Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Spending the Night

21 Jan

There have been quite a few times when I’ve shared a bed with another guy… but not for the purpose of having sex with him.  Equally, there have been quite a few times when I’ve shared a bed with a guy… and have been awakened by the unmistakable sensations of a hard dick in my ass (or between the cheeks).  What made these moments notable is the fact that the guy who took it upon himself to poke me in the ass were, before that moment, assumed and presumed to be straight.

I’ve been awakened to find a hand working away on my dick; I’ve been awakened to find my dick being sucked; I’ve even been awakened by the guy who wants to know if it’s okay if he can put his dick in me.  Now, to my credit – or maybe discredit depending on your views – I’ve never reacted badly to this and have allowed whatever woke me up to continue… but when it’s all over with, I have asked, “Okay… what the fuck was that about?”

Some of the answers I’ve gotten have been interesting, from “I don’t know!” to “I didn’t think you’d mind…” and it made me wonder what would make a straight guy want to do something like that and more so when there wasn’t an indication that the guy even rolled like that.  Sure, I’ve been in bed with a guy who decided to make a midnight raid on my body – but I knew he was like that in the first place so when you know he’s like that, it’s not all that surprising if he decided to help himself to the goodies.  But when you have no reason to believe he’s like that?

Yep, as a guy, I do very much know that our dicks, which seem to have minds of their own, will get hard and for no apparent reason although I did learn that the reason why this happens isn’t as much about something we might be dreaming – it’s our body making sure we can become erect and, yes, pressure on our bladder is also responsible for morning (or nighttime) wood.  But I also figured that in these situations, it must not be that much of a “logical” leap for a guy to figure that if my dick is hard, I need to make it not be hard… and, looky here! – there’s a body lying next to me that I can use to make my boner go away and in a nice way that doesn’t involve me using my hand (or having to get out of bed to do that)!

I have said to those midnight booty pirates, “I didn’t know you were into that…” and have had them say, “I’m not!” – but, um, that can’t be true because I’ve got your sperm in (or on) my ass, don’t I?  I think it’s impossible for me to bust a nut in my own ass so “deductive reasoning” suggests that if I didn’t do it and we’re the only two people in the bed, that leaves you… right?  Some guys have confessed to realizing that they have an opportunity to satisfy their curiosity about this kind of sex – those were usually the guys who’d wake me up and ask permission to cream me but, sometimes, nah, they just went ahead and did it and – get this – they said that they didn’t think I would wake up while they were doing it.

Are you kidding me?

Now, ya might be wondering why I wouldn’t go off the deep end about it and the answer isn’t because I’m bisexual.  It didn’t take much for me to reason that if I were to raise hell at the intrusion, it could draw unwanted attention and that such attention would then cause a lot of questions to be asked that, frankly, I wouldn’t be inclined to answer, which could cause more trouble because something’s obviously being hidden… and it wouldn’t take a whole lot to figure out what the ruckus was about.  Yep, being bisexual came into play because, well, it’s sex and I didn’t mind being fucked, sucked, or jerked so not raising any hell was seen as a win/win for everyone:  We didn’t get into any trouble and both of us got to bust a nut.

One guy who woke me up by screwing me told me that he was dreaming that he was fucking some girl and he “woke up” and was surprised to find a few inches of his dick in my ass… and I was like, “Really?  And you expect me to believe that?”  It is possible that, as far as he knew, he was dreaming… or was his subconscious really running the show here?  That’s hard to determine and even harder to prove but what is easy to prove is that, dude, you woke me up and in a way I didn’t expect to be awakened.  To be sure, after having this happen to me a few times, I learned not to be surprised if it happened.

I’ve woke up to the sensations of being humped, only to find the guy dry-humping my butt is actually still asleep and his body is automatically reacting to being against mine and I’ve been tickled in those situations where the guy busted a nut in his underwear and then woke up and discovered why he busted a nut; nope, my friend, that was not a wet dream!  To watch the confusion on their faces and to hear them falling all over themselves trying to apologize or explain is just simply priceless… and, at least to me, there’s no reason to get bent out of shape about it.

I know the first time I woke up to a guy sucking my dick, I thought I was dreaming, you know, one of those dreams that just feels so real… until I opened an eye to discover that I wasn’t dreaming:  There’s a guy sucking my dick… and a guy not known for doing such things!  So why is he doing it?  What he told me was, “I woke up for some reason, looked at you and, I don’t know, something told me to do it!”  At the time, nah, I wasn’t buying it but when I got much older, I was able to give some thought about how such an unlikely thing could occur because when you wake up like that, ya might not be fully conscious and one’s subconscious is still in control and whispers, “Hey, why don’t you give sucking dick a try?  He’s asleep – he ain’t gonna know!  You know you wanna do it… so just ease it out of his underwear and get to doing it!

Sounds improbable, doesn’t it?  I know that I’ve woken up next to a guy and have had that thought pop into my head and especially if he’s as hard as a rock… but I knew better than to pounce on it if the guy was straight but, yeah, it takes the improbable and nudges it over into the realm of probable but, of course, there’s no real way that I know of to prove this beyond any doubt.  It’s easy to say that a guy would do this because he always wanted to do it and he was just being opportunistic… but I know a few of those midnight raiders who were plenty upset with themselves because they did something they didn’t believe in doing.  It made me aware that, yeah, consciously, they wouldn’t do it no matter how horny they were… but subconsciously?  Who really knows what goes on in that part of our minds?

One guy was doing a very nice job of fucking me when I heard him ask, “Why is my dick in your ass?”

