Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “The Spice of Life”

04 Apr

Are you someone who believes in the saying that variety is the spice of life?  Indeed, life can be pretty boring if you never find reason to do anything that doesn’t give you that bit of spice to keep things interesting and, yeah, one’s idea of “spice” will vary from someone else’s idea of it.  That need for some spice – and because, without it, life can again be kinda boring – is the thing that can make some of us want to jump out of our boxes, like, oh, being bisexual.  Yeah, sometimes, being bisexual can be more trouble than its worth but there’s no doubt in my mind that it can be pretty damned spicy and simply because of the variety it can afford or, as Eddie Murphy said in one of his stand-up routines, “It ain’t the same old cracker…”

Late last night, I was flipping through Tumblr and eyeballing the, ah, artwork a lot of people have seen fit to distribute, and I’m peeping men and women in various states of undress and in flagrante delicto and the bisexual in me is just eating it all up to see all the T&A as well as all the nice dicks and knowing that, yeah, I can partake of these goodies and not give much thought about it.  This stuff aside, being bisexual affords me some ghost pepper-like spice and it’s just so nice to know that I can avail myself of this sexual diversity, this sexual variety, that not only could do my body good, but it does my mind a lot of good as well.

I’m never gonna say that just having sex with women alone is a bad thing or that it lacks variety/diversity – that would be an outright lie, wouldn’t it?  There are those who’d say that because I’m not adverse to indulging in another guy’s cock, I’m being greedy and it assumes that pussy alone is and should be enough… and if it was, I’d say I wouldn’t be bisexual, huh?  So while some see this as greed, I see it as the spice of life because, really, what can be better than being sexually diverse?

Yeah, yeah – one can always point to the inherent risks involved in being bisexual and male… but people point these things out and, sometimes, I think they do without giving one bit of thought to the fact that being heterosexual comes with its own risks as well.  I also think that this perception exists because of that “mandate” for us all to be heterosexual and monogamous and that’s all well and good if that’s what works for you and floats your boat as much as you need it floated.  Humans are rather ingenious, innovative, and creative so no, it’s not as if one can be heterosexual and monogamous but unable to add some spice to things, right?  Right!  Still, there are many of us who aren’t content to leave the spicing solely to one side of the equation so the answer to the question, “What price do you put on your sexual pleasure?” is, “Eh, not much of one!” and more so if one is thoughtful and prudent enough to be safe in their pursuit of the spice that is sexual pleasure.

I was looking at one Tumblr offering where a very nicely hung Black dude was yanking and snatching on his dick; I thought of Rougedmount in that she’d love that guy’s length and girth (sorry about that Rouged) but I was really thinking about a lot of things, like how it’s rumored that Black men don’t masturbate (an outright lie) and while size doesn’t matter to me, damned right, it is nice to look at.  Someone had commented on the clip that it was criminal for that guy to waste all that good sperm and when I watched him bust that nut, yeah, if it was a crime, I’d lock him up for it and, yep, I was thinking about how nice it would be to taste every bit of it.  The very next clip was of a woman masturbating and I thought, “More women should be able to do this without all the angst…” and, fuck, yeah, I was thinking of how nice it is not only to watch a woman do it live but to, um, give her a helping finger or two and perhaps even a few licks of encouragement.

The spice some of us seek isn’t always about doing – it’s also about appreciation, too, and as a bisexual, sure, I can deal with pussy and dick separately or together (which is quite nice, I might add) so I can look at the stuff on Tumblr and merely for the appreciation factor more than it being a turn on… not that I need any help in that department.  I look at this stuff and see how other people go about the quest for spice and while some of it is stuff that, personally, I wouldn’t necessarily be into – like trussing a woman up like a steer and having my way with her while bound and helpless – it’s being able to appreciate such diversity that can add some spice to the mix.  Some of it makes me go, “Hmm… I wonder why…?” like those folks on Tumblr who seem to worship BBC (big black cocks) or those folks who worship the sissy life and those folks for which underarm hair is a great turn on or that someone peeing is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  That spice can come in different packages is a good thing and, again, it’s about being able to appreciate such diversity even though some of it ain’t exactly my cup of tea – but I do believe that my bisexuality makes this appreciation “easier” to grab a hold of.

