Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Dare

15 Jul

I experienced ejaculation when I was nine, just a few months before my tenth birthday and, man, what an experience that was; it was scary (thought I was dying) and exhilarating and because I was the first of our little group to be able to “shoot the baby-making stuff,” I guess I was a bit of a celebrity until the other guys started having their own sticky explosions.  One day, the five of us who were busting nuts for real were in the clubhouse killing time; it was one of those hot, horribly sticky, summer days where almost nothing was moving on the streets and the old, abandoned apartment building that served as our prime clubhouse was quite cool.  We had been jerking off, shooting spunk, and laughing about it – don’t ask me why we thought it  was funny because it just was – when one of the guys asked, “Hey, does anybody know what this stuff tastes like?”

It was strangely a good question.  At this point, I had been swallowing a lot of grown-up spunk as well as the stuff offered up by the four guys with me; likewise, they’d all done their share of swallowing but you could kinda tell that the question wasn’t about what someone else’s stuff tasted like and, indeed, he had revised his question, asking, “I meant do you guys know what your own stuff tastes like?”

Seems that none of us did and what I found funny (once I was much older) was how five guys who “routinely” sucked cock and swallowed the sperm of other males had this look of “Ew!” on our faces as we stared at each other.  The room we were in got really quiet and I can’t honestly say it was because we were all thinking about anything – it was just one of those weird, unexplainable silences and one that had us fidgeting nervously and, again, I couldn’t tell you why.

After a couple of minutes had passed, the guy who asked the question looked at us and said, “I dare somebody to taste their own stuff!”

Now, I don’t know about how anyone else grew up and interacted with their peers but in our group, throwing down the gauntlet was a challenge that couldn’t be ignored and we all reacted in a “Say what?!” kind of way, like, how dare you dare us to do something!  And, of course, it wasn’t unusual for the person who issued the dare to not be all that willing to go first and still have the fucking nerve to question our courage by smugly stating that we were all afraid to do it and acting as if he’d already done it – and if you know anything about such dares, you know that the person issuing the dare hadn’t done it either and wanted to see who’d be “crazy” enough to do something he hadn’t done.

Since this was the sense of things that hit us, we spent a bit of time daring him to do it himself – you probably know that some major back-and-forth took place for a while before one of the other guys said, “Let’s all do it together!”  It was fair… but the guy who issued the dare was now quite uncomfortable (again, as usual) and now his own courage was getting called onto the carpet and, um, I’m sure you also know what happens to someone who chickens out on a dare, right?  He knew what the deal was and reluctantly agreed that we should all taste our own sperm together – and it took us a few minutes to figure out that if we beat our respective meats and shoot the stuff, it’ll get on our hand and we could taste it.

After arranging ourselves in a circle (it was instinctive, I guess, for us to literally “line up” for a circle jerk even though none of us knew what that was) so we could see each other (to prevent any cheating), our hands got busy on our dicks; you could feel a sense of excitement in the air around us because this masturbating thing was still kinda new to us and hadn’t worn off yet and that excitement just added to the excitement of getting ready to shoot the stuff.  I can’t tell you specifically what was going on in my mind in those long minutes but it was like one moment I was eyeballing my fellas – to make sure no one was cheating – and the next thing I knew, that “Oh, shit – I’m gonna die!” feeling hit me and the sperm was flowing mightily.  Once I was able to focus my eyesight, damn, there was a whole of lot the stuff on my hand and since I wasn’t gonna stand for being called a chicken -and the thought of tasting my own stuff piqued my curiosity – I plunged my spunky fingers into my mouth without any hesitation.

The other guys gasped – maybe they didn’t think I’d really do it or were surprised that I did – but I wasn’t paying much attention to their reactions; I was busy “analyzing” what my stuff tasted like.  I was paying enough attention to notice when the other guys started to cum and, one by one – and with some reluctance – they put their sticky, cum-covered fingers into their mouths.  I’m thinking about what my stuff tasted like; thick, kinda sweet, kinda salty, kinda nutty (like hazelnuts) and musky – for this, my mind equated the taste with the scent of being in a damp basement – and, well, what do you know?  My stuff didn’t taste bad at all compared to some of the other stuff I had gleefully consumed.

Two of the guys threw up a couple of seconds later; I don’t know if it was their own taste or the consistency of their spunk or even a feeling of revulsion at doing something that, until now, was totally unheard of but you know we were giving them the business about that as we all scrambled to escape their vomit and the totally yucky smell of it.  We’re laughing at them, they’re pissed because we’re laughing and in all of this, none of us thought to report on what our own stuff tasted like and I’d had to say that maybe doing such a thing was so deliciously nasty gave us good reason to do some other stuff that was also deliciously nasty, if you catch my drift.

