Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Flipping the Script

24 Mar

When guys negotiate with other guys to have sex, there can be a lot of “bartering” or next to no discussion about what’s desired, needed, whatever.  It’s interesting to notice that once the deal has been made, no one seems to ever think about the fact that whatever was agreed upon isn’t exactly encased in a diamond coating and could be subject to change – a lot of us go forward with the expectation that whatever was agreed upon isn’t going to be changed.  It’s not all that an unreasonable expectation and one could easy assume that even in this taboo behavior, a man’s honor still has value and that even when caught up in the haze of his hormone-driven lust, his word is his bond and as good as gold.

It usually is but you know how Mr. Murphy loves to be an uninvited guest and the one who might piss in the punch bowl, right?  I’ve been in situations where me and the other guy have successfully negotiated the rules of engagement and we’ve both gone out of our ways to not disrupt the ROE because not all “surprises” are nice ones when hard dicks are involved.  I wouldn’t lie and say that during such, ah, activities, I haven’t changed my mind about something and I sure as hell wouldn’t say that, at the least, I was never seriously thinking about instantly renegotiating the deal – it taught me that while you go into these things thinking, knowing, or believing that you know exactly what you want and need from this guy, it’s not unheard of – or even usual – to find out that you need more or less of something… then it becomes a matter of whether or not you’re gonna say something or just let things play out as agreed to… and this decision could make a huge difference in whether or not the sexual experience was a good or not-so-good one.

When I was thinking about this yesterday, I thought of all the guys I’ve been with and the script got flipped and those moments where I’d find myself wondering why the dude “suddenly” wanted to do something other than what was agreed to… or even why I’d want to do that.  The answer can be found in how our lust and whatever pleasure we’re giving/receiving is playing out and since it doesn’t always work the exact same way every time, it can make things interesting at best or can make one question their sanity at the worst.  My thoughts focused in on one particular instance of this…

The guy was hitting on me and in such a way that I had decided to hear him out.  As he ran his game down on me, I was wondering why he just didn’t come out and tell me what he wanted to do and more so since I had figured it out a minute or so after he started talking to me.  I did my best to be patient and wait for the moment his indecent proposal would hit the table and it wasn’t easy because I was starving for some dick and was more than eager to have some of his.  It finally hit the table… and the terms of his proposal made me hesitate for a moment because it was (at the time) pretty weird and specific.  He proposed that we go somewhere, get naked, and jerk each other off, laying down the stipulations that there was to be no oral or anal sex involved and he was rather adamant about that because, as he put it, “That other shit is just too gay for me and I ain’t into it, never have been, never will be!”

Okay… that was rather crude and on many levels but I agreed to his “demands” because, um, it was still a chance to literally get off at the hands of another guy and I knew – even if he wasn’t of a mind to think about it – that once the heat of the moment started to build, things could change so I had to be mindful of this lest I get surprised and blindsiding me isn’t a good thing.  I also had to squash my famished beast, which was screaming at me to do stuff to this guy that hadn’t been agreed to – my beast, sad to say, has no concepts of honor and keeping one’s word.

We get to his place and didn’t bother with going to his bedroom; we stripped down right there in the living room, arranged ourselves on the sofa so that we’d easily be within arm’s reach of each other, applied – to me – way too much baby oil to our already hard dicks… and the mutual masturbation began in earnest.  Now, when it comes (no pun) to beating your own meat, it’s a “skill” that you’ve developed over time and you know exactly and precisely what to do to yourself to get the desired effect and outcome.  When it comes to someone else doing it, uh, unless they’ve literally had hands-on experience pulling your pud, you’re gonna be subjected to their idea of how your chicken should be choked.  “Conventional” wisdom says that being vocal and giving directions so that the other guy can spank your monkey is a good and smart thing to do; otherwise, you wind up in a situation like I found myself in:  The other guy jerking and snatching on my dick as if he were trying to pull it off my body.

He was very much into what he was doing – or trying to do – to me, talking all kinds of “pillow talk” shit that, while I’m trying not to punch him in the fact for the pain he’s causing, I’m also trying to figure out why we say some of the shit we do when the heat is upon us.  I finally tell him to not do it that hard because he was only killing my groove; he was doing it so hard and fast that by the time he eased up, there was practically no oil on my dick.  He apologized and said he was just too eager – it had been a great while since his last encounter and we eventually got into a mutually pleasing rhythm with each other.  A part of me was unhappy because I wanted to suck this guy’s dick so badly – he was the right length and thickness that makes sucking dick so much fun but, fuck, he was very insistent that nothing like that was supposed to happen.  I found that whatever pleasure I was feeling was being shoved aside by my growing frustration; I’ve got this nice, hard, suckable dick in my hand and the only thing I can do is keep pulling on it until he cums – and then I’m mourning the loss of whatever spunk he’s gonna bring as it gets wasted and spilt on my hand.  I really wanted to call the whole thing off… but I gave my word that I would jerk him off and that’s what I was gonna do come hell or high water and at the risk of my own need to release.

