Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: The Moment You Get It

28 Aug

His hands were under my ass, pulling me upward to meet the downward movement of his head; the heat and wetness of his mouth on my cock was so delightful, as was feeling his tongue playing around all over the place.  One hour ago, we had been just sitting and talking about not much in particular when the conversation turned to things sexual and, from there, he sheepishly admitted that he had always wanted to know what it was like to have another guy blow him.  As usual for me, I had no idea what made him think that I was the person to talk to about this… although he probably had it in his mind that there probably aren’t too many guys who’ve wondered about this at the very least.  I guess he knew he was taking a chance bringing up this subject – and I liked his bravery and his honesty about it so I said to him, “Would you like to find out what it’s like?”

It didn’t take him long to shed his pants and underwear – he never bothered to verbally answer the question.  He was, as we used to say, “ready for Freddy” but I took a moment to explain a few things to him and, in particular, that while I’d be happy to do this for him, he didn’t have to concern himself with returning the favor.  You see, I know – I learned – that a lot of guys will consent to have another dude suck his dick because it’s a hell of a lot easier to receive than it is to give and, as such, I never saw a reason to put a man who is new to this under any pressure to do something he may not be able to bring himself to do.  He told me that he understood what I was saying and since he did, I closed my mouth around his prick…

He came a few minutes later, filling my mouth with quite a load of spunk and I was finding it a little difficult to concentrate on swallowing all of it while trying not to laugh at his vocalizations – man, do I just love giving a dude his first male blowjob!  After he caught his breath, he apologized for cumming too soon but I waved it off as inconsequential, telling him, “It doesn’t matter whether you do it quickly or it takes a while – all that matters is that you came so don’t sweat the small stuff, okay?”

He nodded his agreement – you could see the concern he had over his, ah, early release just go away.  I sat back on my heels and watched him think about what had just happened and I could tell that his mind was telling him that, hey, this shit isn’t as bad as everyone says it is!  Even as I watched him process this new experience, I was also thinking about my own erection, trapped in my underwear and jeans and how good it was going to feel to get myself off after he went on his way.  I was content; I’d sucked cock, swallowed some pretty good tasting sperm, and I’d given another guy his first time and, well, the situation really couldn’t be any better.

Or so I thought.  When he finished thinking, I was really surprised to hear him say, “Okay, I think it’s your turn now…” because once I tell a guy that he doesn’t have to return the favor, I just don’t expect him to.  Yeah, I should know better; I should know that a guy can get it into his head to do something he was told he didn’t have to do but, oh, well, that’s just the way my mind words.

I got to my feet (my legs and knees were quite happy about that) and stood still as he worked to get my pants unfastened; he hooked his thumbs into the waist of my pants and underwear and pulled everything down and I helped by stepping out of my clothing.  “Lie down on the sofa,” he said, his voice rather quiet.  I did as he asked but didn’t fail to notice that as I went to lie down, his eyes never left my erection.

“Christ, what am I doing?” he asked – and I’m guessing he was asking himself as he took my erection in his hand and pumped it a couple of times, causing a bit of pre-cum to ooze out.  He was looking at it as if he were hypnotized or something, absently licking his lips as he stroked my cock a couple of more times – then leaned forward and let his tongue swipe the stream of pre-cum from my knob; the sensation of his tongue making contact with me was… electric but I forced myself to lie as still as I could be, watching him process the taste that now coated his tongue.

Then he took the knob of my cock into his mouth and I could feel his whole body trembling as he settled in between my legs.  I’ve had my dick sucked by people who I’d say are expert at sucking dick… but nothing thrills me more than to be sucked by someone who, before this moment, never sucked dick before; their lack of experience – something that some guys would find to be bothersome – is… shit, I don’t know how to describe it other than to say it’s amazingly good.  He let his tongue play along my knob for unknown seconds and I was watching him closely; I could see him thinking that, okay, this really isn’t that bad, either but I could also see that he was unsure of what to do at this point… and then I could see the moment when his brain told him, “Just do to him what he did to you!”

His head started to move up and down, taking more of my cock on each downward movement and all I said was, “Easy… don’t try to take too much…” – but he did and I could feel his gag reflex respond – that’s an interesting feeling, too; I gave him a lot of Brownie points as he got it under control and, with one hand holding onto the base of my dick, started to get into the forbidden act of sucking another man’s dick… and, boy, did he get into it.

I don’t know what it is but it seems that when a guy is sucking cock for the first time, he just seems to figure out how to go about doing it and the more confident he is about it, the more he tries to do.  His tongue is all over the place; the hand he has gripping my dick is pumping me fast and hard and, yeah, a little painfully… but this is a critical moment and I don’t want to do or say anything that will break the spell that’s come over him; I’m fighting that instinct to fuck into his mouth and while I’m managing not to do this, uh, trying to stay perfectly still has gone out the window because everything he’s doing to me feels good.

