Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: After A While…

25 Jul

…you just get tired of hearing the bullshit people are saying against bisexuality and bisexuals.  You have your fill of listening to the opinions of people whose only knowledge of sexuality comes from ancient religious teaching about what sex and sexuality are supposed to be or having to put up with listening to folks who aren’t bisexual and never would or could be go on and on about their premise that bisexuality – and bisexuals – don’t exist, it’s a phase, denial, all that other shit that comprises biphobia.

The question I put to anyone who is bisexual, thinks they’re bisexual, or is even curious about it is simply this:  Why are you still listening to this shit and letting it fuck with your head?  If you’ve heard this shit, it should be damned clear to you that they have no fucking idea what they’re talking about so why would their words carry any weight with you and your thoughts/feelings/actions in bisexuality?  Why?  At the end of every single day of your life, the final decision about your sexuality is yours to make and should never, ever, be influenced by anyone who believes that to be bisexual is wrong… and just because some long-dead people said it was.

I got tired of this shit way before it became a hot-button topic – again; I said to myself, “Fuck these ignorant motherfuckers!  They don’t know shit about what I’m thinking or feeling and I don’t have time for their dumb shit anymore!”  I don’t need anyone to tell me about the bad shit that goes with being bisexual; I’m all too fucking aware of it and more so since I’m all up in it while these folks are like armchair quarterbacks.  Yeah, I know some of the bad shit is real just like I know there are bisexuals who have lent their behavior give bisexuality and bisexuals a name… I just don’t fucking need for these folks to keep reminding me of that which I already know.

If you don’t know jack-shit about bisexuality or what it’s like to be bisexual, don’t bother me with your bullshit about it, okay?  If you wanna walk away from me like I’m a plague or something, fine – get to stepping and don’t let the doorknob hit you in the ass on the way out.  I don’t need any narrow-minded, prejudicial people around me who have taken the shit they’ve heard and think it’s the fact of bisexuality and bisexuals so go, go find someone else who will listen to this shit.

To my bisexual brothers and sisters I say that, yes – some of what these people say is true… but a lot of it isn’t; all they are doing is parroting shit that I know existed when I was coming up in the world.  When you stop and think about the fact that a lot of the shit they say about bisexuals is also true for anyone of any sexuality, well, that should tell you something, oh, like bisexuals aren’t the only folks who are capable of cheating, unable to commit to a relationship, or can catch something nasty during sex with someone else… and if they’re saying that we don’t really exist, they’re also in a lot more denial than we’d ever be in because they just cannot accept the evidence that says that bisexuality is real and bisexuals exist.

At what point do you just stop paying attention to this drivel and letting it affect your life in ways you’d rather not have it affected?  When are you going to stop letting folks who aren’t comfortable with your sexuality impose their will upon you and telling you not to be bisexual or even think about it?  Huh?  When are you going to understand that this is your life and that it’s your responsibility to live it to the best and fullest you can?  Do you really believe that they’re right – totally right – about what they say against bisexuality and bisexuals?

Do you?

I say to all of you that they can’t be right; there’s no way in hell that they’re 100% right about the shit they’re saying, even those folks who said they tried it once and didn’t like it… like experiencing something like this one time can tell the whole fucking story.  Why aren’t they right?  Because the guy telling you this is bisexual and one who’s been there and pretty much done it all (and more than once) and I can say, based on everything I’ve learned to date, that a lot of the shit they are telling you isn’t the whole truth of things.  But, as always, you don’t have to believe me… go find the truth on your own and maybe not listening to this dumb shit will begin to make sense to you.  They want you to feel guilty because you’re not 100% straight or 100% gay; they want to start preaching the gospel to you, getting all Old Testament on you and try to shame you by calling you a sinner and convincing you that you’re gonna burn in hell… and just for having thoughts about being bisexual, let alone doing something about it.

They don’t have the right to do this; they have no right whatsoever to stop you from being the person you believe you need to be and because not being bisexual would suit their purpose or conform to their beliefs.  When are you gonna show them the hand and suggest they talk to it instead of bothering you with their dumb shit?  If they have a right in this, they have the right to not like that you’re bisexual and, yeah, the threats they can bring to bear can be bothersome… but, at some point, you just have to stand your ground and, yeah, sometimes you have “no choice” but to play the game their way so while you might have to not do anything about being bisexual, no one can tell you what to think or what to feel about this, not when you know that this is a part of who you are.

That they will resort to threatening you about this should also tell you something and something that just might change your thinking about the person who felt a threat was necessary for you to conform to their way of looking at and doing things.  After a while, you just get tired of this shit… and while it’s not always necessary to go all ghetto on them about their negative point of view, it is necessary that you keep your own counsel about this and stop letting other people tell you how you should be… like they own your ass or that you have to be a slave to their beliefs.  If what I just wrote pisses you off, well, it should because in this, I’d rather be a slave to my own beliefs about bisexuality and bisexuals – just saying.

Ah, but if you can have some fun with them, when they start yapping at you about bisexuality being wrong, get them to explain to you why it’s wrong – then pay attention to what they say… and I’ll tell you now that they are gonna tell you the same shit I heard decades ago – then think about what that means.  After a while, you just gotta say to them or to yourself, “Enough is enough – this is my life and I decide what’s best for it no matter what you say about it…”

Rant over.

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