Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Encounter

18 Jan

Those of you who have been following me for a while and reading my stuff about being bisexual, you know that, um, I was seriously a cock whore when I began my sexuality journey.  Any chance to get some pussy or dick was taken and to hell with any possible consequences.  You know that as I got older, my desires and need to have sex with men and women got more… refined; I had started to take less chances, had become a lot more discriminate when it came to who I wanted to lie down with and other smart things one eventually learns along the way.  Behaving better in this didn’t even begin to curb my love of puss and dick… but I used to wonder – and based on my experiences to date – if I was the only guy that wasn’t gay but had such a great hunger for dick. Since I really hadn’t run into anyone who I thought shared my hunger, it never really crossed my mind that I might run into someone whose hunger surpassed my own… and I guess you could say that I was a little arrogant because, yeah, I knew there had to be someone out there hungrier than I was… but I hadn’t met them yet.

As time moved forward, I ran into all kinds of guys who were into dick and with varying degrees of hunger.  I wouldn’t dare say that sex with any of them was what I’d call lackluster or even bad in that sense but I was learning that when it came to man-on-man sex, men could be just as funny about throwing down as women could be.  I was learning that whole “top, bottom, and versatile” thing even though it would be a few more years before I had the words to describe the various behaviors I was running into and, yeah, how fucked up some of the attitudes about sex were as well as how a guy’s  preferences played into the whole dynamic.  While I experienced a lot of different levels of lust from the men I had sex with and while I’d had a lot of oral sex with guys who were eager and liked to suck cock, it was still in the back of my mind that there had to be someone either just as hungry for dick as I was or someone whose hunger for dick would make me look as if I had no hunger of my own.

I had taken a day off from work just to get away from the pressures of the job but sitting at home alone, I was bored out of my gourd and decided to check out a couple of “dating”sites I’d come across.  On one site, I was getting hit on mere seconds after I logged on and, honestly, by guys who I wouldn’t have sex with using my worst enemy’s dick.  Still, I was horny and hungry for cock and the longer I sat there weeding out the undesirable guys, the more frustrated I got; just when I was about to log out and literally take matters into my own hand, this guy hit me up and said enough of the things I could resonate with for me to continue talking to him and, then, agree to meet him for some mutual oral pleasure.

When I got to his home, he welcomed me, offered me food and drink (which I declined) and we talked a little bit and until we got to the pregnant pause, you know, that moment where there’s just nothing else to be said and action is called for.  We hit the pause and sat on the sofa looking at each other and I knew he was thinking what I was thinking:  Which one of us was going to get this party started?  Usually in this situation, I’d be the one to get it going and, yes, you could even say that I was quite impatient and very damned hungry to get his cock into my mouth so I could (a) feed the ravening beast inside me and (b) get fed some tasty sperm.  Just when I was about to say the words to get it going, he said, “May I?”

I just nodded… and I’d  have to say that the shit hit the fan and like I’d ever seen it happen.  I don’t think I had actually finished nodding before he practically attacked me, going for my belt and damn near destroying my pants and underwear in his haste to expose me.

“God damn it, yes, oh, yes!” he exclaimed as he swooped down on my cock, leaving me still in  “shock” over the fierceness he was displaying.  Oh, man, he was going for it so hard and fast that, at first, it wasn’t feeling good enough for me to get erect… but that didn’t seem to matter to him as he licked, sucked, and nibbled on everything I owned south of my navel.  While his actions were just starting to feel kinda nice, I was also beginning to get irritated and to the point where my own beast wanted to get in there and do some ravaging, too.  I was about to stop him when he stopped, looked up at me with a dazed look I thought I’d never forget and said, “I’m sorry if I’m too rough but, damn, I am so fucking hungry!”

And, oddly enough, I totally understood how he felt – well, my beast did, anyway since it seemed to have found a kindred spirit.  The guy got himself under control a little – enough for me to stop thinking that I was going to have to knock him the fuck out – and I sat back to enjoy his version of the hunger and, yeah, I had to admit that he clearly had me beaten.  This wasn’t about technique or skill and things like finesse or savoring the moment weren’t on the table; this  guy was sucking my dick and balls as if his life depended on it… and it was scary to actually hear that sense of desperation in his moaning and groaning.

He stopped sucking me and looked up at me and, for a moment, the look on his face scared me; it was crazed more than anything else as he used his hand to pump my cock faster and harder than anyone had ever done it and definitely in a way I wouldn’t have handled myself.  It felt just as good as it was painful and while my mind was trying to get things over that  very fine line between  pain and pleasure, he said, “Cum for me!  I need it!  Give it to me!  C’mon, you bastard, give it up… now!