As the other fellas started busting their own nuts they, too, were dared to taste their stuff; some chickened out and some wound up puking all over the place but just as it was with the first five of us, honor had been upheld – and life went on.  Fast forward a whole lotta years to a discussion I had with a straight guy about swallowing another man’s sperm…

I’d have to say “like most dudes” this guy was all about creaming a woman’s tonsils as if it was his right to do it but also confessed that he had no idea why women would refused to swallow down his sperm and had some unkind things to say about women who wouldn’t suck his arrogant ass off.  The discussion started off civilly as I gave him my take on it and while he agreed with the reasons why women aren’t fond of eating sperm, he continued to insist that it was a woman’s sworn duty to do this and regardless of what it might taste like… and the conversation went downhill after that.

“You say that because you have no idea what it’s like to suck dick, let alone swallow sperm,” I said, deciding to push back at this asshole.

“You don’t either!” he exclaimed – now it was time to shock the shit out of him.

“Yeah, I know quite a bit about both things,” I said, wishing he could seen the predatory smile I was now wearing as he had a hissy fit about my sexuality.  “Really, dude, if you wanna know the answers to your stupid questions, go in the bathroom or somewhere, jerk yourself off, let it get on your hand or fingers, and then chow down on anything you can get your mouth on – or, if that makes you feel like a little bitch, go suck a dick and let the dude cream your tonsils and maybe you’ll understand it better.”

He protested mightily; he wasn’t a homo, would never do some nasty shit like that, and other rather vulgar disclaimers which included some stuff about my mental stability and whether or not my parents were really brother and sister.  I endured the insults easily because we were going back and forth in a chat window; otherwise, I was sorely tempted to inflict some bodily harm onto him.  He ranted and raved for quite some time and when he finally shut the fuck up, I said, “That’s all well and good but you’re obviously not man enough to do something you expect and demand women to do.  Look, I gotta go – I don’t have time to keep talking to bitch-assed, stupid motherfuckers like you, okay?”

Yeah, I went there – deliberately – and yep, he blew up as expected; you don’t challenge another man’s manliness and expect him to not be insulted.  He raged that he was more of a man than my faggoty ass was, that men aren’t supposed to do shit like that because that’s what women were made more – stuff like that and all I said to him – and ignoring the faggot thing – was, “Later, bitch; come talk to me when you know what the fuck you’re talking about…” and left the chat session with him and shaking my head over how fucking ignorant some guys  can be.

While I was chatting with another guy – and it was a much better conversation – I got a chat request from the asshole; I started to ignore it but I kinda knew he was going to come back to say something to me about what I said.  I excused myself from my conversation, accepted the asshole’s request and the first thing from him was a file transfer request and my curiosity made me accept the request.  It was an MPG and I clicked to open it, all the while wondering what it was a video of… but kinda knowing what I was about to see.

The video file started running and, yep, I had a close-up view of his hand vigorously working his cock; I could hear him muttering things like, “I’ll show that bastard – question my manhood, will he?” and other unflattering things that included the possibility of my having sexual congress with animals.  His running commentary had me laughing for a few reasons but mainly because I had successfully punked his ass and, it seems, got him to do something he said he’d never do.  Now, I gotta admit that the asshole had a nice dick while on the screen, his hand was a blur; I could hear his breathing becoming erratic and I figured he was gonna cum soon – and with about a minute left in the video, man, did that guy bust a nut!  The first shot flew out of frame somewhere but the rest of his spunk was flowing from the head of his cock like lava from a volcano – and I was inwardly groaning about the waste of such good sperm as he grunted and groaned through his release.

He let go of his dick and moved his sperm-covered hand into the frame and I heard him breathlessly said, “Whatcha got to say now, motherfucker?” followed by the sight of his tongue lapping up his spilt milk… and I was laughing my ass off as he made every last bit of it disappear.  I closed the video, went back to the chat session and said, “I just finished watching the video – it was impressive.”

“I have to admit that you were right – now that I did it, I think I can understand some shit better, motherfucker…” was all he said before the session ended.


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2 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Dare

  1. Fox

    15 July 2015 at 15:29

    That had me giggling to myself. Some great imagery there my friend! Brought back memories of being in my early teens, laying on my back with my legs curled over my head so that I could cum in my mouth. Being a bisexual/pansexual man and with a girl really does give you an appreciation of them and allows for more playfulness. I am lucky enough that my girlfriend is happy not to swallow and to share after I have finished filling her mouth.

    I am loving the frank and open way you post on here, I’m going to end up reading a lot of the older posts I think.


    • kdaddy23

      15 July 2015 at 16:00

      Welcome, Fox, and not only did I do the legs over the head thing, I eventually managed to suck myself off – that was so weird but good. Please, read all that you can of my blog and feel,free to comment!



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