I was like, “Um, don’t you know?”

He said, “Uh, no, I have no fucking idea!”

I asked him, “Well, are you gonna finish what you started because, um, you did wake me up?”

And he did finish and, no, it’s not difficult to understand why:  It’s like, okay, I started doing it so I might as well keep going.  Yeah, some guys caught like this chose not to finish – disappointing but understandable on my part… but it just made me think more about why it happened in the first place.  I’ve had guys who didn’t know I was bisexual wake me up and ask me to either fuck them or give them a blowjob or to jerk them off… and up to that point, it was a “given” that he was straight… so why is he asking me if I’d do something that is, for all intents and purposes, so much out of character for him?  Later, I learned the concepts of latent bisexuality/homosexuality – the behavior was always there but up until that moment tucked away out of sight, and then picking the “right” moment to surface and become active.

Eh, I know some guys can make that leap of logic and invoke “any port in a storm,” that thing we have going on with us that says we’re horny and while we have a clearly defined preference for how we want to get off, well, there’s a means to accomplish that lying next to us… and fortune favors the bold.  It’s just good for them that I’m bisexual and while I might be miffed about being awakened, um, I’ve gotten over it.  It’s also a good thing I learned not to wake up swinging and that I learned to quickly identify things before letting my martial arts training just kick in…

I’ve awakened to find myself spooning the other guy (or being spooned) and I’m as sure as I can be that I didn’t make that move – if I’m asleep, how do I really know, right?  Maybe I did and if I think I did, I’ll move away and chalk it up to merely moving around in my sleep or he’s just doing the same thing.  However, I’ve been awakened to the sensations of someone grinding their ass against my crotch and I have awakened them and ask the famously rhetorical question, “Hey, what are you doing?”  Sure, some guys were found to be feigning sleep and having a bit of fun… but some guys were truly asleep and unaware of what they were doing because, consciously, there’s no reason for them to even want to rub their ass against another guy’s crotch… right?

One guy did a midnight raid on me and after doing a bit of faking like I was asleep, I let him know that, no, I’ve been awake since you started this; he asked me, “Why didn’t you make me stop?” and I simply replied, “Because it felt good!”  Some guys were embarrassed to get caught in the act and some weren’t; one guy said that he was glad that I woke up because now we could get it on”for real.”  But the question remained that, um, dude, if you’re straight, why are we doing this?  It’s one of those things in which ya might think the answer is simple… but my experiences have taught me that, no, sometimes, the answer isn’t so simple.  The closest real-life example I can give is when a parent catches their child, say, drawing on the wall and asks them why they were drawing on the wall… and the kid says, “I don’t know!”  What I learned is that they do, in fact, know why they were doing it – they just can’t explain it or they can… but they know they’re gonna get in more trouble if they say, “I felt like doing it!” or whatever their reason is for defacing the wall.

Using this logic, it makes sense that if a guy told me that he didn’t know why he was screwing me (or whatever he was doing that woke me up), maybe he really doesn’t know… or he does know but is unable to explain it or maybe even fears retribution on my part if he did explain it.

And, yes, I have had  “totally straight”guys wake me up and say, “I’m horny – can we do something if you don’t mind?” Once, a guy woke me up because he was furiously masturbating, shaking the whole bed and all that.  It woke me up and, for a few moments, I just watched him furiously pulling hid pud – and then he noticed that I was awake and watching him.  He was embarrassed… but also so desperate to get himself off that he asked me to jerk him off – he figured that if someone else did it, that would take care of the problem.  I agreed and was waiting for the “next logical question” to be asked, namely, “Would you suck my dick so I can get off?”  That I went on ahead and sucked him off wasn’t surprising; that he turned right around and sucked me off  was.

His explanation for his uncharacteristic behavior?  “It was only fair…”


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6 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Spending the Night

  1. oceanswater

    21 January 2015 at 14:51

    Well I for one would not say it was a “totally straight guy” in the bed with you and wanting sex with you. He may proclaim that he is, but not true… So many men are in the closet or on the down low, that they think no one knows about their sex life. But, because of what I do for a living, I know that cops, fireman, CEOs, engineers, IT people, doctors, etc… are at the very least bi-sexual. Most really prefer to be with men… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it… LOL 🙂


    • kdaddy23

      21 January 2015 at 15:20

      Yeah, for the most part, I tend to agree that he’s not as straight as he says he is and I’d even agree that what I was thinking about the guy might not have been accurate… but I’ve also learned over the years that when you’re asleep, your subconscious is doing all kinds of shit without your conscious knowing it’s going on, just as I’ve learned that it can get you to do something that, consciously, ya might not want to do… but sounds like a damned good idea at the time.

      At least in my mind, Ocean, there’s some subtle difference going on between a bi guy who’d do this and the guy who is, for all intents and purposes, straight; he knows he’s straight and I know it… but, um, okay, tell me again why I woke up with your hand on my dick? I just know that the answer isn’t always as obvious as it appears to be and there’s no way that I know of to prove or disprove any premeditation.


  2. disconcerted72

    21 January 2015 at 17:24

    Hmm…I’ve never had things occur that way with me…
    …I feel somewhat left out 😛 j/k


    • kdaddy23

      21 January 2015 at 17:36

      I’ve had it happen so many times… like I had a sign that said, “Do me!” stuck on me somewhere!

      Liked by 1 person

      • disconcerted72

        21 January 2015 at 17:39

        Big flashing sign? 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • kdaddy23

        21 January 2015 at 17:51

        It would seem to have been the case!

        Liked by 1 person


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