Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Surprise Packages

29 Jun

I know I’ve written about this a few times but after reading about the “cock fairy” visiting Ann (, I got to thinking (again) about how bi guys tend to act in this regard and how some dudes can be the kind of size queen that’ll put most women to shame.

Getting busy with another guy has it share of… issues but the biggest one (see what I’m doing?) is what is homey hiding in his pants.  It is long, thick, cut, uncut, skinny, bent like a banana?  I’ve seen deals get broken once the package gets unwrapped and, of course, it’s always a surprise because you really can’t look at at guy and tell how big his dick really is.  Oh, sure, some guys have that print… but you gotta know that there are men’s underwear that are designed to, um, enhance the appearance of one’s crotch.  You can guess, estimate, hope and pray but you’re not going to truly know what you’re about to receive until you put your eyeballs on the goods… then hope you (a) don’t get disappointed or (b) find that you’re about to get in over your head.

I dunno… maybe it’s just me but I’d think that the dick being clean and healthy and in good working order would be of greater import; you’d think that whether he really knows how to use it would be important; you’d think that him knowing how to lie back and be sucked would also be important… but, no – if the dick doesn’t meet or exceed size specifications (or any specification at all), then some dudes just ain’t happy.

Pretty much any time I go on that site and get into a conversation with a dude, one of the first things that he wants to know is how big my dick is and I’ve learned just to sit and roll my eyes unseen more than going on a rant about why the size of my dick shouldn’t matter… unless I feel a little evil, of course – then there’s no telling how I might respond to it.  A guy asked me that once and I replied, “How big do you need it to be?” – like I could reform my shit to meet his specifications, right? – and he said that he’d be happy with seven inches but no more than ten inches and since I did fall within his, uh, preferred size gauge, the conversation continued… until he asked the second “important” question – whether I was cut or not; when I told him I was cut, all of a sudden, he remembered that he left his dog in the oven and had to see to it – the deal was broken, the conversation over.

I really didn’t give a shit about that but it did make me wonder just what the fuck goes through the mind of some of these men; given how inherently difficult getting some dick can be, you’d think a dude would be willing to forego his size requirements so  he can get some dick… but apparently not.  In this we can see a pattern of behavior and one that’s rarely subject to change; once a guy decides that bigger is better (and it isn’t always better), anything less than the biggest dick he’s ever had just won’t do.  Then these same guys wonder why it’s so hard for them to get some dick and the answer is simple:  You somehow can’t or won’t change your specifications!  If you choose to keep selecting only 9″, fat, uncut cocks, well, you might be shit out of luck if the guy who’s interested in getting with you is only 6″, kinda skinny, and has been cut.

In these situations, I ask myself if behaving like this makes any sense; does that “I want what I want and the way I want it” mentality help bi guys get laid or does it place self-imposed roadblocks in the way which only serve to guarantee that they won’t be getting any dick any time soon?  If a guy is just so inflexible when it comes to things like this, what the fuck, dude? – wouldn’t it serve the purpose if you were to broaden your horizons instead of having such a tight, inflexible focus?  Yes, yes… I am all too aware of personal preferences… but where is it written that one’s personal preferences has to be locked in some impenetrable substance and forever remain unchanged?  Again, maybe it’s just me, but sexual pleasure is wherever you can find it and if you can’t adjust to the conditions at hand, well, no wonder there are a lot of dudes looking for dick and not finding any… in a subculture that’s a target-rich environment filled with available cocks to play with.

At least for me, there’s what I like… and then there’s what I can deal with which puts in what I think is some necessary flexibility even though I could, if I wanted to, simple stick exactly to that which I like when it comes to dicks… but then again, I’ve already learned to narrow my focus to dicks that are clean, healthy, in working order, and available to be played with.  Color doesn’t matter and size sure as hell doesn’t matter even though it’s nice to look at… because none of these things should matter and, honestly?  If a dude doesn’t know how to slake his lust with what’s available, he needs to rethink some shit and more so if he’s not finding dicks that’ll meet his exacting specifications.

I just think some guys need to “work smarter, not harder” when it comes to these things and, yes, the decision to go/no go really depends on the dude attached to the dick – this is for those folks who think that bi guys will just lie down with any dick.  Yep, some guys do just that… but there are many of us who will pass up the “perfect” cock because its owner is a total asshole or his personality is, in other ways, found to be lacking.

