Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: After the Party

20 Jan

So… back in the high school days, um, I was a bit of a party animal; if there was a chance to get drunk or high, chances were good you’d see me hanging out (but still maintaining a 3.8 GPA, mind you).  A bunch of us had gotten together and had rented an apartment in the complex that was literally next door to the school and while it was a cool place to hang out at lunch time or when someone wanted to cut class, it was also the place a lot of us used to get laid, get drunk, and/or smoke pounds of weed – but we had a rule that no one could use the crib on the weekends – it was only for use Monday through Friday and when school was in session.

It wasn’t unusual for a lunch-time orgy to break out and, from a guy’s perspective, you stood a good chance to nail a girl who, otherwise, wouldn’t give you the time of day.  I think back about that period of  time and think about how utterly shameless those of us who were in on this were about getting naked around each other and going for the gusto.  Of course, uh, a lot of what happened could be blamed on having one’s inhibitions removed by, um, artificial means… but there were also a few of us who never partook of those means but had zero inhibitions just the same.

And what happened in our apartment stayed in our apartment.

Occasionally, we’d plan an orgy.  We’d pick a day, poll the members to see who wanted in, and then on the chosen day, we’d show up and let it all hang out.  For this “event” there were about twenty of us who could participate; we got there and got right to the business at hand and, well, it was fucking awesome.  Now, at one point, I was going down on this girl when I felt a mouth on my dick and, at first, I didn’t pay attention to who was doing it but, ah, you know, at some point, that shit was feeling damned good and I took a peek to see who was giving me some great head… and it was one of the guys in attendance.  I didn’t fuss about it and if anyone else had noticed, they didn’t say anything.  Throughout the time the orgy was in progress, I had my dick sucked by at least four of the guys who were there and, no, I didn’t get a chance to do any sucking of my own (bummer).  It eventually broke up and we all got cleaned up and snuck back to school and classes.

The next day while sitting in class, the person behind me tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention and when I turned to see what was up, he handed me a note and said, “They told me to give this to you…;” I secreted the note and planned to check it out after class – this particular teacher would hand you your head if you got caught passing notes.  Once class was over, I read the note and all it said was, “Meet me on the smoking court lunchtime – C (not giving their real name, of course)”  I was wondering what she wanted; while she was “one of us,” she rarely said much to me other than “hi and bye” even though we had a couple of classes together.

Lunchtime rolls around and I hit the smoking court to wait for C to arrive and wondered just what the fuck she wanted.  She found me and we sat down and I asked her, “So, what’s this about?”

C came right to the point:  “Why did you let those guys suck your dick?”

Aw, man… that really put me on the spot and, yeah, there was no sense in denying it since she obviously was there to see it so the only thing I said was, “I don’t have a problem with who gives me a blowjob.”

Her eyes lit up like a couple of sparklers and I didn’t know what to make of that reaction but the questions continued; she asked me if I’d ever sucked dick, asked if I had ever fucked a guy and had I ever been fucked by a guy and I felt I had “no choice” but to answer honestly because the unspoken “code” the membership had was to never, ever, rat each other out about anything.  After I answered her, she sat there for a moment before saying, “I think that shit is so fucking hot!”

Okay… that was something I’d not heard coming out of a girl’s mouth before and it shocked me so much that I didn’t hear the next thing she said… and when I apologized and asked her to repeat the question she said, “Can we go to the crib and fuck?”

I was once again shocked.  Now, even though she was one of us and participated in the orgies, I had never “made her acquaintance” like that and, honestly, I was pretty sure that she didn’t like me for some reason or the other.  But, being honest again, there was no way in hell that I was gonna say “no” to her question – I mean, what guy in his right mind turns down pussy from a pretty girl with a hot body?  Yeah, I know – the adult I am now would be so paranoid about it and would probably had said no… but I wasn’t that adult yet.

The good part was that we both had study hall after lunch so including the time we had remaining for lunch, that would give us just over an hour – so off we went.  Since we both had keys, getting into the crib was easy and, yeah, there were a few members there just chilling out; we checked out the two bedrooms we had – one was occupied, the other wasn’t so we went in, got naked and got busy.  What made this even stranger is that I’m going down on her and in between moaning and groaning, she’s telling me how seeing me get my dick sucked by those guys had turned her on so much and that since I obviously didn’t have a problem with it, that told her that I was someone she needed to ball (yes, she actually used that word!).

