Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Revisiting Being in the Moment

16 Jul

I like this particular topic and especially where getting jiggy with a guy is concerned; it’s not really all that different when it’s a woman you’re getting all hot and sweaty with but there are some differences that any newbies reading this might want to think about – and only because I’d found reason to think about them.

It’s sex and, yeah, homosexual sex… and I don’t know about other active guys but this particular thought never leaves my mind; it’s like my brain is reminding me that I’m negotiating with another man for some sexual pleasure and that I should never forget this distinction.  For those folks who seem to believe that bisexual men just drop their Fruit of the Looms for any cock that comes along and without thinking about what we’re doing, nah, it just ain’t like that for all of us; some of us are very much aware of what we’re attempting to do and the implications that go along with it should we be able to make the deal and get things popping.

I kinda/sorta know how my mind works… most of the time, anyway, and once the negotiations have been completed, a time and place established, etc., now it’s time to do all that shit that had been previously discussed and there’s this… shift in my thinking – I call it “getting into man mode” and in an incredibly short space of time, everything I know about the male body comes to the front as we’re either talking to “get to know each other better” or bypassing the small talk and getting right down to business.  I can feel myself becoming very aware of the other guy, almost as if I’m making a connection to him as I watch him strip; I can sense his lust, can see all the things his body language is telling me, can hear his breathing change and, yeah, I’m checking out his package, noting its size and shape and whether or not he’s flaccid or in the process of becoming erect or if he’s there already.

And all of these observations take place in a matter of seconds and well before our bodies make first contact… and then it’s like my mind makes another shift, going deeper into man mode, tapping into my lust and unlocking the cage that’s held my beast at bay so I can sic him on this guy – and I’ve already envisioned exactly what I’m going to do to him.  Maybe the “plan” is to nibble on his neck and ears before moving down to his nipples, my hand finding his cock “by itself” so I can either get him hard or revel in his hardness while I’m engaging in this bit of foreplay.

Or maybe the “plan” is, “Fuck the foreplay – get after that dick!” and I do just that… and now I’m kinda on autopilot; it’s not true that if you’ve sucked one dick, you’ve “sucked them all” because every dick is obviously different as is the guy attached to it but, yeah, the basic principles of cocksucking still apply – they only have to be adjusted based on his size (or even lack thereof) and I know them all too well and all too intimately to have to give much thought about how to go about making this guy cum in my mouth – it’s all about opening up my bag of dirty tricks and how far I’m gonna have to dig into the bag in order to get him to do what I want and need him to do.

Even as I hand over control of the situation to my lust and hunger, my mind doesn’t really shut down – so much for us being mindless, huh? – because I’m hyper-aware of everything around me as I work my mouth on him, tasting him, feeling him, inhaling his scent (and even determining how musky he smells); one hand is checking the weight and shape of his balls while the other might be tweaking or otherwise abusing his nipples or, if I sense that he’d like it, giving his back door some attention, up to and including sliding a finger into him – and paying attention to how all of this is affecting him so I can feed off of his reactions.  I’m very aware of the state of my own body, the increase in my heart rate and body temperature, the perspiration that’s beginning to tickle my skin in response to the increase in my body temp; my own cock might just now be on the rise, slowly or so fast I can feel my blood pressure drop or just basking in the feel of my own hardness as it lays hot and throbbing against my body (and depending on what position I happen to be in).

I can honestly say that at this point in the moment, there are no conscious thoughts taking place; I’m not thinking about what I’m gonna do after we’re finished or thinking about what I want for lunch or dinner or anything else along these lines; no, I’m now fully into man mode, my beast is roaring with delight as I continue to suck his cock and do other things to his body that will ultimately get him to spill his seed into my mouth.  Maybe he’s now trying to get at my erection… and maybe I want him to or I don’t – yeah, I can be quite stingy while the beast is feeding and I don’t always want to be disturbed at feeding time because it splits my attention, not that I have issues with that but sometimes having to now think about the extra input he’s providing while blowing me isn’t something I want to deal with at that moment… but if he succeeds in getting my cock in his mouth, well, it’s really all good and I can get lost in the sensory input.

I know we’re both playing the same game:  We’re trying our level best to make each other cum while holding back our own release for as long as possible; I don’t know about him but I’ve long since stopped “penalizing” guys and being annoyed if they lose their load quickly; I mean, the reason why I’m working his dick over with my mouth and hands is because I want him to cum so if he does it sooner than later, the beast will be happy and, besides, the sooner he cums, the sooner I can get him to cum for me again.  Likewise, eh, well, there’s no telling if I’m going to cum quickly or if he needs to pack a lunch; I’m not one of those guys who will jerk off before the fact.  I understand why a guy would because it’s better to get that first nut out of the way so you can be on your second wind and, as such, last much longer but, nah, that’s just not my idea of fun.  Besides, there’s this kinda unspoken thing some of us guys have, that being the tremendous boost to one’s ego if you can get a guy to lose it as quickly as you can – which is probably another reason why some guys will jerk themselves off before the fact.

