Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Taking It All to the Head

26 Jun

A recent conversation with a friend is responsible for today’s thoughts so let’s begin, shall we?

Myth #1:  All men who suck cock do it all the way and swallows.

Fact #1:  Not even close to being the truth.

Myth #2:  All men who have sex with other men always suck cock.

Fact #2:  See Fact #1, above.

There are a lot of misconceptions that shroud being a bisexual man and this one ranks at either number one or number two on the sadly large list of things that aren’t entirely true – and right up there with all men who have sex with men take it in the ass.  It is true that there are a lot of men who suck dick and are more than willing to let homey explode within the moist, warm, confines of his mouth… and there are many more who’d rather eat ass before letting another man cum in their mouth… and if that has you doing your best Vulcan eyebrow imitation, join the club because I find that very odd myself.

Giving another guy head isn’t really a requirement but, well, it is an expectation but if you don’t suck cock, these days, you might be seen as a punk-assed bitch and have your masculinity questioned.  And even if a guy were so inclined to give head, there’s the expectation of him being willing and able to deal with what’s gonna being shooting into his mouth as a result of his cocksucking skills… but it’s not a requirement by any means but, yeah, in some circles, if you aren’t willing to take it all to the head your masculinity could be called into question – again.

The friend I mentioned above asked a good question:  What’s so great about it?  The short version of the answer I gave him is, um, you really gotta try it to understand it.  Now, anyone who sucks cock and have had to deal with a mouthful of spunk knows what’s good and bad about it and the horror stories are so epic that even people who don’t suck cock wouldn’t try it – it’s just a matter of fact, that’s all.  We’re all aware of the acquired taste thing and it’s not a myth – it’s a stone-cold fact… but what’s so great about it goes way beyond being okay with taste and all that and now we start getting into just how much you love to suck another dude’s prick until you make him cum like a firehose.

What’s interesting in all of this is that there are a lot of guys who are “afraid” of their own spunk; they might jerk themselves off and after making a mess, will practically hurt themselves trying to get the spillage off of their hand (or anywhere else it wound up) so if they’re funny about dealing with their own shit, it stands to reason that they’re not gonna be all that interested in dealing with another man’s stuff… and they sure as hell ain’t trying to hear having any of that stuff in their mouth.  At the same time, these are the same guys who don’t have a problem making a deposit into someone else’s mouth so now you see a bit of hypocrisy taking place, namely, if you think it’s all well and good to cream some dude’s tonsils, then why are you loath to get yours creamed?

It’s not about acquiring the taste… this is something else and I do think that one’s perception of their own masculinity is at the root of it because, as we all know, only girls suck dick and swallow sperm (even though we know this ain’t the entire truth).  I know that there was a time when a guy sucking another guy’s dick was seen as being a feminine (read that as gay) thing to do and this mindset just gets ingrained into us as we grow up, well, until we find out that it’s not such a bitch thing to do.  Some of it is simple logic:  If you suck a guy’s dick long (and good) enough, um, what do you think is going to happen?

Etiquette says that if a guy’s sucking your dick and you’re about to cum, you let him know so he can stop sucking you if he wants to – and that’s if taking it to the head wasn’t already agreed upon.  And, yes, just like with what some women have experienced, it can happen before the warning can be issued – oops, sorry about that – it usually doesn’t result in a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings for the person who wasn’t expecting it.  But I’ve heard current-day horror stories where the warning is never issued and the guy with the dick in his mouth is expected and required to get shot in the mouth or, again, you can’t possibly be as manly as you say you are.

I swallow and I just fucking love to do it, not as much about the taste as it is the ego trip that comes with making a guy bust a nut and more so when you know he wants to… but not really.  Are there times when I won’t swallow or let him cum in my mouth?  Sure there are; maybe I know (thanks to his pre-cum) that his shit ain’t gonna taste good; maybe he’s said or did something that’ll make me get him off manually – he’s  now made himself “unworthy” of cumming in my mouth; sometimes, I just don’t want to – I’d rather watch his dick explode in my hand because, um, it’s a really cool thing to see and, oh, yeah, I made him do it.  I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to have a guy cum in my mouth – and those of you who are down with this knows what it feels like to feel those little tremors that’ll tell you he’s close, then feeling his cock swelling, and then followed by that first spurt and that resulting pumping action on his part as he gives up the goods for you.

