Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “It’s Against My Religion…”

31 Mar

It’s said that we’re not supposed to talk about death, taxes, politics, sex, or religion… so I’m gonna talk about two of these “forbidden” topics and just because I can.  After reading a couple of blogs about religion, politics, and same-sex sex, man, this can be a very serious thing for budding bisexuals as they work to figure this thing out about themselves.  I know that once I became aware of the implications of doing the nasty with another guy (and I’m not gonna talk about all of the sex I had out-of-wedlock), I was pretty sure I was going to burn in the hottest places that Hell could afford.  I remember reading the Old Testament and seeing that if a man lay down with another man, they both could be stoned to death – and that method of execution still exists today in some places.

It’s a sin even though the “death penalty” got repealed in Leviticus; a lot of people firmly believe that same-sex sex is a crime against nature because such couplings are damned unlikely to produce children so married sex is the way to keep yourself from burning for all of eternity.  Still, as I got older and more “wiser,” I began to see some things about this, like, the powers that were putting the brakes on human sexuality and narrowly defining what was “legal” sex and what sex was deemed to be immoral and sinful.  And then there was the obvious:  Despite the laws and religious portents of eternal doom, it wasn’t stopping anyone from having sex in the manner prohibited.

I saw first-hand some of the religious hypocrisy behind same-sex stuff – and we’re still hearing about the cluster fuck going on in the Catholic Church, right?  I’ve been in, ah, sexual congress with some guys who were what I’d call close to being fanatically religious and the hypocrisy of it all was rather stark and telling to have a guy tell me in one breath that having carnal knowledge of another man is a sin against God and Nature… while he’s busting a nut in my mouth or ass or, of course, while I’m busting a nut in his available orifices.  I’ve been with such men in these situations and have, in fact, seen some of them break down, start crying, and a couple of times, get on their knees and pray to God for forgiveness of their sin; there was this one guy who actually prayed for forgiveness right before he gave me a pretty amazing blow job.  And, yes, I had a man of God lay the pipe to me… and I’ll blaspheme a little and tell you that it was damned good, too… but even he said after the fact that he was gonna pray to God for some forgiveness and he did, too… and still got busy with me the next day.

I’ve been in discussions with guys who’ve said that despite their feelings of bisexuality, it’s against their religion to do anything about it and I’ve agreed that it’s pretty much against everyone’s religion to do the nasty in the same-sex mode… which still doesn’t stop anyone from doing it like that.  In this, you get to see that amazing ability humans have to justify anything they do, even if it’s only to themselves.  I’ve listened to guys who are into sex with other guys say that because they’ve accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and because He died on the cross for our sins, all of this is like a “get out of jail free” card and one that allows them to do that which is prohibited and without putting their soul at risk come judgement day.  There was a time, back when I was much younger, when I thought this hypocrisy was funny because there were people willing to risk the wrath of God in order to get their cookies crumbled and I mean “funny” in both senses of the word – humorously and ironically.  It’s one thing to hear a guy calling on God and Jesus to save him because the sex he’s having with another man is feeling so good but, yeah, how can you not laugh when you’re sucking a guy’s dick, he’s about to cum, and you hear him begging the Lord to forgive him… but he’s gotta cum?

All too often, we hear a lot of folks say that this must be okay because if it wasn’t, God wouldn’t have given us the ability to indulge like this – and I used to say it a lot, too.  I’ve heard some folks say that since God gave us free will, He’s pretty much just giving us all enough rope to hang ourselves with but if you were to set all of this aside for a moment and look at it for what it is, what you see are humans doing whatever’s necessary to have sex… and no matter what the restrictions, taboos, or prohibitions are and, yes, even at the risk of their eternal soul.

I don’t know too many bisexuals who haven’t questioned their feelings/behavior when it comes to their religious leanings; it’s something that causes great confusion because it’s a great contradiction and one that makes people say, again, that if God didn’t mean for “me” to be bisexual (or even gay), then it wouldn’t be possible for anyone to be anything other than straight.  I’ve heard people ask, literally and rhetorically, “How can something that feels so good and right be so terribly wrong?”

