Today’s Bisexual Thoughts: Sadly…

16 Sep

My iPad was updating apps like crazy in preparation of the upcoming iOS 9 update and I dutifully started checking them to make sure they worked properly.  When I got to Tumblr, okay, the app looks good but my eye caught the very first picture of a guy with his face buried in another man’s crotch, his mouth full of dick and the caption said, “Thanks honey!  If you hadn’t been so stingy with the pussy, I never would have found out how good it felt to suck cock!”

I thought, “Wow, ain’t that about a bitch…” and then I thought, “I wonder how many women out there are worried about their man being on the DL but not giving one bit of thought that they may be the reason why homey is out there playing with dick?”  This isn’t the first time I’ve had this thought and, ladies, I don’t want any of you to think that I don’t understand some things about the way you go about having sex – or deciding that you don’t want to do it – because I do; this isn’t a condemnation of any kind but, yeah, the truth that some of you may not want to hear or even believe is that, for real, if you think your boy is on the DL, before you start busting his ass and packing to leave him, ya might want to find out exactly why he’s become a fan of dick… and I hope you don’t get too upset when he says you’re the main reason why.

Pretty fucked up, isn’t it?  I closed the Tumblr app and went to check the next one that had been updated but my mind was still on that caption and everything it implies and, yes, even if the guy in the picture didn’t actually utter those words.  I thought about how many times I’ve been with a guy and discovering that the reason why we’re trying to eat each other’s cocks off our respective bodies is because his woman has put the pussy on lockdown and he found, as so many of us do, that once she does this, good luck getting any of that pussy any time soon.  It doesn’t really matter why she declared the pussy to be off limits but, just as with anything else in life, everything has a consequence and it’s not always a good thing.

The thing that has always kinda fascinated me is that if a woman decides to be celibate – and for whatever reason makes sense to her – she expects her man to join her in celibacy because, of course, if he were to seek some sexual succor somewhere else, it’ll suck to be him as he faces her wrath.  I’ve had so many conversations with men who have been made celibate and have listened to them talk about just how unfair it is to them; some told me that when they mentioned this to their woman, they were stunned by her indifference when she said, “That’s too bad, ain’t it?” or some similar thing that has the effect of sticking a very large and sharp knife into her man’s heart… and groin.

Yep, some guys will accept having celibacy forced onto them because there’s always that chance that girlfriend will decide that fucking is back on the menu and they’ll wait… and keep waiting, sometimes for years and despite any frustration they’re feeling because they’re not getting any, they will remain totally faithful to her no matter what.  But you also gotta know that there are some guys who just ain’t gonna go along with this program; they’re not going to be content to wait for months or even maybe years before they see their woman’s pussy again.  They know that were they to go seek out new pussy, eh, chances are they’d get busted or, worse, start something that they won’t be able to finish with the new pussy – that and it’s a good bet that his celibate woman is just waiting for him to fuck up and go out and get some strange pussy.  Ah, but some guys get it into their heads that if his woman is on the lookout for any hint that he’s getting some pussy elsewhere, why, she wouldn’t suspect that he’s been slaking his lust with another man… would she?

Then it’s off to the DL they go; they might not be “into” some dude who wants to have sex but you can bet your ass that they’ll be into getting sucked off and being able to fuck somebody and, yes, those things alone are enough to override any homophobic feelings boyfriend may have harbored before his source of pussy dried up.  I’ve talked to some of the women who either suspected or discovered that her man was playing “Hide the Sausage” with some dude and, as you might expect, they weren’t happy about it to put it mildly.  The thing that has always got me to tripping is when they ask why he’d do such a thing – and just because she has no interest in having sex… and I’ve asked them, “If you stopped fucking him for any reason, um, exactly what did you think was gonna happen at some point?  And if you thought that he’d never so some shit like this, well, you obviously don’t know a whole lot about men, do you?”

The thing is, sadly, that women are well within their rights not to give up the booty if they don’t want to.  I’ve asked these women if they thought it was fair to their man to just stop having sex with them and making them wait to get some and they’ve said – and I gotta say predictably so – “If he loves me, he’ll wait as long as it might take!”

And I’ve replied, “Is that what you think?  You mean that you actually believe that, for one, it’s okay not to give him any pussy for years at a time and, for the other, that he’s not going to find some other way to clean his pipes?”  The most frightening thing is their answer:  “Yes – that’s exactly what I expect!”

Nope, ya sure as hell don’t know as much about men as you think you do, honey…  Now, not all guys who find that they’re not gonna get anymore of that good pussy any time soon will turn to other men for some relief; some will go find some new pussy and deal with the consequences later… but you still gotta know that by keeping that man out of your pussy, you just might awaken something in him that’ll have his dick in some dude’s mouth and/or ass.  You can blame him for being unfaithful, for being weak and not being able to hang in there until you deign to give up the box again; you can climb in his ass and berate him until you get blue in the face… but if you find out that the reason why he’s out there letting other men suck his dick is because you’ve cut him off from the pussy, um, does it make sense for you to shoulder some of that blame because if you hadn’t done what you did, he wouldn’t have done what he did as a response to your action.

What… you’re not buying this?  You should and you should believe it because, child, there’s what you think about this and then there’s what can really happen because you cut him off and, nope, I guarantee you that the two things have nothing to do with each other, nope, not like you think it should.  One woman who had cut her man off asked me, “How can I keep him from the down low?”  The obvious answer was, “Go back to fucking him; you know that’s what you should be doing, right?”

She said, “Yeah, but…” – and that, my friends, is a problem.  This whole situation can get totally fucked up because each person does know what’s expected of them in this and, in theory, there shouldn’t be any excuses – short of medical issues – for not having sex with each other… except the reality does say something entirely different, doesn’t it?  Whether you like it or not, if you’re not fucking your man, he might not be content to go without sex for however long you’re gonna deprive him.  Maybe he just ups and leaves you; maybe he goes out and fucks some other woman – and maybe even one of your girls just to be spiteful; but he could also get with a man who isn’t going to give him any excuses for not blowing him or letting your boy fuck him in the ass.  And, you betcha, he could very well be the one sucking down sperm like it’s ambrosia or moaning delightfully to feel some guy busting a nut in his ass… and if you’re reading this and thinking that your man would never do some shit like this, well, I’ll just reiterate the sentiment that you probably don’t know as much about men as you think you do.  It’s simple:  If you want to avoid having to deal with this, don’t put him in a position where he’d have to make such a decision.  Yes, I’ll remind you that I am aware of some of the shit y’all can go through that’ll make you not want to fuck your boy – but I am the one who’ll tell you that unless you have a medical reason for it, if you cut him off, there will be consequences and your boy playing with dick is just one of the many consequences that’ll arrive to fuck everything up.

You don’t have to believe me… but you should because I’ve been the guy who has sucked off many a man who felt that having me do it was better than being forced into celibacy.

Now, I’m off to wait for the iOS 9 update to hit my iPad…

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