Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Drought Relief

06 Mar

Even guys who seemed to get pussy just by looking at a girl knows what it’s like when pretty much all sources of coochie just ups and disappears.  Girls who were famous for giving it up (easily or with some prodding) suddenly wouldn’t give you the time of day, as if by some form of unspoken communication, every girl you knew just wasn’t gonna give you any.

We called it, “The Drought” and, yeah, just like other guys, I went through such a period… except I had an advantage that took the edge off the drought and one that provided me a great deal of amusement and entertainment when it came to my teenaged peers.  The Drought was always a bad time; you had scores of teenaged guys with raging  hormones, running whatever game they had in order to convince a girl – any girl – to give it up and relieve the incredible stresses we were hard pressed to deal with and, eventually, by any means necessary.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

It used to crack me up hanging with my fellow drought suffers – we all just came together to share our grief as well as voice our disbelief at not being able to get any pussy anywhere – and now I’m listening to guys who, before The Drought, used to talk some pretty awful shit about gay dudes and their habit of sucking dick and providing another hole in which sperm could be deposited.  The Drought brought great desperation as sources of pussy vanished into thin air and so much that, as your friendly neighborhood bisexual, got me lots of dick to suck at the least.  So to hear some “macho” guy go from bashing gay men and we of the switch-hitting persuasion to going on the prowl for some guy who’d get rid of his case of blue balls was just too damned funny.

Some of the would talk to me about how The Drought was fucking with them and it was hilarious to see, in their body language and just the way they were speaking, that they wanted to ask me if I’d do something with them – and keep in mind that they had no idea that I was bisexual.  Now, being in The Drought isn’t a laughing matter for us… but this was funny to see them stumbling and fumbling over their words and knowing that the erection hiding in their pants was giving them so much grief as it begged for some attention – any kind of attention that didn’t have to do with them choking their own chicken.

They’d say shit like, “Man, I ain’t no faggot but, damn, I’d let a dude suck my dick right about now!  Shit, I’m so fucking horny that I might even suck his dick, too!” and then I’d just sit and wait for the proposition to get thrown on the table.  Ah, man, and when it landed – and it was never a matter of if it would – the stuff that would come out of their mouth was just comedic gold, like, “Man, um, look, uh, if, um, if we do this, shit, goddamnit, we can’t let anybody know that we did it, okay?”

Or because of their homosexual fears, they’d dial down what they really wanted to do and say shit like, “Um, can we, ah, just, you know, jerk each other off?  That shit ain’t gay is it?”  Then to see the desperation in their eyes, to see their bodies literally vibrating with the need to bust that nut was, again, pretty damned funny… but not so much at times because I went through The Drought, I knew how they felt – any port in a storm is preferred over getting lost at sea.  Being very bisexual, I wouldn’t say no to their proposal and it took some doing for me not to be too eager to go along with them because (a) I wasn’t what anyone would call out and (b) um, I kinda liked fucking with these guys and watching their macho facade just disintegrate.

One such guy pretty much begged me to jerk him off and offered to jerk me off as well – and that was fine because I knew that he wasn’t going to be all that satisfied with me just pulling his pud; at some point, he’d get that look in his eyes and one that would allow me to see him thinking about what I knew was gonna be the next question out of his mouth:  “Uh, look, um, could you suck it for me?  I’ll suck yours if you do… but, shit, don’t tell nobody I did that, okay?”

Or they’d say, “It’s okay if you suck it…” and with the same offer to return the favor and with the conditional discretion clause attached.  Or they’d ask, “Ah, you won’t get pissed off if I suck on your dick, will you?” and I could see the hunger to suck me in their eyes, borne out of their raging, hormone-driven lust and, yeah, perhaps them giving in to a part of them that up to this point they were trying to keep hidden… but as the saying goes, a lack of pussy will make a motherfucker crazy – and crazy enough to have sex with another guy and, shit, yeah, to hell with appearances and reputations.

Guys who’d swear on a stack of Bibles that they’d never, ever, suck another dude’s cock (or let another dude suck theirs) would demonstrate a great deal of skill sucking my dick, something that always amazed me (as much as it delighted me) because, um, how come you’re so good at doing something you’ve said you’ve never done before?  Some guys would draw the line at letting me cum in their mouth… but a lot of them wouldn’t bother drawing that line and would gulp my stuff down with more enthusiasm than I showed when I’d drain their balls – and I was the one who loved to suck dick.  Guys who’d swear on those same Bibles that they would never fuck another guy’s ass or let their ass be fucked were “suddenly” more than willing to offer up their ass for a chance to fuck me in the ass.  And when they were on the receiving end, it would just crack me up to hear them say, in the beginning, “Okay, you can stick it in but, um, don’t stick it in too far…” and then hear them saying, “Put all of that motherfucker in there!” and then I couldn’t seem to fuck them fast or hard enough to make them happy.

Funny how this shit works, ain’t it?  If they were fucking me, hearing them confess that doing this to a guy felt good was in stark contrast to their earlier thoughts that fucking a guy in the ass was some very nasty shit and something they’d never do.

Afterwards, man, their after-sex reactions were mixed, from being horribly embarrassed and even ashamed that they went there with me, to actually verbally denying that what just happened didn’t happen – this one was really funny because their words spoke the lie (to convince themselves that it really didn’t happen) but their body language was saying something very different.  Sometimes they’d say, “This never happened, right?” and I’d say something like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, man…” but they’d also tell me how glad they were to be able to get off just the same.  Some would confess that doing it with another dude wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was and, yeah, some would have picked up on how easily I sucked their dick or took it in my ass and express their surprise that I was one of those guys who went both ways… but they’d vow to keep my secret as long as I kept theirs and I was very okay with that.

Some of these fellow drought suffers were “one and done” – they got their rocks off (and got mine off) and that took the edge off of things for them while others would very badly hint that, um, they wouldn’t object to going at this again.  I know that a lot of these guys were first-timers… but I also knew that some of them had the same secret that I had and one they went to great pains to maintain.  Sure, some guys were just “a natural” at sucking dick but, yeah, some of those guys had cock-sucking skills to rival or exceed my own skills at doing it and when it came to getting my dick shoved up their ass, they were just too… welcoming to be virgin back there, if you know what I mean.

I hated The Drought… but it was also the best thing that could happen to a guy because when his need to have sex had totally and completely broken down his resistance and inhibitions and I happened to be around, I knew I was going to get some very special drought relief of my own…


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