He shifts his position and I feel his other hand cupping my balls – and I made it easier for him by throwing a leg onto the back of the sofa, exposing more of myself so he can get at me better – and he does; he takes me out of his mouth and starts sucking my shaft, working his way down so he can suck one of my nuts into his mouth.  “Not too hard,” I whisper to him as I wince in reaction to how hard he was sucking my balls.  He nods and eases the suction on my nuts, his tongue washing them expertly… even though he had never done anything like this before.  I had to give him some serious extra credit because he collected some of the saliva that was now dripping all over the place onto a finger and experimentally pushed it into my ass.

“Oh, wow,” I moaned, my body automatically relaxing so he could get his finger inside me, pushing it in as far as he could get it… and holding it there.  My mind was exploding all over the place because I could feel the tip of his finger against my prostate, making it very difficult for me to to just lie there and let him do his thing… and I guess he could sense it because he started to slowly fuck his finger in and out of me as he returned to sucking my dick.  He was making me insane and I was losing control of myself; I knew I should stay still but, fuck, I just couldn’t, not when his tongue was wreaking havoc with my very sensitive knob and his finger was poking me in the ass.

Then he went very still and I thought, “Uh-oh…;” his finger was all the way in my ass when he lifted his head off my dick and said, “I get it now… I just didn’t know doing this could be so goddamned good…” – and then he went batshit on my dick.  He yanked his finger out of my ass, removed his other hand from my dick and slid both hands under my ass, gripping my ass cheeks tightly and began to urgently shove me into his mouth and, well, okay, while my mind was trying not to fuck his mouth – and miserably failing, I might add – my body was all for it… and things got a little fuzzy at this point and got even fuzzier when he started pushing me to the edge of the cliff.

“I’m gonna cum…” I somehow managed to say, uttering the warning that, at least to me, is a very decent thing to do; nothing will fuck this situation up more than to just bust a nut in the other guy’s mouth without warning… and even if he’s expecting you to do just that.  All he did was moan his understanding and my body said, “Fuck it… I can’t hold this anymore…”

Now it was my turn to be cursing and, yeah, calling on a lot of folks to give me some assistance as I shot my load into his mouth and it was such a delicious feeling to be made to cum.  Oddly, the part of my mind that wasn’t affected by any of this wanted me to open at least one eye to see if he was doing okay with this… and managed to get both eyes open and in time to see him looking up at me as he worked on swallowing what I had to offer and I think that if he could have smiled, he would have.

I could feel myself beginning to soften and I was very thankful that he somehow knew not to let his tongue touch my knob but I also noticed that he hadn’t let go of me yet; I guess he was discovering that even a soft cock can feel good in your mouth.  He finally let me go and now he was smiling and I could even guess why he was:  He understood that sucking a man’s dick and letting him cum in your mouth and you swallowed it all down really, honestly, and truly wasn’t as bad as it’s purported to be and, yeah, he was quite proud of himself as well.

“Wow,” I said smiling back at him.  “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?  That was fucking amazing!”

His grin got wider, saying, “Nope, never done it before… and now I’m wondering why I never did this before now… and I am wondering if we can, um, if we can do this again.”

It took longer for us to cum the second time; the sofa got abandoned and we took it to the floor because it gave us the room we needed for him to experience being in a 69.  It was all very hot and delicious as we worked to make each other insane with oral pleasure and, lest it be forgotten, spending a bit of time checking out each other’s prostate before it all dissolved into the mindless moment of release for the two of us.

Later, after we got dressed and otherwise got our shit together, we sat and talked – well, he talked and I listened; he was telling me how amazed he was that he enjoyed sucking my dick and that he didn’t think he could do it until he started doing it; he was also… miffed, I’d have to say, because he was now regretting never having this experience before now and telling me that he had, in fact, passed up several chances to experience this.  “I was scared… but, then again, I wasn’t – does that make sense?”

“It does,” I said.  “You handled it all very well and better than some guys doing this for the first time.”

As he prepared to leave, I was smiling as how eager he was to get with me and do this again.  He had a greater air of confidence mixed with the thrill of having done something that two men aren’t supposed to do with each other; he even suggested that when we met again, perhaps I’d be interested in helping him out with something else he’d been wondering about – yeah, you probably guessed what that was and, yes, this all took place before I issued the edict against anal sex.  The very short version of this was that I did fuck him and, as expected, he had mixed feelings about that, just as he did about fucking me.  He said both things were okay but he also felt that he probably needed to do it a few more times before deciding on whether or not he really enjoyed it.

I don’t know if he ever got the answer because I didn’t see him again.  Still, it is always a very special moment when a guy gets it; he  understands that everything he was ever told about having sex with another man being wrong, dirty, and nasty wasn’t quite the truth.  It’s really special to see another man throw off his fears and step into this “unknown territory,” to see his fear and uncertainty turn into acceptance and, indeed, courage because being sucked off by another man – and doing some sucking of your own – is always scary at first and I know that I appreciate what it takes for a guy to do these things for the very first time.

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