Today’s Bisexual Thought: “Lemme See Your Dick!”

03 May

Oh, man… I remember the comedienne who said this during her routine on “Def Comedy Jam” and how it had me laughing so hard my sides hurt!  I thought about this hilarious punch line when I thought about something Aquienscent72 said in his comment to “Hearts, Not Parts:”  “I have felt love and affection for some guys, but sexually it has been about the part.”

Indeed… for some bi men (but not all), it is sexually about the part, “merely” the fact that the other guy has a dick that we want to engage with.  Yeah, some of us don’t really give a shit about the man attached to the dick and will take any dick that comes along while some of us are more thoughtful about it.  I’d say that our mindset is… simple:  If you like the idea of having sex with men, all that’s required is to feel safe with him, maybe like something about him if there’s something other than his dick to like, and just get on with it.  We know that when it’s just us guys, we don’t need love or affection – just lemme see your dick, okay?

It’s the thing that lends itself to the annoying stereotypes about bi men, that thing about us that says that things like love and affection are nice… when you’re dealing with women but if you want some sex and without going through all the stuff that’s required with women, you get with a guy and not always because he has a dazzling personality, not that this doesn’t give the other guy a few Brownie points.

Lemme see your dick!

Uh-huh… some of us are “funny” about the kind of dicks we wanna see and play with – but that’s to be expected; some of us don’t care about its size or color, whether it’s cut or uncut as long as the guy attached to it is going to comply with our, uh, request.  It sounds fucked up but, yep, it’s just about the dick and whatever our needs are that the dick can fulfill, whether it’s in our mouth or in our ass (or both).  It sometimes doesn’t matter if he’s built like Mr. Universe or if he needs to go on a diet and hit the gym:  If he has a dick and he’s willing to give access to it, well, is anything else really needed?  Do we have to be into him or show him any affection other than liking the fact that he has a healthy, working cock?  Nope, not at all.  It’s not as if being into him is impossible… it’s just not a requirement.

Even with our lack of emotional requirements, respect is important is; no matter what we’re getting ready to do, don’t forget or disrespect the fact that I’m a man just like you are so if you can respect that about me, I will certainly respect that about you so now… lemme see your dick!  I know that early on in my development as a bisexual, I wondered if I should feel affection for the other guy since feeling affection (at the very least) was a necessity with women; with the girls, it wasn’t enough to like them (well, sometimes it was); you had to be into them or, at least, promise that you would be into them before they dropped their panties for you so, at the time, it almost made sense that if you had to behave this way with women, behaving the same way with guys could be warranted as well… right up until I realized that, nope, most guys don’t give a flying fuck about that… they just want the dick – period.  Even the effeminate gay guys I’d run into really didn’t care about you being into them as long as you gave them what they wanted.

Now… one can understand women being all about “hearts, not parts;” if you don’t understand how and why women require things like love and affection before giving up the booty, well, you’ve been living under the rock that’s been in the most remote part of the planet.  I’ve seen things written specifically about bisexual men that have suggested that we, too, are looking for love and affection and have some need to be in a relationship with a man and, apparently, because in our bisexuality, we’re just in a transitional phase that will eventually make us fully homosexual… and I have no idea where such a fallacy came from other than maybe trying to “insist” that men deal with each other in the same way we’d deal with a woman; I’ve seen it as an attempt  to romanticize male bisexuality and “mandate” that hearts should be more important than parts.  I don’t deny that there are some bi men who are into hearts more than parts…  but we can get love, romance, and affection from women; otherwise…

Lemme see your dick!

I don’t discount the hearts part because I did learn that I could fall in love with a guy and I’d never say that it couldn’t happen again.  I wouldn’t even say that I could never feel affection for a guy so, okay, such things are possible and can make you feel all warm and fuzzy but I also know that I don’t need to feel warm and fuzzy about the guy to want his dick; I’m not really interested in warm and fuzzy although if he has a nice personality, okay, that’s nice because it is good to have sex with someone who, at the very least, you find likeable; otherwise, it’s all about the dick.  Yes, gotta respect quite a few things about him first and foremost… but if he has a dick and is willing to let me at it, that’s really all that’s required.