I am just so fully into the moment.  I’m still very much aware of my surroundings and all that and depending on how things have been going, there’s this very weird thing of me being aware of what time it is… but also that time doesn’t mean a whole lot.  I came to understand that my internal clock never shuts down but there’s that weird time dilation thing going on where two seconds can feel like five minutes; I know I’ve been sucking his cock for about ten minutes now but it feels as if I’ve been sucking on it for an hour or more… and I think that’s so cool and intriguing.

I’m working on his cock with a purpose while being slammed with the feelings of his mouth on me; I’m not only multitasking – if you think it’s easy being in a 69 and maintaining your focus, guess again – you have to learn how to do that – but I’m processing multiple sensory inputs and they’re all piling up and shoving me close to the redline of sensory overload; I know – and because I’ve experienced it – that if my senses redline, my mind will shut down and I’ll pass out… and my ego ain’t fond of that but doesn’t mind me pushing the limits of my ability to handle all that’s going on either.  Still, as the room is filled with the sound of our lust and pleasure, I innately know that I’m getting to that point where even the background thoughts in my head will just go away because I’m working purely on primal instinct; all those little orgasms I’ve been experiencing courtesy of his mouth, while nice, isn’t going to come close to what I’m gonna be feeling when he eventually shoves me over the edge – and what I’m going to feeling as I continue to push him to that same edge.  We probably won’t cum at the same time; it would be nice but it’s really not a goal; no, in this moment, the only goal now is to shove each other kicking and screaming into the mindless abyss of flooding each other’s mouth with sperm.

Maybe I shove him over first and the beast is howling with delight to feel his cock swell then contract, that first spurt of cum firing (or oozing) into my mouth and I’m feverishly working on milking every drop from him I can get, swallowing it all down (and maybe absently noting how it tastes and its consistency) and I am so fucking satisfied that I’ve forgotten that he’s working just as feverishly to get me to do what he’s just done.  Sometimes I do and not too long after he does… but sometimes it does take longer and, well, if he doesn’t mind (and they usually don’t) then I sure as hell don’t mind; besides, I can keep right on sucking him and without causing him any discomfort until it’s my turn to leap – or get unceremoniously kicked off the plank and have my senses redlined as I release into his mouth and the only thing going through my mind is (or is usually), “Oh, shit…”

And then there’s not much going on in my head; it’s all feelings and ones that I still can’t find the words to describe other to say that it feels damned good.  Maybe we both have to stop and come up for air… or maybe, just maybe, I had so much fuck sucking his cock that instead of releasing it, I keep it and renew my sucking on it while being careful to avoid his very sensitive knob (mood killer like you wouldn’t believe to have it fucked with after busting a nut); I want to savor the taste and feel of his flaccid prick in my mouth as I gently but persistently work toward getting him hard again.

So he can cum in my mouth again and give my beast a damned good meal physically and emotionally.  Even though my own body is now in recovery mode, eh, it’ll be okay because I want to get back to being in the moment again.  Maybe he goes right back to sucking me again, maybe he’s too trashed from his release to do anything other than lie there and let me continue to have my way with him; maybe because I didn’t stop sucking him after he came he can’t deal with the sensory overload and wants me to stop… but, that’s okay – I’ll give him some time to recover and if time allows, take more of what I want and need from him and more so if I’m now feeling aggressive and not interesting in showing him any mercy – which is yet another shift of thinking once I’m in man mode.

Damn… I wrote this and I’m feeling the need for a cold shower, a smoke, or both…


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6 responses to “Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Revisiting Being in the Moment

  1. Alana Moore

    16 July 2015 at 14:53

    This stuff works for us if nobody else, huh.


    • kdaddy23

      16 July 2015 at 14:55

      It does and it makes sense that it works – it speaks to how well you understand yourself when you’re having sex!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alana Moore

    16 July 2015 at 14:57

    Well I pressed the wrong button…

    I was putting that “cherry pics” piece
    together last night which consisted
    largely of beautiful young women,
    monster cocks, lots of sexy pussy
    licking and clit sucking and a few
    huge dildos, and I almost made it
    to the end… but not quite.

    Before i could finish I ended flat on


  3. Alana Moore

    16 July 2015 at 15:07

    Damn! It happened again!

    … my back with my legs cocked
    back like the girls I’d just gotten
    wet over, punishing my own
    throbbing pussy like a farm
    girl churning butter, with a
    fairly brutal dildo of my own
    I reserve for special occasions.

    My efforts were well rewarded with
    a veritable atomic explosion of sen-
    sual bliss that left me quivering
    with shuddering “aftershocks”
    that took some time to finally

    Whoa, Nelly! All that piece creating
    is just like so much extended foreplay.

    And sometimes I wonder if anyone
    suspects or even cares that half the
    time I’m creating those articles I’m
    fingering my clit at the same time,
    edging myself on and on, the sen-
    satins like a euphoric drug fueling
    my creativity…

    Is that bad?

    Am I a bad girl?

    ; )

    Liked by 1 person


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