There’s this one guy on that site who has a really big dick and he’s got a picture where his erection is laid out next to a tape measure and, yeah, that fucker is 11″ inches easily!  I could handle blowing him because I’ve had dicks bigger and fatter than his… but his attitude makes me want to put my foot up his ass so I sure as hell wouldn’t agree to do anything with him.  I guess because he’s got a cock so long he could blow himself, he thinks he’s some kind of god and that other men should just bow down and worship his dick as well as let him do whatever he wants to do… which makes me want to take a baseball bat to his body.  But, get this:  I talked to a guy who went to bed with this particular dude and he told me – warned me, really – that despite his great size, it was the worst sexual experience he ever had.

Need I say more?  I’ve heard both men and women crow about the virtues of the, um, excessively endowed men and how good it is to be so filled with them… but, at the same time, these same people will also emphatically state that it’s never the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean… and I rhetorically ask, “Which is it, huh?”  And, of course, women – and I’ll beg your forgiveness for saying this before the fact – just crack me up when it comes to this because as far as I know, there isn’t a human cock that’ll stretch that pussy out like a seven pound baby will.  Yeah, I do get it – it just feels good but, again – and this is for both men and women – which is better?  Having a really big fucking dick or the guy who ain’t all that big but knows how to bring the noise just the same?

When the size queens on that site ask me about my dick, I just tell them, “I am nicely above average…” or even “I’m not tiny… but I don’t have to tie it around my waist to keep it from dragging on the ground either…” or, “I’ve never had a woman complain about being too small, if that helps…” and I even told one dude, “Well, in my whole life, I’ve had two women tell me that I’m too big for them so, um, what does that tell you?”   Do I know exactly how big I am?  Of course I do… but it still comes back to that question:  What’s more important, the size of my dick or my ability to use it?  I say it’s ability… but there are dudes out there who think my size is the only important thing that matters.

What… did you think I was going to tell you how big I am?



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18 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Surprise Packages

  1. acquiescent72

    29 June 2015 at 14:08

    I think everyone has their idea of what ideal is. I know being a bisexual guy it can be a little frustrating, because I know what I prefer to play with isn’t the same as myself. I am a tad smaller than average, and I tend to like them a little bigger. I know for me, however, it’s the nature of the man’s…hmmm.,..attitude, I suppose is what I find most appealing.

    Interesting post, for sure!


  2. Ann St. Vincent

    29 June 2015 at 14:13

    Despite my excitement, I can also say that I would MUCH prefer someone who knows what they are doing and is average, then the opposite. I too have had well endowed lovers who were terrible. It’s almost as if thye figure they can just go with their inherent gift. It doesn’t really work that way, in my humble opinion.


  3. Pua Nani

    29 June 2015 at 14:38

    Kdaddy I have a question for you. I’m a dakini who provides sensual massage sessions and yesterday I had a guy that came to see me that spent the entire session telling me about his fantasies of getting fucked by a guy. That was definitely the strangest session I’ve ever had. I couldn’t tell if he had ever had experiences with guys before but he said he watches gay porn and is way into the fantasy of being with a man. It kind of seemed like he had never actually tried it before. He asked me if I could get a guy for him to have an experience with. I said I’d try and I didn’t think it would be too difficult cause guys seem so down to fuck. I told him I’d put an ad on Craigslist and see if we could get a guy interested in having a session with him. The thing, this particular guy had a very small cock and in a 2 hr session I did not see it actually get hard even with all kinds of stimulation and all kinds of talk about his fantasies. Do you think that he will run into problems in trying to get with a gay man if he’s having such issues with his own endowments? Are some guys fine to have a guy just be more of a receiver?


    • kdaddy23

      29 June 2015 at 14:51

      Yes, there are men – bi and gay – who value guys who are bottoms more – guys who’d rather give head and be fucked and without needing reciprocation. I think his size or lack of could be an issue if the other guy was interested in blowing him – but I know bottom guys who aren’t fond of being sucked and no matter their size – so for this guy, it could go either way – there’s just no way to say for sure.

