Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Overheard in a Bar

25 Jan

I was away on a business trip attending a DOT certification class for hazardous materials and because I had to assimilate a lot of information in a short period of time, I decided that I needed some relief from having so much information crammed into my head and the solution was to hit the hotel bar and have several shots of The Glenlivet (the 12-year-old) and ginger ale with a twist of lemon.  I was on drink #2 when I overheard a conversation these two guys were having and the gist of it was that Guy#1 was telling Guy #2 that his wife found out he was bisexual and I guess from Guy #2’s reaction, this was news to him.

I really didn’t mean to eavesdrop on them but it was unavoidable since they were sitting kinda close to me at the bar and there wasn’t any serious background noise that would have prevented me from hearing them.  Yeah, I could have gotten up and left so I didn’t hear their conversation but, obviously, I didn’t do that, not because I was nosy but because I was quite comfortable where I was sitting.

So I’m listening to them; Guy #1 allowed that his wife was pretty upset about it, threatened to leave him, all of the stuff I think of being “the usual” things said in this situation. Guy #2 was sympathetic and relieved to hear that Guy #1 wasn’t going to wind up being single… but he was obviously concerned to know that his friend liked dick, too.  He asked Guy #1 if he was sure – that made me laugh  – and Guy #1 allowed that he’d been like this even before he met Guy #2 – and then delivered what I’d call the “usual” disclaimer of not being interested in getting into Guy #2’s pants.

Guy #2 said he wasn’t worried about that but something in his voice told me that (a) he was worried and (b) wasn’t as worried after hearing the disclaimer and he said that it didn’t matter and had no effect on their friendship and I guess it didn’t since Guy#2 was still sitting there drinking with Guy #1. Almost predictably, Guy #2 “whipped out his dick” and proclaimed his straightness and how he’d never do any shit like that but reassured Guy #1 that if this was his thing, it was no biggie… but the “as long as you don’t try that shit with me” part was implied if not said, if you know what I mean.

Guy#2 had a shitload of questions for Guy #1, which made sense to me because if you found out that your male friend was into dick and pussy, um, wouldn’t you be curious as to why?  Eh, maybe some people wouldn’t be… but Guy #2 was.  I’m listening to Guy #1 answering the questions being thrown at him and I’m just soaking it all up myself and comparing what I’m hearing to what I’ve experienced and, yeah, Guy #1 is making sense and I found myself easily identifying with why he was bisexual.  Here’s where it gets interesting…

Guy #2 went from “I’d never do anything like that with a guy!” to hypothetically saying how he might do something like that and mostly if he was both heavily under the influence and super horny; he allowed that he wasn’t sure how he’d deal with such a thing but eventually settled for saying that if it happened, well, he’d just deal with it as best he could.  I almost laughed loudly enough for them to hear me because, yeah, I’d heard this one before, that “I wouldn’t do it… but this is how I might react if it did” kind of thing.  Guy #2 got really inquisitive about what it was like to suck another man’s cock and Guy #1 was doing his best to explain it… and while Guy #2 appeared to be somewhat creeped out over what he was hearing, I noticed that he was having a hard time sitting still on his stool.

They were still talking about it and I was now on drink number four when Guy #2 turned to me, excused himself for bothering me, and really did ask me if I would ever suck another guy’s dick because Guy #1 had just told him that he’d be surprised at how many guys were into it.  Now, I didn’t want to get into this conversation at all and I had a few seconds to decide if I wanted to answer and/or how I was going to answer.  I apologized for overhearing their conversation and kinda wussed out by agreeing with Guy #1’s assessment that a lot of guys are into dick and pussy and had no problems with it.  Guy #1 smiled but Guy #2 wanted his question answered and, well, um, really… I’m not beyond fucking with people about this and more so when I’m getting along so well with The Glenlivet – so I told him that, yeah, I’d suck another guy’s dick and I never found it to be a bad thing overall.

Guy #2 was floored, maybe not because of my Scotch-induced “confession” but to realize that Guy #1 was on the money about what he said.  I guess Guy #2 was having a problem believing it because he asked me – and this is a direct quote – “So if I wanted you to suck my dick, you’d do it?”  His question told me something interesting; had he asked me if I’d suck his friend’s dick – and, honestly, that’s the question I would have asked if I were him – that question would have told me that he had zero interest in experiencing such a thing… but that’s not what he asked.  So I turned to look at him, gave him the visual once-over, and said, “Sure, I’d blow you if you really wanted me to – it’s no big deal for me…” and finished off the rest of my drink and with the thought that, okay, I’ve had a little fun at this guy’s expense, fucked with his head a little, and now it’s time to head back to my room because tomorrow’s class starts at 0800.

I settle up my tab and get up to leave… and Guy #2 wants me to hang around a little longer to explain why I’d blow him – Guy #1 is getting ready to hurt himself by trying not to laugh, by the way.  I try to beg off, noting the class I have to attend… and learn both of them were at the DOT seminar (but not in the class I had to take).  Maybe I should have kept on walking… but I sat back down, thinking that I could explain this quickly, satisfy his intellectual curiosity, and be back in my room by seven at the latest… but that’s not what happened because the more I tried to explain it, the more Guy #2 asked questions… and I found this to be quite curious on my part because, um, if a guy says that he’s straight and would never let another man suck his dick, why is this guy asking me exactly why I would do it?  It was at this point that the devil, along with my fifth helping of The Glenlivet Guy #2 got for me, jumped all over my head and shoulders and made me ask him this:

“If you’re not into this, why are you asking me if I’d suck your cock if you somehow wanted me to do it?”

