Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Politics of Sexuality

17 Jul

I understand the necessity for politics… but I have zero patience for political machinations so when I see sexuality becoming a hot-button political topic, it makes me even less of a fan.  Sure, there’s the quest for equality for every American and regardless to race, color, creed and, now, sexuality… but politics will make this lofty goal pretty much impossible to accomplish because while there will be people who are all for this, there will be many more people against it and that alphabet soup that was once known as “LGB” has turned into a political animal in its quest for equality for lesbians and gays… and not so much bisexuals or anyone else in what is now being written as LGBTQIA.

For these folks, sexuality is an agenda and a huge one and while I can understand that in order for the Alphabet Soup Gang to push their agenda, they need political clout like folks lobbying Congress but, at the same time, there are some politicians who see which way the wind is starting blow and understand that their political star will shine brighter if they can get on the Alphabet Soup Gang’s bandwagon… and even if they could care less about their non-straight constituents.  All some of them care about are potential voters and campaign contributions and, as politicians are wont to do, they’ll make a lot of promises that they will never be able to keep.  So, for them, it’s about face-time, schmoozing and rubbing elbows with the hoi polloi, and paying lip service to the downtrodden lesbians and gays who, in their quest for equality, have left their bisexual brothers and sisters behind to fend for themselves (and dumping a lot of  prejudicial shit on them for good measure) and barely paying much attention to the folks who represent the TQIA portion of their ridiculously long acronym – and as far as this is concerned, they need to come up with a new name that is truly inclusive of and for everyone who isn’t straight instead of this maddening jumble of letters that makes my spell checker seek professional therapeutic help.

I wonder if the so-called leadership at the core of LGBTQIA understand that if they’re “attacking” the heteronormative majority that runs this country, if they were to get all the BTQIA folks on board and with a unified vision everyone could agree on, the louder voice that’s needed to get the attention of politicians would, um, be louder and as a corporate director I used to work for  reminded me during  my yearly review, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil, remember?” so it just seems to me that the louder we can squeak, the better the chance for us to get oiled (get your heads out of the gutter!).

Yet, there have been many bloggers here on WordPress who are bisexual and have noticed that the leaders of LGBTQIA have just dissed us because their agenda is much more important that how those of us who aren’t lesbian or gay are dealing with our sexuality and, no, it doesn’t help matters to learn that when it comes to bisexual erasure and our supposed non-existence, these things are being said more by a certain faction of LGBTQIA more than they’re coming from straight folks.  I can understand their angst against bisexuals and why they might not see us – or the TQIA folks – as allies… and that’s because we don’t have the problems they’ve been fighting with for as long as I can remember so because of this, some see us as an enemy or even a deterrent to their lofty, noble cause because it’s just too easy for the heteronormative majority to look at bisexuals and say, “Well, if the bisexuals  you claim to represent aren’t having the kinds of problems you’re talking about, then it must not be much of a problem so quit your bitching and stop fucking with the way things are supposed to be!”

If bisexuals upset the apple cart, it probably wouldn’t take a whole lot to see how the TQIA folks really shake things up so, yeah, when LGBTQIA climbs into bed with the politicians, well, it’s just easier to explain homosexuality than it is to extol the virtues and contributions to society that folks of the BTQIA persuasion can – and always have – brought to the table.

Now, do not ever get me wrong here:  I’m all for equal right and regardless of sexuality and I do know our society has treated anyone who isn’t straight and none of it is nice.  What I have a problem with is the politics of sexuality and the fact that it has become more of a political issue than it is about fostering understanding and other things that anyone who isn’t straight need in order to go about their daily lives and not be so fucked up in the head.  I’m not a political animal nor am I a fan of the way that faction within LGBTQIA is shitting on everyone who isn’t lesbian or gay so, hell, no, you would never see me giving a speech at a Pride event/gathering because I’m pretty sure that no one is going to like what I have to say.  Do not ever get me wrong here:  LGBTQIA has, indeed, helped a lot of people in the BTQIA part by providing a haven of sorts that can bring us together in a meaningful way, i.e., it’s really comforting to know that you’re not the only “weirdo” out there so, shit yeah, there are others who are just like me I can talk to and all those other good things that we need in support of our sexuality.  I’m just saying that there is that faction within the Alphabet Soup Gang who ain’t exactly our friends and because we’re not exactly like them, that’s all.

I think it’s pretty fucked up that the Ls and Gs are fighting for equality while not practicing what they’re preaching when it comes to the BTQIA aspects… oh, kinda like how politicians tend to behave, huh?  And if you think that this is some really smelly bullshit and a totally fucked up way to behave, welcome to the party because you’re not the only one who thinks that LGBTQIA has lost their original focus and in favor of making everyone’s sexuality a political bone of contention – and then giving people the impression that they’re leaving the BTQIA folks in the dust; we’ve become “the red-headed stepchild” or that crazy relative that no one really wants to admit they’re related to, or even the black sheep of the family.  Because their focus has turned to the political, they’ve turned what LGBTQIA should stand for – “equality for all of us” – into an us versus them kind of thing, oh, like lesbians and gays are the only one who have a shitload of problems that somebody should be addressing.

And to all the lesbians and gays out there who might be reading this, I don’t have anything against y’all whatsoever unless you’ve personally said or done anything to me to piss me off and even then, your sexuality has nothing to do with that and I do believe that y’all have to keep fighting the powers that be… but I do have a problem with LGBTQIA and what it’s supposed to stand for because I see a whole lot of BTQIA folks suffering with their sexuality and are, in part or wholly, being ignored in favor of the national LGBTQIA agenda… and an agenda that, supposedly, concerned all of us… but that doesn’t appear to be the case.  I do know that “all” lesbians and gays aren’t prejudiced against bisexuals (or anyone who is TQIA)… but we can’t ignore that some of you are and, well, that’s a problem, isn’t it?  Instead of LGBTQIA having their tongues up the asses of politicians, someone should be addressing the internal squabble that’s been going on that is dividing us instead of bringing us all together – and quashing the shit out of it so that (a) we can be one very big happy family and (b) we can present a more united front when it’s time to take on the political system here in the United States of America.

This political bullshit has distracted LGBTQIA from taking care of home first and it’s this blogger’s opinion that this is truly some fucked up shit.  But, hey, that’s okay because there are plenty of bisexuals out there who are concerned about bisexuals… because we’re bisexual; shit, I know more straight people who are concerned about, interested in, and in favor of bisexuality than the other people we have something in common with.  And, you’re damned right:  I’m the bisexual guy who will point out just how fucked up this is and, no, I’m not the only one who thinks that the Alphabet Soup Gang has lost their way.

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