      The smallest man I’ve ever seen and sucked was only four inches when hard… and I had a fantastic time blowing him and I’ll even say his was the easiest dick I’ve ever sucked. But while that works for me, other guys might just see that as a problem unless the guy you’re talking about isn’t interested in getting sucked.

      I not sure why but most undersized guys I’ve run into prefer to do the sucking and getting fucked and I sometimes think that they feel that there lack of size would prevent them from giving pleasure or being orally pleased.

      But I do think that if he places an ad on Craigslist and states that he wants to be fucked, anyone who answers might not care about the size of his dick.

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    • acquiescent72

      29 June 2015 at 14:51

      Pua Nani –

      I hope it’s okay if I chime in. I think anyone has their “tastes” per se. Sometimes, there are guy that simply do not get aroused around women. Maybe this guy is actually gay and just trying to figure it all out. I know, in my case, I’m turned on in almost any role I take in love-making with women, but when I’m with a guy, I have to be the proverbial “receiver”. It’s really difficult for me to take the “top” with a guy. There are times I can, but it’s usually me being there for the other man’s pleasure.

      But then again, everyone is different.

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  4. Pua Nani

    29 June 2015 at 15:05

    Thanks for the input. This was such an unusual situation for me around topics that I know little about, so I really appreciate your advice. I don’t know how a 45 year old man who is gay wouldn’t have tried to get with a man before but I can imagine there must be all kinds of taboos about it. The idea that he needed me to help him makes it seem like he needs the ok of someone else to feel comfortable. He does seem to want to be sucked but he seems equally excited about sucking. We didn’t talk about him fucking a guy at all, only him being fucked. He expressed interest in having a boyfriend and even getting married (I suggested he could marry a guy now that it’s legal everywhere). I guess since he wants me to procure a guy for him and facilitate the experience, I want to know what to look for in s prospective guy and what kind of attitudes we may encounter

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    • kdaddy23

      29 June 2015 at 15:13

      In my experiences, gay men care little for the taboos regarding sex with other men. I do know that some guys worry excessively about their lack of size and feel that because they’re so small, no man would want to have sex with them so they never try to get it done.

      He just has to put it out there what he’s looking for and what he wants to do and, if it comes up (and it probably will) he can then talk about the size of his dick… and then see what happens.

      I wish him luck and if you happen to learn how he fared, I’d love to know whether he was successful or if he failed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Pua Nani

        29 June 2015 at 15:18

        Lol I may have to actually watch how he fares as the facilitator of the session


      • kdaddy23

        29 June 2015 at 15:19

        That would be an interesting experience for you!

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  5. Ellen

    29 June 2015 at 16:02

    Lol, you’re a tease. My first lover was rather large. It wasn’t a horrible experience, but it wasn’t quite enjoyable either. I saw one dick that was maybe three inches while hard. (I didn’t touch it).

    I guess I’m lucky, my husband is the perfect size.


  6. larryarcher69

    30 June 2015 at 07:23

    Great post kdaddy, I guess we can be as big a size queen as the girls! I’ve only had one girl say I was too big and wouldn’t go any further than a blowjob. I always thought that it was her loss! LOL


    • kdaddy23

      30 June 2015 at 11:20

      You don’t have to be bisexual to be a male size queen; how many guys do you know who prefer women with big tits… but would turn down a chance to fuck a woman with little ones? There probably isn’t a man alive who, at some point, has had some issues about the size of his dick – or lack thereof – created by himself or as a result of being teased about their junk by their male peers?

      This rabbit hole runs deep…


    • kdaddy23

      30 June 2015 at 11:20

      You don’t have to be bisexual to be a male size queen; how many guys do you know who prefer women with big tits… but would turn down a chance to fuck a woman with little ones? There probably isn’t a man alive who, at some point, has had some issues about the size of his dick – or lack thereof – created by himself or as a result of being teased about their junk by their male peers?

      This rabbit hole runs deep…


      • larryarcher69

        30 June 2015 at 11:38

        Yep, let’s flop em out on the table and see who’s bigger! LOL


      • kdaddy23

        30 June 2015 at 12:02

        You mean you and your fellas never actually did that? Never played “Mine Is Bigger Than Yours?” Shit, we used to play it… and I’ll just say that I didn’t always win… but I wasn’t the loser.


      • larryarcher69

        30 June 2015 at 12:40

        Love it!



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