If there was a consolation, it was watching his reactions to what I was doing as I varied my speed and grip on his tool; the looks on his was weren’t quite what I’d call precious but they were interesting and listening to his lust-induced mumblings threatened to make me start laughing, something I’d never do if I were fully into what was being done to me – and I wasn’t.  Even as I felt the tremors running along his cock that told me he was almost to the edge, I was thinking ahead and had decided that since he wasn’t likely to get me off, I could always do it myself at some point.  I picked up my speed, eased up on my grip upon him, took him to the edge and shoved him right over; I groaned miserably to see that first huge spurt of cum shoot out of the head of his dick… and groaned even more as he spilled a huge amount of sperm all over my hand and himself.  I was sure he thought my groans were ones of my pleasure in making him cum – they seemed to egg him on as far as his own orgasm was concerned; I mentally rolled my eyes and I might have even actually rolled them, something he wouldn’t have seen since his eyes were tightly closed.

I slowly milked the rest of his load from him and consoled myself – at least I got him off so my “goal” was accomplished even though my own cock was now lying limply against my leg, having been totally forgotten during his leap into the abyss.  He was done… and so was I; I thought about getting myself off and vetoed the act – maybe I’ll be in the mood to do it after I get out of here.  He’s slouched on the sofa, breathing heavily and I’m just sitting there watching him and, honestly, not feeling too good about things when he opened his eyes, smiled at me – and then leaned over and started sucking on my dick!  He had moved so quickly that I almost slapped him upside the head – remember, I don’t like being surprised – but I didn’t hit him… but I was wondering why this guy was now doing something that (a) we hadn’t agreed on and (b) he said he’s never done and (c) would never do… but as he sucked me into full hardness, um, er, I kinda set those thoughts aside.

It has always amazed me how a guy who [supposedly] has never sucked dick before can be so fucking good at it and I’ve been equally amazed at some of those guys who just deep-throat my dick as easily as someone who’s exceptionally skilled at it; I’ve had guys suck me, get about half of me in their mouth, and gag something fierce.  Not this guy, though!  It didn’t take him long to get me from being totally disinterested to squirming on the sofa, my hands on his head and my hips thrusting upward into his mouth; he took me deep and I could feel him fighting his gag reflex just as I could feel that he won the battle.  Folks, he worked his mouth and tongue on my wood as if he’d been doing it for years and as he dragged me to the edge of the abyss, I had enough brain power left to wonder if he hadn’t lied to me when he said that he’s never sucked dick and he never would… and then I fell off the edge – I didn’t even have a chance to warn him that I was about to cum and I guess it wouldn’t have made a difference because he didn’t hesitate to drink down all that I had to offer.

He released me and stretched out, giving me a chance to see his renewed boner via the one eye I was able to force open.  I was still remembering how to breathe when he said, “I’ve never let another dude suck me but, please, do it to me…”  Shit, he didn’t have to ask twice!  I was still disoriented from my release but not so much that I couldn’t hurry and get his dick in my mouth before he changed his mind and, yes, having his cock in my mouth was a nice as I thought it would be.  I knew that since he had just cum not too long ago, I was going to have a nice long time to suck on his dick… so you might be able to imagine my surprise when after only a couple of minutes of eating his meat, he flooded my mouth with sperm – and a lot of it.  I had totally forgotten that sometimes, when a guy is being sucked for the first time, things happen faster than expected… but I recovered quickly and slurped up all of his shit – I was not about to let any of it get away – and I was deliriously happy with him fucking into my mouth as he delivered all of his load unto me…

After we both got our shit together, I was gonna ask him why things changed, you know, just out of curiosity more than having a complaint about it – but he spoke first, saying that he didn’t know what came over him but he just had to do the two things he had never done:  Suck dick and get sucked.  He was embarrassed and I could understand why he would be; he started to apologize for flipping the script and I told him honestly that he didn’t need to apologize for anything because I understood how things can change like that and that I’d had times when I was the one doing the script flipping (like deciding I needed to be fucked even though I had sworn off of anal sex).  I guess my words made him feel better because as we were getting dressed, he insisted that I come back the next day so we could do that cock-sucking thing again; I had to smile to hear him “ranting” with himself and asking himself out loud why he had only settled for hand jobs when sucking dick and being sucked was so much better.

I went away happier than I had been at the beginning and, yep, I went back the next day, too.  Still,  I wondered about how we can be so “set in our ways” when it comes to doing whatever we are gonna do or not gonna do – but then find reason to change our minds about those things and flip the script in some way.  Today, I kinda understand it – our need to please and be pleased can, at times, totally override the preferences we try very hard to stay true to – that “I want what I want and in the way I want it” thing we all have going on in our heads when it comes to getting laid.  Sometimes, when the script gets flipped, it doesn’t always go well for either guy; some guys have, after the fact, expressed that they really wanted to do whatever it was they said they weren’t going to do but erred on the side of caution or, simply, didn’t give in to the impulse to flip it because he gave his word that he wouldn’t – so he didn’t…

But sometimes they do or, fuck yeah, even I do because it always seems like a good idea at the time…

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