Ah, the look on his face was beyond precious!  Guy #1 was laughing his ass off now and nodding – I thought that he was thinking exactly what I had asked Guy #2 – and Guy #2 is speechless as he’s trying to get his alcohol-infused brain to digest my question.  Predictably, he said that he really wouldn’t want me to blow him – he just hypothetically wanted to know that if he asked, would I do it… and I continued to fuck with him and suggested that maybe his question wasn’t as hypothetical as he believed it to be – Guy #1 proceeded to spit his drink all over the bar.  Guy #2 is flustered and I didn’t give him a chance to recover by pointing out that most straight guys I know wouldn’t ask such a question for real or otherwise because they just wouldn’t be able to entertain the thought of having another guy giving them a blowjob… so why was he really asking?

Yeah, I know… I’m just a bad boy sometimes.  Guy #2 recovered enough to say that he really didn’t want me to blow him and it was just a question and I had a devil-inspired question for him:  “Okay… but why is your dick hard?”

Guy #1 got off his stool and walked (stumbled) away laughing hysterically now and Guy #2 is now quite pissed and I knew that it wasn’t because of the Q&A we were having or that I was peeking at his crotch – even though the way we were facing each other, um, he had enough dick that couldn’t go unnoticed – nope, he was pissed because his cock had betrayed him.  My friends, I wish you could have heard him trying to explain his boner away!  Even the bartender was doing his best not to start laughing; he just looked at me and shook his head at how bad I was being… but I wasn’t done fucking with this guy yet.

Guy #1 returned to his stool; Guy #2 gave him the evil eye for laughing at his predicament and I took advantage of the situation by very calmly and in a matter-of-fact tone voice ask Guy #2, “So, what, do you want me to blow you or what?  I mean, that’s why you asked the question, isn’t it?”

Guy #1 went very still, as did Guy #2.  Guy #1 was watching his friend and, honestly, so was I; I was waiting for him to lose his cool and get all ignorant because, yeah, I did push him kinda hard… but I wasn’t worried, not because I knew I could defend myself but because I knew he wasn’t going to do anything other than sit there all red-faced and dumb-struck.  I didn’t smile at him or anything but I thanked them for the drinks and, as a parting shot at Guy #2, told him that if he really did want that blowjob from me, I’d be in my room and told him the room number, and then I left to the sounds of Guy #1 just flat-out laughing his ass off at Guy #2’s expense.

By the time I got to my room, I had pretty much forgotten the whole thing, chiding myself for being bad and pushing that guy’s buttons and, well, just plain old being bad.  I had called home and talked to the peeps, finished the call, and settled down to watch some TV before crashing when I heard a knock at the door.  I was puzzled because I wasn’t expecting anyone so I guess you can imagine my surprise when I opened the door and found Guy #2 standing there… but I wasn’t at all surprised at why he was there… and it wasn’t to talk.  I invited him inside and he said that the only reason why he came to my room is that he didn’t believe that I would suck his cock – but his friend was 100% sure I would.  Of course, I knew he was full of shit when he said that because I understand that whole process of self-justification.  He finished what he was saying and he had that “I dare you!” look about him… so I got up from where I was sitting on the bed, went to where he was sitting, politely took his very nice cock out, and sucked him off in, oh, about five minutes or so.  After he got done asking God and Jesus to help him – and still feeling very devilish, I asked him, “Do you believe it now?”

He got himself together, gave me a weird look, and asked if he could use the room’s phone; I said he could and I guess he called Guy #1’s room because I heard him say, “Yeah, he did do it, just like you said he would…” then hung up and sat back down. I sat back on the bed and watched Guy #2 think and I could almost guess what was going on in his head as he sat in my guest chair naked from the waist down (he had lost his pants rather quickly after I started on him).  After a couple of minutes, he looked at me, cleared his throat and asked, “Would you do that again? Please?”

Not only did I do it again but Mr. “I’d never do anything like that” took it upon himself to join me in some cock sucking this time around and I’d say he was pretty decent for someone doing it for the first time in their life.  I didn’t cum in his mouth but he did get me off with his hand when I told him I was gonna cum.  Afterward, he said, “I don’t fucking believe I just did that!” and I told him that, yeah, that’s a natural reaction the first time around.  He thanked me for, um, showing him a good time, got dressed, and went to his room and I went to bed feeling rather pleased with myself.

The next day, I ran into Guy #1 during the lunch break – and he was practically bouncing off the walls.  He told me that Guy #2 had called him and told him what had gone down and just blew his mind when Guy #2 asked him if he could come by his room to talk more about it – but that Guy #2’s idea of talking was getting into another round of oral sex.

Guy #1 asked, “What did you do to him?”

I replied, “All I did was do what he wanted me to do, well, that and he practically came out and dared me to do it…so I did it.”

Guy #1 said, “I was not only surprised that he actually let you do that – I almost passed out when he said he wanted to suck my cock, too!”

All I did was nod and smile while saying, “Yeah, well, sometimes, it happens like that.  Is he gonna be okay?”

Guy #1 said, “He must be okay because he already told me what we were going to be doing after today’s session was done.”

I never found out what else went down with these two but I just love it when I get a chance to prove a guy “wrong” about getting his dick sucked… even when it wasn’t really my intention to do so.  Who knew sitting in a bar and minding your own business could turn out to be so interesting?

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