Okay, cumming “on command…”  I can’t honestly say I could do it and in the moments when I could, I wasn’t being subjected to the kind of “punishment” this guy was laying on my dick; I was still on the other side of the pain/pleasure line and, as such, nope – I wasn’t busting a nut and I wasn’t even close to doing it… and I guess he realized that and it didn’t make him in the least bit happy.

“God damn it!” he cursed before going back to sucking me with more ferociousness than before… and I didn’t even think that was possible.  He started choking himself on my dick and I was worried that he was gonna barf on me at some point as he grabbed my hips and slammed my cock into his mouth so much that I could feel his nose being compressed against my pubic bone and I remember thinking that if he kept  that up, he was going to get a broken nose.  He took a break from gagging himself to suck my balls – and, thankfully, with more gentleness than he was treating my dick which, by the way, was at that point where it couldn’t make up its “mind” whether to stay hard or go limp.

I felt a finger slam into my back door, which was quickly followed by another and I thought, “Holy shit…” as his fingers reamed me out, his mouth worked on my nuts, and his hand was doing a number on my dick as if there was a machine attached to me instead of a human hand.  His fingers were doing a number on my prostate and I was beginning to feel helpless under his “assault” on my body.  He stopped sucking my nuts, looked at me and said, “Cum, damn it!  Give it up!”

And I couldn’t; I was being overstimulated to the point where I couldn’t bust a nut even if I wanted to… and now I very much wanted to and not because it would feel good to do it.  He growled as he pulled his fingers out of my butt… and replaced it with his tongue.  Okay, I had been rimmed before and, um, yeah, it felt good when it was done to me… but this guy was eating my ass like I eat pussy and at least where this was concerned, I was way past anything I’d experienced before… and all I could do was slouch further down on the sofa, my ass hanging off the edge, my legs thrown over his shoulders, and his face buried so far in my butt that it actually made me giggle out loud to think that he was trying to move into my ass.

He stopped eating my ass and gave me a very determined look as he said, “Yes, fuck yeah, that was good… but now you’re gonna cum… or else!”

Honestly, I thought he was going to fuck me even though we didn’t negotiate for that; the bad part – if you wanna call it that – is that I knew that if he had slid his cock into my ass, there wasn’t going to be anything I could have done to stop him.  He straightened up a little and I could see his erection and, shit, he was oozing pre-cum like I’d never seen it before, the crystal clear fluid flowing from the slit in his prick in a steady stream and I thought, “Oh, shit… he’s going to fuck me!”

He saw me looking at his cock and he got this odd look on his face for a moment then said, “Oh, that…”  He reached down and grabbed his cock and I felt my body automatically relax because I just knew he was about to push himself into my ass… but that’s not what happened.  Instead, he wrapped his hand around his dick and gave it three or four good pulls… and let loose a gusher of sperm that seemed to be aimed at my butt hole (but really wasn’t).  He moaned and shuddered and I thought that it felt weirdly good to feel his sperm splashing all over me.  He finished loosing his load, looked at me and said, “Now you don’t have to worry about that!” – then started eating his sperm off my ass and, yeah, making another “meal”out of my ass while he was at it.

After cleaning up the mess he made, he went right back to sucking me with even greater purpose, two fingers back in my ass, his other hand fondling my balls, and his mouth moving up and down on my “renewed” boner deeply and despite the fact that he was gagging… and it was finally too much for me… and I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out from sensory overload.  As the first of my sperm shot into his mouth, he growled – and the vibrations I felt just added to the horribly intense feelings I was experiencing.  I was so out of it all I could do was lay as I was and finish pumping my sperm into his mouth, my body just refusing any commands to do anything other that shudder and shake as if I’d been electrocuted.

I was spent… but I guess that wasn’t good enough for him because even though my dick had said, “Fuck this shit!” and went soft, he continued to suck me, his fingers now moving a lot slower in my ass.  He pulled them out, gave my very limp noodle one last good suck… and sat back on his haunches and, well, he looked so… happy.

“Are you okay?” he asked

“Hmm?” was the only response I was capable of; I was lucky to have remembered how to breathe.

“Look, I’m really sorry about that but, fuck, man, I was so damned hungry for your cock…”he said – and I believed that he was really and truly sorry.