It is rather pointed that guys are about doing what they have to do to deal with their lust; with women, we have to behave in a certain, specific way (even when we’re married to them) and show much appreciation and love for them as a person more than a sexual object – it’s just part of the job of dealing with women.  But when it comes to dick, it can be just and all about the fact that he has a dick and he’s willing and able to not only let you see it but to let you do some shit with it, nothing more, nothing less.  Yep… it makes us look “bad” when we don’t have any feelings toward the other guy other than lust but because that’s all the “emotion” we have in play when it comes to this – it’s also what lends itself to the perception that it’s easier to get dick than it is to get pussy; we can be so totally NSA (no strings attached) when it comes to dick because we don’t want any strings attached because, as bisexuals, well, that’s why we love women as well.

What we may feel for the guy after the fact, well, that can be different; outside of appreciation and being satisfied, it’s possible to feel something other than those things but there’s nothing to say we have to feel anything more than that.  Yes, men already have the bad rep for being more about parts – any parts – more than hearts, something that tends to make women not like us a whole lot and all because we don’t need love and affection in order to have sex – we just need them to say yes when we ask if we can hit it.  With women, eh, we know it’s not all that easy but with men?  Yep, it can be that easy because what we want from the other guy has nothing to do with hearts – it is all about that part he has between his legs and, of course, his willingness to come out and play.

Lemme see your dick!  Is it really wrong for bi guys to behave in such a manner?  Some say that it is, that even we should be more into the person than his cock first and foremost, that hearts, not parts, should be what drives us in this and the truth is that “parts, not hearts” works damned well for some of us.  It sounds arrogant or something like that but when we need hearts, well, bluntly, that’s why God made women (sorry, ladies) – we just don’t always need hearts when we want to get at the other guy’s parts.  I can’t say it enough:  Yes, we should respect the other guy and be respected and appreciation of each other works, too, just like finding something likeable about the guy does – you just treat people the way you want to be treated.  But is being into each other a mandatory prerequisite to seeing the dick?

Nope, expect maybe simply being into the fact that he has a dick you wanna see and do other things with…


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3 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thought: “Lemme See Your Dick!”

  1. rougedmount

    4 May 2015 at 16:00

    funny that i find such affinity for a lot of what you write, being that i am neither bisexual or a the commonalities with a woman who is a heterosexual and sexually deprived by her spouse, are eerie. at this point, i completely understood this post because i too am ‘all about the dick’. is it serviceable? is he capable of giving me what i want and need? i am not looking as closely to other aspects of the man, because it’s rather irrelevant compared to his sexual prowess and ability to put out in the manner i need.


    • kdaddy23

      4 May 2015 at 16:40

      As bi men, we find that we do, in fact, have a great deal in common with women – and being all about the dick is one of those things and, no, you don’t have to be bisexual to understand this particular thing. Sometimes, it just isn’t about love, romance, or that other nice stuff – it is sometimes all about it being accessible, in good working order, and can provide the needed satisfaction and the less muss and fuss there is, the better.

      At the very least, he just needs to be a nice guy and someone you can feel safe with for the duration. Now, if he becomes a repeat customer, well, maybe you can get into the other aspects of him… as long as he’s letting you see the dick, of course.

      That this mindset is seen to be bad just amazes me at times; we’re supposed to only be about love first, sex a very distant second (or even the last thing on the list) – but that’s not how lust works, not really; the less “incumberances” you can remove from between you and the dick, well, that also works and shamelessly so.

      Being bi, yeah, I know that when it comes to women, I gotta be more about them as a woman and not so much about the coochie – that’s just the way it’s always been. But with guys? Being into them ain’t a requirement in order to get at the dick.

      You get it, don’t you?

      Liked by 1 person

      • rougedmount

        4 May 2015 at 19:56

        i actually do…very clearly



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