… but the provider didn’t keep the dick in the his mouth so that the receiver could finish in there – and then some fecal matter struck the rapidly rotating blades.  I know that guys who have never, ever, sucked dick might not be able to fully appreciate what it’s like to deal with a mouthful of sperm – but acknowledge that there are some guys who get brave enough to taste their own spunk.  I kinda/sorta “understand” that it’s not “enough” for us guys to bust a nut – we’ve got this… “need” to deposit our sperm somewhere and while we all know where it’s supposed to go, um, if we put it somewhere other than the place that was designed to receive it – pussy, if you’re wondering – then, okay, that works, too, so putting it into someone’s ass or mouth can satisfy that “need.”  Sounds weird and I just might be wrong about this – but it makes sense that we have another reason for wanting to put our sperm in some orifice other than the fact that it feels good to do it.

Swallowing is optional, not mandatory and I don’t care what the stereotypes have to say about it.  If you do swallow, fine… but you don’t have to do it in every oral situation you run into.  It’s hard to avoid the stereotype and it’s just as hard to avoid the perceptions of other men who want to bust a nut in someone’s mouth.  For bi guys looking to suck cock for the first time, it’s something you wanna think about from every angle before you actually do it; I can’t honestly say that it’s possible to determine that you’re gonna acquire the taste just by thinking that you can do it but I do know guys who have sucked cock for the first time and have swallowed or, at the least, taken the sperm into their mouth and then, in that instant, decide whether or not they liked the taste and consistency – sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t but there’s a reason why they say it’s an acquired taste, right?

Why swallow at all?  This sounds weird but it kinda makes sense to swallow it – this is so very hard for me to explain except to say that once you’ve acquired the taste, sure, why not swallow?  As I mentioned yesterday, there’s something pleasurable about doing it as well.  If you’ve heard of women being “cum whores,” well, guys can be the same way and if you don’t like to swallow, it can be hard to explain.  One can swallow because it’s expected of them and I’d say that those of us who are very experienced with sucking cock learn that just because the other guy expects it, we don’t have to; we learn that it’s not a lot of fun to get our tongue coated with sperm when we weren’t keen about having that happen – again, we learn what a lot of women learn that if he promises not to nut in your mouth, it can be an empty one.  Still, there are those who say that if you’re not willing to take that sperm, maybe you shouldn’t suck dick – and I think this mindset is very narrow and implies that one shouldn’t have a choice or say when it comes to swallowing.

I guess I’ve rambled on enough about this but it’s good to empty my head about this particular subject and since this took me a while to finish, I gotta think about a new “Thought” for today… if I can… but I think I have a good one so keep an eye out for it!

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