He helped me to sit up straighter and sat next to me, looking at me with what I’d call genuine concern for long seconds.  I managed to smile at him and I guess that told him that I was okay and all that and he visibly relaxed.  In my head, I was asking myself, “What the fucking hell just happened?” but my first real words to him was, “You know I’m gonna get you for that…”

And I did, too; between my still-present hunger for his cock and sperm and now feeling a little “miffed” – and don’t ask me why I felt that way, okay – I was on him like a very bad habit and so much that he was trying to get away from me… and there was no way I was gonna let him get away, not after what he’d done to me!  Not only did I suck him off – damn, he could bring a huge load of spunk! – but I used three fingers in his ass to make him give it up and I broke my promise to myself and fucked him after he gave up his load.  I hadn’t planned on doing that but the beast, well, he was running the show and it wanted to make this guy feel “worse” than he made me feel.  I was being… unorthodox; I was talking a ton of shit as I got my “revenge”on him and with both my beast and the devil jumping up and down on me, I told him that I was going to fuck him… and I know I told him that I was gonna do that because he didn’t fuck me when he had the chance to.

Oh, yeah, I was way out there, my friends.  He put up a “fight” and tried to escape… and it didn’t help him one bit as the knob of my dick plunged inside of him.  He sighed and I felt  his body relax while in my head, I was thinking, “What the fuck are you doing?  What’s wrong with you?”  He’s begging me not to do that to him…  but in that way that really meant, “Bring it on, motherfucker!”  He started moving his hips and ass against me and, get this, beating on my chest as if he were fighting me.  Now, normally, anyone doing this would flip my switch to the “off” position and my beast  would haul ass back into its cage… but not this time.  When I came inside him, I not only growled but I kinda roared and I remember thinking that I’d never had my beast in so much control of me when having sex with a guy.  I was actually embarrassed and, yeah, kinda ashamed of myself as I pulled out of him and asked if he was okay.

He looked at me, smiled, and said, “That was the best ever!”

Yeah, it was for me, too… but there was still work to be done because, apparently, he was one of those guys who could get hard with a dick in his ass and the beast decided we could suck him back into softness…

After we both showered and got dressed,  man, I was still apologizing to him for my actions; I was now pissed with myself for breaking my “no anal sex” promise and all he said was, “You didn’t do anything I didn’t need you to do so take it easy on yourself.”  I told him that I had  never, ever, been taken like he took me, had never experienced such hunger before and asked him if he was always like that or was it just the moment.

He said, “Yeah, I’m always like that but you’re the first guy I’ve been with who was just as hungry as I was – man, you did a number on me!  But I gotta tell you something and I hope you don’t get offended.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I don’t think we should do this again with each other,” he said.  “You’re too scary for  me.”

All I could do was blink – then I said to him, “I’m scary?  You scared the shit out of me!  But let me ask you something!”

“Go ahead.”

“Why didn’t you fuck me?” I asked.  “You could have and I wouldn’t have said one damned thing… because I couldn’t!”

“I thought about it,” he said, smiling shyly, “But I needed to cum and didn’t want to wait to get inside you to do it, if that makes sense.”

Oddly, it did… and, inwardly, I agreed with what he said because I knew that I would never, ever want to have sex with him again and I even understood why it would have been “dangerous” for both of us; it would have started something that neither of us were in the position to get into, let alone finish.  His wife knew he was bi and, like me, he was allowed to, ah, feed his beast… but we would have gotten into a relationship that (a) he wasn’t allowed to get into and (b) I knew I couldn’t deal with.

As I made my way home, I had to admit to a very sobering and even humbling fact:  When it came to being hungry for cock, I had met my match and he had the better beast by comparison.  Yeah, it made me feel a little better about the whole thing to know that I scared him just as much as he did  me… but not a by a whole lot.  It took me a couple of days to get my head around what happened and to be at peace with it… but this story isn’t quite over yet.

I got a short email from him with his phone number and a request to call the number ASAP.  I called and, yeah, I felt a tingle run through me when I heard him answer the phone.  He thanked me for calling… and then told me his wife wanted to speak to me.

She said, “I know I will never meet you but I just wanted to talk to the guy who made such an impression on my husband and say thank you for making him the happiest he’s ever been!”

All I could say was, “You’re welcome…” and then she hung up and I just sat there feeling quite befuddled…


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Encounter

  1. Ann St. Vincent

    18 January 2015 at 14:55

    Wow that was a very hot description and I may need some alone time now 🙂

    Married? Interesting….


    • kdaddy23

      18 January 2015 at 15:01

      Indeed; he handed me my head and the majority of bi men I’ve been with were married…



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