Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Angst

30 Dec

I can often hear “Hulk Hogan” saying, “Whatcha gonna do brother when biphobia runs wild on you!” whenever I see shit about the angst toward bisexuals.  I’ve gotten into some interesting discussions with a few people about biphobia and it just fucking amazes me how so many people are worried about it and making such a big deal.  For the record, yeah, this stupidity exists and has the potential to be far-reaching and damaging to bisexuals whether they’re out or not and while I’ve taken the personal stance that I’m not going to sweat the dumb shit on this, I wonder why so many bisexuals are sweating it and, importantly, I wonder why it exists in the first damned place.

Humans have a terrible history of hating on anything that’s different from them; we’ve seen this where race is concerned, where religious beliefs and politics are concerned; I’ve seen some fucked up shit between neighborhoods in the same part of town and, yes, I’ve been more than aware of the rage against homosexuality.  But I know that while we are slow to change, we eventually do change; not everyone does – that would be too much like right – but at high levels, yeah, change is happening and just when you think that we’ve gotten closer to the demise of homophobia, along comes biphobia and, um, what the fuck is this all about?

You don’t really have to be an expert in social sciences or anything like that to realize that trying to erase bisexuality and treat it as if it never existed is just… silly because you’re really trying to put the kibosh on a part of human nature that’s been around for God knows how long.  I’ve read a lot of shit about why people think bisexuals aren’t real and I keep saying to myself, “Are they serious?” and despite all of the shit I’ve read to date, it just doesn’t make sense and more so when I know without any doubt that as a bisexual, yep, I exist – duh.  What I’ve been able to learn from this is that we – bisexuals – are now being raged against in almost the same way gays were by telling us that we’re in denial about being totally gay, that we’re a clear and present danger to pretty much everything, and other things that, at least in my opinion, are borne more out of fear than cold hard facts.

I wonder just how the fuck biphobia can have such a terrible impact on a bisexual if no one knows that they’re bisexual (or very few people know it)?  Yeah, I can see how a budding bisexual can be worried about all the shit being said against bisexuals because it makes them question themselves and gives them cause to worry about the social impacts of being discovered as bisexual and it just does not make sense to buy into the illogical premise that bisexuals (and bisexuality) don’t exist and that we’re the new problem child in society.  This ain’t like racial discrimination because, duh, bisexuality isn’t as obvious as the color of one’s skin and we know that bisexuals come in every flavor possible; the fact that bisexuals aren’t all out and flaunting their sexuality differences – something that biphobia bitches about – is something I think works in our favor because, fucking duh, they can’t fuck with you about being bisexual if they don’t know you’re bisexual.  And, no, I’m not talking about remaining below the radar out of fear of biphobic reactions, either… but if there are people wondering why bisexuals are not all out in the open, well, now you know why we’d rather not be out in the open.

Someone said to me that the LGBTQ community needs to do more for bisexuals and I agree that they do… except there’s a segment of this community that is fostering and fomenting biphobia and, according to other bloggers who’ve written about this, pretty much ignoring bisexual issues in favor of the more important gay and lesbian issues still on the table.  I’ve read where a blogger wrote that bisexuals need their own community, one separate from the LGBTQ parent, so that we can better help each other and work together to kick biphobia to the curb because, again, The Community just ain’t been doing their duty and championing all of us who aren’t straight.  They’re a house divided, a dysfunctional family…

A blogger was kinda busting my ass for “ignoring” biphobia and, no, I don’t ignore it – I just don’t buy into any of the premises of biphobia.  While I’ve heard too many personal opinions about my sexuality, being bisexual has had zero impact on me at the social levels; I’ve never been denied a job or anything like that because I’m bisexual and, really, at those levels, it’s none of their fucking business how I like to get my freak on.  Yet, I “see” bisexuals freaking out over what’s being said and I guess they’re of the mind that if enough people say that bisexuality ain’t real and pitch a bitch about it, it’s going to somehow be removed from reality…

Really?  Does anyone really believe that such a thing is even possible and more so since “they” tried to eradicate homosexuality… and have totally and utterly failed to make it non-existent?  This far-flung smear campaign reflects a growing dislike for a segment of the sexuality tree that upsets the current status quo and seems to be predicated on the “fact” that people are either straight or gay… and I’d like to know what they’ve been smoking if they believe this to be true.  I find it kinda crazy for biphobics to be ranting and raving against something that they say doesn’t exist in the first place and, of course, this is all being spread by people who aren’t bisexual so their lack of understanding about being bisexual becomes evident when you look at all the stereotypical shit flying around.  Now, okay, uh-uh, even I will admit that there’s some truth mixed in with the bullshit but being the creatures we are, it’s easier to lay down a blanket condemnation than it is to point to specific individual behaviors – if one acts like this, they all act like this; if one is bad, they’re all bad.

And if you think this is a really dumb way to behave, let the church say, “Amen!”  Biphobia makes me roll my eyes a lot and makes me ask the biphobics a good question:  “What are you afraid of?”

I ain’t saying this shit ain’t real – I’m saying this shit doesn’t make any fucking sense.  It’s my opinion and all that… but as a bisexual, this shit can only fuck with me if I allow it to fuck with me and I don’t know about other bisexuals but I have better things to worry about…

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