If you don’t ever do it, you just won’t ever figure out what’s so great about it.  You don’t have to do it, of course, but I’m just saying.  You can, if you so desire, take his spunk into your mouth… and just let it dribble back out or even, as I’ve seen, jump up and haul ass to the bathroom to spit it out… or just dispose of it without bothering to move much.  Now… a lot of “letting” or even wanting him to cream your mouth has to do with some male-based psychological shit – the different between just busting a nut and getting all over everything and busting a nut inside someone… and somewhere.  It’s not easy for me to explain and the best I can do (and without sounding idiotic) is that if I masturbate and cum, it feels one way… but if I cum inside – pussy, ass, mouth, that’s a very different feeling – and I can’t explain it because I’m not 100% sure why we’re like this – but I think it has something to do with “successfully” sowing our seed.  Oh, and that aversion to sperm?  It’s probably because we have to fight for the right to deposit our sperm so any “foreign” sperm just ain’t allowed in any way; indeed, did you know that if “Brodie” busted a nut in “Crystal” and “Dave” came along (say, an hour later) and busted a nut in her, their sperm will actually attack and destroy each other so that only their sperm will play tag with her egg?

So it stands to reason that this… aversion to another man’s sperm is just ingrained into our biology but it’s also one that can be set aside and it’s damned obvious that this is true because, again, there a lot of men who want that sperm in their mouth and/or stomach and simply because it’s a damned fun thing to do and make happen.  Does it take some “courage” to do it when you’ve never done it?  Yes, it does… but didn’t you get the courage to put his dick in your mouth in the first place?  Maybe it’s just me but that’s a lot scarier than him busting a nut in my mouth or, gasp, having him shove his dick in my ass and I’m not used to anything going in that way.  Yet, there are guys who’d take a dick in their ass before letting the dick’s owner cum in his mouth; there are guys who’d eat ass like they’d eat pussy before they’d take it all to the head.  Yep, it’s all about preference but preferences aren’t always logical in nature, are they?

To find out how great it is, you have to learn how to like it and then get deep into yourself and learn – or find – the personal thrill in it.  If you don’t or can’t do it, don’t assume that there isn’t a personal thrill to be had in this… but you gotta be willing to go looking for it because getting him to cum in your mouth ain’t just about his pleasure, is it?  Like I said earlier, this plays into whether or not you like to suck cock… or you love to do it – at least from what I’ve learned over all the years I’ve been making guys cum in my mouth.  Sure, there’s great pleasure to be found in just sucking on his dick and getting him to explode elsewhere but I’ve also learned that getting him to cum in your mouth is often seen as a measure of being good at sucking dick.

Yeah, you can be damned good at it and never get one taste of spunk – I’m just letting y’all know what I’ve learned from other men (and women) about this and the perception that exists about this which, as you should know by now, is very different from the truth.  In the “gay sex” world, guys who swallow get more props than guys who don’t – and certainly more than guys who’d never let another man’s cock touch his lips.  The perception – and perhaps even the expectation – is that if you’re a guy who loves having sex with other guys, at the very least – the most minimum “requirement” is that you suck dick… and if you can take it all to the head, you’ve exceeded expectations and more so when you take into consideration that a lot of men will turn to other men for this service because – and I apologize for saying this – they’re with a woman who won’t allow it for any reason.  It’s just my personal opinion that if you’re willing to dump a load into another man’s mouth – and question his masculinity if he doesn’t allow it – and you’re not of a mind to be on the receiving end yourself, uh, you probably need to ask yourself why the other guy  is a punk-assed bitch for not allowing it…. but you’re not one because you won’t suck his dick and/or take his sperm as he took yours.

Not trying to insult anyone but I am the bi guy who’ll speak on this… discrepancy, if you will.

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