Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Really Dude?

06 Apr

“So, um, check it out; we’re gonna do this, okay, but, um, don’t even think that I’m some kind of bitch!”

I just looked at the guy and blinked; how did we go from agreeing to suck each other off to him being somebody’s bitch?  It was bad enough when he took anal play off the table by saying, “Nah, man – that shit’s too gay for me!” and it was a comment that I had to keep from rolling my eyes over, um, like two dudes sucking on each other’s dick isn’t considered to be gay?

“I wouldn’t dream of thinking that,” I said, my eagerness to blow him now somewhat blunted.  “Are you ready?”

After we shucked our clothes, we kinda stood there looking at each other for a moment, waiting for someone to make the first move.  Our cocks were as hard as stone and I was determined to be patient and wait for him to make the move – and it wasn’t easy, either.  He was looking everywhere he could to keep from making eye contact with me and I wanted to laugh as I watched his eyes locking onto my dick before flicking away to look someplace else.  Finally, I saw in his eyes that he was saying, within the confines of his head, “Fuck it!” – he reached out and grabbed my arm as he lowered himself to the floor, which was oddly covered with more pillow than I’d seen in one place, pulling me down with him until we were in that sideways 69 arrangement that’s more comfortable when you’re sucking dick than being on the bottom or doing a number on your knees.

He started licking my knob, causing me to take in a sharp breath and my “signal” to get to work on him.  His tongue is teasing me and I like it… and it’s pissing me off at the same time and I spend a few seconds trying to make up my mind whether or not I want to tease him in return or if I want to dismiss this “foreplay” and make his hard-on go limp.  The jury was still out for me when he decided that this teasing shit wasn’t working for him as he ate half my length (and gagged slightly, which is always good for the ego); my response was to eat all of his dick right down to his pubic bone and hold it there (showing off, sure…) and making his whole body shiver as he lay against me.  I came up for air and began to seriously work on his dick, allowing the ravening beast inside me to feed and noticing that my increased effort on him was causing his own efforts to falter.

I was palming his rather narrow ass, digging my fingers into his butt cheeks as I alternated between sucking his cock and sucking his balls; this had the effect of making him stop sucking me, which was okay (an ego thing again) but not okay – but, okay, it happens.  He’s fucking into my mouth, I’m loving it and everything… and then he starts talking.  He’s begging me not to stop, to go slower or faster, or to do it harder and it wasn’t that I didn’t expect this – it was just the way he was pleading with me that took some of my attention away from what I was doing to him.  But what really broke my concentration was when he whined, “Please…, please, I’ll do anything you want – just don’t stop!  Make me cum, please, oh, I need this so bad!  You can fuck me if you want to – just don’t stop!”

My brain went, “Huh?  Didn’t this dude just tell you a little while ago that he’s not some kind of bitch?  Then why is he sounding like he’s a bitch?”  Again, it wasn’t as much as his words as it was the way he was uttering them and, I swear, there was a moment when I thought he was going to burst into tears!  I would admit that at that point, something evil leaped onto my shoulders and said, “Pick up the pace on him and let’s see what he does…” – so I did and with so much gusto I was a little worried about hurting him.  I made sucking his dick as intense as I could manage and, my, how he moaned and whined and pleaded and, fuck me, he was telling me that if I wanted him to be my bitch, he’d be that for me… just as long as I didn’t stop what I was doing.

With some embarrassment, I have to confess that this, ah, bitch-like display on his part had the most unfortunate effect of making my noodle limp – that and he was now totally incapable of paying it any attention which is good (that ego thing again) and not so much.  But I continued to work him over good and now I’m picking up on the signs that he’s about to cum; I took a split second to flip a mental coin:  Heads, I prolong his agony or tails, I put him out his misery.  It came up “tails” and the devil on my shoulder said, “If you stick a finger in his ass, he’ll cum right now for ya…” and what do you know – that’s what happened!

The beast within me roar in ecstasy because, whew, homey was bringing a huge load of spunk and the beast was also laughing because homey was, in fact, crying and boo-hooing like I just stole his lunch money; I could feel his tears on my thigh, where his head had been resting since the moment he totally gave himself up to me and the beast whispered, “Yeah, he’s a bitch, alright!”  I drained his balls for all they had to offer and the beast started purring inside me as I propped myself up to look at this rough, tough, “I ain’t nobody’s bitch” dude and asked, “Hey, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he sobbed after a moment, wiping the tears from his face.  “Damn, that was so good!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I said, trying not to give into the laughter building inside of me.

“Uh, look, man, um, I know I said some shit to you while you were doing a number on me,” he began, kinda struggling to get his shit together, “But, yeah, okay, uh, I meant what I said – if you wanna fuck me, I’m good with that, so…”

“Get me hard again,” I said and, perhaps, a little harsher than I meant to and the beast began to roar again to watch him begin to suck me and his body was quivering again.  Thankfully, it didn’t take long for him to get me hard and I said, “Turn over…” – the beast roared as he meekly rolled over onto his stomach so I could mount him and, after the application of a lot of saliva, I pushed my dick into him and said, “I’m going to fuck you now and bust a nut in your ass.”

Now, honestly, I don’t know why I said that – I normally don’t talk shit like that but the beast was deliriously giddy to hear him say, “Okay… whatever you want…”

As I fucked him, he confirmed his “desire” to be my bitch, both softly and pretty damned loud as he moaned, groaned, and squirmed beneath me; he kept saying over and over, “Yes, yes, I’m your bitch… I always wanna be your bitch… just don’t stop, please don’t stop…”  Did I mention that way back before any of this happened, he made it clear that he didn’t like taking it in the ass and wasn’t going to?  I didn’t?  Sorry – my bad…

All of this proved to be too much for me; my dick started to swell in his ass and I was mere slices of seconds away from getting lost in my release when I heard him moan, “Oh, lawd, he’s gonna cum in my ass!”  If he said anything else, I was incapable of hearing it as I unloaded in his butt and the beast was just screaming its head off triumphantly.  I eventually withdrew and rolled off of him and began the process of remembering how to breathe and think coherently; I looked at him as he stayed on his belly, his body still quivering and, yeah, my sperm just now beginning to seep out of him.  Once I got the breathing and thinking thing back to a minimal level, I asked him, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” he sobbed – sobbed?  Really?  I kinda shrugged, got up, and went to find his bathroom so I could get cleaned up; when I returned a few minutes later, he was up (on shaky legs, I might add) and moving around.  As he passed me on his way to the bathroom, he just nodded at me; I nodded back and gathered up my clothes so I could get dressed and get in the wind; even if he wanted to go again, nah, I didn’t have it like that – the beast had been fed and was damned sated, thank you very much.  But I did wait for him to come back into the pillow-ensconced room so I could say goodbye properly and when he did, he was strangely somber and lost in thought.

“I gotta go,” I said, breaking the silence between us.

“Yeah, I know – I got some shit to do, too,” he said after clearing his throat.

“I had fun – thank you,” I said politely – and I meant it, reaching out to soul-shake his hand.

“Hey,” he called to me as I made to show myself out.

“What’s up?” I asked, turning to look back at him.

“Just so you know, even though I was acting like your bitch and said I would be a bitch for you, um, I ain’t nobody’s bitch so don’t go saying shit like that,” he said, his words once more sounding tough… but his body language singing a different song.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” was all I said as I took my leave of him and, indeed, smiling like I had stolen something and got away with it…

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