Just before she went down on me, she said, “I want you to pretend that I’m a guy doing this…” and, wow, was this chick weird or what?  I did my best to do this but, nah, I don’t think I really pulled it off but I guess I did it well enough to make her happy… and it got weirder when I finally got to slide into her pussy; she asked me, “Does my pussy feel better than a guy’s ass?”

All I could say was, “Um…” – I mean, how do you answer that question?  Then she said, “Fuck my cunt like you’d fuck a dude!”  As far as I knew, I pretty much fucked the same way – being in a guy’s ass didn’t make me do it any different from being in pussy… but I gave it a shot anyway because it was very obvious that C was very turned on about the whole guy-sex thing.  “Pretend I’m a guy… and fuck the shit out of me!”

I can’t honestly say that I did the first part of her request… but I did do the second part to the best of my abilities and I gotta tell you that when she came, she screamed so loudly that somebody knocked on the door and asked her if she was okay and, yeah, it scared the shit out of me for a moment.  I managed to recover and dump a load of cum in her and we spent some quality time lying together to bask in the afterglow.

“That was so fucking hot!” she said, kissing me on the cheek.  “I love that you can go both ways!”

“Thanks, I think,” I said, teasing one of her nipples.  “That was really something!”

“Can we do this again tomorrow?” she asked.

“Sure, if you want to,” I replied.

“If I bring one of the guys who goes both ways like you do, um, will you do something with him?” she asked.

“Like what?” I asked, red flags popping into my head.

“Can you fuck me and suck his dick at the same time?” she asked, her eyes glowing again.

“I guess so,” I said – where is this shit really going and why was it going there in the first place?

“Cool!” she said, getting untangled from me and hopping out the bed to get washed and dressed.  “I’ll meet you here tomorrow at lunchtime!”

Back in school, I was worried and, yeah, I now realized that I should have been worried from the start but,  ah, too late now, right?  I seriously thought about telling her that I wasn’t gonna show up tomorrow… but I also had the sense that doing so would be a bad thing and I did spend the rest of my day and night thinking about this crazy-assed shit.

When I saw C in class the next day, the smile she gave me made me change my mind about telling her no – and I had decided to say no but, well, you’d have to imagine the look on her face and how her smile just said so much, things that there are no words for.  It was as if I could feel her excitement and, to be for real about it, I knew she had some really good pussy that I’d be a fool to pass on.  Still being for real, there was that part of me that was just as excited as I felt she was and it was difficult to pay attention in class and, yeah, I was glad that the teacher didn’t call on me and had me standing in front of the class, not with the erection I had going on.  And with all of this on my mind, you can probably guess that time for me was moving horribly slow; lunch for me was the fourth period with study hall being my fifth period class… and I was in my second period class… Jeez!

But lunchtime finally came around and I hauled ass to the crib; once inside, one of the gang said, “She’s waiting for you in there…” pointing to the same bedroom were in the day before.  The butterflies were having a major dogfight in my stomach as I went into the room and saw C… and P, one of the other members of our clandestine group.

“Let’s do this…” C said, my signal to get naked.  I knew P but I didn’t know him all that well… but none of that mattered when P and C started taking turns sucking me; it didn’t matter when me and C did the same to P; it didn’t matter when me and P were taking turn eating her out.  Yes, I got to slide into that pussy again while P fucked my mouth – and C was under me losing her fucking mind, practically yelling at P to cum in my mouth and for me to cum inside her and a few more things that, at the time, I thought was crazy… but I creamed her, P creamed my tonsils and C must have had the orgasm to end all orgasm.

After P and I had a chance to recover, we switched placed; he got between C’s legs and started fucking her and I got into position so he could suck me while he fucked and, yeah, he found out that trying to do both things at the same time is a hard thing to do so he settled for holding his head still and letting me fuck his mouth.  C was really into it; she was looking at my dick in P’s mouth then would look down to see P’s dick plunging in and out of her and, man, she was cussing like a sailor; she’d alternate between fondling my nuts and using her available hand on my ass to ‘force’ me to fuck P’s mouth harder and deeper and, yeah, sorry, the whole thing was just too much for me and P and we both unloaded (not at the same time but, still…).