How indeed?  When I’ve talked to guys about being bi and doing the deed, holding onto their religious belief is important to them but what they’re thinking, feeling, or even doing just conflicts with that which they believe and what they’ve been taught about this in whatever church they go to.  They won’t give up their belief in God… but they find that they have reason to question religion’s position on such things.  I know that when I hear all of the religious arguments against boys doing it to boys, I can easily acknowledge that they’re right – the bible says that this is wrong… but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, that it can’t happen, and that it’s been happening for longer than we can probably remember as a species – it’s certainly been going on since before religion came to be.

For religion to say that this is against the natural order of things is, in itself, a contradiction or, if you will, a method of control because as we all know, sex is a part of the natural order – we’re literally born to do it.  The sex drive is a part of what we are and, in the eyes of some, religion seeks to negate the power of that drive to have sex by restricting who we can have sex and when we can have it and even why we can have it.  That at the time our existence as a species was a problem – there weren’t that many humans running around the joint – makes this… restriction a necessity because our survival and existence as a species is pretty damned important.  But, as I’ve pointed out on occasion, those folks way back then could not foresee a time when making babies wouldn’t necessarily call for a man and a woman getting all hot and sweaty together so, yeah, if two men got caught or were accused of having sexual congress with each other – which just can’t ever make a baby (that we know of) – death was the only suitable punishment for not doing things the way they needed to be done to keep humans at the top of the heap, so to speak.

We’ve even gone as far as to separate God and religion; our respective belief in God is one thing and important to us… but religion as a social construct, well, that’s something else because while religion does give us something to believe in (and some believe to take our minds off of the fact that we’re all gonna die), there’s just something fishy about religion and more so when we know that quite a few very religious people have been known to, ah, partake of the forbidden fruit.   Some see this as “Do as I say, not as I do!” and, yep, we know that while this does make sense, it’s hypocrisy at it’s finest because just how in the name of the God you believe in can you tell “Peter” and “Jeff” not to have sex with each other… when there’s plenty of evidence that you’re doing the one thing you’ve told us not to do – and then condemn Pete and Jeff to hell for it?

Huh?  How does that make any sense?  A lot of bisexuals – and myself included – have come to the conclusion that our sexuality is what it is and that if we are to stand in judgement when our lives are over, well, we’ll just have to be judged and whatever happens after that… happens.  It might sound messed up but I believe in God and Jesus is my personal Savior… I just don’t have a lot of truck with religious teachings in the face of the teachers not exactly doing things the way they’re supposed to do them but having the nerve to tell us that we’re not supposed to do them… or else.  I  once said, “If I’m gonna burn in hell for this, I’m not going to be by myself and I know a few preachers who are gonna fry right alongside me…”

Yep, I kinda got in trouble for saying that… but it’s the truth as I understand it both then and now.  History is rife with examples of our ancestors praying and believing in many gods but, sure, two guys having sex was socially acceptable as long as one of them wasn’t “legally” a grown man… and even that stipulation was ignored, too, because as they say, once you taste the forbidden fruit, it’s kinda hard not to want to take more bites of it.

None of what I’ve written here is meant to be disrespectful of anyone’s religious beliefs.   All I’m doing is writing down what I’ve come to understand about this and what others have related to me when it comes to being bisexual and our religious beliefs and how they glaringly clash against what’s actually being done.  As I said in the beginning of this, I don’t know any bisexual who hasn’t thought about this or any who haven’t struggled to reconcile their feelings and behaviors against that which they believe when it comes to religion.  I’ve seen one’s beliefs in this stop them from doing what their “heart” is telling them to do and that’s fine… but I’ve also seen it not stop two men from having sex with each other even at the pain of death and eternal damnation.

Then again, I know and understand that the need to have sex is totally capable of overriding a lot of things and that humans will do whatever has to be done to have sex – and that includes gladly and willingly lying down with someone who is the same sex as they are.  It is what it has always been and always will be until humans are extinct…

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