I can look at another man’s cock or watch a clip of him jerking off or watch two guys sucking hungrily at each other – and that’s just fine and dandy, not just because I’m capable of indulging in this myself but simply because I can appreciate the beauty of it, just as I can appreciate the beauty of watching a guy laying pipe to a woman or she’s having her pussy eaten by someone.  The spice isn’t just because I’m bisexual or that I’m a certified Dirty Old Man or even that, um, yeah, I’ve done some of the stuff that can be seen on Tumblr – the spice comes in because sex is an art as well as a way to get one’s rocks crushed; there is a certain beauty in it and some things are just so damned fascinating to see other humans using their imagination and creativity in their own pursuit of the spice of life.

Sometimes the same old cracker, while perhaps delicious, just isn’t enough and it needs a little something extra to give it a boost of flavor like, say, being bisexual and having some of that forbidden but spicy fruit when you can and, at least in my opinion, it really embodies the saying that variety is the spice of life.

Just me rambling – we now return you to your regularly scheduled program that’s in progress…


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6 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: “The Spice of Life”

  1. cityman

    6 April 2015 at 02:31

    This post nicely sums up my growing acceptance of my own curiosities and recent dabblings on the bi side of life. It’s such a process, yet once you’ve grown the courage to cross that line and reach for the “Mrs. Dash” (if you will – LOL), it’s like an awakening. It’s quite simple and beautiful in it’s own way (and nasty and naughty). I could never give up laying pipe, and my preferences for men are narrow at this point, but it’s liberating to know that there’s so much more to explore out there!

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  2. rougedmount

    7 April 2015 at 13:08

    ~nice to be on your mind~ ….i have to admit…i wondered at the clip you were watching…lol.. i truly appreciate that so many people have such a vastly complicated and overly simple way of viewing sexual activity that it’s remarkable. There IS something out there for everyone! and you don’t have to agree with others tastes or preferences, you just have to accept that they are entitled to have them as you are entitled to have yours. Your sex menu can be as limited or as vast as you want to make it.
    Personally, I love the intensely erotic imagery of the male erection and ejaculation. NOTHING fascinates and arouses me more. it’s glorious. so for me, it doesn’t matter how the cock became engorged or how it reaches obvious orgasm..simply that it does. mind you..if i was part of the equation i would be delightfully


    • kdaddy23

      8 April 2015 at 13:35

      Trust me, Rouged: That guy was so long and thick that even I went, “Whoa…, that dude’s got mad dick!” And, yeah, I’ll admit it – the load he spilled made my mouth water. Still, I’ve got it in my mind that if a person has a big list of what they’re not or ever gonna do firmly in their minds, the spice of life will always escape them and, at times, leave them wondering why their sex lives aren’t more interesting, fulfilling, or satisfying.

      Now, the other day, I was checking out Tumblr and someone had posted some clips of dudes buried in pussy and caught in the moment where their cocks were pulsing as their load was being delivered unto her… and that shit is just so fucking hot and erotic and I don’t really pretend to understand why I think it is (I might figure out it) – it’s just a gut reaction, I guess. But, yeah, I can very much appreciate the beauty in this because I ain’t afraid of spicy things!


      • rougedmount

        8 April 2015 at 14:00

        i seriously think that is THE most erotic thing possible..i think it comes froma primitive place..of breeding…of being bred.. of a rutting male animal just taking …lawd…for me, i simply can not take the intensity of a male ejaculating..nothing arouses me more…it makes me want to bite something..

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      • kdaddy23

        8 April 2015 at 14:02

        Yeah, damned spicy, ain’t it?

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