Afterward, C decided to stay put – that girl was worn out – but me and P had to get back to school so we cleaned up and headed back.  He was shaking his head and said to me, “When she told me what we were gonna be doing and who we were gonna do it with, man, I couldn’t believe it!”

“I know,” I agreed.  “I had a hard time believing it, too!”

“Did you really fuck her yesterday?” he asked.

“Yeah – first time, too,” I confirmed.

“I didn’t know you were like me,” P said after a moment.

“I guess that makes two of us,” I said.  “I had no idea what guy she wanted to make this happen the way she wanted to and, honestly, I’m surprised you agreed to it.”

“I don’t know why you thought that since she’s my girlfriend,” P said, shocking the hell out of me.

“What?!” I blurted out, making some stragglers on the smoking court turn and look at me.  As we entered the building, P just smiled at me.

“I thought you knew – she didn’t tell you?” he asked.

“Fuck no!” I said, keeping my voice down.

He didn’t seem to think that my not knowing that they were a couple was that big of a deal.  Just before we split up to head to our respective classes, he said, “I never knew that what we were doing turned her on so much so I guess I just learned something else about her.  I had fun – and I hope you did, too.”

“Yeah, I did,” I managed to say, my head swirling over this revelation.  “Man, that shit was crazy… but damned good.”

Although the three of us never threw down like that again, I came to realize that P, C, and I had shared something really special.  I’d see them and we’d share a look that was just as special, flashing smiles at each other that, once again, said more than any words could do.  Many years later, at our class reunion, I learned that P and C secretly got married and before we graduated because, um, C got pregnant.  When they told me this, my heart almost stopped beating when they revealed that she had conceived that day the three of us got down – you know what I was thinking, right?  But they showed me a picture of their first-born daughter and, nope, I wasn’t her daddy.  P had said that if they had found out that I was the father, they would have told me – he also said they had a paternity test done that told the truth.

C kissed me on the cheek and said, “You have no idea how much of a difference you made in our lives that day and we’ve never regretted it!”

Today, as I think back about that day, yeah, I can’t say that I behaved in a responsible manner and, like I said, the adult I am now would have said no and walked away but since I didn’t…  It reminds me that back in the day – and during a period of time when anyone who appeared to be gay would pretty much be ridden out of town on a rail and in great disgrace, it didn’t really bother me if someone found out that I was bisexual.  I didn’t advertise it… but I didn’t hide it, either; I figured that if someone found out and wanted to make a fuss over it, well, they’d find out that I wasn’t someone they’d want to fuck with.  But those who knew didn’t give me any shit about being able to go both ways and it made being an active bisexual in high school easier for me to do.


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6 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: After the Party

  1. Elta or Blanco

    20 January 2015 at 14:14

    I love this post. I’m so speechless. I just love it. I couldn’t have had this opportunity in school. I would’ve been a hot, unfocused, sex-crazy mess.


    • kdaddy23

      20 January 2015 at 15:17

      It was a really interesting time in my life and, in retrospect, I found that I was kinda impressed at the way those of us who were members of the club would just have sex like it was going out of style and, yeah, shamelessly so.


      • Elta or Blanco

        20 January 2015 at 15:20

        I never really hear about younger people who have sex without inhibitions and apologies. It’s always excusing their faults and not admitting that something seen as taboo is right at home to them. I didn’t feel that fearless until I turned 20. The balls on you guys geeez lol


      • kdaddy23

        20 January 2015 at 15:42

        I know that the “gang” I hung around with in high school were a bunch of sex fiends and, yeah, after we scored that apartment, that behavior was more pronounced. I know it takes some balls to throw down sexually when you’re not alone in the room and even today I know adults who couldn’t do it.

        The thing with taboos was like, okay, we’re not supposed to do whatever… which meant that it had to be checked out and if it was good, let’s keep on doing it! I know girls in particular who, before being a member, may not have been bi… but they got used to having girls and guys doing them; likewise, there were guys who, at first, frowned on any guy-on-guy stuff that jumped off… but they got on the bandwagon, too.

        Now, was that unusual for high school kids? The adult in me says, “Probably not…”


  2. shalynne

    20 January 2015 at 15:00

    I agree with the above comment. HOT story. Wish I could have been there to play with you!


    • kdaddy23

      20 January 2015 at 15:18

      You would have been welcomed… and done nine ways to Sunday and more so if you didn’t mind having a few of those girls taking a shot at you!

      Liked by 1 person


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