Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Being in the Moment

07 Jan

As anyone who has ever gotten laid can tell you, there just ain’t nothing like being in the moment, when your lust and desire has you in their heated embrace.  When you have sex in, ah, a way that’s not exactly recommended by morality, it can give being in the moment a little extra “ummph” that elevates that moment to another level.

It’s hard to explain the allure of getting busy with another guy.  At a high level, it’s sex and who doesn’t like to be made to feel good or make someone else feel good when the clothes come off and the sexual furnaces are turned up to high?  I know that, way back in the day, I devoted quite a bit of mental processing time trying to figure out just why having sex with a guy was sometimes more exciting than doing it with a girl.  Part of it was because it’s so different from the prescribed ways to get down; part of it was because guys aren’t supposed to have sex with guys to begin with and, yeah, the forbidden fruit can sometimes taste damned good.

I turned my thoughts in another direction, looking at that which can be done and I found that with some differences, there’s nothing you can’t sexually do to a man that you can’t do with a woman.  We share a lot of the same erogenous zones; genitalia can be manually and orally indulged in and there’s one orifice on a guy that can accept a hard cock and into which sperm can be deposited (that physical difference between men and women, of course) and how deeply one gets into the moment depends on how far they’re willing to go in this and dependent upon that which will crush their cookies in the best and most expedient/efficient way possible.

I return to the question of why a guy would even want another guy to, say, suck his cock or do some sucking of their own… and the answer is a lot simpler than we tend to think, um, like, that shit feels good!  It’s primal, basal behavior, activating what they call the “lizard” part of our brains and while we develop things like preferences – likes, dislikes, whatever – it’s a given that when it comes to sex, your body doesn’t really give a fuck how it’s being pleasured or who’s doing it… but stuff in our head might have something to say about it.  Things like attraction or even having that affinity for men (and one that’s similar to what we experience with women, I might add) do play into getting ready to get into the moment as well as just being plain and outright horny.

It can be such a rush to, let’s say again, have a guy sucking your dick for all he’s worth and experiencing his passion for cock and you’re into it and maybe even watching him doing something that is morally prohibited… and it’s not as if neither of you are unaware of the illicit nature of what’s taking place.  Even I have been in moments where I’m sucking dick (and even when I used to give up my ass) and, fuck, it is just so fucking good to be doing this and I’m also very much aware of what it is I’m doing; I know I have some guy’s cock in my mouth (or in my ass, or whatever) even though moral sexual behavior says I shouldn’t be doing this, let alone enjoying the fuck out of any of it… but, damn it, sex feels good, doesn’t it?

Being in the moment with a guy (or a gal if a sista rolls that way) is educational like a motherfucker because you’re just not learning some extra shit about sex but you’re also learning something about yourself in the process because, yeah, it takes a certain shift in the way one thinks about sex (and even sexuality) for them to be in that same-sex moment and having all the fun they can have.  I have been in the moment and a guy is just mere seconds away from making me cum in his mouth and I have realized – before my release robs me of conscious thought – that the morality in this or, really, the lack of, doesn’t mean a whole lot when it comes to busting a nut or otherwise being sexually sated.  The morality exists and there’s just no denying that it does and, yes, just the knowledge of this can take the edge off of being in their moment… but it can also add that ummph I mentioned way back in the beginning because sometimes it feels damned good to be bad in that sense.

Whether one of the moments becomes capable of seriously floating your respective boat depends on how willing you are to give yourself over to lust; we can get all into things like chemistry, affection (if that’s in play) and attraction but the bottom line is all about the lust, that almost innate need to please and be pleased and, sure, for bisexuals, by any available avenue – read this as men or women.  Sure, sex with either gender brings its own uniqueness to being in the moment and sexually active bisexuals are very much aware of this and you’d have to check with your friendly neighborhood bisexual to find out what makes those moments so special for him or her… but regardless to one’s sexuality and even preferences in this, there’s just nothing like being in that moment and being consumed by lust… and if you don’t know what that’s like, hmm, I don’t know what to tell you and it might call for some serious introspective examination as to why you’re not able to let lust have its way with you… but I also know that people do have reasons why totally giving into their lust and the moment isn’t a good thing for them – and that’s an interesting conversation for some other time, methinks.

Straight, gay, or bi – do you know what it’s like to be in the moment?  Do ya know what it’s like to be consumed and deep-fried by the power of lust?  Can you see how what you might do – or might be happening to you – can put you into that space where nothing really matters other than having your mind blown (or doing some mind-blowing of your own)?  If you are bi and are throwing down in the same-sex mode, do you get that special rush knowing that you’re getting your head handed to you and in a way that’s morally repulsive and forbidden?

I know I do and, awww, what a rush (to steal the “Road Warriors’ line)!  As a man, I’m not supposed to like sucking cock or taking cock in my ass; I’m not supposed to like having another guy sucking my dick or watching my dick moving in and out of his ass.  And while I know that the rules say I should only like these things with women, I know that there are sexual pleasures to be found and had with my fellow-man – good sex is where you can find it.  And while the rules say that I shouldn’t ever even want to cross the line, it doesn’t change the fact that I willingly cross those lines because, yeah, it’s still sex and the forbidden fruit does tend to taste damned good.  Why does anyone have sex?

For the fucking thrill of it all… to be in that moment when you’re all hot and sweaty and being eaten alive by your lust and being devoured by someone else’s lust, too.  And if you’re not all that particular about the sex/gender of the person you’re doing it with, that just makes being in the moment twice as nice.  That it’s said that if you’re bisexual, you can double your pleasure is, in fact, no joke – but, ah, shit, we’re not supposed to roll like that… but that also makes being in the moment so much the better…


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Being in the Moment

  1. Elta or Blanco

    7 January 2015 at 18:34

    I freakin love the way you write. It seems like you would speak exactly as you write.


    • kdaddy23

      7 January 2015 at 18:42

      Yeah, pretty much… I try to tell it as I see it and be right to the point about it and “plain language” works best for this!



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