Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Hypocrisy or Fact of Life?

19 Jun

Up early because I gotta see the dentist but as I skimmed through the Reader to see what’s new so far today, I got a glimpse of a blog I’d read already – – and I thought about the author’s “plight” (go read for his full story, please).

It’s not unusual for a bisexual to have a religious crisis of faith, that moment where their beliefs slam head-first into what they’ve discovered about themselves and, of course, it’s something that religion takes a very dim view of.  This particular author isn’t the only guy I’ve run into who’s been in this particular sticky situation and while I’d never take them to task for being bisexual (when they “shouldn’t” be), I find the whole thing fascinating and it’s equally interesting to see how these men deal with it.  Now, I don’t recall hearing or reading whether or  not you’ve sinned if you have the feelings and thoughts but never act on them… but pretty much everyone knows what the Old Testament said about doing something about it and other religions have their own version of what’ll happen if you commit this sin/crime against God.

You’d think that those men “on the inside” and guiding their respective flocks would be able to resist the call of man-flesh… but we also know that, nah, they’re not consistently and always able to do this and they do know what’s said about the flesh being weak and that giving into the weakness of flesh shouldn’t be done.  But, without sounding irreverent or disrespectful, the ministers of faith responsible for making sure everyone stayed the course in this probably never had any dealings with cock… or even sex, for that matter so maybe they really didn’t understand the powerful call of sex – or they did understand it and that’s why they put so much emphasis on staying away from such sinful things.

I personally know some ministers of faith who are good friends with cock… and it’s not their own.  When I first became aware of them, it used to gall the living daylights out of me to have heard (or to know for an undisputable fact) they’d been getting their groove on during the week and then see them in the pulpit (or know they were in their respective pulpits) and preaching about the wages of sin, in essence invoking something that has made generations of children crazy:  Do as I say, not as I do.  There are out-in-the-open gay ordained ministers despite the resistance to allowing them to be ordained and while I’ve never attended a service held by one of these very brave people, I wonder how the deal with the edicts against men lying down with other men?  And, are they hypocrites for being the thing that’s being preached against?

It doesn’t take much to figure out that one’s sexuality has no bearing on someone’s ability to be one of God’s Messengers or to engage in His works in some way.  Sure, being able to lead by example is a good thing because you should never ask someone to do something that you’re unable or unwilling to do but, nah, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen that way… but the ordained one continues to instill faith in the Lord into those who fill the pews when Sunday rolls around.  Are they doing their job?  Yep, they sure are!  Are they precisely following the rules as they execute their  duties?  Um, not always… but how many of us have never taken any shortcuts or bent some rules in order to get the job done?

At some point – and if you can – you begin to see that the one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other even though we continue to insist that those in this particular position of authority should never behave like, well, like other human beings.  We continue to hold them to a very high set of standards and will crucify them whenever they stray from the course and, really, act as if they’re incapable of succumbing to the pleasures of the flesh… but we know that, in certain denominations, ministers can marry, have children, even divorce and this is fine with the denominations’ doctrine so we see some interesting inconsistencies going on and you can see the hypocrisy taking place:  It’s okay for Reverend Jones to be married and have a boatload of children but if his, um, proclivities leaned more toward the middle of the road – or even the far end of Kinsey Road – well, that’s a problem… but is it really?

And should their “crimes” have any impact on our faith?  I mean, our faith should be in God and not the person doing the preaching; even though he might not be practicing what he’s preaching, he’s still preaching the “preferred” way, isn’t he?  Those biblical teachings haven’t changed one bit, right, so the words they contain are still valid and doable.  So if our hypothetical Reverend Jones is single but has a taste for women and men, should his ability to teach the truly faithful be  questioned… and more so since there’s a good chance that someone sitting in congregation is the same kind of guy Reverend Jones is:  A bisexual.

Have we not learned something important about the debacle that’s still rocking the Catholic Church?  None of these men are totally and completely infallible and, um, they’re not supposed to be because they’re just as human as the rest of us.  Sure, if they do something criminal, like not making sure the male they’re having fun with is of legal age where they live, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable by law… but for religious entities to act as if these things haven’t been happening “behind our backs” for who knows how long, well, it’s my opinion that this is the biggest offense and more so when it’s proven that they knew… and did nothing other than sweep it under the carpet.  Then there’s this:  We kill each other in the name of God and no one gripes about that a whole lot (and killing is so against the Ten Commandments)… so why would it be so unusual if Reverend Jones believes that God is okay with him partaking of some nice, hard cock and equally believe that if God didn’t want him to have this desire, he wouldn’t have it?

Is this hypocrisy… or just a fact of life and one that continues to reveal the nature of what we really are?  The author of the blog I mentioned above is between that rock and the accompanying hard place and, of course, it’s his call when it comes to handling his situation… but I wouldn’t call him on the carpet if he chose to act on his feelings and simply because I’d be a hypocrite to bust his ass for doing something that I’d do without giving it a whole lot of thought.  Yes, one should stay true to that which they believe but we should never assume that we can’t or aren’t supposed to change our beliefs or even question them.

It’s a very touchy subject and one that probably shouldn’t be mentioned but, ah, y’all know me by now, right?  I’d never say that anyone should just abandon their faith or beliefs; what you do about this is your business to take care of.  I’m just the guy who’ll mention that bisexuals do have this issue going on with them and, yep, some more than others and because this does happen, we should talk about it, not so much to find a “solution” to a “problem” but to understand that some people have this problem and it needs to be understood and examined…


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Hypocrisy or Fact of Life?

  1. Cityman

    19 June 2015 at 11:50

    Such a tough issue and just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to needed reforms in the way we interpret the Bible, its purpose, and religion. It would be a pretty cruel God to create such amazing humans with a wide spectrum of sexual diversity, only to put a significant portion of them in a corner and banish them as sinners.

    But the Bible was in many ways a code of conduct written and rewritten by humans with biases and flaws. It still holds many truths and philosophical narratives that make sense, but the notion that we shouldn’t argue with a document that was in part written with a political agenda – or that interpretations of scripture shouldn’t evolve over time as humans change – is arbitrary and silly. After all, this is the same book that suggests that it would be perfectly fine to stone women to death in front of her village for infidelity to her husband despite the hypocrisy that engenders with regard to one very important commandment.

    Religion and sexuality have been on a collision course from the getgo, and it’s time that the masses have some compassion for a natural human behavior that far predates religion itself and isn’t ever going to change. Sexual diversity threatens a human construct – a code of conduct for achieving everlasting life – and as we know, humans don’t cope with their fear of death very well. So, we have to understand this conflict and why these ideals are so slow to change. But the iceberg appears to be melting – the glacier of religion will shift in the long run – long after we’re gone, though…


    • kdaddy23

      19 June 2015 at 12:57

      I’m not sure that “reforms” is the word for what has to be done in this; it’s more like “wake up and smell the damned coffee and get the with program the world’s running now!” These standards of behavior are ancient and from a time where our survival as a species was still very much in question – that and they had no idea of what the future of our race was going to look like… but they knew that if two guys got together, no babies were being made and that wasn’t allowable but, yeah, stoning a wife for even being suspected of adultery was just fine and dandy.

      Times have changed; humans have evolved, religion has not and people are starting to understand this and that their faith has nothing to do with how they comport themselves.



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